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 Maya and Ceylon [human only]

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PostSubject: Maya and Ceylon [human only]   Maya and Ceylon [human only] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 2:29 am

Maya Lewis
I sigh as I tested the string of my longbow. It was handmade to resemble that of an elf's but the things was, I was the owner and maker of this one. Many months I had taken to make this. My horse stood near me, tied to one of the trees and the quiver was actually attached to her saddle.
I owned an ancherage of land and she lived with me and my three little girls.
I released the arrow and it hit the stump.

Ceylon Andrew Richards
The familar twang of a bow struck him and he paused, the handsome head lifted to stare into the distance and waited to hear it once more. Oddly, nothing came again.
He shook his head, the grey eyes searching the land as he jogged on the path. His shirt, army green, was still fresh for he had just started.
The soft strides continued up the path, pausing as he spotted her.
Her mouth, pulled into a small pout of concentration. Her beautiful, blonde curls pulled back into a rough ponytail. He smiled, watching her move gracefully with the large bow. It was rare, he knew, to see such a well made bow.
He moved from the path, pushing though the trees and stood to the side of the clearing.
"Morning.." he said, eyes roaming over her once more and smiled warmly.

Maya Lewis
Hearing someone's footsteps jogging in my direction, I lowered the bow carefully, not letting any of the large weapon touch the ground. Then i turned to face him, my eyes wary. I was not the easiest of people for anyone to talk to, my entire life had been hard.
Reaching up behind me, I stuck the bow carefully into the compartment of the leather attachment on my horse's saddle. As I did so, the arrow in my hand disappeared into the quiver there as well.
"Hello," i said, a little shy, but still polite. My mare whinnied, and I gently removed the bridle from her so she could graze while i talked to this stranger. That he was in the army was unmistakable, my people had fought his once. Sadly, i have been behind that as well. I had given many orders in my brief stint in the Italian army.
My mare moved away from me, not really minding the weight of the bow and quiver attached to her. My eyes ran up and down him, taking in all the muscles he had. He would not eb easy for em to defend myself against I had the feeling. Not that he'd get that close.

Ceylon smiled, taking a slight step towards her slowly and offered a hand.
"I'm Ceylon," he said with a boyish grin and his grey eyes lit up. His eyes followed the mare, the good looking animal, he knew must of been pricey but to a good, caring owner, she would of been worth it.
"Your mare," he said and gesuted to the horse "is beautiful, what is her name?"

I thought for a moment before I answered. "her names, Adrina or happiness in Italian." I smiled at him. "She's not that expensive to look after she's a Welsh Cob." I smiled as i watched the mare. I loved her.
"We often come out here, but i do not think I have seen you before?"

The eyebrows rose and he smiled, dropping his hand from where it rested.
"Ahh sei italiano? Si tratta di un buon linguaggio per parlare no?" he asked with a playful grin.
"She is beautiful, you are very lucky," he said, eyes watching the mare once more before darting to the beauty before him.
Ahh sei italiano? Si tratta di un buon linguaggio per parlare no?: Ahh you are Italian? It is a good language to speak no?

I smiled at him again. "I was born in Italy and lived there most of my life, so si I do. Why would I not speak the language of my birth?"

Ceylon chuckled, hand running though the short brown locks before answering.
"Why would I speak a language that is not my own?" he asked not expecting an answer.
"Some people do not learn such things, they rarely chose not too."
He shot her a grin and nodded to the longbow.
"That is," he stated "a beautiful and rarely crafted bow..wherever did you get it?" he asked

I laughed, seeing a joke in his words in my own mind. "I did not get it anywhere. i crafted it with my own hands."
I smiled. "I do not have the money to buy things like this so I took the wood from the trees at my house and things, using a branch that fell off during a storm. The same goes for the arrows."

He rolled his massive shoulders into a shrug and smiled slightly. She was good with her hands, that much was clear.
"May I?" he asked, reaching gently towards the mare and rubbing her nose and pulling an arrow from the quiver, weighing it in his hands.
"Well done," he said "light, balanced perfectly..you cannot buy ones this good."
The eyes darted around the clearing, never stopping there movement, not because there was danger but because he had done it to long for it not to happen.

I smiled and let him, there was no point in being unfreindly and overly protective at the moment. I had few freinds, here in Australia, those who saw me usually ran away seeing as my face had been well known by their own soldiers.

So many of them I had killed in an indirect way. And yet, though my eyes knew he was one of the Australian soldiers, he did nothing that would pose a threat to me? He did not even seem to know who it was that stood before him.

I knew the name that his people gave me, Revenge-filled Lion, and though I understood why they did, it embarrassed me. To me it only made sense that i was the one to bring down those men, they never seemed to be able to hurt a girl.

I smiled though. "I was taught by someone how to make such things. A needed thing seeing as I have no money at all, migrating here with my daughters took it all."

The eyes flickered over to her for a moment. A mother? Here alone? He looked around, as if expecting to see the children running around behind her.
His gaze returned to her once more, frowning slightly as he thought.
"Your name?" he asked quietly "you are yet to tell me your beautiful name."

I thought about that for a second, knowing that names could be powerful things if known by someone who you did not trust and who did not trust you.
Somehow I somehow knew that would not be the case with him. Don't ask how I knew, I just felt that way at the moment.
"Maya Lewis is my name." I shuddered as I said the last name I'd been born with. The man responsible for it was no father.
I was wary of this guy though, since i knew there was a chance he knew me from that fighting.

Shock passed his face as he put a face to the name. Though, he wouldn't comment on such things. All people deserved a second chance.
"It is a pleasure to meet you Maya," he said instead, bowing slightly with a boyish grin.

I smiled a little bit, surprised that his obvious soldier had not shown any sign of recognizing who I was? Everyone in town knew who I was and when they saw me coming they ran for it. It was as if the very sight of my face screamed that I was still that person and dangerous.

I blushed as I thought about that. I knew what he had to be thinking.

"Not a common name in these parts though, sir."

Ceylon's eyes watched her every movement, noting that she didn't look that dangerous, actually she seemed kind and caring. Maybe even loving.
"Please, call me Ceylon," he said gently and a smile hinted at his lips.
"I know of your....past...but I wont hold it against you," he said just as quietly.
"Everyone deserves a second chance, if one is wanted," he said with a shrug.
He stood awkardly, waiting for a reply and remembered she had mentioned daughters. He smiled slightly at the thought, he loved kids.

I shook my head sadly, looking at the ground unhappily as he spoke. He should hold that against me like everyone else. “Why look for a second chance when you know that no one ever seems to want to trust you? Why want a second chance when you know you are just going to ruin it again? I know that is something that it would be hard for you to hear from me, but it is the truth. Never has my life gone good since I was thirteen years old. I do not deserve it. Nor do i want anyone's pity."
None of my words were spiteful, how could they be. No one shoudl know me that way. No one ought to give me that chance. I would rather die then get that chance again. "The amount of people I've had a hand in killingmake the idea too repulsive, that is for a second chance."

He listened to her little rant, suprised by what she said.
"Miss," he said after a moment "I believe anyone can have a second chance...everyone at least deserves one."
"Maya...I am Lieutenant Major Ceylon Andrew Richards," he said sighing at the long title "do you know how many people I have killed? Or ordered to death? Killing someone else to save someone I know?"
"Maya..I know what it feels like, and I do not offer nor give you my pity, but I offer you a chance," he said and shrugged slightly.
"The choice is yours to give it a shot."

Maya Lewis
I raised one eyebrow at the things he said. "It is not because of the things i have done that killed people and I killed a lot as a Major General. That is why I got that name from you all, though I know it does do me justice in a way. I nearly went up to the same rank as you, only i shot it down and shortly after I was dismissed from my place in the army for something that was unfair. Not to mention there were other things that went wrong and though I love my three daughters very much, they were one of them."

