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 Arch-Angel Species:

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PostSubject: Arch-Angel Species:   Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:40 pm

Name Of Species: Arch-Angels

Sub-Species: [url=LINK]Angels[/url]

Rarity: Fairly common.

Apperence: Unlike their purer cousins, Arch-Angels are tended to be shown wearnig darker colours, like blacks and blood-reds. They are mostly shown as handsome males, often not wearing shirts.

Basic History: Arch-Angels are Angels who have fallen from the 'good' side and onto the 'dark' side. They are angels who have been banished from the Floating Islands and the Human Islands, not that they always follow the rules. Most chose to seduce humans before killing them or drinking there blood. (Sometimes confused with Vampires).

Habitat: Banished from the Floating Islands, they are fallen angels, they mostly live on Iluntasuna Island.

Quick Facts: Coming Soon!

Link to more info: None.

Picture: Coming Soon!

Rules Applied to this Species: Coming Soon!

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Arch-Angel Species:
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