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 Ceylon Andrew Richards

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PostSubject: Ceylon Andrew Richards    Ceylon Andrew Richards  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 4:20 am

Full Name: Ceylon Andrew Richards

Nickname: Ceylon

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Human

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Oileán Island, Yelena.

Appearance/Clothing Style : Short, brown locks stick in all directions, often appearing black in some lights.
Grey eyes, always blank from emotion rest under a even size forehead. No freckles over his softly arched cheekbones, tanned from years of working in the sun and on the water. He is tall, lanky even, with lots of muscle due to years at sea and farming.

History: Brought up in a family of fishermen and woman, he has grown close to the sea he calls his second home. From one of the best off fisher families in the town, he has always been better off them most others.
Despite this fact, he and his family have cared and helped out many others. Offering them both home, shelter and food in tough times of need. They are well known, well liked and treated with high respect.

Personality: He is a kind, caring gentleman who knows how to treat a girl right. Though, he won't take any crap from anyone and will often appear as 'gruff' in nature. He is as gentle as he is caring, always lending that helping hand. He is easy to love, but not easy to give love. He doesn't fall for mer beauty, yet personality.

Mother: Linda
Father: Lucas
Siblings: None

Image (optional):

Ceylon Andrew Richards  The_wild_guys___pic_4_by_andrepizaro-dot7d8
Ceylon is the one of the...left ^^
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Ceylon Andrew Richards
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