I sighed. "I have shamed my whole family, so a second chance is not something I deserve. There are many things i have done kworing. Many that none shall know."

Ceylon shrugged, it wasn't his choice it make.
"If that is what you wish to believe," he said after a moments pause and remembered that he had just met this girl. His eyebrows rose slightly at the mention of 3 daughters, but still didn't comment on them.
"Hai un fuoco nello stomaco se si è madre di tre figli, senza soldi," he spoked slowly in her native lanuage and smiled slightly.
"If you will allow me, would you like to get a coffee?" he asked, wanting to get to know this strange, powerful being.
Hai un fuoco nello stomaco se si è madre di tre figli, senza soldi.: You have a fire in your stomach if you are a mother of three without money.

There was something about his request that completely rid me of my anger and frustration. Something about him made me want to have a second chance. Maybe being in this country would provide that. I owed them a lot and I knew that. Maybe rejoining the army here would be a good idea? They would likely shoot me though as soon as I gave them my name.
"They are the most wonderful things for me to have in this entire world, Ceylon. If I cannot keep a roof over my children's heads, then who am I to have them?"
I sighed. "I apologise for speaking to you in that way. It was wrong of me and I realise that now.” My knees shook for a moment and I struggled to steady myself, fighting against the tears I knew threatened to spill.
“I have to home school my kids, we have no money and no house any more. I lost it, several months ago. My girls were thrown out of the preschool they were in because I had not the money to pay for their next term of school.”
I sighed. “I had to find a place for us to stay and though I work three jobs during Monday to Friday, it is not enough to pay for the things we need. My father will not help me, he cares not for me, and hates the girls completely. If things do not get any better soon, I fear for my children.”
I sighed. “Still I push on to get the money and am still paying the rent off on the house I was so rudely kicked out of. Ten dollars an hour is all anyone will pay me, because of my feared alias."
"However I will come and have a coffee with you, though it is not wise for me to spend what little money I have on such things."

He listened, taking in every beautiful yet sorrow filled word that poured from her shapely lips.
He noted the tears that sparkled behind her eyes, threatning to cascade over her cheeks.
He took a somewhat shy step towards her, resting a large hand gently on her shoulder in comfort.
Something called to him, telling him to get to know her. He didn't speak yet, but gave her a small sad smile.
"Do not fear for your children, for they have you as a parent..." he said quietly and removed his hand before thinking.
"My own family...is big...I still live at home, for I get sent to the field ever few months after I rotate back home..but I just bought an old place...," he smiled lightly at the memories "I would be happy offer you half of the house..it has 5 bedrooms...though it needs quiet a bit of work..."
"Come, let us have coffee and we can talk more of it," he said lightly, for the middle of a forest was no place to speak of such things.

I did not flinch away when he touched me, which in itself was a rather strange thing for me. Usually I did.
"I know what that's like having to keep leaving and coming back, not really knowing if you'll come home or not. I've had that feeling before myself, I usually got sent to do things that stealth was needed for and some of the time well I barely made it back home."
I smiled though, then looked at my mare. "Go home," I told her. The mare catered off through the trees. "She knows the wany back to where i live with the kids."
I shook my head as I started to walk towards one of the running tracks again. I knew that we would have to run on it, seeing as no one liked to have to go off the track to get around someone walking. I sighed and stretched a little bit. "I might come a take a look," I added.

Ceylon walked with her at a brisk pace, matching his stride to hers with a practised ease. He noted that she didn't pull away from his touch, but he decided not to push his luck and continued walking with her.
He pushed away thoughts of the field, trying not to remember the face of every man he had killed.
"You are more than welcome to," he said quietly as they came upon a main road.
"There's Rossy's if you wanted to go there," he offered, gesturing to a quiet cafe across the road.

I thought about that as I spoke. It would be nice to have an actual real roof over my head again, and it would be even better for my girls. They needed a real home, not the makeshift cave, winter would be here soon and any bears would be going to the caves to hide away for the colder months. We would freeze to death during the winter.
I looked across at the cafe and as we got closer I saw the owner go to the door and shut it, locking it. I sighed and turned away. "How normal that reaction is for me. Sure they'll let me in there when I'm working but when I am not they cant have a care in the world and don't want me there."
My shoulders slumped. I was used to roughing it in the winter but not my girls. Too many deaths had happened for me to really care anymore about the war still going on between my true homeland and this one. I was still watching over this land, and no Italian knew that I was even here.
All of a sudden I remembered one of the meetings I had been in before I was discharged permanently from the army. "Oh crap," I muttered, stopping where I was. "I just remembered one of the things that was being planned before I was removed from the army. Sadly I helped to make the plans for it, and i guess right now it is a god thing as you all wont eb taken by surprise. You see while I was there they were planning a sneak attack on the border on Queensland. We all know that there is the least amount of soldiers here, therefore it was the place chosen. We also know that most of Australia's soldiers are in Iraq at the moment. That we know from my translation skills."
I groaned. "They are still planning this even as we speak. I managed to find away back onto their broadcasting station though I am all the way across the ocean. I cant let them sneak up on any of you. It's not right, seeing as I live here now! I may have sworn not to reveal things like this, but now that I am no longer in that army I do not think my oath still binds me."

He sighed sadly, resting a hand gently on her shoulder in comfort and nodded sadly to Rossy. He knew her well, but not well enough it seemed.
He listened to her as he would one of his elders, as a soldier would. He was a staight forward thinker, things happened and that led to a direct responce but he planned well.
"I see," he said after a long pause, eyes seeming distant as he thought. He snapped back, looking at her and blinked.
"You truly want to help us?" he asked "become one of us? Or at least help us?"
He rubbed a hand on his forehead, pressing his thoughts into his head and sighed.
"If you want to...I can take you to the base, you will be safe with me," he murmered and met her gaze. He was respected and anyone with him, no matter who they were, would be hurt in his presense.

I sighed considering that. If I would be saef with him then there was no doubt i should do this. "Of course I want to help you. I may even join you never know where my mind will eventually take me." I smiled at him. "I'm the only one who has information you cant get from anyone else. No one of my old people are bribed easily into telling things they shouldn't but I see no harm in this."
I thought for a moment. "If what I remember is correct then they are already on their way here. So you only have about a week or two. Before they land!"

He nodded sharply, as if taking it as an order and gestured to the black ute not far from where they stood.
"We can go now...where are your daughters?" he asked, not wanting them to be somewhere alone for they didn't sound to old.
He removed his comforting hand from her shoulder, letting it drop awkardly to his side and blinked as his gaze returned back to the forest.
"Are they in there?"

"They're never far from me." I chuckled as I heard one of my girls giggle. As if to answer that, three little girls ran out to me. All of them looked a lot like me, and their appearences were identical. Only their eyes were different. One had blue, another was green and the third was grey. All of them had golden hair like mine.
"Here they are. These are Lily, Jenny and Lana."

He chuckled as they appeared, his eyes going from the girls to there mother. They all looked so much like her, who ever there father had been...they didn't have much of a say in the looks. The only difference were the eye colours.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lily, Jenny and Lana." he said, bowing slightly and pulling something out from behind his back. It was a simple hanky, white-grey in colour and he showed it to them before stuffing it into a curled fist.
With a quick movement, he opened his hand to show nothing and chuckled at there faces.
Closing his hand once more, he tapped his knuckle once more and opened it to show three flowers.
Each one the same colour as the girls eyes.
"For you," he said, handing it to them before pulling another one from behind Maya's ear.
"And for you."
He chuckled lightly, knowing it was simple magic tricks. Not anything like the real stuff.

