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 Naina Lewis [Shapeshifter]

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PostSubject: Naina Lewis [Shapeshifter]   Naina Lewis [Shapeshifter] I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 2:00 am

Full Name: Naina Collins

Nickname: Naina, Anna

Species: : Shapeshifter

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Home:: Raivata

Appearance/Clothing Style : Naina has long blond hair and deep meaningful greyeyes. Her skin is pale in colour almost albino. Her face is heart shaped, and her hair long, silky and fine. Her arms are well muscled because she likes to compete in archery. Her legs are not so well muscled, but she runs a lot so they do have a little bit of muscle.
She shapeshifts into a massive white lioness when she loses her temper. Don't stand close to her when she does this, she might hurt you.

History: Personal History/Childhood: Naina was born in Rome and lived there happily for the first four and a half years of her life. She was completely unaware at the time that her father was beginning to get a severe drinking habit, not that you would blame her at such a young age. When she was five another family took her twin sister, Alana from them, claiming that her parents were unfit to raise children of their own. Yet she was not taken herself.
Her sister meant a lot to her and now she finds the house very quiet without Alana there to play with her as they used to play a lot of games together. From then on she becomes quite withdrawn and will not talk to very many people at school or at home. Even when her grandparents come around for her birthdays and things she is not very talkative. She was talkative once. Even in her final years of grade school she has no friends and is often bullied.
Personal History/Adolescence: When she gets to high school, she does not come out of her shell. There is no person alive that can get her to be nice and talk to them. She takes an interest in archery though and finds it interesting enough that she continues to do it from sophomore year all the way out of school into her adult life. She dreams about moving to Australia for the rest of her life and works at a part time job during her school life.
After school she does a gap year in the Army and stays there for a few years, having liked it for a bit. She leaves though. After achieving the rank of a Major in the army.
Personal History/Adulthood: When she is old enough, being twenty years old, she moves out of Italy and migrates to Australia. She does all the Citizenship courses and everything and within a year is a happy Australian citizen with a major Italian accent. For five years she learns forensic science and passes. It is then that QPAR find her and give her a job. She ends up leaving and joins the army.

Personality: Positive aspects of personality: friendly, cheerful, forgiving, trustworthy, smart, sensible
Negative aspects of personality: anger, stubborn
Hobbies/Collects: Her current hobby is archery and she is getting to be very good at it though she refuses to compete more often no matter how much she is begged to so the so called 'good archers' a thing or two.
Occupation: Forensics' laboratory in the QPARS headquarters [Queensland Police and Rescue Squad], then a new Cadet int he Australian Army
What kind of guy she wants: she needs someone who does not care about the fact she killed many of their own as she was once an enemy

Mother: Isabella Collins
Father: Matthew Collins
Siblings: Alana Gardner [twin, dies]
Maternal Grandparents: Hienz and Jenny Richards
Other Maternal Relations: Liana Wilson and Jason Richards [mums brother and sister] Biana Wilson [Liana's daughter] Collin Richards [Jason's son]
Paternal Grandparents: Francene and Alexander Collins
Other Paternal Relations: none except for Jenny Holden [daughter of Francene and another man] plus Alexa Holden who is Jenny's adopted daughter.

Image (optional): none

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PostSubject: Re: Naina Lewis [Shapeshifter]   Naina Lewis [Shapeshifter] I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 2:01 am


Please post in Taken Names with link.

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Naina Lewis [Shapeshifter]
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