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 naina and Jason [human only]

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PostSubject: naina and Jason [human only]   naina and Jason [human only] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 2:45 am

Naina Collins
I sighed as i walked into the small cafe that was in town. I knew that there were few people here that would be interested in talking to me. The new face in town. That was me. Someone no one seemed to take the time to be seen talking to me.
That was something I was used to though I was trying to get to know people a bit more. The abusive childhood did not help and i was actually glad that I had moved from Italy here to Talahm.
"Perché faccio persino preoccupi di provare a fare gli amici…" I muttered to myself.
Perché faccio persino preoccupi di provare a fare gli amici… - Why do I even bother trying to make new freinds.....

Jason Lewis entered the little cafe, he wasn't one to drink so decided to get a coffee rather then go get drunk with the other guys. They were home, a first in months.
People were everywhere, at first it seemed a little intimadating due to the fact he had been in the middle of nowhere for the past 12 months.
He ordered and coffee, white with one, and looked around for somewhere to sit.
But he heard her voice. Wandering over, looking natural, he smiled as he saw her face.
"Perché tutti hanno bisogno di amici," he said in broken Italian "Non è vero?"
He gestured with a hand to the seat across from her and spoke in english for his italian was horrible.
"May I?"
Perché tutti hanno bisogno di amici: because everyone needs friends.
Non è vero?: Do they not?

Naina Collins
The eyes looked at the worn table surface below her, not really seeing it. This girl was an empty shell almost, seeing as she did not have anyone who cared about her. She often considered joining the army here, seeing as they were recruiting at the moment.
Sometimes the Australian soldiers turned up in her home country, Italy, and surely having someone who was natively Italian would be a help to them. They always showed up in Rome and no one there spoke English.
"Forse dovrei fare parte dell'esercito. Potrebbero usare qualcuno che parlasse italiano essi stessi come loro prima lingua…. ma lo prenderebbero?" she muttered to herself.
Then she jumped as someone answered her.
The gray eyes lifted to meet his. 'You may.."
Forse dovrei fare parte dell'esercito. Potrebbero usare qualcuno che parlasse italiano essi stessi come loro prima lingua…. ma lo prenderebbero? - Perhaps I should join the Army.. They could use someone who speaks Italian themselves as their first language.... but would they take me?

He rose an eyebrow, listening to her chat to herself in Italian and figured out a few words. He knew that 'aderire' was 'join' and that 'esercito' was army. Join army? He thought and smiled slightly, wondering why this slight girl would want to join the battle field. There was nothing nice there, in fact he wasn't even sure why he had joined. He thought about the other things she had said 'ma lo prenderebbero?' was 'would they take me?'.
"Thank you Miss," he said, sitting down in the booth and taking a sip from his coffee cup.
"By the way, if you wanted to join the army...I could put in a good word for you," he smiled kindly, meeting her gaze.
"Have you done anything with the army before?"

Naina Collins
I smiled at him. “I’m thinking about it, a lot. I have been in that sort of thing before, back in my home country. Italy. I've seen you Australian’s running around in Rome a bit these days. Though you seem to have a lot of trouble when it comes to communicating with us. I know why that is. Not many of us speak English back home in Rome.”
I chuckled.
“It was rather amusing to watch you all trying to communicate with us when I was a bit younger, but I think that I may be of some help there. I am from Italy and I am well known back there. Translating for you would be no trouble for me.”

The eyebrow rose in a perfect arch, his dark eyes seemed to sparkle at the comment.
He chuckled lightly before speaking.
"Slightly before my time, but my mother was part Italian, I learnt bits and pieces growing up," he said and grimced "though, I am rather awful still."
He made a mental note; look around for Italian courses. He had at least six months off, may as well do something worth while.
"Never been to Rome...or Italy," he thought aloud, maybe he would travel there.
"Well, drop by the base sometime, were always looking for newbies," he said with a wink and looked up at the clock.
"Hmm, sorry, but I must get going...it was nice to meet you," he said standing and offering a hand.
"I'm Jason by the way."

Naina Collins
I smiled at him. “Thank you.” I shook his hand, though there was nothing as shy to me as there used to be. I was starting to make my own life here, and that was something I knew I would be able to do. There was never a time when people did not need more translators for their friends and things.
“I think I might do that, you never know my luck, Jason.”
That was a nice name that he had. There might be something i would get out of it this time.

He liked her, the firm grip in the handshake confirmed that. He wasn't sure why, but something about her stayed in his mind. Maybe it was the long blonde hair, or the deep grey eyes. Or was it her skins? So pale aganist the blonde curls.
He smiled again, unable to stop himself and nodded once.
"Hope to see you there," he said, blinking his dark eyes gently and turned to leave.
He felt the eyes following him, but didn't turn. He had to know more about her!
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PostSubject: Re: naina and Jason [human only]   naina and Jason [human only] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 3:23 am

Naina Collins
I drove towards the army base, knowing where to go after looking it up in the street directory. Would they accept me amongst them? I knew that I was not from the area, but I felt as though I would be of some help to them. There was not a shred of doubt in my mind that it could be helpful for them to have me on board.
Unlike some of the guys I was not afraid of bloodshed either, though I was not exactly easy about being in that area. I sigebd and turned off the car, parking in the guest lot. I got out looking for a sign or something that would tell me where to go.

And one. And two. And three. He chanted in his head, his shirtless chest glistening with sweat as he worked with the weights. Head lifted everywhere at the sound of an approaching car. Not many people came to the base at this time of the day, but everyone knew it was one of two things. An important person, meeting with the top Generals or a newbie.

Jason rose, using a towel to mop the sweat from his brow and walked into the showers, quickly cooling down before heading back outside.
"Lieutenant General Lewis!" someone called and Jason turned his head with a sigh. Lieutenant General, such a long rank.
"Newbie, might want to go speak to her," said a young lad and Jason nodded.
"Thanks Steve."
Her? He thought, wondering if this might be that girl...but he decided not to get his hopes up.
Getting dressed in the correct uniform, hat and all, he walked over to the offices and nodded to Sue, the desk lady.
"Good to see you again Sue," he called in greeting. She battered her eyelids and smiled in reply.
"You to Lieutenant General."
He unlocked his office, settling back into his chair and gazed out the window. Waiting.

Naina Collins
I sighed as I walked along the path towards where the office was. Who knew what I was in for this time. At least I had some idea of how things worked here in the army. That at least, I was no newbie when it came how things worked. Several days had gone by though since I had met Jason at that coffee shop. Now though I was willing to see what this place was like in comparison to the place I had once been called a soldier in.
I'd made it through several of the ranks that were there before I'd had to leave. It was not so much the stress of the place that had really made me choose to leave them there. I'd never told Jason that I had been at the rank of a Major in the Italian army, though I had told him that I was used to translating for foreigners who spoke English.
I'd called the office yesterday afternoon and they had told me to come in at this particular time for an appointment. They'd been interested when I said that I had been in the Italian army once, and that it would have been good experience for me and that I should fit right in with all the others, despite the fact I was a girl.
I opened the office door and approached the front desk.
“May I help you?” the lady sitting there asked.
“Yes thank you. I'm Naina Collins? I have an appointment with someone here in about five minutes time?”
“Take a seat and I'll go tell him you're here.”
I walked over to take a seat.

Sue smiled at the girl, suprised why she was here but knew they had seen odder things. She rose, tapping lightly on Jason's door before poking her head in.
"Lieutenant General Jason, your 10 o'clock is here," she said and Jason nodded
"Send them in."
She nodded and closed the door with a slight click, turning to the girl.
"You can go in now," she said before heading back to her desk.

Jason tapped his fingers on the desk, shifting the paper on his desk and watched the door. Waiting. His gaze was drawn to the pile of documents, his meetings for the day.
There was an empty form, joining, so he guessed that this was someone with quesitons and looking to join.

Naina Collins
I stood up and walked over to the door that she pointed me towards. This was going to be a very interesting talk for me. At least I knew something about how things were run in this sort of thing.
Not that anyone would be able to tell that had i not said so over the phone yesterday afternoon.
I knocked and then entered.

An eyebrow rose as he stood to greet the recruit. It was her.
"Please take a seat Miss Collins," he said with an easy grin. But, at the sight of her made his heart beat just that little bit faster. Still, he wondered at that. He had never felt it before.
He sat, studying her for a moment.
"Suprised to see me again?" he asked finally, still smiling that easy grin.
He leaned forwards, elbows propped on the desk and looked at her again.
"Tell me about yourself, you said you were in Italian Army, tell me about your time there and why you left."

Naina Collins
I blinked, twice when I saw who was sitting behind the desk in the room. I knew him but where from? Then it clicked. Jason from the cafe. The first person to ever talk to me at all.
"Yeah it is a little surprising seeing you again."
My eyes widened as they took in thre rank he was from this things on his shoulders. A lot higher than I had. Though a rank I could have gotten.
"Well you know that I was in the army. How long for though was a while. I was in that one for about five years." I paused, knowing that one point my people had fought against the Australians. At a time that I was in the army and had helped to organize several strikes.
"I've done a lot of different things, though I was never directly in the fighting. I did most of the communicating over the radios and things to the teams that were out fighting and relaying information from them to the Field Marshal. Several times I've had to give commands for him that I have not particularly agree with but who was I to argue, being only holding the Major ranking?"

He noticed the eyes widened and waved his hand.
"Just a badge," he said, looking down at the badge he had long forgotten. It was annoying sometimes, everyone had to call him but his whole rank. Not much he could do though.
He listened to her, swinging back into his chair and didn't interupt. He showed no emotion, his face blank, as she mentioned being a Major.
"A Major?" he asked finally and tapped the desk thinking.
"We cannot give you the same rank, you would have to re-do the basic training as well as fight with the others to get higher ranks?" he was asking her if she would be willing. Here, you had to fight for it. If you weren't the best, then to bad.
Basic Training was rough, he still remembered his time there, nothing nice about it. But it was needed. Anyways, if she had already been in the army, she wouldn't have a problem doing it again.Naina Collins

I almost laughed when he said it was only a badge. "There was a reason I left. People were too tense all the time. No one had any time to have anything to do you if you were not in their ranking. I couldn't stand that after awhile, I don't like it when people are always serious all the time. That's why i left, plus I needed to do something else for a while. I wasn't appreciated there."
I thought for a moment. "I've read about the group here and i know things would not be the same here. Plus I feel like i owe you all some thing, because of the amount of people my own orders over the raido have killed from this place."
I sighed. "And as I told you a few days ago, translating languages is no trouble for me either, I know quite a few, English, Italian, Grech and Spanish."

He nodded, thinking.
"Sign this if your happy to join, though I wouldn't be telling my boys that, they don't really like people who have ordered to kill there mates," he said with a sigh.
"Next basic training starts the week after next, you will be housed in the girls dorms there is only one other girl in the training, if you wish I can try and put you in the same group," he said and shook his head slightly. Audrey, the other trainnee, was an odd one.
He pushed the paper across to her, putting a pen next to it.
"Have a read, have a think and sign if you wish," he said

Naina Collins
"I would not be so unwise. Trust me, no one here will ever know about that one." Well other than him. I knew what things were allowed in these places and what were not. "Plus I know what the trainings like too that's nothing for me.'
I looked over what he'd given me. Nothing I had not expected there. I did not give it a second thought before I signed it.
"I do not really care what group I'm in to be honest." I was just eager to start working again. Eventually I would come in handy.

He listened in silence to the pen scrabbling along the white surface and sighed inernally. Another one. He knew it was part of his job to recruit...but he couldn't help but think: one more for the army, another life taken. Truly, it just got depressing.
"You will have 6 months training, no outside contact though anything but mail," he said guessing she already knew it but had to anyways.
"It will be the same on the field."
He smiled and stood, opening the door for her.
"See you at training."

Naina Collins
At least i knew what I was getting myself into. I could deal with not being able to talk to my family. They would call me a traitor for this, so i would not be the one to tell them, not until I ended up being sent there, which I knew would happen. There were always foreign soldiers in Rome these days.
No one wanted a new Roman Empire rising again. The soldiers usually kept to themselves. "That wont be needed for me. I have no one to tell about this."

He rose an eyebrow, noting this down in his mind. She didn't seem to like sharing much about herself and he was desparte to learn more.
Everything there was to know about her, he felt, he wanted to understand.
The hidden attraction was still there, he doubted it would leave any time soon.
He nodded instead and smiled slightly.
"If the guys give you any hassle, tell them to either piss off," he chuckled "or send them to me.."

Naina Collins
"Don't worry about me. I know how to defend myself. Though even if I told my family, I know the outcome of doing such a thing. I'd be disowned and called a traitor."
I sighed. This was my life now though, and i would not let anyone take that from me. "Though I think I might tell them to leave me alone if they annoy me, any of the guys."

He thought with glee about this little lady in front of him beating up his men.
"Just don't put them in hospital, we need them," he chuckled and followed her outside his office.
"Sue, can you show Miss Collins here to the dorm?" he asked the desk lady. Sue jumped to her feet, nodding and quickly coming to stand by him.
She smiled sweetly at Naina, but her eyes sent bullets.
"This way Miss Collins."