I smiled as my daughters giggled when he did that funny little trick. "You know, there are not many people who do that back home. The girls have never really seen any sort fo magic tricks at all."

He chuckled and shrugged his broad shoulders lightly.
"I liked it as a kid," he said, leaving it at that and sighed at the closed cafe door once more.
He studied the girls before breaking into a grin, ruffling the blonde hair of the closet one.
"Do you guys like pancakes?" he asked them with a fond smile before lifting his eyes to meet Maya's.
"If you want, we can head to my place...then I can take you to the base," he offered, guessing they might be want food or a shower.

Maya Lewis
I smiled as he asked the kids that. "Likely the best idea for them all. Those bases are no place for children and I dont want to leave them out here alone. Someone might take them." I loved my girls and I could tell that they liked him already. They were good at trusting new people, generally they liked anyone I did.
"I think they'll like getting out of the woods, i used to make them pancakes a lot but then well, you know what happened." I sighed, thining about my own past as an Australian. So much hardship.

He nodded and pulled the smallest of the girls, unable to remember her name for she looked so much like her sisters, and sat her on his shoulders.
"Let's get going," he chuckled, tilting his had slightly to meet the young girls eyes.
"Comfy?" he asked her with boyish grin and turning to look at Maya.
"You have beautiful daughters," he said quietly and skipped down the hill with the child upon his shoulders.

"They are my only family now. You dont know how much they mean to me at the moment." I smiled though as I spoke, hugging one of the girls to me. "I dont know what i would do if something happened to any of them."
I sighed though as i thought about the things that I was going to do to my own people, but I did not care. I knew how the Italian's felt about all these Aussies, but I was not going to let them get away with anything at all.

Ceylon nodded, understanding it fully well what she said and skipped down the street like a little girl. The child on his back, giggling with delight as he came to a pause and span to smiled back at her.
"Well, come on," he giggled like a little girl, seeming to have more fun than Lana on his shoulders.
His parent's house wasn't far away, merely a few doors down as he came to a halt and sighed slightly. They were home.
He waited for Maya and the other two girls to catch up, placing Lana gently on the pavement.
"As I said....I still live with my parents as I am not home much..." he said quietly and somewhat awkardly "just ignore them..."
It wasn't that he didn't like his mother and father. He loved them both dearly, but they worried about him being alone so much. Going off to fight, returning to no one. No doubt they would harress Maya about how they met, and if they were dating. He shook his head at the thought, most likely scare the girl away.
But, the girls needed a roof over there heads, and here it was.
It was a small, yet spacious cottage like home. His father and mother alike took pride in their gardens, so the whole thing it self was framed with roses and hedges of every kind. A gate opened to show a path, surronded by more of the short perfect hedges.
The path itself led to the cream oldfashioned door.
Ceylon unlocked the gate, pushing it open and ushering them before him.

I follwed with my other girls. "What am i gong to do with my horse?" I asked, as the huge Welsh Cob followed me calmly.
I stopped though at the gate surprised by what i saw. "Wow." Some of it reminded me of the house I had used to be able to afford before all the trouble started because of who I was. "It's familiar to me in a way. Very similiar to the house we were livin in before people figured out who I was."

He looked at her oddly, having never seen a house like this one before, and remembered the horse at her shoulder.
"Oh she can go out the back with Fitz," he shrugged and gestured around the back. He took them off the path before the door, it branched off around the back.
There was yet more garden, but this time it lead to a deck. The deck over looked the 5 arces behind the home.
Beside the white fenced paddocks, stood a small stable block. It held a small tack room and only 3 stalls. But it was enough for the old gelding.
"Hey Fitz," he called, giving his black and white mane an itch. He nickered in greeting, rubbing his head fonding against his onwer.
"Meet Giz, my 13 year old gypsy vanner," he chuckled, looking over his shoulder as if remembering the little filly at the fence as she called to him.
"Oh, thats just Molly, my little girl," he chuckled, reaching over to pat her little white nose but she span and ran away.
"Training her still," he said quietly and watched the yearlings graceful strides.

I smiled as my mare followed me. She stood perfectly still, watching the big gelding, so much more bigger than her, then she nudged me gently. "Gentle," I laughed, shoving at her gently. She nibbled at my hair in responce.
"She's better off out in the paddock, Welsh horses were born wild so its more natural for her."

Ceylon nodded with a grin.
"Been looking for a friend for Miss Molly," he said as the yearling came to a pause at her name, her ears pricked to watch them with intrest.
He unlocked the gate, opening it for the smaller mare.
He lifted his head at the sound of an opening door and sighed, seeing his bustling mother grinning at him.
"Ceylon," she called with a waving and looked at the girls with a grin.
"Mum..this is Maya and her daughters, Lily, Lana and Jenny," he said.
"Maya, this is Idalia.." he started but was cut off.
"Oh dear, call me mum or grandma," she said with delight, crouching down to speak to the girls. Ceylon gave Maya a look, saying 'i told you so.'

I smiled at her. "Ciao. It's nice to meet you, Idalia." I could not help but be formal, my training previously had rubbed off on me there. My girls huddled in front of me, a little frightened. "Go on girls, you can trust her," I told them.
They looked up at me but then the oldest, Jenny, looked over at Ceylon's mom and said, "Ciao."

"Ciao bambino," said Idalia smiling kindly at the girls.
"You are all very beautiful," she commmented, lifting an eyebrow at her son.
He shook his head slightly and gave a sigh, so she didn't start the 100 of questions that were ready to fly from her maw.
"Come, come," she bustled them "I just made breakfast! I made enough to feed an army," she chuckled at her own joke.
"And baths? Showers? Clothes?" she asked, noting that the clothes were dirty and ripped slightly.

"Thanks, that would be appreciated, we've had the hard of it for a few months."
I smiled though, knowing that we'd be safe here, even though there was my reputaition to remember to keep in check. She'd better not start bossing me around, it would not work, all it would cause would be an arguement.
That was the only outcome when it cae to me. Like Ceylon, I knew how armies worked and I actuall laughed at the joke, though i saw the other meaning of it. it was one that i had head a lot in my native Italy.

Idalia smiled warmly under her greying hair, brushing it behind her arm and looped her arm though Maya's.
"Tell me about yourself deary," she said and Ceylon mouthed 'sorry as they went past.
Ceylon sighed, rubbing his forehead and watched his mother with something between annoyance and amusement.
He locked the gate, watching the mare and his yearling play, before turning and heading back inside.
He stamped his feet outside, the mud dropping outside before heading inside and nodding to his father.
His mother,as always, was busy feeding everyone until they burst.

"Some of the thigns I would rather keep to myself, if thats alright. My past is not one i want others to know about. Not till I know peiople well enough anyways."
I smiled and help my kids to sit on the big chairs. They could not get up by themselves. "I've only been here for four years. Thigns have not been easy, there is a name that people give me here and they use it against me."

