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 The Witch and the Wolf (Erosaf)

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The Witch and the Wolf (Erosaf) Empty
PostSubject: The Witch and the Wolf (Erosaf)   The Witch and the Wolf (Erosaf) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 4:15 am

Sahar Ashia

She cackled quietly to herself, murmuring words of interesting plans as she sorted her herbs and plants on the small, hand made wooden table before her. It had been a gift, from her little pixie friends.
"Silwen," she snapped at the dozy she-wolf "do something useful wont you? Rather then lie there and become fat."
The white ears pricked, used to the tone and words from the mouth of the human and snorted in reply.
"Ha, just as I thought," she muttered, leaning down and rubbing the soft pallid fur fondly before getting back to her work.
"Alfalfa, Aloe," she muttered, picking up the small dried bundles and and labeling them her with tiny, neat hand scrawl.
"Balm, Basil...where the hell did that Dandelion essence go..." she swore, knocking it from her small table and splashing it everywhere.
"Damn it!" she hissed "now i'll have to wait to next spring."
She sighed with feeling, knowing it was to late in the season to get any more. She just hoped that there weren't to many colds or internal injuries over the winter.

The white wolf stood nimbly, sniffing the liquid with her delicate nose, licking it with a quick flash of her pink tongue.
"Get out of it Silwen," Sahar commanded with a flick of her small hand "you know it gives you pains."

The small, red haired human threw her hands up with annoyance. Short curly locks sticking around her head in all angles, giving her a more witchy or wild look.
Standing on her small feet she moved outside, moving to stand under the shade of a tree and watched the last of the sun streaks disappear behind the hillside.
The small river bubbled, spitting over the rocks and missing her by a mere hairs length. She breathed deeply, trying to calm herself.
She was a healer, and yet in the middle of nowhere, where she had made her home, there was no one to heal. But at least she had her friends, the animals of the wild.

OOC: 342 words...and I have more! but I didn't want to kill you with a massive post...O.O
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The Witch and the Wolf (Erosaf)
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