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 Vaniar Nithdion

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PostSubject: Vaniar Nithdion   Vaniar Nithdion I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 8:30 pm

Full Name: Vaniar Nithdion

Nickname: Van.

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Human - Shape shifter

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Oileán Island

Appearance/Clothing Style : Dark ebony locks rested in different directions, short a pointy in the human fashion. His ear rests a small silver earring, a clue that he is from a clan of shape-shifters. Bright green eyes, often sparkling with amusement. Pale skin with high arched cheekbones often give him a 'feminine' look. He is tall, thin and towers over all others, even of his kind. His animal is a black wolf, green eyes and larger then any wolf ever seen before.

History: Born, bred and raised in the human lands known as Oileán Island, he has had a more gentle approach to life then some of his kin. His parents, both normal humans, were more then surprised when there eight year old son suddenly turned into a huge, black wolf. So surprised, that they disowned him and threw him into the forest. Ever since then, he moved around the towns as a wolf. Hunting, living, breathing as only a wolf can do. Until he met another of his kin, an alpha of the wolf shape-shifters. When the pack of 7 wolves was attacked by another group of shape-shifters, the alpha was killed as was 3 others. For some reason, the alpha had taken on Vaniar as his adopted son and left him the alpha's throne.
The others shifters left, leaving Vaniar alone with his pack of one.

Personality: He is neither loud nor quiet, he says things as they are and can be stubborn to the point of stupidness. He is loyal to his pack (when it had others in it) and will protect those he loves with an iron fist.
He is overall a gentle being, despite sometime appearing as cocky. He is easy to love, but can often never see it.

Parents: Disowned him.
Siblings: None known.
No friend.

Image (optional):

Vaniar Nithdion VaniarNithdion


Vaniar Nithdion Scratchboard_wolf_by_rah_bop
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Vaniar Nithdion
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