A frown burrowed at Idalia's brow, but she didn't comment. She was just so glad that her son had someone, and that she had children and a good figure made her worthy of him.
She gave Maya's arm a gentle pat.
"No, no of course not deary," she said with a friendly smile, pouring juice and flipping pancakes onto the plates before the girls.
"Eat dears," she said kindly "there is more then enough for everyone."
"That's a beautiful horse you have there Maya, is she a welsh cob?" she asked, piling a plate full of every food possible and shoved it into Ceylon's hands.
"Eat, oh and this is Jermayan my husband," she said with a nod to the dining table.
Jermayan was a kind looking man. His now loose skin still had the tint of tan, his hands large and leathery from years of working outside.
He looked up, tilting the hat he wore on his head in greeting and his grey-green eyes wrinkled up in delight.
"Who's this Ceylon?" he asked his son and moved to his feet. Reaching for his walking stick as he stood, he wasn't as young as he had once been.
"This is Maya, dad, and her daughters Lana, Jenny and Lily," he said moving to help him but was waved away firmly.
"Let me be, I can still walk I ain't no cripple," he grumbled and walked to stand before her.
"It is a pleasure to meet you dearest Maya," he said and turned to give his son a week "she's a keeper Ceylon."
Ceylon blushed deeply and sighed in defeat.
"Guys, mum...dad..." he sighed with a shake of his head "were just friends, she needs a hand so i'm offering one okay?"
He sent Maya an apoligetic glance as his parents shrugged and continued eating and cooking.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, sir." My voice was fairly polite. They could not begin to understand how nice it was for me to not see any accusation in their eyes at all. So much more different to the people out in the town and things.
I turned my gaze to Idalia. "Yes, she is a Welsh Cob. Purebred too, though not as well cared for. I rescued her from the slaughter house, thats whils she's not as well built as others of her kind. She was skin and bones when I first got her, her previous owner said she was not worth anything."
I smiled though. "Now shes got me, and I've brought her a long way. She did not trust me at first but now, she's so much more different."

After breakfast, or at least until everyone thought they would die from the amount of food Ceylon's mother was pouring down their throats, Ceylon stood and thanked her.
"Thanks mum, I will show them around...," he said gesturing towards the hall and his mother nodded.
"If you want anything dearies, just tell me," Idalia told them, taking the plates and starting washing them by hand.
"I'm sure they will mum."
Ceylon pushed in his wooden chair neatly, giving his dad's shoulder a pat as he walked past and headed for the stairs.

I smiled and thanked her for the food. "You dont know how different this is for me at the moment. Well you would if you knew my past but thats not going to happen any time soon." I knew my hands were tougher than most, fighting did that to you, that much was clear.
I helped my kids down from the seats and pushed each chair in neatly. I did not like mess at all, and there was no point in leaving such things when it was not my house. My kids followed me, not having any trouble keeping up.
When we were out of Ceylon's oparents hearing, I said, "You're parents are pretty nice. Though all the questions were a little hard on me, knowing that there is not much i want them to know about my past. I bury too much of it in me. None of my lifes been pleasent, so they cant hear of it. I doubt they would be as nice if they knew who I truly was."

Ceylon nodded slightly, pausing as they reached the top of the stairs.
"Yes...they are lovely really, but like to know what everyone else thinks and don't always know when to stop asking questions," he said and frowned lightly at her comment, shaking his head.
"No, no thats not them at all...I already know my father knows who you are...he was in the army himself since he was a young lad only pulled out a few years back," he said and opened a door to a large cupboard and pulled out sheets, dona's and other such objects.
He continued down the hall slightly, pausing outside another door and pushed it open with his toe. It opened to show a large bathroom with a shower, bath, sinks and toilet.
"The bathroom, only I use it so feel free to do as you wish," he said and continued slightly further up the hallway.
The door opened to show a large bedroom, one of the biggest in the house.
A queen sized bed sat in the middle, a desk in the corner and two small bookshelves. The walls were a deep white and the window overlooked the patio and the horses playing in the fields.
"This can be yours Maya," he said, dropping the sheets on the bed and grinned at the girls.
"I have something special for you guys to sleep," he declared and ushered them around the last corner of the hall which led to yet another staircase.
"Shh," he whispered, sneaking on his tippy toes up the stairs with the giggling girls.
Up the top of the stairs rested a door, pushing it opened it held several beds and desks.
"We used to care for kids," he explained to Maya "but we haven't had any since dad left the army...so count it as yours."

I laughed as I followed him, though the thought of him knowing who I was was a little diconcerting. How had he realised who I was? "How can he tell who I was? I never saw any of you guys face to face, i was always out of sight. Hidden. The hidden weapon of the Italians." Must have been my voice that triggered him into recognising me.
I sighed, looked like things would not always be good for me even here. Though my mind changed when I saw the room he said was mine. "This si beautiful," i said. My eyes roamed aroudn for a minute or two. "A lot like my room from my own childhood."
When we left there though I smiled as I saw where the girls would be. "You three are going to love this,."
"Thank you," the three girls shrieked.

He shook his head quickly.
"No, he was rather the same as you were...yet different, it was his job to know every leader by face...and you must of been familar to him..the guys 83, seen a bit in his time," he shrugged "But, it will be safe with him. Everyone deserves another chance."
He chuckled at the bouncing girls, and grinned.
"See, I told you, you would like it!" he said and tickled them until they begged him to stop.
He sent Maya a smile.
"Go and take a shower if you wish, order your toughts...Mum said she would led you some clothes if you wished, you are of a simlair size..I will look after these terrors," he said fondly with a nod to the girls "then I can take you to the base."

I looked at the girls. "Quieten down girls," I said softly. They did though, knowing me well enough to know when they were naughty. I had never yelled at them, it was not needed.
"Thanks. Sooner the better for that I guess." I smiled at him. I knew this was not going to be easy. "I was not the only one that got that name though, I know there's someone else here that is of a similiar position to the one I was, though she outranked me, by quite a lot."

He nodded, hearing the door downstairs closing.
"And there goes mum, no doubt to buy clothes and more food for these ones," he chuckled, shaking his head.
"She just can't help herself."
"Dad will most likely know her as well, or maybe I do for he hasn't been in the game for a while now..." he sighed quietly know how much his dad had not wanted to quit. He had been forced because of his age.

"Too bad the girls are suckers when it comes to new things. They're already spoilt, at least used to be by me. This will be nothing for them." I looked at the girls. "You three just remeber your manners alright?"
"Yes mummy," they all replied.
I loved my girls more than most realised. I knew I had spoilt them but that was who I had been. that was who I was. "Good chance you're more likely to know her. You'll know who she is, when I see her. No doubt she'll have already told someone about this."

He chuckled at that and shooed her to the door.
"And hopefully she already told someone, the sooner we know about it the better," he said lightly "now, go shower and relax."
He shot her another smile, before turning to the kids and pulled some toys from the top of a cupboard.
"Ah ha!" he said as he pulled the basket onto the floor "it seems, my sister did leave something behind."
He pulled the lid off, showing the container filled with dolls and clothes as such.

I was only a lowly Major in those days. Naina had always been my commanding officer, a Major General. Only jsut lower than Ceylon himself. It did not take me long to get all cleaned up. I knew this was going to be no easy thing, and I knew that the only one that would convince me to say anything was Naina. I was not brave enough to say anything if she was not there.
Finding him again, I asked, "Do you know anyone by the name of Naina Collins there?"

He looked up as she entered the room once more and nodded slowly.
"Yes, Auraka told me about her...left the army and joined us, but she has to re-do all the training," he said. He, of course, knew nothing of what was happening over their that very moment.
The door downstairs opened and closed once more, an Ceylon heard them chatting between themselves before light footsteps headed up the stairs.
"Ceylon?" she called
"In here mum," he replied and her warm face appeared around the door's corner.
"Oh good, I hope you like it," she said and Ceylon rushed to help her with the bags she had lugged up the stairs.
"You just couldn't help yourself could you?" he asked with a shake of his head.
"I guess not," she said gladly giving him the bags which he poured out onto the cloest bed. "I got clothes for you as well dearie," she told Maya.