Naina Collins
I smiled at the woman but faltered seeing how her eyes looked at me. I chose to ignore that, as if there was anything.... at the moment.... for her to be worried about. I was not going to give her reason to hate me.
"Don't worry, I wont hurt any of them that bad." I was not that good at fighting. I jsut knew a few things about self defence that was all.

He smiled at her, giving the shoulder a slight pat before returning into his office.
Sue turned, pushing past the girl and leading her to the dorms. On the way, she paused and span to look at her closely.
"Do you like him?" she snapped, bright blue eyes glaring under the blonde hair. She seemed 100% fake. Sue had been nursing a crush on Jason since she had started working here. And now this girl turned up, gaining his attention.
Never before had she been asked to show someone around. It just wasn't fair!

I sighed as I walked with Sue. I knew she did not like me, even if she tried to hide it around the guy. “I barely know him, Sue.”
My voice was cold. There were worse things I could call her right now but I held my tongue not particularly liking.

The hard expression softened slightly and she nodded in apolgy.
"He has barely stop speaking of you," she thought aloud and shook her head.
"The dorm's are over there, I hope you pass Basic Training," she said, flashing a grin and jogging back to her desk. So there was a chance for her!

Naina Collins
I smiled at her. "Thanks for showing me where to go." I knew she did not like me, but i was not one to pick a fight of a guy. That was not like me.
I walked over there and took a look around before heading back to my car. I'd be here.
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PostSubject: Re: naina and Jason [human only]   naina and Jason [human only] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 3:27 am

Lieutenant General Jason Lewis paced the stage before coming to a stop at the microphone.
Silence filled the group. This was the leader, 2nd highest rank in the whole army. Behind him stood several others. General Morris, General Majour Auraka and other unknowns.
"I would like to welcome you all to the start of Basic Training," Jason said clearly, green eyes running over every one of the crowd. He forced them to move over Naina Collins, though he had an internal battle over it.
"This," he continued "will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. You will have role calls, O500 sharp, you will have random wakeup calls during the night for acitivies. You will be expected to push though everything, if you give up you must restart the whole entire process if you can prove to me that you wont give up again." He spoke with slight grim humor.
"You will have lessons, starting right after this, your teachers are to be respected in every single way. Questions will be answered with 'yes mam' 'no mam' 'yes sir' 'no sir'. Is that understood?" He spoke and the group yelled in reply.
He nodded once before finishing his speech with a few last words.
"Go, you know your classes already."

Naina Collins
I headed over with the others to where one of them was standing. I'd already talked with the other girl and i liked her a little. I knew what I was doing, I'd been through this before. This was going to be interesting.
How much different would a different Army be really in this training? There would not be too many, and i would easily adapt to this life. I was always up at 5 anyways, five years in the army did that to you...

Audrey bounced into the room, her black hair pulled roughly in a pony tail, as she walked over to Naina.
"Hey Naina!" she said, waving slightly madly. She was 21, yet as nutty as a teen. Maybe it was from being dropped on her head to many times as a child, but one could ever know. She was never normally like this, maybe a few to many coffees that morning.
She stood beside Naina, and a few guys leered at her. She turned, glaring at them until they finally removing there gaze.
"Creeps," she muttered but smiled broadly.

Naina Collins
"Hey, what took you so long?" I chuckled. None of these guys would be able to keep me from beating them at some of the things. I was as athletic.
I looked over at the guy who was taking us. So this was General Major Auraka? Interesting. I wondered how much Jason had told him about my past.

Auraka stood at the top of the room, this would be only his 3rd time teaching. He had replaced an older teacher who had sadly retired.
The room was simple, beyond basic. A desk at the front held a a few objects and desks were in neat rows for the students. It was just like a high school classroom.
"Please sit," he commanded and waited until there was silence.
"I am General Major Auraka, you will address me as 'Sir' or General Major Auraka. Is that understood?"

Naina Collins
I took a seat, knowing that this would eb a little boring but I'd still pay attention. No point in doing anything wrong when i already kew about this stuff.
When he asked if he was understood I was one of the ones who said, "Yes sir."
I'd been doing a lot of reading over the week that I had to wait before this all started. Learning what I could about the Army I was now a part in. And would stay a part of for a long time.

Auraka smiled, he had a fun job ahead of him. He could, bascially, be as mean or as nice as he wanted. It was ment to keep them on there toes, make sure they were hard enough for the real deal. They didn't need people who would be a danger to themselves or others.
He noted that next to none of them replied when he spoke.
"I said is that understood!" he snapped, hitting the desk before him and noted that the cries came slightly louder this time.
Auraka was a nice person, general loving caring man, but here he had to be hard. He liked to think of it as saving lives.
"Let us get started," he began "this is a AA-52 general purpose machine gun. Any of you know how to use one?"

Naina Collins
I looked at the weapon. I knew what it was and how it worked to be honest. But I felt like saying so would be showing off and would make to others think that I was not one of them.
It had been a few years since I had seen such a thing though. I was not one of the direct fighters.
Unsure of myself, I raised my hand, showing that I knew how the thing worked. No one else did. Not surprising for me. A few of the others glanced at me in surprise.
A few of the guys scowled that a girl knew and they did not.

Auraka smiled slightly at the girl, matching the face to her name. Naina. Jason had told her about her, that she already knew most of this.
"Come up Naina, see if you can put it together proberly," he said, gesturing to the weapong and continued speaking.
"This is one of the first French-produced guns of the post World War II era. It was manufactured by MAS (Manufacture d'Armes St. Etienne, one of several government-owned arms factories in France). The AA-52 is still used today as a vehicle-mounted weapon due to large quantities in service, but has been replaced by the Belgian FN MAG for helicopter use, starting with the EC 725 Caracal of the Special Operations units and the Air Force Search and Rescue teams. The AA-52 had been phased out for infantry use in favour of the lighter FN MINIMI for a few years." He spoke about the weapon slightly longer before turning to it once more.
"This, is not what you shall be using, but you will learn how to use any weapon shoved in your hands, this is where we shall start."

Naina Collins
I got up when he asked me to do that, thinking back to a time a long while ago when I had been in this situation before. Only then I had been learning. This time I knew what went where. They would not be able to confuse me as easily as the others. Once my hands started moving everything fell into place from my memory. I knew what I was doing.
Within about two minutes it was put back together, and correctly at that. Not one peice in the wrong place.
I needed more of a challenge than this.

He took the gun from her gently, checking everything was in place and flipping bits and pieces to make sure they were tight.
"This, is a well put together gun," he announced noticing that she had cleaned part of it.
"A well kept gun is needed, there is no point in taking a rusty weapon on field..you will end up dead," he turned, looking from face to face and motioned for Naina to go back and sit down.
He rested his hand on the next gun in the row.
"This is a General Purpose Machine Gun also known as GPMG.
A GPMG in concept is a multi-purpose weapon, a machine gun intended to fill the role of either a light machine gun or medium machine gun, while at the same time being man-portable." he said guessing that he might be boring them slightly.
"I expect you to all pay attention when I am speaking. Mr Harriton!" he snapped and a rather dumb looking man blinked.
"Is that clear Mr Harriton?" he asked, voice low and dangerous.
"Y...Yes sir," he stuttered and Auraka shook his head in disgust.
He turned to his already star student.
"Miss Collins, where did you learn such things?" he asked her.

Naina Collins
I walked back to my seat, knowing a few of the boys were really shocked now. I was not some average girl, which was for sure. Only just now they were figuring that one out. I was not dumb.
I listened as he explained about the gun. Then gulped.
“I was in the army a while ago but had to redo the training to rejoin up.” No need to say how far in I got or what country I was in at the time.

Auraka nodded easily, taking that as a good enough answer. He knew there was more to the story, Jason had told him more but he understood that she didn't want the whole world knowing.
Just yet anyways.
The class continued, another gruling hour of Auraka explaining each weapon, how to put together and pull apart each weapon before them.
Auraka paused as there was a knock on the door, putting down the gun and smiling to his class.
"Now, you are all in for a treat. Lieutenant General Drannor has taken his own time up to come speak to you. I expect you to listen and treat him with respect," Auraka commanded before opening the door.

Drannor Silverleaf
I knew this was not going to be the easiest thing for me to talk about but I had to do this. I knew I could as well. That helped.
When he opened the door I grinned at him. “General Major Aruaka,” I said in greetings, showing him the respect he deserved. He still outranked me and I doubted it would never be the other way.
I entered and smiled at the group in front of me.
“I got asked to come and talk to you all. It’s not always easy being out on the battle field. You do get hurt and I know this from personal experience. You see my right arm is not real. It’s a replacement for the lower arm I lost last time I was out on the field.”

Auraka stopped himself from laughing, but flashed him a smile.
"Lieutenant General Drannor," he replied in the same respect. They were both good mates, Drannor having served under Auraka's rule before he was injured.
"Good luck," he whispered into his ear before moving the to side of the room to watch.

Adurey shifted to speak to Naina.
"Well done, those guys don't know what to do!" she whispered and giggled slightly before shifting and watching Drannor in earest..

Drannor Silverleaf
I shifted my left hand over towards my right elbow, knowing how to take the thing off when it needed cleaning. Though I did hear someone say something and my eyes narrowed at the girl. She went quiet very quickly. No one talked when I gave them that look. I was used to having these classes around I’d taught before.
“I took a bullet about six mounts ago in my right wrist; sadly before I could get back here from Iraq, my hand actually died. They had to remove it, lest that deadness spread through me. Not the easiest thing for someone to lose, one of your arms.”
I unlocked one of the clips holding in place, my eyes still on the group in front of me. “To say I was lucky is an understatement. I know you’d think I was mad, but losing my arm was better than my life. If my wrist had not been where it was, I would have died right then, as that bullet would have lodged itself in my throat.”
My eyes fell on the gun that was on the desk. “When I got back to the base, I was told it was from one of these guns, not wonder it hurt so damn much.”
My fingers undid the last for the straps. Swiftly my hand shifted and as the lower right arm shifted away from my elbow, I caught it by the wrist easily. “What you see attached to my shoulder is all that is left of my real arm. While this other half looks real, it’s not.”
A couple of the guys seemed to pale as the saw the stump that was my elbow.
I noticed the two girls did not seem that uneasy by the sight.
“Keep in mind that this can happen to anyone. At the moment I am only back here because I need to get this mechanical arm back up to the use of the old one. Once I am back to my normal strength, I’ll be flying out of here back to the fighting once more.”
I sighed. "Its no easy life that od a soldier in the army. You cant get too close to anyone who is not in the army because there will eb times when you are deployed somewhere a long way from them. then the only way you can communicate with them is via mail, and when something like this" - raises false arm- "happens, you can write back can you? No easy place to be in."
I paused. "I do not meant o discourage you, but if you really think you can handle any of the things I've told you about, then stay on and learn. If not, you do not want to be here."
My hand moved and deftly buckled it back on. I sighed thoughas I felt the cold metal against my skin, I did not shiver anymore but i was used to it.
My hand flexed, as I stretched the hand easily. "Yous ee, its nothing short of what a normal hand does, but its not something you want unless you lose the other one in a similiar way I did. Its not something that you can get used to within a week. Else I'd be out there fighting again, and dealing with my lads dying and being hurt. There is no glamor in war at all."

Auraka watched, a saddness in his eyes, as he watched his friend explain what had happened.
He too had been injured, saving a young lad from blowing up and put himself in a coma for a week and a half. That had been 6 months ago now...
His green eyes roamed over the students, noting which ones were paleing at the sight of the stump. To his suprise, neither of the girls seemed to care at the sight. In fact, Audrey seemed to be interested in it.
Drannor had finished, so Auraka stepped forwards resting his palm on his shoulder.
"Thank you, your story shall inspire these small people," he said and sneered at one of the students, the youngest in the class.
"Rodgers, get out before you puke on my carpet." The young man rose and rushed from the room.
He removed his hand, turning back to the class.
"That is the end of todays lesson, I will see you tomorrow."

Drannor Silverleaf
I watched as all of them headed out. When they were all gone i asked, "Who was the girl with the blond hair? She seems familiar somehow." Where had I seen that face before? I knew she was from somewhere. Then it clicked. "Hang on, she's Italian." My voice was low. "She seems to know a lot about things here."
I sighed as I itched at one of the places the straps were around my elbow. I rubbed my hand along them. “Damnit.” One of them was twisted. No wonder they were itching me. This was the one problem I had with this thing.
I unbuckled the tiresome strap and redid it, ignoring the fact that my other arm wobbled a little with half of it undone.
“That a pain in the neck when that gets all twisted.”
I grinned though at Auraka. “How’d I go?”
After all it was my first time talking to this class in this manner.
This was not something that I was used to doing, unlike him. I was still learning even after all this time.

