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 Jason Lewis

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PostSubject: Jason Lewis   Jason Lewis I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 4:11 am

Full Name:Jason Lewis

Nickname: Jason, Jas

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Human - Shapeshifter

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance/Clothing Style : Jason is tall, standing at around 6ft 5. He towers over others of all kinds, and his shifter form stands slightly smaller at the shoulder though he stretches to about 6m in length. He has dark, ebony locks which halt just before his shoulders and is often worn 'shaggy'. He has deep meaningful grey orbs, often showing gentle emotions. His other form is a lion. A white lion. White in colour with the same grey orbs as his human form.

Born in Oileán Islands in a small town known as Yelena, he grew up in a poor fisher's family. Though, his family was better off then most others of the poor, well known village.
Despite his father wanting him to take over the home and family name, he left the town and moved on for greater things. At the age of 19, he had left home and moved to the capital Raivata to become a soldier. Years he trained, fighting against other creatures and shimmied up the ranks, but quickly it he started to wonder why they were attacking other creatures, not all things they killed seemed the blood thirsty killers they had been taught about.
But when he was 21, he shifted for the first time. The reason still remains unknown. But, after having changed he left the army for the fear of being seen and killed himself.
Alone, without family or job, he found a small house on the edge of the lands and searched for work. He hunted, using his lion form, when he needed to eat until he finally found a job with a kindly family at their farm on the outskirts of the city.

Personality: Jason is a warm, gentle person. He hates killing or hurting others, but will do it to protect his family and friends. He is loyal beyond compare, and strongly believe that the truth should always be told. He is deeply affectionate, loving others easily though he has never given his heart to someone.

Spouse/Partner/Significant Other: Naina is likely the closest person to him.
Children: none
Mother: Anne Drew
Father: Michael Drew
Siblings: None

Image (optional):
Jason Lewis James_franco_97.0.0.0x0.450x600

Animal: Jason Lewis White_king_and_silent_queen_by_woxys
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Jason Lewis
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