I smiled at him. "Pity about that, she was one of our best so you guys got a good recruit, I must say. Though you might find that though she is just a recruit, she's your best weapon against my people."
I smiled though as I saw what his mother brought. "Thank you, again," I said over my daughter's squealing at the sight of the clothes. "I have the feeling that my kids like you, a lot. I used to be that way with them."
"Thank you," the girls squealed, already looking at everything on the bed. This room would be a mess before long.

He emptied the last bag, this one filled with toothbrushes, toys and a few other smaller things including hairbands and ribbons.
"Any reason to shop is enough," the older woman said with delight "and it is worth it for there faces."
She waved her hand at the mess.
"Don't worry about the mess, I've had so many children in these rooms it's a second nature," she said and Ceylon shook his head slightly.
"Thanks mum, could you maybe look after them for a bit? I need to take Maya here somewhere," he said and she nodded.
"Would you girls like to help me make some cookies?" she asked

I smiled at her. "I'm glad about that, but they know better than to make a mess like this." I sighed. I knew what I had to do but this was mot the easiest of things. Only Naina would get anything out me that was needed. I would say nothing to anyone else about this little issue. "Sorry about having to leave them with you, I just dont think that the place we're going is any place for children."
I looked at my girls. "Be good whil I'm gone," I told them.
I knew they would be, it was habit though. All of them ran over towards her at the mention lof cookies. Laughing i left the room, at least knowing my way around the house. Memorising layouts of places was second nature, one the Army gave me.

Ceylon gave his mother's cheek a kiss as he went past, thanking her quietly, but she just waved it off.
"Go, have fun," was all she sent them off with. He gave her a small smile, pulling the keys from the hook and gestured out the back to Maya.
"The little red one," he said nod and opened the door for her.
He didn't dare touch her, but something ached within him. He wanted to feel how soft her hair really was, to comfort her to whatever her past was.
He forced himself to continue walking and unlocked the car, opening her door for her once more.
He started the engine without a sound, pulling slowly out of the driveway and back onto the smooth road. It felt odd, he deicded, being behind the wheel once more.

I nodded and headed out the back door. "Nice car," I said, as I got in. This was going to be daunting, but knowing my old commander, she'd already be busy over there. She was not one to let things ambush her. "By the way, Naina is not someone you want to mess with. She can be very difficult when it comes to figuring out a better strategy that her own."

He looked at her with an easy smile, nodding slightly.
"Don't worry, we all know of the tounge that, that girl has," he shook his head slightly "firey one as well."
He flicked the blinker on, turning into the next lane and drove at an easy pace.
"How bad is this gonna be?" he asked suddenly.

I sighed as he drove through the streets. "You may be aware of her, but still do not get on her bad side. She can be extremely nasty. I'd know, I served under her several years back."
I sighed though at the question he asked of me. "Thinking back to when I was planning after she was decommissioned, its pretty bad. That was three years ago that she left. 5000 men we had then. when I let there were about 7500 in the army. Then again they had her hidden behind them confunding every army they fought. They have no chance with her as an enemy. She was, the leader."

He nodded thoughtfully and gave her a small smile.
"Maya, I don't try and get on anyone's bad side," he said quietly and laughed "I'm to loveable."
He turned another corner, pulling into a parking lot and showing some ID to the men at the gates.
"Hey Fred, let us in," he called to his mate at the gates, who waved in return and let them in.
He paused, unwinding to window to talk for a moment as always.
"Well hello," said Fred, eyeing the pretty woman who sat beside him "Who's this?"
"A friend," he said with a shake of his head and waved before heading in.
"Sorry about him..." Ceylon muttered as he pulled into park, with a bright blush in his cheeks.

"At least in one way they have been crippled. I hate to think of the shoes the leader they have now had to fill that Naina left them with. She was too respected to be replaced. A lot fo us rebelled against it."
I laughed though, staying silent whil the two guys talked. "I'm used to it," I said, fiddling with the end of the plait that I had been doing my hair up in as we got to the base. I needed to get it out of the way at the moment.
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Maya Lewis
I sighed as we drove into the base once again. This time though it was because of something I knew that no one knew the full extremity of. "Who should I tell about this?" I asked as the car stopped in one of the parks.
i had no idea, they all outranked me and i knew nothing about any of the higher up people. Though Naina being herein the army as well was a comfort. She was like a sister to me, and I had been amused when I first found here here. Both of us were amused really.

He shot her a grateful grin and sighed.
"I don't believe you should have to be used to it," he said simply with a shrug and gestured for the main office buildings.
"That's where General Auraka's office is..." he said, heading that direction.
"Hopefully, he's free."

“So he's the one we're going to ta-” I got cut off as someone tackled me.
“What are you doing here, Maya?”
I looked up. Yep it was here. “Well if its not Naina. You likely already know whats coming here. I told you remember?”
“You figured it out yeah, but I already knew. I remembered what was going on back there,” she said, pulling me to my feet.
I rubbed the left side of my ribcage. “God, you gave me some bruises I think!”
“Sorry,” she replied, not really meaning it. I laughed though.
“Shouldn't you be in a class?”
“Yeah. Hey look if you need me over there, just tell them. I already told them that you'd be coming, as soon as you realised what's happening soon.”

He blinked, suprised, as a girl threw herself at Maya. He didn't even have time to react before they were finishing each others sentences and hurting his head.
"Maya," he called for the attention of the woman "Auraka..." he said with a gesture towards the building.
He nodded to Naina polietly and smiled, so this was that girl who had decided to take over the world. He chuckled at the thought.

I nodded to the guy that was with her and then ran off quickly, knowing i had things to do.

"I know."
I rolled one eye. "I should have known she would do that if she saw me. She's back where she belongs, I can tell she's enjoying herself."
I smiled though and headed back in the direction i had been, still chuckling in my head at how Naina had reacted to seeing me. I would keep her words in mind though, no doubt i would need her.

Jason appeared, jogging past them with a nod to Ceylon and hurried past, after Naina.
Ceylon smiled slightly at Maya, amused by they way she so quickly changed in front of her old friend. Maybe it was also hope that one day, he could make her do the same thing.

Maya Lewis
I knew I was a guest here and that was something that I was actually enjoying. Been a while since I had been in any kind of base, but all my manners were still there in my head. I would do as I had done one before back in Italy.
I knew I was only one of the general public at the moment. but it did not take me long to figure out that people were rushing about, preparing themselves for something. That meant they alreadsy knew about the oncoming attack.
Sighing I opened the door to the main office area.

Ceylon frowned, worry covering his facial expression.
"This isn't right," he mumbled, heading for the front desk.
"Hello Sue," he greeted the blonde girl before him "is General Auraka free?"
Sue flashed him a flirty smile and nodded at the closed door.
"He's in there, something just happened...not quiet sure what but..." she carried off and he nodded slightly.
"I will ask if he will see us."
"No need Ceylon, enter," said Auraka who was standing in his office doorway. He seemed tired, Ceylon decided, the dark rings around his eyes and they seemed to ache as he blinked. He seemed to have lost weight as well, a lot of it.
"Thank you sir," he said with a salut and gesutred to Maya to follow him.
Auraka flashed a small smile and nodded to both him and Maya.

I knew as soon as I saw the guys face that he was aware of the incoming threat. Not something I was that easy about telling people about. I followed Ceylon, a little frightened by the guy. There were a lot of tales sprung about him back home and none of them nice. He would not want to know about that. Now seeing the real him frightened me, my people had feared him as much as his peole had feared Naina.

Auraka flashed another tired smile, ushering them into his office and gesturing for them to seat before him.
He blinked, forcing the yawn which was teasing him to flee.
"Oh," he said looking at the smaller person before him.
"You must be...Maya?" he asked blinking once more.
"Naina's friend?"
He didn't mention the Italian army part, but it was clear enough.
Ceylon nodded slightly.
"She comes to tell you something noteworthy, General," he said and gestured for Maya to speak.

