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 The Unicorn Knight (OPEN)

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The Unicorn Knight (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: The Unicorn Knight (OPEN)   The Unicorn Knight (OPEN) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 12:13 am

The Unicorn Knight (OPEN) YelenaandCeelena-1

Yelena Osasuntsu

The blonde haired girl walked, arm slung over over the white unicorn mares neck, struggling though the thick, knee deep snow. The snow itself continued to fall in heavy, wet chucks. If the pair weren't moving, they would quickly become covered by the heavy white blanket.

They were at the border of the forest, only strides away from snow free shelter. But they did not know this, they could barely see themselves let alone each other in the blizzard of flakes.
"Come on Ceelena!" she yelled trying to be heard though the howling wind, icy fingers tangled in the thick silver mane "It can't be to much further!"
Months of travel, of heartbreak and physical exhaustion had gone into this long winded journey. To find a sanctuary of warmth and of hope. She had heard of these elves, related to her in some manner, though the old wives tales her mother had spoken to her as a child. She just hoped that they were true, that the map she had found held the truth of safety.

Her long blonde hair whipped dangerously around her face, her nose numb from the cold as she shrugged the fur jacket closer around her, fighting to keep some warmth in.
Her feet were wet and all but frozen to the ground she walked upon. She knew if they stopped, well they would be stuck.
But days without food or water had taken its toll. Hunger stung her stomach, her tried muscles aching for rest.
And, as one it just all gave up. Her young body collapsed in a heap, the unicorn mare beside her.
They curled up, one last movement, trying to stay warm.

One question remained now. Would they survive?
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The Unicorn Knight (OPEN)
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