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 Leabhar Fior - Shape Shifter UNFINISHED

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Leabhar Fior - Shape Shifter UNFINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Leabhar Fior - Shape Shifter UNFINISHED   Leabhar Fior - Shape Shifter UNFINISHED I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 04, 2011 9:54 pm

Full Name: Leabhar Fior

Nickname: Lee

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Human - shape shifter

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Oilean Island

Appearance/Clothing Style : He has short brown hair which often stands in all directions, deep green orbs which often show him emotions clearly. He sticks to comfortable clothes like jeans and t-shirts, mostly in browns, whites and blues. He is tall, around 6ft and towers over his shorter, younger wife. He wears a simple, golden ring upon his hand, showing that he is married.
As a shifter, he shifts into an animal at command. Lee is a cheetah, quick and nimble upon his feet.

History His father left when he was a young child, leaving his mother to raise two young children by herself. By the time he had turned 7, his mother had died and he himself looked after his sister and himself and has always been a 'fatherly' figure.

When he was 18, he fell in love with a much younger girl named Abigail. Abigail was different from others her age, odder as you could put it.

Personality: At least 50 words


Image (optional):


Leabhar Fior - Shape Shifter UNFINISHED Sneaky_cheeta_by_JillvJ
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Leabhar Fior - Shape Shifter UNFINISHED
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