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 Drannor Silverleaf [vampire]

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PostSubject: Drannor Silverleaf [vampire]   Drannor Silverleaf [vampire] I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 1:48 am

Full Name: Drannor Silverleaf

Nickname: Drannor

Species::human then vampire

Age: 25

Gender: male

Home: :

Appearance/Clothing Style : Drannor is like any other teenager. Strong and handsome. He has short light brown hair and grey eyes that could be seen as creepy but are not.One of his arms is a fake since he lost it real counterpart fighting in the war on Iraq fomr being shot in the wrist.

History: Drannor and his family are not new to the area but have only been there a few years. They moved there half way through high school for the kids. He joined the army and is highly ranked - major general - there at the moment. He dreams of having his own farm.

Personality: Drannor is someone who is fiercely loyal to those who look up to him, and are close to him. He can be gentle and caring, but he is known to be smart about it. People have to learn to trust him, and earn his trust as well, if they want to know who he really it.

Dad: Wistari
Mum: Soora
Twin sister: Maith

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Drannor Silverleaf [vampire]
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