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 Ceelena - Unicorn

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PostSubject: Ceelena - Unicorn   Ceelena - Unicorn I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 9:55 pm

Full Name: Ceelena

Nickname: None.

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Unicorn

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Born in: Dirdira Islands she now travels between Oileán Island and Osasuntsu Islands with Yelena though she returns to her hometown often.

Appearance/Clothing Style : Pure white tresses spill over her silver coat. Her mane is long, brushing the snow littered ground with her curls. Small hooves, barely leaving a print behind her. A slim build, her shoulder standing at around 15hh. A horn rests upon her forehead, long and spirling and is a good 2m long. It glows when she uses magic.

History: Yelena is a princess of a far away land, and yet no one knows her. As her duty, she has escaped the war filed land and searched for help, using old wives tales as a plan for the future.
She is more then suprised when it actually comes true.
She travelled the lands for months on end, her only compainion a unicorn named Ceelena by her side. She left after war flooded her nation, killing everyone she knew, and her 'mate'. In fact, before he died he had cheated on her several times but she never knew.
Ceelena and Yelena are bonded, into a rare Unicorn Knight pair.
Helping each other, healing and travelling though forests of white snow.

Personality: like her rider,Yelena, she is the always smiling, gentle and caring kind person. She always has a soft, encouraging word for someone who needs it and gets along easily with most people, so long as they have a pure heart and soul. As she is a unicorn, she cannot approach those who have broken the Chasity vow and only those pure of mind and soul. She is a very motherly being, helping Yelena see the right path though many things and is very wise.

Family/Friends: Her knight: Yelena

Image (optional): Ceelena - Unicorn YelenaandCeelena-1
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Ceelena - Unicorn
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