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 Maya Lewis [werewolf]

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PostSubject: Maya Lewis [werewolf]   Maya Lewis [werewolf] I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 1:30 am

Full Name: Maya Alexandra Lewis,

Nickname: May, Maya

Species: Look at Index before choosing: werewolf

Age: 21

Gender: female

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index:

Appearance/Clothing Style : Hair: Here hair reaches to her shoulders and a blonde which is always straight.
Eyes: Her eyes are strange in the matter that though they are mainly green, they also have a million little speckles of fire red throughout them.
Origin: Rome, Italy.
Language(s): Italian, English, basic Chinese
Height: about 154 cm
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: She has the build of a professional archer, though she does not compete in major competitions
Physical/Mental Health: she was healthy in her mind but because of her father abusing and raping her, Maya has not really found peace within her heart for a long time. One day though, when her father has been arrested, she will find peace. Physically though she is in excellent health until she contracts cancer. It though, she will beat.
Race: Human
Clothing: Usually jeans and a t-shirt or riding gear, but it is not the uncommon sight to see her in a wetsuit at the beach if you're there at the right time in the morning. She rarely wears dresses as she finds them very impractical.
She also turns into a hude snowy white wolf

History: Background: Maya's past has been both good and bad. Until the age of thirteen she was a happy everyday child. Her mother supported her in her dream to become a champion ice figure skater like her, and helped her to learn where she could. Then Isabelle died, killed when an arrow was released from someone else’s bow and the wind sent it through her heart.
That was the end of Maya's childhood. Though she was a triple, her father stopped seeing her as who she is and instead took on the view that she was Isabelle. He punished her if she would not do something that her mother would have willingly done for him. He even had sex with her when she was 18 years old, which caused her to become pregnant. It was then that he hid her away from her siblings, not wanting them to know their father was a brute.
When the children are born, Maya is forced to get her friends to look after them, otherwise Johnan threatens to kill the little girl. Luckily her freinds fall through for her. After school she does a gap year in the Army and stays there for a few years, having liked it for a bit. She leaves though. After achieving the rank of a 4. Major General in the army.
Personal History/Adulthood: When she is old enough, being twenty years old, she moves out of Italy and migrates to Australia, with her three children. She does all the Citizenship courses and everything and within a year is a happy Australian citizen with a major Italian accent. For five years she learns forensic science and passes. It is then that QPAR find her and give her a job.As soon as she turns 18, she moves out of home.
Both Happiest and Saddest Moments: Her happiest moment would be giving birth to her daughter’s, though she knows they are always going to be a group of bastards seeing as her parents were never married. Then again its against the law how the three girls was even conceived so nothing can be done about this. Her saddest moment though would losing her mother, and attending the funeral with her siblings.

Personality: :
Beliefs/Religion: Though she is not in any true religion she does believe in God. She also believes that she is cursed from the day her father called her bad luck.
Career/Past Careers: She runs the local archery club and gives lesson. She also teaches karate.
Dreams/Life Goals: Her life goal has to be recovering comp
Speech Patterns/Frequently Used Phrases: She rarely swears, and prefers more gentle language. She has been known though to yell when someone is breaking the rules, and is very firm in voice when it comes to teaching. She can also be very persuasive.
Hobbies: Spending time in a field she knows of practicing archery, working for QPARS
Likes: She likes anything that means she'll be active whilst doing it. She will go to the movies but she wont buy anything like popcorn because it’s bad for her to have, been an athlete.
Loves: Spending time with her friends, working, competing [much to her fathers annoyance]. She loves spending time with James as well.
Dislikes: Anything that means she's not doing anything on her feet.
Loathes: Hospitals... they are the worst place to be for her as she can’t do anything she wants to and she hates laying around with nothing to do. Plus before she gets cancer and then shot by an arrow after she recovers from the cancer she's been in there twice already. She is not a lazy person at all.
Fears: She fears losing any member of her family. She will do anything for any of them. She also fears the day that she will get hurt that badly that she cannot compete anymore. This is something she is particularly careful about.
Strengths: Her stubborn nature when it comes to being sick as she refuses to let anything keep her from the things she loves for very long. She can never stop caring about someone unless they wrong her in a way that is unforgiveable.
Weakness: The one thing that could be called a weakness is her family. If someone is in trouble she'll pay any price to get them home and safe, even her own life if the need be there. She is a sucker for things like that.
Good Qualities: She is quick to forgive and is always willing to give people her own opinion but only if it is wanted.
Bad Habits: She has a bad habit of easily starting to drone on and on about things if asked something related to horses. Her friends and students find this funny but they also take her seriously as well.
Turn Ons: The only things that turn her on are people that like to be active like her. She won't ever like someone who's favorite thing to do would be watching sport on television, she'd rather be the one he's watching on television actually participating.
Turn Offs: Laziness, argumentative people.
Natural Talents: She has a natural talent with horses that has only gotten stronger over the five years she has been competing. Even the wildest horse will listen to her and do as she asks.
Temperament: gentle, quiet, intelligent, calm, freindly, extremely caring, sensible, sometimes serious and can be very stubborn.
What is this character's major goal? She wants to get back the years that she lost to her father.
Why is this goal so important to this character? So that she can make a better life for her kids.
Are there any events in the character's past that affect the significance of this goal? She wants to prove that she is as good, maybe better than even her mother in her chosen sport
Describe your characters life till now, motivations, family situation, pet peeves--anything that comes to you:
[]Pet Peeves - Her father not caring about her one bit and recognizing her as his daughter and not his wife.
Motivations - The will to do anything that she wants and not stop trying until she can do it.
Family situations - Her mother dying and her father abusing her.
What is the one thing in the world your character would do anything to avoid? Why? What has she already done to avoid this? What do you see her doing in the future to avoid it? Seeing her father on a regular basis is one of the things that she strives to avoid. He was really cruel to her and she has no desire to see him again. She moved out of home with no money or anything. She may even press charges against him.
What is the one thing in the world your character would do anything in the world to have? Why? What has she already done to try to obtain it? What does she hope to try in the future? Maya would do anything in the world if it would help her forget her father from her memory. There is nothing that she can do though to get rid of this. No one can remove someone's memory, unless they undergo brain surgery or something like that. She strives to get her life back the way she wants it.

Parents/Guardians: Her parents are Johnan and Isabelle Lewis. Isabelle dies though, shot in the heart by an arrow and she disowns Johnan after he mistreats her.
Siblings: Her triplet sister’s June and Amy and her younger brother, Matthew and his twin Ryan, Anne Richards – twin sister of Auraka, sister in law
Children: Alana, Marietta and Lucinda [result of her father raping her], Joel, Nick and Isabelle [Auraka’s]
Friends/Allies: the Richardson family, Gary, Ron and Lucy [work colleagues], Drew and Barry Collins [the friends who look after Lily, Jenny and Lana until they can be recovered by Maya]
Enemies: Jeffrey Mason [the one who ends up shooting her in the lung with one of Maya’s own arrows]
Spouse: Her spouse will eventually be Auraka Richards

Image (optional):
Maya Lewis [werewolf] Cola

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Please post in Taken Names with a link.

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Maya Lewis [werewolf]
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