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 Rasjar Lainoak Síochána - Dragon

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Rasjar Lainoak Síochána - Dragon Empty
PostSubject: Rasjar Lainoak Síochána - Dragon   Rasjar Lainoak Síochána - Dragon I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 1:43 am

Full Name:Rasjar Lainoak Síochána

Nickname: Rasjar, Ras

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Dragon

Age: 78

Gender: Male

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Eklosio Island

Appearance/Clothing Style : Deep purple scales run the length of his body, strong wings tuck to his side neatly making him seem a lot smaller then he truly is. Deep purple eyes show wise facts that none understand. At night, he sometimes appears black and blends into the sky. His underbelly is the palest of lilac while his shoulder and back are the deepest of purples.

History: Years the purple male has flown alone, half his self missing. He had no mother, no father merely himself and the few odd creatures of the sky. A purple dragon brought fear to hearts of the humans, due to his colour, but all he was merely looking for was his hearts-partner. His other half.
Auraka has no idea he has another half, he knows of the dragons but doubts that she would ever meet one, let alone bond with one. When the two meet, the bond is clear.
Rasjar, Auraka names him. After a language he knew long ago and how the words match his purple colour.
Auraka, the general and well known fighter, and his dragon Rasjar spend years together. They train, fight and generally help others when needed. Rasjar, being a dragon of a wise background, teaches his rider more and more of the art of magic, making them a pair to be messed with.

Personality: Very protective of his kind, taking insults to his heart. He can be strong headed, attacking someone without trying to sort it out first. He will rarely kill another dragon though, pefering to injure and leave them with a warning.
Towards those he knows, he is a warm, chatty character with a good sense of humor and is very loyal. If his rider has a mate, he will include them as part of his 'family' and will protect them to the death as he would his own rider.

Family/Friends: None

Image (optional): Rasjar Lainoak Síochána - Dragon Dragon_by_sandara
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Rasjar Lainoak Síochána - Dragon
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