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 Sabariel Vanesttha

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PostSubject: Sabariel Vanesttha   Sabariel Vanesttha I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 7:33 pm

Full Name:Sabariel Vanesttha

Nickname: None.

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Elven Shape-shifter

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance/Clothing Style : Tending to stick with deep greens in clothing, it matches the bright green-grey of her orbs and dark brown hair. Her locks are long, twisted and reaching around mid-back. An angular chin draws the attention of others. Hollow cheekbones show the tendency to not eat much food and pale skin often give the misguide of being a stay at home body. Her cheeks have odd swirl markings, under her right eye and above her left eye. These are tribal markings from her 'shape-shifter clan'. She often covers her head with a hood, keeping her odd coloured eyes from sight and also to hide her gender.
Being a shape-shifter, she changes into an animal. A restless spirit who has chosen her to become of like the others, also due part to bloodlines. Unlike others, she has been chosen by a restless tigress. One who had died many centuries earlier and had awaited her birth. Her spirit, mingled with Sabariel's isn't one to be messed with. The same odd green-grey orbs and stripped body.

History: Born in the forests of Iluntasuna Island, Sabariel was raised in a very odd, quiet clan of shape-shifters. Most were either paranoid or insane, or at least beyond human recognition due to their animistic side. Being born and raised in the dark country never was a good thing.
Her parents, a pair of ebony pelted wolves, where captured by the rulers of Iluntasuna Island and were tortured to death leaving there only daughter, Sabariel, behind. Having found her spirit being at the age of 5, she had all but left her parents and at the rumors of their death she has traveled with her other half over the countries where many of her kind had never dared go before.
Now at the Inbetween, she searches for her next destination.

Personality: Due to a dark raising, she tends to have a rather sadist behavior. Where she grew up, no such words as 'kindness' or 'friendly' existed. She has never had a friend and is rather nervous in large crowds, having never really seen one before. She sometimes seem rather wild, due to her other half and keeps it a hidden talent so she has advantages over others.

Parents: Dead
Siblings: None:

Image (optional):

Human: Sabariel Vanesttha Shapeshifter_by_srslee

Animal: Sabariel Vanesttha Tiger_by_fennecx
Sabariel Vanesttha Tiger_by_mohamadfazli
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Sabariel Vanesttha
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