He nodded, his face showing deep concentration.
"Naina Collins, Italian she is. Jason told me but that was it, doesnt want it to become public knowledge," he said knowing that Drannor would respect that.
He smiled slightly as Drannor struggled, knowing he would never ask for help even if he needed it.
"You did well," he said then chuckled "never seen the boys go so white, seems that this generation are getting weaker and weaker stomachs..the girls didn't even pale," he thought aloud.

Drannor Silverleaf
I chuckled as he said that. "Don't worry, I wont say a word about her to anyone. Don't need to add to any of the chaos she probably already thinks she's in being among us." I would have felt the same way, so there was no point in me making things hard for her. Auraka knew me well enough there.
None of the other guys needed to know about that. I wouldn't be the one to say anything about her, no matter how much I got asked.
"I noticed that the girls did not seem as surprised or anything as some of the guys that were in the class. A few of the boys gave me a dirty look when I pulled it off and averted their eyes. That was a bit rude of them. Those boys were sitting in the same row as Naina Collins was."
I'd felt a little annoyed about what those boys had done. "Clearly they don't have any respect for any of us from that reaction to what I did."

Auraka bowed his head, thinking who they had been.
"Ahh...Daniels, Robert and Harriton," he said, clasping his hands together.
"Might plan a wake up call for them, might teach them some respect as well as harden up the stomachs," he chuckled evily. Desipte being one of the nicest guys around, Auraka would be mean if he had to be. In this case, it would be better for them...though they might not see it for a few years.
"Hows it going anyways? Your going back to the field soon?" he asked his friend, knowing that he personally had a few more months off for rehab.

I sighed. "I think that's a good idea. Those three definitely need it at the moment."
I paused. "Again I'm filling for you!"
Something I was not pleased about at the moment. I smiled though. "Sahar's not gonna be please when she hears I'm leaving on Monday. We only have four more days before hand."
I sighed as I thought of Sahar. I knew she was pregnant now, and this was going to stress her out. Something I was not all that pleased about as I felt... protective of her at the moment. She did not need this from me again. It was worry enough for her when I stopped writing.
"This arm's as good as it shall ever get. By the time I get out there, I'll back to the way i was before I took that damn bullet.” Sure it was nice to have a break but this was something that I needed to do. To get back out there protecting my country. Call me an idiot if you wanted, but that was who I was, a fighter.
Never would that side to me ever change. Not until I had had enough doing what I had been. Then maybe, I would retire from the field work and start teaching new recruits again.
“I haven't told her yet. Thats something I plan on doing later on when I get home. Not to mention asking her something I should have done a few months ago.”
My voice was light when I spoke about having to ask her something though. “Hopefully it can happen before i get sent away again.”

He nodded sadly, wishing that he could go back there, even just to look after his boys. He wanted to bring them all back, alive.
He looked at his friend, a sad smile on his face as he rested a palm on his good shoulder.
"Take care of them...and speak to Sahar, I'll make sure Gem goes and speaks to her from time to time," he said knowing that Sahar would worry.

Drannor Silverleaf
“I know that. Don’t worry I got briefed earlier this morning. Sounds like things have flipped around into our favour and not theirs. With any luck I’ll only be away a few weeks.” I chuckled. “I’ll look after the boys, don’t you worry.”
I smiled. At least when it came to him, I did not always have to be formal. We were feinds and I only ever had to be respectful round the others.
“And thanks for that. I’d do the same if it was you.”

Auraka nodded, green eyes slightly distant as he thought.
"I know you would Drannor...does Sahar have any idea?" he asked knowing that Sahar didn't want him to have anything to do with fighting at the moment.
Little did he know, it wasn't public knowledge yet, that she was pregant and had good reason to. If he knew, he might of tried to talk to Drannor about waiting a bit.
With a sigh, he shifted slightly and began packing away the guns. Once more he study the weapon that Naina had put together, suprised at the neatness of it.
"Almost to good..." he said pulling it apart.

I watched as he pulled the gun apart. "One of the newbies put that together or something?"
My eyes were smiling as I said it. "Looks like someone knew what they were doing if they were able to do that in one go. Who was it?"

Auraka smiled slightly, looking over his shoulder as he put the last piece away.
"Have a guess," he said then paused "Naina..."
It didn't suprise him, this was old stuff but he wondered if she would struggle with the newer techology but doubted it. She seemed to be smarter than most.

I should have known it would be her. "Interesting that she seems to know what she is doing," I commented. How much did she really know about how we worked? More than most outsiders did when they joined. "You'll have your hands full trying to teach her something new, Auraka."
I sighed. This was where I would rather have been over the next few months but I knew i had to do what I had to do. "At least with any luck I'll be back home before the month is out, Auraka."
In a few months my family would be a trio.

Auraka smiled grimly but nodded with a sighed "Don't I know it..." he said and clipped the last part in place.
"Well, good luck my friend...I'll keep my eye on Sahar for you, just make sure you write," he chuckled slightly and gave him a pat on the shoulder.
"Try and keep the other hand," he joked, but that was just his way to keep the mood light. It was a way to settle the soul before it went to march.

Drannor Silverleaf
"I'm not making that mistake again." I laughed though, knowing what he meant. I'd learned a lot of things quickly, which was why I was where I was now. "Apparently before I go, some of the classes will be coming down to the target range.... Looks like I'm demonstrating something to do that though I've not been told. I guess someone else will be teaching, they'll just be watching.
I smiled though. "I'll probably see you over there sometime later today. I might go get some practise in."

He nodded, looking at his watch quickly before sighing.
"Looks like I have to go 'round up the class again," he smiled evily "they don't know I'm there only teacher."
He locked the guns away proberly, no one had the key other then him and a few other trusted Generals. It seemed that he had a key to everything.
"Yes...I have a class down there in..about an hour," he said with a chuckle "might give Gem and ring, she can come help."

I laughed. "Just don't get distracted by her. I'll see you over there, I'm going to get a few hours practice over there."
For a bit though, I needed to clean one of the guns I would use, it was looking pretty dirty which was not the best of things. I knew better than that.
"See you over there."

Auraka chuckled, shaking his head slightly.
"I'll try," he said, knowing that he wouldn't be the only one having problems keeping there eyes off there. But they would end up surprised.
Acutally, it would be a good lesson. Nothing is as it seems.
"Yeah, see you over there," he called and pulled out his mobile.

Gem Hawksong
I knew there was not all that much to do at the moment around the house. I was planning on heading out to my workplace later on in the afternoon, to get the other weapon that killed my sister. That was not going to be easy for me, but I'd do it, they were relying on me to help catch the killer.
I wanted him found personally as well. This was something i could not ignore at the moment.
Then my phone rang and I went inside to get it, Pippa following me.

"Gem," he said, voice warm with love for her.
"Just wondering if you wanted to come down to the base and prove some boys wrong," he chuckled and shook his head slightly.
"I just got my new class, and they have there first Archery lesson in about an hour, they need some help on the 'not everything is as it seems' part. Are you willing?" He asked, knowing she would never pass on the offer of shooting some guys donw.

Gem Hawksong
Those words made me laugh indeed. He knew I would never be able to resist a challenge when it came to archery. “Oh I’ll be there, and they will learn a lesson there. Some of them seem a little weak in the stomach or something? I doubt that they’re going to listen to me because I’m not one of you, but I’ll give it a try. I’ll meet you over there.”
I knew the way over to where he’d be by now; I went there a lot these days. For me, archery was just another sport, I was good at it, and some of the time, some of the better guys on the base gave me a little challenge, but rarely.
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Gem Hawksong
I chuckled as I reached the archery area again. There was no one there at a first glance but then my eyes picked out one person, well hidden out on the range with a bow in their hands. They were practising and I smiled as I headed out ot one of the other targets, checking it was all good to go before heading back over to where the marker was.
“Hey Gem,” Drannor said, smiling as I joined him. He lowered the bow that he held, resting it by his side for a moment. I did not fail to notice which hand he held the thing in. No one could that knew he only had one real hand. “What brings you out here?”
“Auraka called me and asked if I wanted to show his class a thing or two. I told him I would so I came out here. Didn't expect you to be here though, general Major Drannor..” Drannor was starting to become a good for me, I was one of Sahar's best friends at the moment.
“I better head off before that group gets here. Some of them do not like me it would seem. Though its actually a good thing that you came when you did. I wanted to talk to you actually.”
He smiled at me.
“Whats up?”
“I'm going away again soon, which means Sahar's going to be a nervous wreck when she sees me leaving again. I wanted you to spend as much time as you can with her, so he's not as alone as she used to be when I left the foirst time to go and fight.”
“Of course I will. You know that I like spending time with Sahar when I can.. at the moment though Im a bit tied up with trying to trace a killer and its a kind of difficult job a the moment. Any time I can spare I'll be there for her though. Maybe she can come around to my house for a fw days or something. Tell her that Janie is always welcome to come around and play with Pippa.”
“I will and thank you. I know your busy with work but your one of the only other people who whos what its like when Auraka or I go away to fight again,” Drannor said.
“You bet I do. Its not an easy thing for me either when Auraka goes away like you do. I think thats one of the things that I get a long with Sahar because of. It is never easy watching Auraka leaving, and knowing that I might not see him again.”
“I know.” Drannor lifted his eyes seeing something over my shoulder. “I better dissapear, I can see Auraka's class coming.”
I laughed. Then I spoke agai, a little more formal. “Off you go then, General Major Drannor.”
He headed of and I looked at the targets, unpacking my white ash longbow and fitting my matching quiver into the little stand that was made for them to be sat into. I drew one arrow from it and raised the bow, fitting the arrow to its string easily.
THUD! The arrow arched through the air and landed in the middle of the target after I left it go.

Auraka entered the clearing, his annoying young class trailing behind sounding like a bunch of idiots. Only, it seems, that the girls were quiet. Auraka couldn't help but check to make sure they were still there.
He smiled as he saw Gem, but didn't call to her. He didn't want them to know that he was getting married to this Gem. Because, that Gem they knew was talented and well known. This was to be a surprise.
"Lady Gem," he said, saluting her in respect and glared at the idiots who didn't.
"As you can see, this is my group of misfits, please explain to them what you do," he said, giving her a wink before turning and glaring until they quietened down.

Gem Hawksong
A few more arrows left the quiver only to repeatedly thud into the target. This was something I could do any time I wanted, unless someone one was training in here. Then I stayed right away, unless I was needed here. I had often helped a few of the men with their techniques.
I only lowered my bow when I heard someone coming up behind me. It had been quiet here since Drannor left me. Not that I minded the quiet in here.
Placing the bow on the hook next to my quiver, I turned to face him, smiling. This was my place, the one area I really shined. I knew he was hiding the fact that I was that same Gem that he was marrying. The more talented one they all knew of.
I saluted him back though I knew he did not expect me to, seeing as I was not one of the actual army. It seemed the polite thing to do though, no point in anything else really. He definitely seemed annoyed with the group behind him. I spotted only two girls in the group, that surprised me that there were so few at the moment. “General Major Auraka.”
I listened to what he said, easily hiding a smirk when he turned around to glare at a few of the people behind him. They slowly quietened down and I knew somehow that I would not want to be one of the ones being trained by him. He seemed so much different when it came to this. Then again, someone had to train the new recruits. Another new group were with him this time.
“I assume that none of you have actually used a bow before. They are classed as weapons, though they are not used so much in the fighting any more. There was a time though, when they were used a lot. Because of that, you will be learning to use one. No you may not be as good as I am from the start but in time, you will get better and better at using one of them. This is the only weapon I personally can use, and it is the only one I would ever use.”
I paused to think.
“A few of you might recognise the bow that hangs behind me on that stand. I will tell you now that is unique. It was made for the Lord of the Rings movies and there will never be another like it unless I get a new one made if that one breaks. Something I am not interested in allowing to happen.”
I stopped for a few seconds and looked at them. “It's a normal oak wood long bow and it is powerful. You need a lot of muscles to use one effectively. I've done Archery as a sport since I was twelve, so for seven years now. Since I began, and since I bought that bow, I can easily fire an arrow from where I stand now, and hit that target, which is two hundred meters away. It is no big distance for me.”
I smiled. “You all won't be using one today. I was asked however to come in and demonstrate to you exactly how one is used. That is what I will do now.”
I noticed that the girls were watching me with interest now.
One of the boys laughed then. “You can really hit that target. Doubt any girl could hit a moving target. What a joke.”
Though my expression had been pleasant, it changed immediately, as that was a clear insult to me. My eyes darkened and my expression hardened into one of obvious disapproval. My eyes narrowed into slits and I frowned. My hands shifted and stopped for a second, plucking one arrow from the quiver, my back was to the target. Without even checking which way the bow was aimed from behind me, I released the arrow. It arched through the air and thudded into the target.
The boy gasped, shocked.
“Do not think to test me, boy,” I growled.

