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 Erilanya Lithvathar [elf]

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PostSubject: Erilanya Lithvathar [elf]   Erilanya Lithvathar [elf] I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 3:21 am

Full Name: Erilanya Lithvathar

Nickname: Anya

Species: Look at Index before choosing: elf

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Raviata

Appearance/Clothing Style :
Erilanya is unaware that though she has the body of an elf, that she is one. Her body is slender but strong and she has been known to take a lot of care with her long black hair. Her eyes are a soft yet deep almost navy blue. Her skin is fair in tone.

Unknown to her, she is the long lost daughter of an elven king and queen, nor that there is someone who intends to kill her before she learns of her true heritage.
She seems happy away from her true parents, and fits in well with the other humans. Though only a child, she knows that things may one day turn to be the unexpected.

She is kind and gentle in nature, though she has a fierce side that no one really understands. She is able to defend herself when it comes to playful fights, but not anything serious. Anya likes to spend time learning about different herbs and things, and is an excellent horse rider. She has a pet tiger called Broneruiel who she raised from a cub, after finding him abandoned by his mother.

Birth Parents: Queen Talaiel Lithvathar and King Rinfadorien Lithvathar .
Adoptive parents: Ithgobelwen Malelenrin and Siastron Malelenrin

Image (optional):
Erilanya Lithvathar [elf] D1ww9ms
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Erilanya Lithvathar [elf]
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