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 Valerie...just Valerie.

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PostSubject: Valerie...just Valerie.   Valerie...just Valerie. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 6:06 pm

Full Name: Valerie

Nickname: Valkyrie

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Amazon/Valkryie
Age: 18

Gender: Female

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index:

Appearance/Clothing Style : Valkyrie is the spitting image of perfection as it should be. Because of her linage, she is a beautiful well muscled woman. She has blonde hair and startling blue eyes; much like a nymph. Don't let her looks fool you though-she is far from anything perfect. She wears all leather clothing on her mission to kill; black leather. She carries an athame/dagger for dark rituals and her trusty sword that she never lets leave her sight.

History: The world has always been a horrible place to be, I was always happier in Valhalley. But the men there were treated so poorly! And my mother constantly using me to get them. They enslaved them, forcing them to wait on them hand and foot anytime they weren't in training. The army of the damned, they called them. Sniggering about them behind their back as they tormented them with their bodies.
I was loyal to the Valhallians, once. I was the recruiter. I would go out and in their dying moments offer the men an eternal life. Little did they know it's cost. They had to be strong warriors, worthy of a title in the golden court. It was my folly for falling in love with one of them, knowing the rules against it. But my mother didn't have to be so cold. He could have lead the army into battle, instead he was cast off the side of a cliff as if he was nothing more than a rock.
That's when I went rogue. I turned my back to Valhalley, leaving them all to rot in their pitiful little hovel. I do miss it's rolling hills and beautiful sunsets, but it is the price I pay for having a heart. I vowed I would never fall in love again. Anyone that I knew the Vallhalley witches had an eye on, I've vowed to kill before their time has come. Cursing the Valhallians to never get another worthy soul. I'd kill them all before I could fall in love again.
After three years of doing so, I've gotten rather good at it. They don't even see it coming, the worthless idiots. Which brings me here, to this Cursed land. It's nothing like Valhalley, and it will never be home. But I've come to find the one who calls himself an assassian, this one named Valek. I'll wear his heart around my neck once I kill him, for he's the last the Valhalley dolls were watching that I know of. Sure, they'll find new prodigies, but they will have been without for several years.
So yes, I've come to kill the great Valek, the cocky bastard who prances around like he owns the world. I'll slay him where he stands, watching him a little first to refresh my memory on his battle tactics.

Personality: There are two sides to every coin. I can be caring, and I can be your worst enemy. Mostly to men, they tend to be my worst enemy. I loved one once; but never again. Never again will I let another soul enter my heart for fear of their death coming. Mom would make sure I had no friends.
I have my goals in view, and I strive to complete them in a methodical and efficient way. Nothing or no one will stand in my way of killing the last of this generation. He won't see my softer side. I won't let him see I have a heart and a torn soul, he'd use it against me. Some would say I'm paranoid. Others would say I'm just insane. But I know what I am; a woman scorned. And I will tear down everything my mother worked so hard for. And I'll raise an army of my own, of live horses, and we'll raid Valhalley. So what if there won't be an army for the final reckoning, the world will be ending anyway, won't it?

Target: Valek Izia

Image (optional): Valerie...just Valerie. Xena-Warrior-Princess-Callisto-God-of-Destruction-xena-warrior-princess-7678566-800-600
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PostSubject: Re: Valerie...just Valerie.   Valerie...just Valerie. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 6:48 pm


Please post in Taken Names with link.

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Valerie...just Valerie.
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