The eyes followed each arrow, not having trouble despite the fast speed.
He didn't smile, nor let his pride show. It would only give away the plot.
He noticed how some seemed to hang onto her every word, impressed by her level of skill.
And yet, the idiots couldn't tell a trained warrior from one of there own.
"Daniels! Roberts! Harriton!" he snapped at each, forcing them to turn and stare at him.
Auraka blinked, letting nothing show of how impressed he was by her.
"Drop, give me 20 and show some respect or you'll all end up all right, marching knee tight!" he yelled, coming so close that he was yelling in there faces.
"Salut!" he yelled and they hurried to follow before falling to the ground.

Gem Hawksong
I did not react to the things that Auraka said, I only paused to wait for him to finish before I continued.
“See where that arrow struck the target? If you were the target, I would have just slain you. Do not get on my bad side. I'm employed by an agency that works with the local police, QPARS or Queensland Police and Rescue Squadron. If they have someone that they know is going to try and flee from them when confronted, I'll be called in. I'll waiting in the shadows some place, well out of sight. Usually somewhere above the confrontation place in a place that puts me in direct line to the person who's going to be arrested. They try and run, and my colleagues on the ground will signal to me in a way you wont see. One arrow will leave this bow and it will hit the fleeing person in the back of the knee.”
I paused. “If I have to take someone out that way so they are arrested, not just an arrow hits that person. I have a special liquid hidden away, where I won't say, that once I dip an arrow in it, will paralyse whomsoever I am meant to fire at and they will not be able to move for a few minutes. Always long enough for me to join my colleagues on the ground and see to it that the person is arrested.”
I knew this was not all I did these days but that was the thing they needed to know. “One of the others in the new recruits a month or two ago actually was silly enough to say that I couldn't hit a moving target. Apparently he'd been annoying the hell out of the General training his group. I wont shoot anyone without permission. That General gave me permission and I showed that entire class what I did. When that is the case though, I have one or two blunt arrows with me so I do not hurt them in any way. Sure the sting of feeling an arrow hit you, even blunt still hurts but all you'll get is one ugly bruise. So I suggest no one dares to say I cant hit a moving target.”
I paused. “I am the one that you'll learn to use a bow from, and when that is the case, do not anger me. I do recognise some of your faces, because some of you were in the same archery club as me. Those people know who they are, and they know how strong I am with my bow. Even so I shall not show any favouritism in that instance.”

Auraka nodded to her, knowing her speech was done before speaking to the class.
Ignoring the boys doing push ups on the floor, he spoke.
"This was an important lesson in two ways. One: things are never as they seem," he chuckled and looked at the boys on the floor "as our little friends learnt here. The second part is that any weapon we throw at you, you must be able to use. Go, start getting used the the weight and draw," he said, waving them off before pausing.
"Oh and most of you should know that this Miss Gem, is my soon to be wife, so you will treat her with even more respect you do me," he said and they gapped at him.

Gem Hawksong
I knew he would be aware that I was finished with what I wanted to tell all of them. There was no point in me saying anything, he knew me too well to know I was done. That was just many of the things that I loved about him. At least I knew he was safe for the time being, he was not getting sent out any time soon. I hoped not anyway.
“There’s a bunch of them over there!” I added, before any of them even moved. No one touched my bow, other than me or Auraka.
I chuckled though at the end when he said that to all of them. Not to mention had to fight the want to blush at his words. I sighed, walking back to where my bow was behind me, having replaced it with my quiver after losing the few arrows.
I then headed over to the target and pulled each out easily. It did not take me long to have placed them back in the quiver. I still had a bit of time on my hands so I did not mind practising even with these complete newbie’s watching. Nor Auraka for that matter.

He left them to it, giving them time to set up so he wandered over to Gem, wrapping a arm around her waist and pulling her in to give her a kiss.
He chuckled, letting his arm drop and took her hand in stead.
"Wel done," he murmered into her ear and sighed, he hated being so mean.
"I don't like being mean...but you have to be tough you know?" he said, sighing once more.
"Its either I be tough and give them hell here..or they die on the field."
They walked past the group and he paused, helping Audrey ajust her angle slightly.
"Good job," he said before going back to Gem.
"Nice party trick," he chuckled coming to a halt before the 3 idiots.
"I hope you have learnt your lesson," he said, tone cold enough to bite "I expect more from a General's son, Daniels."
"Yes sir," he said, saluting.
"Good, go now."

Gem Hawksong
I chuckled happily. I knew what I was doing here and he knew that. “I might get a bit more practice in while I’m over her. I’m glad you liked that little trick; it’s taken me some time to get right. That’s one of the first times I've actually managed to hit the target from behind.”
I sighed as i looked at where the targets were. "You think thats a bit far for these guys?"

He shook his head, moitioning to the white line.
"They stand there," he said, it was only about 20m from the actual target.
"The better they get, the further they move." he explained and paused at the end of the line.
"Up to the line," he called and they all stood.
"Do me a favour, walk the line and make sure there okay,"

Gem Hawksong
Again I smiled at him. I knew that he was aware that I knew this sport a lot better than even the three that were in my archery club off base did. And those three had known me a lot longer. This was where my talents really showed, and some of the people actually liked what they saw when I got to work.
I did not mind helping it made things a lot easier for him as well, having another person here who knew what they were doing. Once when I was near him again, I said, “I spoke to Drannor before you showed up over here. Said he's being deployed again. It's going to drive Sahar crazy even when I am spending time with her.”
Seeing one of the others needed a bit of help, and since I had my bow in one of my hands, I headed over to give the guy a hand. Even though I was sure that he learnt something, I could not help but notice his eyes wandered as if he was distracted. Seeing that one of the girls wanted a bit of help I wandered over that way as well.
Once that was done I stepped back a bit and watched. The other girl seemed to know what she was doing, her arrows kept hitting the target opposite her continuously. She almost had the same amount of skill as I did! That was something that was more than a little alarming for me to watch someone doing.
“Who's the blond haired girl? She's almost as good as I am, something that the rest seem to be lacking...”

Auraka smiled grimly, nodding in reply to her comment about Drannor.
"Yes," he said and sighed "I don't think he should be going...not at least yet...but he is taking over my spot there."
His eyes ran up and down the line, noting the abilty if there was any to be seen.
He smiled as he noticed Gem helping them, a gentle correction here or there...though she didn't bother to help the ones from before.
As she returned, he smiled as she spoke.
"Naina..Naina Collins," he said, eyes following her every arrow "And don't worry love, your a lot better then her."
He checked the line again, noting now that Audrey's positin was correct she had a strong arm and almost everytime hit the bullseye.
Unlike the others....

Gem Hawksong
I laughed at that one. "I doubt it, she really seems to know what she's doing with that bow she's using. She's definitely done this before and she's no familiar face to me."
One day though, all of them would be doing what they were doing. It would just take a bit of time. I did not bother to watch the people who were familiar to me, they would not need help. Though they knew they'd get an earful from me if theiy did something wrong.

Auraka patted her shoulder lightly, walking the line once more. Pausing more often then walking to correct a position. Only the girls, it seemed, had some idea what they were doing.
He raised his head, nodding with a sigh as he watched, itching to hit them over the heads and do it right. He span around, senseing someone standing there.
He smiled slightly, seeing one of his old mates. He barely knew the guy, but everyone here trusted others with there lives.
"Lieutenant General Jason," he greeted as the young man saluted him and he saulted back.
"General Auraka," he greeted in returned.
"What can I do for you young Jason?"
They spoke of important matters for a while, but Auraka noticed that his eyes kept straying away. Following the direction of his eyes he chuckled and thumped his shoulder with a pat.
"Go speak to her, she does well."
Jason stared at him, mouth opened slightly as if to protest. But instead he blushed, nodding his thanks and walking over to Naina as Auraka headed back to Gem.
"Ah young love," he said with a grin, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek.

Naina Collins
I knew what I was doing that much was sure. Though I also heard what our teacher said while I was practising. Jason was here. The one man that I actually liked was here right now in the same place I was for some reason. It was a little alarming for me, but I would get over that fairly quickly.
Another arrow shot from my own bow, but as I released it one of the guys bumped into me, sending the arrow into the ground, almost in my own foot. "Not that good are you?" he jeered.
"Voi il figlio - di - a - bitch, voi quasi lo ha incitato a sparare il mio proprio piede! Idiota!" I gasped, realising that all of them were staring at me. I realised what i had just done and this was inexcusable. Only one person has that accent and I could see the accusation in all thier eyes. "Yeah you're all right, i am the person you all think of! Not that it matters. I'm not afraid of you!"
Fury really showed in both my voice and face, my eyes had narrowed and I knew that for that split second, I looked a lot more like my other self, that fierce Italian warrior who knew what she was doing with her hands and anything else. There was no hint of the rather delicate looking girl that Jason had met that day. No, my face was that of the same Major who had killed so many Australian's before. I definately had brains in my head and things might get a little ugly here.
The boy laughed. "I knew you were hiding something." He did not even seem phased by what had changed in my face. how odd that was.
Well might as well not hide any more. I could tell that he was not going to let me walk away from this without trouble happening. The cat was out of the bag now, though it would have been more prudent to use the word lion.
"Sono idiota e l'un giorno venite a rispettare quello. Ora sapere perché ho saputo fare quelle cose che ho fatto nelle nostre lezioni prima di questa. Non sono impaurito mostrare il mio auto reale e quello unico che lo arresta dal danneggiarlo ora, è il nostro insegnante. Nessuno ha potuto mai spingerlo intorno ed ora conoscete quello!"
Then swiftly I translated what I had said, knowing he had no idea what I had said. "I am no idiot, and you will one day come to respect that. Now you know why I knew how to do those things that I have done in our lessons before this. I am not afraid to show my real self and the only one stopping me from hurting you right now, is our teacher. No person has ever been able to push me around and you know that now!"
He took two steps towards me, and before he could even touch me, though I was certainly embarrassed, an arrow with a black shaft and yellow feathers flecthed to it shot towards us. My eyes followed it, and I looked where it had been fired from. There, lowering her bow, with an obvious look of annoyance on her face, was Gem. The arrow shot over our heads and I saw it land in the bullseye. She'd just shot it from fifty meters into the bullseye. That shocked me. I got the point though and got back to work.

Gem Hawksong
Something told me that would have to keep an eye on a few of these complete idiots that were here on the range. I could tell that the guys on either side of Naina did not like her at all. Some time, I knew that they would try and cause her some trouble and I was definately not going to allow that. Like me, she was Italian, only I was no fighter. I'd never killed in my entire life. I was actually more than a little sympathetic towards her, I knew what it was like moving to a new country to live. I had found a way to fit in here though and my life was good now. Aside from the recent attack on my family that was.
I was walking around helping a few of the others and I saw what happened to her before she shouted the words in Italian. I knew what she had said to him and knew that this was not a good idea on her behalf. Many of these men hated her, because of who she was but they had not known it was her until now, and I knew that.
I moved out of the way as several of the guys moved in her direction. There was no chance i was getting caught up in this. It would be fairly senseless to me. I could not stand fighting that much. Before anyone could hurt her though, I sent one arrow, a warning, just over thier heads. No one had even seen me release the arrow, I had moved too quickly for any of them to see it. It still landed in the target, but the warning was clear. I was telling them to get back to work. Interesting that I had hit the target, I was standing at least another twenty meters further from the target. My aim and arms were strong enough to manage that distance though.
“Quella non era la giusta cosa affinchè lei faccia. She' s appena fatta l'una cosa dubito che ha voluto a. Nessuna probabilità di me che la lascio che ottenere la ferita comunque, la ho veduta come una del mio people' eroi di s una volta,” I muttered under my breath.
I had recognised the face that had shown on her face and though she had turned away, I knew that she had heard my words. At least now she knew she was not the only Italian here. There was one difference though. I was not afraid to show my own heritage, and my accent was almost as strong as her was though it was easily understood. That was a difference to me that was not there for her I was not the one who was hiding.

443 words for Gem
591 words for Naina
Translation for Naina's first sentences
You son of a bitch, you nearly made me shoot my own foot! Idiot!
Translation for Gem's speech
That was not the right thing for her to do. She's just done the one thing I doubt she wanted to. No chance of me letting her get hurt though, I saw her as one of my people's heros once.

Auraka and Jason both froze at the same moment, there eyes directed though the silence to stare at Naina. The general, Auraka, felt his girl move from his side, setting a shot loose above there heads.
"Gentle Gem," he warned with a hand on her shoulder before pushing though the bodies to stand in the middle of it all. Jason quickly moved to stand beside Auraka.
Jason pulled back the young idiot before him, while Aurak forced himself bodily to the middle of them both. Audrey and her mass of black hair, glared at the boy over Naina's shoulder.
"Both of you!" he all but shouted "Are idiots."
He didn't want to punish Naina, knowing this wasn't her fault, but he couldn't show favourites. She would understand that.
"Go now," he growled "be at my office at 1845 sharp!"
Jason shoved the boy, giving Naina a glance and understood what his leader was doing.

