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 Kira Lock (Demon)

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PostSubject: Kira Lock (Demon)   Kira Lock (Demon) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 2:47 am

Full Name: Kira Lock

Nickname: Kira

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Demon, might be a little shapeshifter?

Age: Appears 18 years, but real age is unknown.

Gender: Male

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Iluntasuna Island

Appearance/Clothing Style : He hides his true form with a human form, let me describe what they look like.
Human Form: He stands at 6'4" and has jet black hair, which is as long as you're finger, it's short. He wears a bandage which can stretch around his head six times, covering his eyes and the majority of his forehead. His eyes are bloodshot and a pale sickly blue color. He wears a gray long-sleeved shirt, which has four holes in it; one on the left arm bicep area, another on his right shoulder, and two around his mid-section. He wears black jeans and has bare feet. Around his waist is two belts, one for holding his jeans up, supposedly, yet is on a diagonal lean and doesn't touch them at all. The other crosses over the other belt and holds a hunting knife. His hunting knife is his only accessory, and bares dried blood. He has three black markings on his left wrist, and has three long gruesome scars on his right shoulder.

Demon Form: (isn't as detailed, sorry.) He stands at the same height as his human form, and has the same hair style. His hair is black yet streaked with blood. Rips in his bandages reveal his black eyes and you can easily see they're pink-red diluted hue. He wears no shirt, and you can see the many scars upon his body, including those in his human description, there are others where the rips were in the shirt he wore. He wears black twisted horns, and has a very thin tail, which is tipped like an arrowhead , pointed. He wears jeans yet the bottoms have been ripped off at the knees. He has bare feet as well, and his finger nails are almost claw-like. The black marks on his wrist have doubled, or rather tripled to exist up to his left bicep. His hunting knife has transformed in to a long sword, yet can split in to two at will.

History: He was born in his home, with another brother and sister. Living there, wasn't awfully pleasant, being a monster anyway. There was always competition with his brother and sister, in who could kill the most and devour their souls, he knew that their parents watched proudly. He despised his siblings, there was always the threat of killing each other going around. Then the day came that they were told that only one of them could survive, by their parents, as circumstances demanded. This was when he was 'supposedly' sixteen, and obviously won the battle, yet came out with many scars. His education grew from then on, secretly knowing that his parents couldn't be bothered teaching three, one was better. He graduated from their education soon after, and went along his way..

Personality: He always wears a smug smile when he meets others, converses or battles them. It's because theres the thought in the back of his mind that he knows, or rather thinks, hes better than them. He hates to lose and would rather die than admit defeat, so he thinks but he actually ends up doing so anyway. He's pretty laid back, well normally, yet can really lose his temper when others think they are better than he, judging to the world that they, are in fact, Vain. He can be pretty charming, to those he wishes to know better and acknowledges as someone worthy of his time. He hates to wait and has a habit of sighing when he has to, without knowing he is. He takes interest in other demons species, yet none whatsoever in Trolls, Gnomes, Goblins and Pixies. He really hates them, and would kill them without reason, whatever chance he could, unless there was a good reason to keep them alive.

Family/Friends: None.. Could gain some though.

Image (optional): No, cant draw people.. And just made him up now.
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PostSubject: Re: Kira Lock (Demon)   Kira Lock (Demon) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 2:54 am

Well done.


Please post in Taken Names with a link to the profile as well.


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Kira Lock (Demon)
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