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 Dwarf Species

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PostSubject: Dwarf Species   Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:39 pm

Name Of Species: Dwarf

Sub-Species: None.

Rarity: Common. But rarely seen by other kinds due to living under ground.

Apperence:Dwarves were certainly humanoid, but sources differ over their lifestyles, and their similarity to Elves. They may have had strong associations with death: paled skin; dark hair; connections with the earth; their role in mythology. They are short, often barely reaching the waist on a avg height human, and often said to have short, stubby fingers with dirt upon them due to living under grounds. Also, more often seen with an axe in hand then a sword.

Basic History: The original concept of dwarves is very difficult to determine. Sources have gradually given dwarves more comical and superstitious roles. They followed animistic traditions, showing similarities to such concepts of the dead. They were similar to others from the 'Vættir' family, such as Elves.
The remnants of the mythological dwarves formed later fairy tales and folklore (see Scandinavian folklore, German folklore, English folklore and Dutch folklore) as well as elements of fantasy literature.
The term 'dwarf' can now describe very short humans, regardless of its mythical origins. The universal modern description of a dwarf is something short, usually associated with magic, fantasy, and fairy tales.

Habitat: Somewhere within the mountains of Iluntasuna Island and Osasuntsu Islands

Quick Facts: None.

Link to more info: None


Rules Applied to this Species: Coming Soon!
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Dwarf Species
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