I felt like a complete idiot, yet I fought against the tears struggling against me to fall from my eyes. I would not let myself be weak in front of all these guys. My shoulders slumped though, I hated being yelled at. Last time I had been yelled at I'd been sent out of the army. Not a pleasent memory have.
Oh I would be at that office, i knew what time he'd given. I could tell from that idiot's face though that he had no idea. Barely I managed to move out of the room without running, though I did not go very far. I found somewhere out of the way to sit, and stared at the ground, one wet tear ran down my cheek.
I was such an idiot, what I had done was not the right thing and I knew that. I should not have let him annoy me like that. It was wrong and now I had completely revealed who the true Naina Collins was.
It was that arrow though that made me realise that I knew Gem. From back home.Well i knew her sister more than her. She had no one here, yet she fit in better than I ever would. I sort of understood her. She was here and happy. Yet I would never be. not now that my secret was out.
I glanced at my watch looking at the time. Great I didn't have long before i had to get over there. This was gonna suck, majorly. How could I have lost it this way? It was terrible.
When I got over there though, the other boy was there, and he had his freinds with him. The whole group scowled at me. They werent the only ones that had. A lot of the other guys knew now who I was, and more than one had sneered at me as I passed them.
All my emotions were hidden out of sight though now, and I was not going to let this set me back. I knew what i wanted, and no one was going to take that from me. We all had a right to be here, and they were not going to stop me.
I woudn't have hurt the guy. Before those two General's had gotten in the way i had been about to leave the room, I couldn't stand the accusation in all those eyes.

With a curt nod from General Auraka, Jason jogged back though the campus. Audrey, the small, black haired lady, followed him from a distance. She seemed the only one who understood Naina at all, or at least not hate her.
Jason had seen the hurt in her eyes, and guessed it was because of the yelling and how she had given away her past. He passed the group of boys and glared at them until they walked away quietly.
He knocked on her dorm room, Audrey coming to a pause before him. She didn't seemed suprised, so he figured she figured it out herself or Naina had told her.
"Naina, it's me...Jason," he called quietly, knocking once more.

Auraka walked slowly back to Gem, the other idiots in the group talking thoughout themselves, until he kindly reminded them that if they didn't start training once more, they would be joining them.
He paused beside her, not touching her nor looking but sighed.
"I told you, that you were better then her," he said calming and looked at her with a sad smile.

I looked up as he spoke, knowing without him saying, that he was talking to me. "I figured out who she was. It's sad to say that I sort of feel sorry for her. She's an old freind, I never realised until now. I knew her, back in Italy. We were freinds all through grade school. She was the only one who cared about me back then. Don't be too hard on her, she's not had an easy life, there's more to her past than who she used to be against you."

I sighed. I hated men for that one reason, all through my life they had looked down on me, even in the arm. Naina the unloved, that was me. Always had been, always would be. "Doors unlocked," I called, trying to keep my voice under control but failing.

Auraka nodded slightly, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pressing his lips to her hair lightly.
"I know, but I didn't want to yell at her...but I cannot punish one and not the other...." he murmered and sighed once more "I know I seem harsh...but its either I am harsh here..or they return in boxes."

Jason pushed lightly on the door, not fooled with her atempt to control her voice.
He walked softly, nodding as Audrey motioned that she would stay outside for the time being, and followed the direction of her voice.
He knew, understood even, that she did not relise what she ment to him. Hell! They had barely met when his heart started thumping at her voice.
There was nothing about her he didn't like. Her hair, so soft and golden in colour all he wanted to do was pat it in his calloused hands.
Her eyes, that was a different story. Her eyes are strange, yes he had to admit, but that didn't take away they looked at someone. Most could cower from the looks she sent them, but it only drew him closer. They were mainly green, he knew that from memory, but the green was speckled with something like fire. They danced before him.
It was odd, he mused, that she wasn't even looking at him and he could remember each perfect detail on her face. Each little freckle, every strutcure of the high arched cheekbones. Every time he closed his eyes, it was all he saw.
He froze, staring at her back and waited for her to speak. He wouldn't think about that, he decided, he would forget about it all. He would only end up hurting her.

I sighed, knowing I had to look at him, sometime. he was most likely the only one who really understood me here. I didn't want to, but for once when I turend to look at him, that fire in my eyes was gone.
"I'm an idiot. What was I thinking even joining. I knew this was going to happen." My voice was dull, I didn't even want to think about this. "I should just leave, theres no chance I'll ever get any respect from any one here."
I used to be a fighter, but being here, getting all those glares, that had completely derailed me. I didn't know what to do. I actually felt lost. How many times had I told myself never to reveal my true secrets? I'd told them too, not to tell anyone they didn't trust. I'd blown it big time. "Everyone knows now, you should have seen some of the faces I passed to get here. I guess I was pretty loud when I gave it away, everyone seems to know now."

"She'll understand that, Aruaka. You forget she was a fighter once. I was one of the people who tried to tell her not to join that other army. I didn't want to lose her, she was the best freind I've ever had. We did everything together, but seeing her agin after all this time, its a little daunting to see who she became."
I sighed. "You what you have to, but just remember she's had a past no one should have as a kid. She's been to hell and back, so she'll survive what ever you do to her. I've never known a more stubborn fighter in my life..." I paused. "Actually one other person and that would be you."

Auraka hinted at a ghost of a smile, kissing her brow as he thought.
"Hmm I think you beat me there," he said quietly in reply and smiled broadly once more.
"How are you? Really? I mean, how are you coping?" he asked sounding somehow awkard asking. He was still worried about her, she had been shot after all.

Jason looked up, meeting her eyes and noticed how broken she seemed. She seemed so much smaller, more breakable then before. He shook his head, just slightly.
"No Naina, you know you wouldn't do such a thing," he said quietly, clenching his fist to stop himself from going to her. She looked so lost.

I sighed, looking at him. I certainly was lost at the moment. I did not know what to do to be honest. "Really? Because I hardly know my own mind at the moment. Bit shocking i know, but its the truth. I'm not the girl my mother was always proud of. Too much of me's changed."
My head drooped looking at the ground. I really did not know what to do. "I'm worried about whats going to happen when I go to see him, thats all." I sighed. "I don't trust men that easily. With a past like my own, its a bit hard to trust all of you."

I smiled at him. "Dont worry about me. I'm fine, one little arrow like that wont do me much damage. Didn't take me long to get back on my feet did it? Only a few days. I heal fast, all that arrows done is leave scar. Nothing more."
Then I sighed. "I'm gonna have to tell Naina about that though. She'll want to know, about Elanil."
After a thought I added. "I can't come and help tomorrw, I've that trial to attend. About time that happened.

He ached to go to her. Every part of Jason's body wanted to take him to her, comfort her and hold her close.
"Naina," he said quietly "you are not in trouble, he knew who you were all along...but if he only punished the idiot they would dislike you more.."
"Auraka is fair," he said in a whisper, taking a hesant step towards her before freezing in place once more.

Auraka bowed his head in a nod.
"I know, I have taken tomorrow off as well...I will be there for you," he said quietly, eyes roaming the boys once more. He noticed that Audrey had gone as well.
"When is the next ultrasound?" he asked with a grin. He couldn't wait until they came, triplets would be so much fun.

"Tomorrows going to be a big day. This time, he's not going to escape. We've pretty much made it so that he cant escape a jail sentence. I've been working hard at the office over the last few days, thats why i was always gone before you were awake and only home at night. Sorry about."
I smiled at him. "If its one thing I know now, its dont mess with Gary. He can make things very unpleasent.And thats going to happen tomorrow for that guy!"
I sighed. "I'm gonna have to go in there again soon. Things still need doing."

I sighed. "At least I'll be able to handle what ever he throws at me better than that idiot. Mouthing off like i did was inexcuseable though."
I still could not beleive what I'd called him. "Though I doubt many of them knew what i called him. Looks like that brought out the me that was in hiding at the time. No more hiding for me."
I looked at my watch. "I better get over there before I end up late."

Jason shook his head slightly.
"Naina, he speaks Italian..or at least enough to understand what you said, his fiancé, Gem speaks it," he said quietly and looked at his own watch.
"May I walk with you?" he asked.

Auraka shifted, understanding what she spoke about. Looking at his watch he called to the group.
"Pack it up guys, shower, rest, you'll meet your next teacher soon," he said and turned to Gem.
"I'm free, did you want me to take you?"

I sighed, thinking about that for a moment. "Somehow I dont see why you can't. I dont want to have those boys annoying me because I'm alone. The glaring was enough." I laughedf. "Of course she shouls, she's an old freind of mine, I know all about her. Didn't recognise her though when i first saw her. Glad she's getting on with her life."
I smiled as I thought of my old freind. "I'm going to have to talk to her later, I'm worried about someone close to her that I have not heard from in over a month."

I smiled as i watched the group move off before saying anthing. "I suppose you can come, though its gonna be busy over there and I wont have much time to explain things to you. That place is very hectic, everyone was worried when they hurt I got shot like that. They're all pretty protective of me, even those I do not really have much to do with."

Jason nodded sharply.
"They wouldn't dare touch you," he said firmly "they would end up kicked out before they could remember what they did."
Audrey poked her head inside the door, blinking her heavily lined eyes and smiled at the sight of Naina.
"Hey Naina," she said, stepping inside "I have to go as well....I ummm kinda punched one of the..erm...guys."

Auraka shrugged not caring so long that he was with her.
"I love watching you work, let me just deal with those trouble makers," he said giving her a kiss and leading her back towards the buildings.

I smiled. "I dont think they would get a chance to touch me, you know I know how to defend myself. Beleive me the term my bites worse than words applies to me. I can easily defend myself." I was not one ot let men get the better of me. I was more than some normal woman. I was a warrior, and no wonder why, my fore fathers had been Roman legion soldiers. Fighting people was in my blood. There was no escape from that. Even my mothers side of the family was that way.
I was surprised though when Audrey said that. "That was silly of you, Audrey. I can handle these boys dont worry about me." At least I had managed to cheer up a bit. There was much more to me than meets the eyes, but I was not one for telling people all my secrets. That much was certain at the moment. I cared for others more than I did myself, and I did not like seeing others get in trouble because I messed up.
"Thats one fo the things I cannot stand. People getting trouble becaue I was the cause of the trouble in the first place. It does not matter what Auraka says to me, I'm used to being told of by men. Thats the only way I've ever known them, and at the moment that view point ain't going to change."
I sighed. "I guess those boys just cant stand having a girl around who knows what she's doing better than they do. Doesn't surprise me, but it sure does get annoying. Should have seent hat whole mess coming. Nothing I can do now."

I smiled as we walked. "You wont see that much of me while I'm over there. There's not just my lab that I'll be in. That place is hectic at the moment, too much to do at the moment, too little time. We're not going to be ready on time this time."
I was going to have to work faster than I should being pregnant. But after this, Gary was not going to have to get me in that much. I'd been training someone else to fill in for me while I was unable to get in here. They would only call on me when there were things that the temporary replacement was unable to do.
“There's too much for even me to do in there and I know that place best. I guess all I can hope to do is spend as long as it takes over there getting everything done. Some of the things you'll be able to help with, but others only I know the machines well enough.”
I chuckled. “They're paying me to teach my own replacement. Double time really, though I told them that the amount they usually paid me was enough. Gary wouldn't hear of it though and that annoys me a bit. I don't like it that they want me to take the extra money just because I wont be at work as often for a month or two.”
I remembered his other question from earlier. “As for the next ultra-scan, its not scheduled until tomorrow at five in the afternoon. You don't have to be there all day for me I'll be fine. Seeing my would be killers face again though is never easy. I found out a lot from him one afternoon when they let me talk to him in person. Surprised to see me alive he was. Not that I liked that.”
My voice showed no emotion as I spoke about this. “when I asked him why, all he said was: Come questi australiani inferiori hanno calcolato fuori il veleno che ho usato su voi, mi meraviglio di. Sono ridicole e they' il ll ottiene che cosa sta venendo a loro, quando il nostro esercito ottiene qui. don' basamento di t una probabilità, ragazza del traditore dell'idiota. Il dio lo proteggerà dalla loro cosiddetta giustizia . ”
I sighed. “It translates as. How these inferior Australians figured out the poison I used on you, I marvel at. They are rediculous and they'll get what is coming to them, when our Army gets here. They don't stand a chance, idiot traitor girl. God will protect me from their so called justice.” I paused. “Needless to say I had something very unpleasant to say to him for the insults he threw at this land, and me.”
I smiled. “He is not going to get away with that, I gave Gary the translation to what he said, as well as my own bad language afterwards. You don't want to know what I said in reaction to that, believe me Aruaka.”

Audrey gave her a sheepish smile.
"Auraka didn't seem to mind...well I broke his nose but thats no biggy," the slim girl shrugged.
Jason blinked slowly, his eyes darting to stare at her for a moment but nodded once to Naina. He knew, his chance was over. At least for the time being.
He peered as his watch and gestured for the door.
"Come on, or you will both be late.." he said

Auraka lifted a hand, as if to block of the current of words.
"Gem," he said gently resting a large palm on her shoulder "I will be there for you, no matter what."
He gave her a small smile and walked slowly towards the offices once more.
"Just take it easy," he murmered not wanting her to injure herself or the children.
Slowly, he counted the months and knew they needed to go shopping for things.
"And I'm free tomorrow, all day. I would love to be there...but only if you want me there," he added.
He loved her so much, but sometimes she didn't seem to want anyone to lean on. She must do everything herself, no help wanted nor needed.
He sighed at the thought and took her hand lightly in his, opening the door and nodding to the blonde girl at the desk. It was the same girl who hated Gem with the passion, but Auraka didn't have good enough reason to fire her. Well, not one at least that was in the rule book.