My eyes raised to meet his as he spoke my name. "That would be me," I said, when he asked that of me. "And yes, like Naina, I know about what is coming here aganst you." I was a little uncomfortable around him but I knew that Naina trusted this guy somehow, though she knew the tales about him as well as I did.
I looked down at the desk for a moment, not sure where to start. "I have the feeling she's already told you what she knows. She likely told you, that I know more things that are more recent. That's the truth. Don't ask me how, but last night I managed to get in on one of the frequencies that I could hear the instruction being given. What I heard was a bit of a shock for me."
I closed my eyes, thinking what I had heard last night. There had been a lot to take in and it was hard for me to get to the bottom of everything I had heard. Too much information and too little time to figure it all out. "She probably told you that whats coming is at least a week away. Unfortunately she's wrong here, but she cant have known any different so thats not her fault. What I heard over the radio was too clear for them to be a week away, I'm pretty sure you would understand that."
I paused thinking again, my mind translating the things that I had heard over the radio quickly. "The guy who's behind this now, managed to fill the huge expectations that Naina left behind, a thing I failed in and was subsequently kicked out of because of. He won't hear of anything like treaties or alliances unless it comes from someone like me, someone who speaks Italian and was born over there."
I paused again. "He gave one order last night that is going to set you back. All of their ships watch the sky, ready to gun down any aircraft they see, whether Australian or not. No one's going to fly over here. At night though, we are weaker. We can't see aircraft at night, so if there are any soldiers out there at the moment, get them home tonight. Tomorrow night you wont have a chance, the Army i used to serve in will have landed by then."
I paused, thinking back again. "As for numbers, there would be at least 9000 coming. They will land here, so it is this immediate area that is going to get the worst of it."

Auraka was worried, that much was clear as they left the room. He was planning, already talking to General Morris, as Ceylon turned to Maya.
"You did well," he said quietly, resting a gentle hand on her shoulder and nodded towards outisde.
"Come on, lets get you home and readied," he said already opening the door for her.

I nodded heading out of the room. That had not been the easiest of things for me to do. Telling people what I had once been sworn to secrecy for was not the easiest of thigns to do. Felt like I was breaking someone's trust, not that they had to worry about me.
My days fighting were over. It would take a lot of convincing to get me to fight again. I would only do it, if one particular person over here asked me to. That was the person that I knew was out there in the base somewhere. Naina.

His gaze flickered over to her, and he found himself admiring her for many reasons. She was so brave, going against everything she had once believed in and saved many lives. She was so beautiful, and her kids were just percious.
And now, if you asked his parents, they were now grandparents.
"Maya," he said after a moment, coming to a halt outside his car "would you come...out with me tonight?"
He asked her willingly, wanting her to come out with him.

I thought for a bit though, not really knowing what to say to that. How could he possibly want to go out.... with me? I smiled though, looking at him. Why shouldn't I give such a thing a go? It had been a long time since I had had many freinds, and he was the only one at the moment.
"Alright," I replied.

"Like not as a date or anything...I mean just going out for a drink..." he carried on not hearing her answer.
Actually, he wanted to take her on a date..but he wasn't sure wha she would say.
"And mum and dad will have the kids.." he continued then paused, having remember she had said something.
"What?" he asked, eyes growing wide and a grin growing.

"I said Alright." I smiled at him for a moment. "And I do not really care whethere it is one or not, Ceylon." I was just glad to have a freind. Something i had been without for a long time.
Not that it really mattered to me. I knew that I was not really anything special, but if he wanted to go out with me for the night, I did not mind. There was nothing really that I had to hide from him.

He grinned like a little boy, opening her car door for her and closing it quietly.
Sounded good to him.
"I'll pick you up around 7," he chuckled with a wink, starting the engine and driving them home.

I chuckled. "Sounds good." I smiled though, I was definately happier than I had been in a long time. Maybe, just maybe, there would be an easier life for me here. There might be a way to get people to finally trust me.
That was a challenge in itself, seeing as most things I payed double everyone else did at the moment. I sat tehre in silence for a while, trying to think what to do.
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I smiled as I moved about in the room I was staying in for the meantime. I knew that I could not stay here all that long, I was too independant for that. Yet the girls seemed happy here and i could not complain about that.
Things were good for us here. Everyone seemed to be happy, though I felt like such a dead weight at the moment for everyone here. We had nothing. no money, nothing. not to mention people always turned their backs on us and gave us the cold shoulder.
Once I had things about going home to Italy, but I had not the money to take us back home. My father would not want me there anyway. We really had no where to go.
I smiled though as I got changed into some of the new clothes that Ceylon's mother had gotten me. It was not like me to accept such things, but I had no choice at the moment. I looked at the clock and gasped. He would be coming up here any minute.
“Schifezza,” I muttered.
To calm myself down, I looked out the window where I could see my mare running about with the yearling, Molly.
OOC: Crap

Ceylon knocked lightly on her door, waiting for a responce he straightened his causal shirt and checked his navy jeans for fluff.
He was nervous, yes, but not enough so to not be the proper gentleman he had been brought up to be.
There was something about her that he liked, something about the way she acted and thought made him think deeper.
He loved her girls, the delightful children made his day. It was someone like this, he could see himself spending the rest of his life with.
He knocked lightly on the door again before calling her name.
"Maya?" he asked quietly, wondering if she was ready yet.

"Schifezza" I yelped, jumping when I heard him calling from outside my door. He was on time. I had not been epecting that really. That was a silly thing though, knowing what he did for a living. I was only wearing a pair of dark paints and light beige top. I cared for the things I wore, though I was glad not to be wearing the things I had been for the last few months.
"Coming," I called in English, sighing at my still heavy Italian accent. It was a pain in the ass for me.
I headed over and opened the door.

He heard her call and poked his head around the corner, nervous about entering 'girls space.'
He paused, seeing her and sighed with grace.
"You look good..." he said shyly and shook his head slightly "sorry, no...you look beautiful...like always."
He flashed her a nervous smile, and he tried to remember a time when he had felt like this.
Never. Well maybe his first ever battle...but that was about it.
"Are you ready?" he asked looking around the dead neat room with a smile.

"Pure osservate piuttosto bello, Ceylon." I replied, forgetting that he knew not much of my own language. For the first time in many a month, I was happier than I could remember.
I switched to plain English and translated my own words, "You as well look rather handsome, Ceylon."
Was not often that I said such things as those few words, but he deserved it. I was not one to keep my thoughts to myself about others. I was rather blunt about those things.
Especially those I held close to myself. Freinds and family.

He laughed slightly, linking his arms though hers gently and kissed her hand.
"Well, I can't look bad beside my date can I?" he asked and blushed at what he said.
"Soo..." he said, still embarressed "are you read to go?"

For the first time in a long time, well the second, seeing as the first had been when she met Naina at the base, she smiled at him. "As ready as I'll ever be." She was very nervous, she knew what people thought of her, they seemed to hate her more than they had ever hated Naina, and that was something she did not understand at all. She'd been half as bad as Naina to these people.
Made no sense for her at the moment. Then again who knew how these people all worked.

He smiled, leading her downstairs with his large arm hooked though hers.
As they touched the last step, his mothers head snapped up and a motherly grin grew upon her lips.
"Maya," she said "you look lovely dear."
She stood and tugged Maya into a warm hug, kissing her cheek lightly. She was already part of the family, at least in Ceylon's parents eyes.
He wanted her to be as well, but they had to take it slowly at first. There was her children to think about as well.