Naina Collins
“All I know is that we're all in for it, not now, but later. There were things I helped plan in my past that I am not proud of helping with now. Things that will ultimately, come back to bite me in the behind. My old men are coming here and its not to live here, but there is a fight coming and I don't know you're going to be able to stop them, if I was able to get on the..” I stopped remembering another face in town. “Wait a minute.. one of my old mates lives here in town somewhere. I saw her the other day but I did not go and talk to her. Somehow I think she recognised me, but I cant say that for sure.”
I sighed as I headed out of the building. “At least what ever Auraka does with us I'm not going to complain. I've been through all of this before, so this is nothing for me to deal with. Though I have a feeling that other guy won't be able to take this one lightly, what ever Auraka wants from us. Cat maybe out of the bag, but that's not going to stop me from staying on. I may yet be able to turn things around in this war.”
I was not given that name for no reason. That much I was well aware of. I cared about the people here and I would be damned before I saw anyone here getting attacked unexpectedly by my own people. “My family dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, there were several in my family that became General's even back then, so I guess you could say that being in some sort of army is in my blood.”

I sighed. “Why do I have the feeling that you don't know for sure exactly what Naina said back there when that boy pushed her? She was not particularly nice about it, though I guess she had good reason for what she said. That boy was an idiot doing that to her. If its one thing I know, its that she knows what its like to actually get an arrow in the foot. It's happened once, when she was out on the field. Pretty painful for her, I was the one who took her in and helped her recover from the damn thing.”
I knew Naina was a strong girl. “Believe me what ever you decide to do to her and that other kid, I do not think she'll be all that overly concerned. That girls a hero back in Italy and I do not doubt that she is as much of a weakling as she would have seemed to some of the boys. You wont get rid of her easily, I think you know that from me. We just just keep getting back on our feet without much of a fuss, those from Italy.”

Jason changed his long strides to match her slightly shorter ones, Audrey seemed to trot beside them.
Jason's dark eyes flickered over to her, noting the satsifeied grin on her face and he knew she was remembering the crunch of his nose as she hit him.
He reached over and ruffled Naina's hair in a friendly way.
"You stick with it, and you'll be up in the same ranks as me soon," he said as they came before the offices. He opened the door, ushering the girls before him.

Auraka lifted an eyebrow, looking at Gem with an edge of disper.
"Gem, I know what she said perfectally well..though I doubt the kid did," he said quietly and sighed, rubbing his forehead as he thougt.
"She is tough, and I wasn't planning on torturing her..." he shook his head at the mere thought.
"Actually, I know I must make it slightly easy due to the fact that the boys will try and take there own revenge..." he mused allowed and nodded as someone knocked on the door.
He sat before calling.
"Come in."
He looked at the people outside the door, there was the girls, Jason and the others kids.
Gesturing to Audrey, she entered and closed to door behind her.
One at a time, he decided. Or at least for this one.
"Audrey, what made you punch him?" Auraka asked after she saluted him. She didn't seem nervous at all, if anything she seemed rather proud from the moment her fist met his flesh.
She didn't hesat, merely stating the facts as they were.
"He called her a Blödel," she said and he frowned at the unfamilar word.
"Please explain."
"An idiot sir," she said with a shrug "it's German."
He blinked at her frankness, wondering how she was at such ease in front of him.
"And you speak German?"
She bobbed her head "German, English, French, Irish, hmmm 3 types of Chinese and bits and pieces of others sir."
He nodded, impressed but didn't let it show.
"Audrey," he said and she nodded "though, I know, you feel it was deserved...I will not have that behaviour in my classes. You will clean the girls bathrooms with only a brush."
She nodded, not caring.
"You may go."
She saluted sharply, turning and leaving the room as he motioned for Jason, Naina and the boy to enter.

Oh this was going to be interesting. I knew that some of the boys around me would want nothing better than to try and kill me. Not that I would ever be an easy target. I would not ever be one of the inexperienced recruits and I was sure that they all knew it, now they knew who the hell I really was. not that I cared, I was always a little edgy around them, and i guessed that would have been the reason I ended up lashing out.
When I saw the boy that had angered me, my eyes narrowed at him and he turned away. I didn't say a word to him, there was nothing to say to someone who had caused my secret to be revealed. I did not know what was going to happen when Auraka spoke to us, but he coudn't hurt me.
While we waited though I thought about what I would as to explain why I'd slipped up. I knew that he was fair, I knew Gem would not like someone who was not, so there was a fair bit of trust there. I smiled though as I thought about that. There was no way this was going to be painful for me. I'd already known this sort of thing, when i was as new to this sort of a life as the idiot was.
No instead my mind was filled with memories of my own military past and i knew that these people would be as hard on me as my own people. That though was the thing I was used to. Hopefully though, I would be able to warn them of what was coming here. If I would get a chance.
I followed the others in though when it was our turn, there was nothing but calm acceptance of the fact i had been bad on my face.

He frowned slightly as they entered, meeting the gaze or at least looking at them in turn.
All of them, it seemed, other than Naina seemed scared. In fact, he noted, that the kid who had started this whole thing seemed close to wetting his pants.
His frown deepened at that, hating every moment he was here, but knowing it had to be done.
He waited, tapping the desk in a wait for the respect he deserved. He nodded to Jason and Naina who were the only ones who saluted him until the others finally caught on.
"Please," he paused and let the silence grow for a moment "explain what happened."
His gaze flickered to Naina and nodded slightly.
"Naina, you first. Anyone who speaks without permission will find themselves out before they can utter another word."
He noticed a boy in the back of the crowd, his nose had an icepack on it and a glare set in his gaze.
"What about that bitch Audrey?" he asked
Auraka rose and returned to glare evenily.
"Thomas out!" he yelled ang flung his arm towards the door. The kid glared back, not understanding.
Auraka glared until something in the other male's eyes broke and he walked out.
"I will deal with you later," he growled as the door closed and gestured to Naina to start.

I hated the yelling but I was used to it by now. I was nothing to any of these people and yet some of them, like Auraka, Gem and Jason seemed to respect me a little.
I looked at the ground trying to figure out how I was meant to explain this with the others nearby. They all hated me, I could see it in their eyes. Yet there was no sign of any resentment in me at the moment. I knew that I had been bad before but he needed to hear me out.
"I was just doing as you and Gem instructed us when." My eyes flicked at the idiot who pushed me. "He decided to be stupid and push me. Happened to do so just as I let the arrow go as well." I paused. "I won't translate everything I said when I first reacted as some of it, I know, was not nice at all. but the main thing is, that arrow nearly hit my foot when it fell from my grip."
I sighed. "Inlike some, who thought that would be a funny thing to see, I actually know what it feels like to get an arrow in the foot and I moved quickly so I didn't cop another one. Not very nice, let me tell you that."
I looked at the ground again then raised my eyes to meet his. "I know what I said was inescusable, and I had not planned to say anything in my native tongue, but I guess the amount of dislike I kept getting outside of here, and then having that little prank pulled on me was too much for me."

Auraka raised his hand once more, stopping te flow of mutterings and rude responces.
"Dante, if you say that again I'll kick you out," he threatened before speaking to the group as a whole.
"I see Naina, and I know what you said, word by word though I have no wish to translate it," he sighed "language I can handle, but assult and voilence I just wont have."
He tapped the table once before nodding to the big boned boy at the front of the group.
"Chris, please tell us what you think happened."

I said nothing more, other that nodding to what he said. I knew it was not my place to say anything else, that would have been speaking out of turn. I did not want any more yelling coming my way, that was for sure.
I listened as Chris made upa whole bunch of lies, I saw right through them, having been used to the place Aruaka was in at the moment. I said nothing though, even taking the few insults he threw in at me without comment.
He could call me what he wanted I really did not care. At least i had a reason for joining and i would not be sent out of here easily. I knew my place and i knew that was something that both Auraka and Jason could tell from my silence.
I wanted to cause no more trouble right now, though I doubted anyone expected me to stay quiet this time. At last Chris was done and nothing more thana glare did he get from me in reaction.

Auraka rose from his seat once more, calmly as he met Chris's gaze evenly.
"I have never heard so many lies in the same story," he said slowly "yes, parts of it was true and yet the rest of it was so spun around insults it was hard to tell."
He shot him a glare.
"You will leave," he said "for lying to your leader, being unable to listen and behaving badly in classes. Also, for insulting this woman so. I do not wish to see you ever again, pack your bags and leave."
He turned and ignored him, as if he wasnt even there.
"You should all take this is mind, this woman in just like us. She will train beside you, learn hard and excel at what she does. What is in her past, is in her past. She has come here to aid us, no thanks to your numb heads and I hope she will at least finish the training camp," he sighed "dismissed."

I was silent still but as the rest of the group turned to leave I paused. There were things they had to know, and i had to make sure they knew the things I did. Jason knew what I did, and I knew that Maya was aware of me being here.
"If its not too much to ask, would I be able to have a word with you, sir?" I was jsut as polite as always, though i knew that time was certainly against us. I knew what was coming, and I planned on doing what I was able to stop it.
Traitor I was to my own people but I did not care. There was no point in that at all.

Auraka let his head drop into his large hands, only to look up once more and notice that Naina was still there.
"Of course, sit down Naina," he said gesturing for the chair and blinked slowly,rubbing his aching eyes. It had been a long day, and it wasnt even lunch yet.
He knew Gem was waiting, and he still had to deal with Thomas.
"Oh, and if your wondering....Audrey broke the guys nose because he called you a Blödel which is apparently German for idiot..." he said after a pause "I think you have found yourself a good friend there.. she has a lot of spirit, and sadly I had to punish her...she's scrubbing the bathroom with a toothbrush."

"Sorry." I sat down though. "Its not something easy for me to say to be honest. In a way being called a traitor is kind of the truth at the moment. Because what i wanted to tell you about, makes me one."
I paused gathering my thoughts. "You know that i was in the Italian army before I came here. Its sad to say that one of the last things I helped organise is I never thought would come back to bite me in the behind, but its about to."
My mind thought back. "We were planning a surprise attack. None of it was done over the raido, at least not untill now. Though i am not pleased to say it, but I have to, well more warn you, that the target that we had was here. Canberra is not our goal, but this place. I was not sure until Wednesday last week that they were mobilising. Took me a while to unravel the doding they had in place while talking over the radio. They're only about a week from the coastline, and I know that things are going to get ugly."

He blinked sharply, knowing now that this wouldn't be the quick and simple thing he thought it had been.
"When?" he asked, all his training flooding forwards and shook his head. Next week?
"Ah shite," he swore and motioned for her to stay there while be poked his head out the door to see Gem sitting there, waiting.
"Hey Gem," he called quietly "somethings come up...I know you can't wait but i'll be there tomorrow okay?" he said and gave her a quick kiss.
"Drive safe."
Entering his office once more a few moments later.
"Give me numbers," he commanded wanting the full report "how many? How long ago was this planned?"
he reeled off the questions.

"The Roman Empire never truly fell. Our numbers when I was in the Army, would have been around 5000. Thinking back form the numerous amount of recruits I saw every year, we cgained at least 100 a year. It's been several years since I left so I'd have to estmiate at least 7000 soldiers."
I shook my head. "We were planning this, at least four December's ago. At that time, 5000 soldiers, not including the nearly 400 recruits we got that year. That was a big year, and though the Caesar's died out. I would likely be well placed if I said that they have not returned. Thing is, this time they come to conquer and destroy. Not many will stand in front of them and live, whether, man, woman or child."
I sighed. "as for weapons... cavalry, archers, bombing planes, helicopters, oh and someone like me. That's the person you're going to have to worry about. Who ever they are they won't listen to anyone who's not Italian. I might be the only person who can reason with them, and that won't buy you much time."
I sighed. "We also have a huge navy as well."

He swore again, dropping his hand onto the table with a bang and thought quickly.
He pressed the phone on his desk, calling the blonde girl outside and asking her to call General Morris to him.
"General Morris, though of the same rank, has more experience in this area," he explained for her with a sigh.
"Now, who is this other person? The one like you?" he asked as the door opened and a red flushed General Morris entered and nodded to Auraka.
"Sit sit General," he said past formilities "just listen and I will explain the rest in a moment," he said and Morris nodded his thanks.

I nodded as he asked who my other freind was. "Maya Lewis is her name, she served over me in my past." I hoped the General how came in knew about that, because I did not have the time to explain that. "If I know anything about her, and I know a damned lot about her, she'll likely be coming now to tell you guys what I've already told you, Auraka. Thing is, she'll be more up-to-date about things, I was forced out a year or two before she was."
I sighed. "She won't be able to speak to you easily, if I wasn't here, she wouldn't say anything at all. All I can say is that if things as well planned as when I was over there, you guys are going to be cut off from the rest of the world. A ruthless group we all are when there is something we want."

Auraka went to explain it to Morris but he nodded slightly and Auraka understood that he already knew what was happening. That much he could tell from what she said.
"Well she hasn't come yet, I haven't even heard her name..." he said as General Morris nodded in agreement.
Auraka turned his head and looked at the wall for a moment, deep in thought.
"Blockage Morris?" he asked and the older man nodded.
"Sounds like a plan."
"Start the drills, call a meeting and tell the other generals, I'll see what else Naina can tell us," he said and his fellow general nodded and rose.

I thougth about that for a while, trying to think if there was anything else i could tell him. There was not much else. "If our birds are in the air, it would be folly to send your own against them. The only weakness there is from the ground. Until their down, don't send your own, they'll be killed within seconds. I know how strong you guys are but I dont want to see too many of you lost no matter how brave you all are."
There would be lives lost but hopefully more of my own people than the people here. "I know how to get into their own radio frequencies, I know the passwords there. I can get into any countries, that is how deadly I was. If there was some way I could do that now, I could end this personally. I'm the one person they do not expect to be against them. Many of those soldiers feared me. And they likely still do."

He shifted slightly with a nod, staring at his hands which rested on the desk before him.
"Naina, I trust you..." he said quietly "as does Morris and the other Generals will listen to me and him, but the others wont."
"They wont listen to your plans, your orders...I doubt they'll even let you fight beside them," he said and sighed once more, lifting his eyes to meet her steady gaze.
He sighed, rubbing his forehead and planned mentally.
"I have an idea, simliar to what your used to," he said finally "work behind the sences, as one of mine. Let no one, other than Jason," he nodded at the man in the corner "know and I'll tell Morris."
"But, prove to the other you are on our side, fight beside them and prove to be the hero they hear you as," he finished and waited for a reply.

"There is no chance that I would even say no to that idea. I won't say anything to anyone else, you can count on that." I smiled. "Those Italians are not going to know what hit them. I'll be able to keep hidden only for so long before they figure out who's behind the chaos I can easily cause on their end. When they figure it out, I'm going to be one big target for them."
I paused. "I was never a hero really, more of their most offensive weapon. With me behind them , they were unstoppable. I was the one that really gave the commands, not the Generals above me. They did everything I said, and now, their as hopeless as you would have been in the past."

He stiffened slightly at the 'hopless in the past' but manged to nod along and relax quickly once more.
"Okay, your next class has already started, get over their and just say that I was handing out your punishment or something," he said with a wave of his hand.
"Jason, I want you to follow this class, when or when I am not teaching, no doubt those boys are waiting to jump on her," he told him and was returned with a nod.
"Not that I don't doubt your own abilty Naina, but 8 against one is just a little to many for anyone," he said

I apologised for my choice of words though when he stiffened. "Will do, though I dont like lying I'm actually pretty good at it."
I nodded though. "Three on one I can handle but anymore and its a little much."
I saluted him once more before leaving the room, knowing where I had to go. Even I had my own flaws, but they were well hidden. I was going to enjoy this, no one would see me coming when it came to this fight. I was not going to fail him that much I knew.
Ah so it was Drannor that was teaching us was it? That was nothing for me. "I'm sorry for being late, I got held behind because of my ba d behaviour in my previous class, sir."
He nodded and I took a seat.

Auraka waved off the apolgy and saulted her in return, watching her go.
"Keep an eye on her Jason, I trust her but you can never be sure....don't give me a reason to change my mind," he said and the tall man nodded.
He broke into a grin, knowing the lad would like this job. Who wouldn't, following around a young beauty all day.
"Yes sir," he said sheepishly under the gaze and blushed. Auraka shook his head with delight, nodding for him to go.

I knew what Auraka had told Jason to do but I made no comment about that. None of them knew my full strengths when it came to confusing people, so it would take time before they really knew about this. I may have slipped once, but not this time would I do so again.
Drannor got a lot of my atttention and I answered a lot of the questions he shot at the class. There was no point in hiding the fact I knew so much now. Everyone knew who I was right now. And in the long run there was no better person for the job here.
Much as I hated the idea of confusing the people who once saw me as their leader, I knew that I had to do this else we would all be slaughtered.
I could not beleive though as I had come here that Maya was here already. She certainly was not taking her time to get over here.
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Jason Lewis sighed as he left the briefing offices, it was as if both his dreams and nightmares were coming true. He was being deported, something he used to long for. But now, it was the exact opposite.
It ment he had to leave her. Auraka understood, for he had chosen him to lead a small amount of boys, but it meant leaving Naina here by herself...with those idiots around her.
He sighed, green eyes running the area around him. His training ran to deep to stop the practised movements.
His mind darted back towards Naina, and a smile tugged at his lips. She was perfect, for him at least. Her long blonde hair, aways pulled into a tight ponytail as she had to. The deep meaningful grey eyes that were always watching. Her laughed, he decided was his favourite part about her.
He would spend every day trying to make her laugh, making those eyes sparkle brightly.
He smiled again, heading quietly but directly for Naina's room. She bunked with Audrey, an odd child like girl but she was one of the best students beside Naina. Though, Naina had been doing it longer then anyone else.
His hand rose, pausing before knocking lightly. He had to tell her, but he wasn't looking forward to it.

Naina Collins
Well this was finally happening. We were both graduating from the training side of things. Though for the second time for me. Who knew where we would both be going from now one. How long would we be able to talk each other face to face?
I smiled though and went to answer the knock on the door. "Lutenant General Jason," I siad, saluting when i saw who it was. This was going to be interesting. he rarely came over this way while I was still training.

Jason smiled broadly as the door opened, nodding to them both.
"Naina, Audrey," he said and sighed turning to look at Naina and meet her gaze.
"Are you free? I need to talk to you about something..." he said glancing over at Audrey who cackled with laughter.
"Ooo loverboy," she crowed but he ignored her, despite the blush creeping into his cheeks.
He was still young, despite his rank. He had worked hard and was hoping to go even further, but that was for another time.
"Audrey," he said finally and she shut her mouth quickly "I think you might like to rethink what you have said unless you are wishing to scrub the bathrooms once more."
He gave her a small smile at her shocked expression "I'm still your teacher," he smiled.

Naina Collins
I smiled at him. "I'm sure you're already aware I have a little of free time before the ceremony starts, Jason." I at least managed to ignore Audrey for once. There was no nee dfor ehr to say such things around him. Though we were good freinds now, there were still the other guys who did not trust me yet.
Even though i had stood with them and helped to turn the Italian's away without much life lost on this end, they still were not pleased about me being here. Some of them did trust me, but not many.
"At least things are slightly easier for me, around here, though not many raelly know that I helped in that fight," I said, after shutting the door behind me.

Jason nodded slightly "I know," he said simply and led her back down the stairs. He smiled, picturing Audrey sitting on her bed with her legs crossed, staring after them with her eyes wide and innocent.
His hand brushed slightly against hers and he loved her soft touch.
He lead her around the back of the building, a small garden there to bring some warmth into the dreary place and sat on a small garden bench, motioning for her to sit.
"I.." he started and paused putting his words together in his mind. Despite planning what he would say to her, all words excaped him in the moment of need.
Instead he reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box. It wasn't a wedding ring, merely a family tradition of his.
It was a promise ring, and he hoped that she would take it.
"I am being deported," he manged to say fiddling with the box and looked up to meet her gaze "tomorrow morning."
He searched her face and pushed the box into her hand.
"It is a promise ring," he said opening the box to show her the loveheart silver banded ring.
"When the heart points away from you, it means friendship and when you point it in, towards your heart, it means your in love," he said it slowly, looking at the ring rather then at her.
He gave her back the box, letting her chose.

Naina Collins
I followed after him, knowing that this would be annoying the hell out of Audrey. When he motioned for me to sit down on the seat I did, knowing he would not mind me being so close. I knew he liked me, and not to mention I liked him as well.
"How long are you going to be gone?" I asked, hardly able to say those few words. Why was it when my life was finally looking up that he had to be sent away? Why did life have to be so unfair to me, and to him?
When he opened the little box to show me the ring I was very surprised to see what it held. "It's very pretty." Though I was not one for jewellery, I smiled at him. "Of course I'll keep it."

He smiled slightly, a hint of saddness in the movement.
"Something between 6 and 12 months," he said running a hand though his black hair "I have been given a commmand of 15 men."
Most commands where small, his was large by some. He flashed her a smile.
"They fly me out tomorrow, the other....leader is out of action," he said quietly, knowing that the man had died with a bullet right to the chest.
"But Auraka allowed me to stay for your graduation," he said turning to face her slightly, his eyes locking with hers and his hand rose slowly, brushing the hair from her face and resting it finally on her cheek.
He lent towards her slowly, his lips brushing against hers only for a moment before drawing back. He wondered what she would do.....

Naina Collins
I smiled, listening. I knew how these things worked, and he knew that pretty well. Though my eyes were on his face, my hands moved elsewhere, taking the ring out of the box, and moving it onto one of my fingers, the hearts pointing towards me. I was not even thinking about what my hands were doing, they moved of their own account.
It was a pity that he had to go like this, but I knew that he did not want to go himself. That was the hard thing to accept. If it was one thing I knew, if he told me to do something I would do it, whether it was on the battlefield or not, for I now knew what my heart wanted. He was the one that it continued to beat for, and I knew that I would follow him until I died, where ever that was.
A small but very timid smile forced in my lips as I looked at the face in front of me. Why the hell was I feeling so timid around him when never had I before? This was something that completely confunded me. He was the one who had first accepted me into this country, and the one that had always been there, never really doubting me. For someone who had come here seeking a way to make up for a debt that was too big for one person, filled with guilt about how many she had slain, he had been the one to get me on the right path.
I knew that though he trusted me, there were many who still did not. "For one who once saw me as an enemy, things have turned around havent they? You've always been there for me, though at times I did not want you to be. I used to not trust any of you, but now I think that even I have changed to the opposite side of things."
Then he did the complete unexpected and gently kissed me. Though I was a little surprised by that, my mouth yeilded under his and though he moved away much too quickly, I had returned the pressure on the tiniest bit, though he would have noticed. "I'll miss you while you're gone, Jason. Don't you dare get hurt out there."

The eyes widened slightly, watching as the ring was placed onto her long finger. The heart faced inwards and his heart skipped a beat. If he died at this war, he would die a happy man.
"Naina," he said quietly meeting her even gaze "I have never seen you as an emeny, nor none of those on the other side. I see them merely people fighting for what they believe in...just that we pay with our lives in proven wrong."
He took her hands gently and gave them a light squease.
"And I will always be here, as long as you want me to," he said.
His thoughts fluttered back to his daring kiss, trying to remember if the light pressure he believed there had been really there.
"I'll miss you as well...and of course I wont," he said gently, pulling her closer and giving her a hug.
"For once I have a reason to write home," he smiled slightly and wrapped an arm around her somewhat broad shoulders.

Naina Collins
I sighed as I listened to him. "some are not as gracious about the things I have done, and sadly, niether are others I have known in the past. You are likely the first to say something like that."
I smiled at him though, knowing that he was a little confused as to whether I had tried to kiss him back or not.
"I better get back to the dorm, Audrey's going to drive me nuts when I get back up there and there is not all that much time before that ceremony."

He nodded his agreement, and flashed a soft smile.
"Hmm," he said and smoothed her cheek with a thumb "I guess you better...but one thing first."
He pulled her slightly closer, ducking down so he was at her height and pressed his full lips against hers.
Forever, he decided, he could kiss her forever. Her lips so soft and full yeilded easily to his touch.
It was funny, he had a fleeting thought, how the fear of an ucoming battle could make you try new things. He was glad he had at least.

Naina Collins
"I am definately going to miss you, Jason," I replied, hugging him so gently that he would barely even feel it. I knew how much stronger I was than I looked, but I knew he knew about that. I didn't want to hurt him personally.
Again my own mouth yielded under his, but this time I returned the pressure a little more, but I was always gentle when it came to doing anything with someone else. Unless of course, they were an enemy. Something I had never seen Jason as, since the day I met him.
A good thing I knew that was/

He pulled away, leaning his forehead gently against hers and sighed.
"You won't even know I'm gone...I'll write every chance I get," he said quietly and gave her hands a pat before pulling away.
"Now, I believe you must go get ready...but Naina?" he asked and looked at her once more, eyes locking.
"Should the others know yet?" he shifted nervously, he wasn't sure if he was actually allowed to 'offically' date a student, seeing as he was a teacher. But she was different, he decided to leave the choice up to her.

Naina Collins
"We'll figure that one out in the long run, Jason. I really don't care because technically, you're not my teacher much longer so does it really matter?Though if you want, I can hide it for the mean time," I said.
No one would know if i chose to hide things like this, I was very hard to read for those who did not know me. No one could get into me and make me tell them things that I wanted to keep hidden.
"I think Audrey already knows whats going on here."
I smiled at him. "I can handle her though, don't you worry."