"umm... thanks," she muttered a little shy still. That was not something that would vanish over night and she knew it. Being in a family that was as loving as this was a little hard for her at the moment. Born one of the military based brats, well things like this were a little abnormal for her.
Barely had she known her father, he'd always been away fighting in this war or that war, and her mother had perished when she was only five, for she had been fighting as well. Two complete strangers on the base had taken her in, but it had been very unpleasent for her.
They had not cared about her in the way that Ceylon's family seemed to. It was all very difficult for her to get used to. Then again look what she had become because of that lack of interest in her happiness as a kid.

Ceylon smiled, saving Maya from the tight hugging grips of his mother.
"Come on mum, we need to get going," he smiled, kissing her cheek and leading Maya towards her daughers, knowing she'd want to say goodnight.

I hugged all three of my kids, knowing they would mostly behave. Some of the time though they did not, but I knew that they would be good for Ceylon's family. That much I knew about the trio.
Smiling though I moved away from them again, not having to say anything. They knew that something was going on at the moment, though not really what.
"Are we going or what?"

Ceylon smiled, giving the girls a quick hug of his own and almost dragged her to the door, excited.
"Come on then," he said, bouncing in place and looking much like a young boy.

Laughing at his exuberance, she followed him towards the front door of the house. This was going to be an interesting time for her. Though what would happen when the place they were going to saw her? Likely try and refuse her from entering their business. She did not doubt that.
When they got outside though she told him that. "Wonder if wherever we're going will try and stop me from coming into their place? You know what happened with that coffee shop earlier."

His hand dropped, reaching her hers and squeasing it lightly.
"I don't think so," he smiled, looking back to the road and carefully turned into a empty carpark. All the lights were on, yet no one was around.
"Come on," he said, jumping out his side and running around to hers, opening the door.
"After you, m'lady," he grinned with a bow.

She smiled though knowing that she could probably trust him. So far he hadn't led her into any harm, though being tackled by Naina had been more of a surprise than hurt.
Chuckling, she got out of the car easily enough. She was nervous, but for her that was completely normal.

He grabbed her hand, dragging her towards the lighted building.
"Close your eyes," he demanded, covering them with his hand as well and pushing the door closed. He couldn't wait to see her reaction!
Slowly, careful not to let her fall, he lead her thoug the doorway and posed her just inside the door.
"Alright," he said "open."
He smiled down at her in earnst, looking out over the candle lit ice rink. It was empty, apart from the table sitting beside the ring. Candles ran around the outside, lighting the path to the rink as well as the table.
Red and pink rose petals also decorated the ice.
"Can you skate?" he asked quietly, grey orbs dancing with amusement.

"oh il mio dio," she gasped when she saw what was waiting for them, completely amazed. "Are you serious?" She knew he already was, though she had not wanted him to be. To see something like this waiting for her was something she had not thought possible. "And yes I can. It was something I learnt as a child."
oh my god

"Good," he murmered, taking her coat from her narrow shoulders and set it onto the bench before pulling two sets of skates out from under the bench and handing her the smaller pair.
"Some sport before dinner?" he asked with a warm grin, pulling off his shoes and tugging on the skates before heading towards the ice, waiting beside the rose petals for her.

She chuckled. It had been a long time since she'd done anything like this. Not to mention with someone as close to her as he was now. Smiling though, she nodded, easily moving on her own skates.
"Been too long since I last unwound like this." She smiled though, knowing that she would be able to do this easily. "I used to ice skate in competitions when I was seven. Haven't skated since I was ten."

"Well then," he chuckled "I might actually have a chance."
He took her hands lightly, leading her as he skated backwards. He liked having the light contact between him, it made his heart flutter in unknown ways.
He knew it sounded girlie, childish even. But it was true, everything with Maya made him want to smile.

She chuckled as he lead her out onto the ice. There was no doubt in her mind that she was going to enjoy this. At first she was a little shaky, but it did not take long at all for her to remember the many lessons she'd had as a kid.
"I forgot how much I used to enjoy this." She was enjoying this, it had been too long since she'd last been out on the ice like this.

He laughed, a carefree and yet kind smile growing upon his handsome features.
"I'm glad," he murmered, slowly letting go of her smaller hands and allowing her to skate by herself for a moment, but he could not keep his hands off her. His warm hands rested around her waist, allowing them to skate side by side.
"Did you want to take a break?" he asked her quietly "have some dinner?"

She did not mind skating, but it was something that tired you after a while. "Sounds good," she replied. On the ice though, was where she was most talented, not on the fighting side of things. Her mother had often thought that she would have the talent to go a long way when it came to ice skating, she'd started taking figure skating lessons. That was before her mother had remarried. Her step father had squashed her dream of being better than she had been and enlisted her in the army. What a pity it had been, to have so many years wasted.
As she moved back towards the edge of the ring though, she swerved away from Ceylon for a few minutes, wanting to see if she remembered something she had perfected as a kid. Smiling, she crouched down, bending her whole body down so that she seemed to be squatting. One foot came up out into the air above the ground, knee just above her butt. Her arms stretched out, gripping the airborn foot carefully. For a few seconds she spun around, before lowering that foot again, and rising back onto her feet.
She then moved back towards the edge of the ring, where Ceylon was, waiting for her. She smiled. "Didn't know if I could still do that. been a long time since I last did that. Used to compete in minor competitions when I was seven. Then mum remarried and I got chucked into the army, against my better nature by my step father. Didn't get a choice in the matter at all." She sighed though, knowing it was no good to dwell on the past. At least she had not forgotten much of what she'd learnt back in those days.

He watched her move away, fighting his want to follow after her and simply watched her.
She was as graceful on the ice as she was on land, her even strides so neat and perfect as she glided over the thick, pallid ice.
But it was when she started her spin, that he watched with pure awe. Something he had done for years, it had taken him years to even try such a trick and here she was, years after she learnt it, doing it as perfect as if she had done it for years.
"Well done," he said with a smile as she headed back over to him, gliding backwards and over towards the table while holding her hands. He pulled back her chair, gesturing for her to sit.

She smiled as she left the ring again. She knew what she was capable of when it came to ice skating. It had been too long since she'd been on this sort of thing. She knew though that with enough concentration, she would be able to do everything she had once before again.
"Thanks. Wasn't sure if that was going to work at all. Like I said, its been twelve years since I've done something like this at all." She blushed. She knew what she could do though and that was something that pleased her. "I'm a little amazed I can still pull things like that off. If I can still do something simple like that, it makes me wonder if I can still do some of the more difficult things I learnt."
She sat down though, knowing that he was definately bringing out a side to her that had not been seen in as long as since she had last been on ice like this.

He smiled as he tucked in her chair.
"Well, your really good," he commented, taking his own seat and grinning at her slightly.
"Shepard pie anyone?" he asked, raising the silver lid to show the meal below. He knew it wasn't the most romantic dish, but it was her favourite and so was the dessert he made. Lemon Cheescake could bring out the best in anyone.

She burst out into laughter as she heard his words again. Somehow she was changing in her very own eyes. More of the kid that had been hand raised by a single mother was showing through the enemy face she had. Though her days in the army would always haunt her she knew that she was safe with him.
"How on earth did you know I liked that?"

He chuckled, looking at her with a playful smile.
"I have my ways," he said mysteriously, cutting her some and placing it on her plate. He had chosen the simple, well liked yet romantic date for the two of them. Not that he had ever been on many dates in his life, he actually had no idea what he was doing.
Digging into his own pie, he watched her closely.
"Tell me something I don't know about you," he said, smiling easily. He wanted to know everything there was to know about her, and in return, if she wanted, for her to know everything about him.

"Well, what would you like to know?" She smiled at him as she started to eat. Thinking though, she knew that her step father would be furious with her for talking to Ceylon, and she shuddered, pushing the thought away.
"You know I'm from Italy. But thats only half of me. My father was German. Well, my birth father anyway. They were good freinds, my father and step father. Dad died and then somehow I end up with his best mate as a step dad? Something fishy about that."

He half smiled at her, glad that she was being some-what honest and open with him.
"What about the girls?" he asked shyly, unsure if she wanted to answer about that "who's their father..."
He guessed they weren't really 'first date' questions, but they were part of her and now part of his life. There was also something else he wanted to ask her.

"Someone I was once on very good terms with in the army. We're enemies now, he's hated me since I learnt that I was carrying his kids. I guess he wants nothing to do with them at all."
She sighed. "They don't know who he is at all. I don't want them to know about him, seeing as he wants nothing to do with them. Same year I left the army I found out I was pregnant with the three girls."
There was still a smile in her voice. "Think its the best thing I could have done."

He smiled slightly, his fingers tracing over her hand where it rested upon the table.
"I have to agree," he said quietly, looking at her with emotion filled orbs.
"I have something to...ask, or well ofer," he said slowly, watching as if waiting for a reaction.
"The girls are still young...and need a father figure..." he explained "I would be more then happy to take that role...I wanted to adopt them."
He sighed, though could not take the smile from his face. He also had somethign else to ask, despite this being their first date they had known each other a few months now and he wanted to be part of her life forever.
"And," he stood, kneeling upon the ice and pulling a box from his pocket "I would love to be there for you as well...as your husband."
"So, Maya, will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?" he asked, holding his breath for a reply.

She knew that he loved her, and she knew that she actually loved him, though she had been ever so afraid to even admit it. Though now that they were alone like this, she knew that there was no doubt in her mind that she was happier than she had been in too long a time frame. he was right about the girls needing someone like him in their lives. There was only so much she could do for them herself, while she sought to find a job for herself somewhere. That was a waste of time and she knew it, no one wanted her when they actually met her face to face. She was still feared by people, but not as much as she had once been. It sucked.
Yet here he was, the one person who seemed to care about her enough to want to be there to help her through so many things that had gone wrong. He didn't seem to be worried about what had happened to her in the past before the girls were born. That was something that really did please her in its own way. But was he the one she would always want to be around for the rest of her life? Would her girls want him for a father? Could it really be possible for her to have a happier life?
You know he is the one, a voice said in her head.
Yes, but you're too afraid to tell him the answer, the other more reasonable one said.
Time to move on from the past Maya, the first voice said.
Yeah, put the past in a drawer and lock it, never to be seen again.
She smiled at him though, knowing what she would have to say to him. There was no doubt in her mind that he was the only one for her. But how to tell him what she ought to say?
There were many things she wanted to say, some of them not nice at all, and others more disgustingly gooey than he probably dreamed she was capable of. Rather than embarass herself with either, all she whisphered was one single word. "Yes."
There, she'd managed to say it. That had to be a good thing, right? Surely he would not be too surprised that she was a little surprised by his choice of words.

His eyes danced, his breath finally leaving him once more. She had said yes!
He slide the diamond hilted ring onto her slim finger, his hands lingering there for a moment and trying to contain his emotion.
He loved her more then she could ever understand.
Standing, almost shaking from excitement, he pulled her into a bear like hug, kissing her gently.
"Thank you," he whispered into her soft tresses "thank you for making me the happiest man alive."

She smiled as he pulled her to her feet, not even thinking about much now. Though she knew that she would want her mother and real father to be here this time. "At least i know where my real father is. I've been in touch with him over the years than he and my mum were seperated."
At least there was that for her to deal with. "I'm sure they'll both be happy for me. Though if that other idiot comes that mom's with, I doubt I can be nice there. I hate him."

He grinned again, unable to stop smiling as he hugged her tightly.
"I know..." he murmered, wishing he had known her father and had been able to ask him for her hand, but it seemed it just wasnt ment to be.
"Whatever you wish love, and it shall happen," he told her, knowing if she wanted to be married in space, well he'd move the rest of the world to make it happen.

"Don't worry about my parents getting a little surprised. I'll handle that one."
Though she would be happy if she had her own house again. She missed the little house she'd been living in on her own with her daughters before the land lord kicked them all out.
That was a place she had been happy.

He smiled slightly at her, his forehead leaning gently against hers as he pressed his lips to her.
It was gentle, soft and sweet. But he knew it had to end.
With yet another warm grin, he pulled away and gestured towards the door slightly.
"Did you want to get going?" he asked gently, hands squeasing her gently, knowing it was getting late.
"I have more plans for tomorrow," he grinned "I took the day off."
He had taken the followin day off, hoping her answer would be yes to take her and show her something. They would need a house to move into after the wedding, for them and their three girls.
He had just the place in mind.

"The girls will be wondering where I am I guess by now. Maybe we should head back." One day she'd find her way back out onto the ice. Maybe back into the competitive field too. She'd need time though to get back into the speed she had been.
"Like what?" she asked. She did not really care if it was a surprise. Though there was one dilemma she'd have to sought out. Paying for her dress.

Seeing the worry flash over her eyes, he rested a calming hand on her wirst and kissed her nose.
"Breath love," he told her "and don't worry about anything...you'll have to fight my mother for the right to plan anything."
He chuckled, knowing that his mother had been planning for this day since he had met her. She was like the daughter she had never had.
"You'll see," he chimed, taking her hand and leading her towards the door.

"When it comes to some things, she'll find me impossible to stop. There are things I want to do for myself you know. I can handle someone stubborn like her when it comes to things like this. You don't know who I'm more like these days. My life will be the way I want it to go."
I would not live under someone else's control and restrictions. He would have learnt that soon as it was.

He chuckled lightly, giving her hand a squease.
"Love," he told her gently "let her have some fun, you are the daughter she has never had and she loves you dearly."
"Anways," he looked away for a moment "they decided they want to pay everything.....they wont let you or me put a cent towards it."
He sighed, hoping that Maya would work with his mother and not against her.
"You two will have fun planning," he hinted, hoping that she would agree, at least to spare his mother feelings.

"We'll have fun, don't you worry. Though some of the things my parents already said they'd pay for when this came along for me. So there will be somethings I will have to refuse her paying for. I hope she can understand that."
There was a good chance of argueing if there was any confusion about what I said just then. "Your family is not going to pay for everything we'll be organising."

He sighed with defeat, unable to say no to her for very long.
"I'll speak to mum," he told her finally, squeasing her hand and opening the car door for her.

"We'll see." Was the simple reply given by Maya. Things were going to get interesting. "I'll call my family when we get back home. They'll be pleased about this. Mum'll love your own, she's really easy to get along with. No doubt she'll come straight away."
Maya laughed at the thought of the two women meeting each other. All she could hope was that the two women were able to get along. And also that the idiot her mother loved would not give her hell because she was marrying Ceylon.

He nodded, closing the door behind her.
He would need to impress her mother, having heard quiet a lot about the unreliable woman.
If anyone could make her feel welcome, his mother would be perfect for the job.
"Let's go see our girls," he said with a smile, pulling out of the driveway.

I nodded, knowing there was so much that would happen now. I'd be busy, we all would. Though I was looking forwards to calling my parents, I wondered though if they would be happy when they found out just who it was that I intended to marry. Happy or not, they would not be able to stop me. All of them knew that.
I knew that though I was different to some people, there were those who knew me for who I really was. Naina and Ceylon knew me best. I knew now that another old freind of mine, Gem was here somewhere.
"Yes, lets head home."
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