He shrugged slightly, knowing it would affect her more then him since he was leaving in less than 24 hours.
"Maybe..." but he shrugged again "lets just see how long we last?" he sugested finally.
He smiled at the mention of Audrey.
"That I think she might..odd girl, but hard not to like," he mused aloud "but loyal, she seems loyal to you at the least...breaking a boys nose," he shook his head.

I laughed. He rememebred that did he? "I told her off for that as you might remember. I was not happy that she got into trouble because of me. I hate seeing others get in trouble because of my mistakes." Something that i was being increasingly more careful about these days. I wanted no more trouble now.
"She's only loyal because i never hid anything from her. I told her when we first met in the dorm as to who I was."
I sighed.
"I guess we'll have to see how we go then. You never know how long this will last."

He smiled and nodded.
"I also think its more..." he carried off slightly and shrugged his massive shoulders once more "no idea what though."
He looked at the time, nodding at the building.
"You better go..." he said with a smile "and I'm hoping for forever..."

Naina Collins
I smiled at him. "That's what I'm hoping for as well, Jason." It was interesting how this had happened, how had I really fallen for him so easily?
"I'll see you over there." I smiled, looking down at my hands. "I'll hide that for now, though."
My hand moved slipping off the little ring though I did not want to do so and put it carefully in my pocket. "I'll keep it say, don't worry."
At leas ti knew which pockt had no hole in it, which was a good thing indeed.

He nodded his aproval with a small smile.
"Tell Audrey that she cannot wear that black dress to graduation..officer's uniform only," he chuckled slightly and pushed her off towards her dorm.
"I'll find you later," he promised her, standing with a final glance at her and hurried off to where he was ment to be.
He wished they had a few more days, even a few more hours.

Naina Collins
"Are you forgetting for a moment that I've been here before? I know what is expected of us, dress acquirement wise." I knew I was teasing him, but i knew he would not mind. Somehow I seemed to get away with things that others didn't/ Was not really fair but I never complained about that.
"I'll see you over there."
I smiled, saluted him and then jogged off towards the dorm, knowing where I wanted to be though I would not be able to for a while. This was most certainly my life at the moment and no one would take that from me. I knew that much was going to be truth.

Jason stood tall at the back of the stage, his eyes searching the crowd for the girl he had just declaired his love to. In less then 12 hours now, he was to be deported. Fear does such a thing to man.
He frowned, unable to see her nor Audrey in the crowd but tuned in as Auraka spoke.
"You are proud men and women who have worked hard to be here today, you all deserve to join the force with your loyatly and dreams," Auraka paused for effected "and others place theirs within you."
"Fight for your country proudly, for it is only yours."
Everyone broke into applause, louder than it had been for the other speachs. That was because, despite being a hardarse at trainings, Auarka was well known and loved.

Audrey pulled at the door, the black hair flipping over her shoulder as she stared at Naina.
"Come on, were already late," she said, her voice shrill though it had been her fault they were.
Having refused to wear the uniform she was ment to, she had finally giving in to Naina and put it on.
And for one in her life, she looked like a normal human being.
Her black hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, wearing the green skirt with shirt and tie, the correct uniform made her seem more mature and less child like.

Naina Collins
"You should have just listened to the first time." I hoped I'd be able to get in there before my name got called. Though no no family member would be bothered to see thi s for me, I cared not. I sighed though as I managed to get into the group without drawing any attention to myself.
I knew that we were late and i was pissed off with with her for this. I was never late so this had really angered me, though that was hidden from my face. Only one person would be able to tell I was angry with a particular someone and that was Jason. He knew my face too well.

Jason scanned the crowd once more and stopped himself from sighing with relief, seeing their bobbing heads in the crowd. She seemed annoyed, but no one else even looked at them as they hid at the back.
"Chase, Audrey," Auraka called, barely though the start of the role. Audrey quickly made her way to the front of the line, shaking the hand and took the piece of paper before jumping off the stage and sitting back down.
"Collins, Naina," he called and the crowd became hushed but he ignored it. Jason flashed her a smile, barely noticeable but still there.

My eyes watched as Audrey went up and got hers before I heard me name. As per the expected, everyone fell silent when they heard it. My secret was out and I cared naught about that. None of them knew that I had been fighting already, but that was not my secret to tell.
I smiled though and walked up the stairs to take the piece of paper, noticing the small smile that came from Jason towards me. Hopefully no one had seen that.
"Thank you," I said, remembering everything Auraka expected of me.

"Congrats," Auraka smiled to her, shaking her hand firmly and resting a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to wait instead of running from the stage.
"Naina," he called to the group below "is the best student in this years class, and easily good enough for a higher rank. As she must move though each rank, she is now a Trooper," he paused giving her the paper of congrations "and now ranked as lance corporal."
Eyes widened in suprise, this hadn't happened before. At least not often.
"Well done," he said again "Will Audrey Chase please return to the stage."
He cleared his throat "she as well is the highest ranking member of the medical side. She is given a full paid scolarship to study medicine and become a field doctor. She also is now a lance corporal while she studies."
Silence filled the room, staring at the two girls. Jason just smiled, he had known about Audrey but not Naina though it hadn't been hard to guess.

Naina Collins
I could not help but blush when he said that. This was something I had not expected to happen. I could see a few of the guys who still hated me glaring at me because they knew i was higher ranked than they were.
Not that I cared. Later I decided I would ask what had made him do this to me. Not now though. I knew that I would not be hanging around here much if this was the case. I smiled though once he let go of me, and headed off of the stage.

Marcus Travers
Grey eyes pierced through the graduating class of cadets, they became wide as Marcus Travers heard a very rare and shocking announcement.
'That girl jumped two ranks, and I thought that I had gone at a fast pace, when I was was going through them," Marcus marvelled at the girl, 'I wonder how an Italian traitor got into our military at the beginning.'
His eyes never left her, studying her, tyring to see if there was any trickery in her eyes. He stood over most of the crowd in his boots but it really didn't help him that he was stading on an inclided platform.
HE Loved being taller cuase, it was more intimidating to others, so they were more likly to be honest. Also, it helped if you wanted to find a friend, or a commrad. It was crippleing in battle though, cause you can only squish so much to hide.
Marcus was pulled out of his mind when another young lady took the stage. She was there for the same reason but in another field. He closed his eyes and sighed as the crowd cheered for the second lady.

I smiled as I headed back down to the others, knowing that the formal part to this was over. Though I could see a few of the others staring at me in awe, I was instantly surrounded by a few guys who hated me. I glared at them.
"I would not be the ones to annoy me if I were you," I said, narrowing my eyes. They seemed to not care that I was higher up than them.
"Come on, its just a name," one boy sneered
I laughed but it was a dead laugh, no humour at all. "I outrank you, so do not anger me."
It would not be wise. I sighed though as I felt the little ring on one pocket, no one would know it was there.

Marcus Travers
Marcus collected his wits about him and desided that he should go down there and congradulate the italian traitor. More importantly thought he wanted to figure out how she had gotten into the military.
Marcus walked down the incline, as the crowd started to whither away to congradulate family and friends. Marcus saw a group of guys sorounding the new lance corpral and decided that he should at least help her out. Alot of the guys that go through boot camp, ae still children, and have yet to grow up.
"Collins, Is everything alright here," Marcus said, as strict sounding as possible.
MArcus looked at the boys around the Italian Traitor. He saw the jealousy fuming out of them, as well as the anger. He just kept a stern look on them, waiting to see who will crack first.

Naina Collins
I saw the other man coming towards the group of boys around me, and I knew that was only because I was much taller than several of them that had their backs turned.
I flicked my eyes towards the guys shoulders checking what rank he was before speaking. "Every thing is fine, sir." I did not know his name so there was no point in making a fool of myself. That was an answer anyone was expected to give if they did not know someone higher up than them.
My grey eyes flickedred towards all the boys, they were the first to move away quickly. I did not, seeing as there was nothing even remotely intimidating about him. I'd had worse back where I once had belonged.

Marcus Travers
"I am glad that there is nothing wrong, thank you for telling me. I was jsut wondering if you wanted to have a small. light talk. Nothing a heavey one that may ruin dinner," MArcus said to the Italian traitor.
Marcus wanted to be nice to the person just incase they were still in allegience with her old country. Marcus peered around the room, more of the graduated have decided to leaave to head back home.
Marcus was slightly aware of his surrounding, but knew that he was no way caple if he would be under attack. He was far more serious with her answer.

Naina Collins
Though my newest ring was not on my finger, I felt like it still was. Jason would be looking for me eventually and I planned not on leaving here until he had found me. I knew he was the only one here for me at the moment. No one in my family would have been overjoyed when General Hawksong would have reported that he had seen me here. That would have made them feel filled with shame over the person I had become.
I sighed though as I thought about such things. I knew they meant that I was not the easiest person to welcome here. I knew that though thjose boys had all been intimidated by him, I had not been. No one here had been able to intimidate me yet, and I was not just about to let him.
"I would not mind talking with you at all, sir." As long as this was not all about me, though I knew that he did not know everything about me at the moment. I did not mention that Jason would be waiting for me, because I knew that he would come to find me eventually.
Idle chatter did not bother me, but those who asked too many questions of me about my past did. I was not one for telling people of that sort of thihng, and only a few had earnt enough of my trust to learn of my true past. How much about me he had already known from the others I did not know, but I knew that some of it would be false.
Plus from my voice you would not have known that I even not an Australian person, it had adapted that well to the others. I did every thing I could to make people more comfortable with having me around.

Jason pushed his way though the crowd, barely brushing the people around him for they moved out of his way.
He was well known for his gentle personailty but quick temper. Though, he kept it on a tight leash.
Spotting her, he approached from behind and nodded to the man se was speaking to.
"Everything okay here?" he asked, hand brushing against her's for a moment as he shifted and eyed the boy across from her.
"Lieutenant General Jason Lewis," he said offering a hand to shake, forcing himself to keep eye contact and not look at Naina, despite how much he wanted to.

I laughed as I headed through the crowd. hang on three of the names wee familiar to me and i made my way towards them. The three boys were a year younger than me though I had graduated highschool with them.
"Well well, how did three bullies such as yourselves evade me?" I asked, chuckling.
Thy all spun around. "how the hell did they accept you into here, weed?" one of them laughed.
"Excuse me?" I asked, shifting one strong shoulder rawing their attention to it.
"And how could you be of a higher rank than us?"
"Fairly simple, Matthews. While you lot were out drinking and having fun at Schoolies week back then, I was where you are now. Since then I have fought in many battles and lost half an arm. Also i beleive I am of a higher rank to you." They all paled. I was not the weakling they used to bully. "And no, calling me names does not phase me anymore."

Naina Collins
"Everythings fine, Lieutenant General Jason," I replied. He knew I would have been waiting for him. There was no point in going home, there was no one at the house I had back in town. No one to talk to. So I would not be leaving the base. Not his time anyways.

Jason shot a look at the lad before him, though they were of the same rank, and looked over at Naina quickly.
"Good," he said with a nod "and congradultions, it is good to see you raising the standands of soldiers once more."
He tilted his head to Marcus, walking off slightly though kept and eye on them. They had a few hours left, hopefully he would leave her alone so they could spend some time together.

I sighed as one of the boys exclaimed rather loudly, "You a fighter? Bah!" Then my eyes narrowed. "I guess you three don't know the story do you about my false arm?" I smirked. "I copped a bullet in the wrist protecting this land and lost my lower right arm. I got lucky that it was half an arm and not my life."
They all laughed mockingly at me. Well at least they were getting no reaction from me.

"Thank you," I replied, accepting his congratulations easily enough. Seeing as this other guy had nothing to say it seemed, I wandered off, not really going anywhere in particular. I knew that Jason would want to spend a little bit of time with me, and that was something I wanted as well.

Auraka heard the raised voices before he saw Drannor standing in the middle of it all. He was suprised, strong headed as Drannor was he didn't normally start these sorts of fights.
"What's going on here?" he asked, standing tall as he shouldered himself into the middle of the group.
"Major General Drannor," he greeted his friend and caught words of what had been happening.

Jason saw her wandered off by herself and he followed her, though not in a stalkerish fashion.
He approached her once more, heading past and nodding to the door without looking at her.
He knew she would understand, though others wouldn't.

I saw the three bullies pale as Auraka came over into the group and said my full name. "General Auraka," I greeted him, nodding my head. "I just ran into a few boys from school. Graduated from high school together, and it would seem from the reaction they just gave from you coming over here that they beleived me to still have no freinds. These three used to bully me." My tone was light.

I smiled though as I saw him walk past. I saw him nod towards the door and I headed in that direction, seeming of my own accord. I knew he'd be outside waiting for me

Jason waited outside, seeing the door open and Naina appear. She seemed to be looking for something and he appeared behind her, pulling her into his arms quickly.
"I love you," he whispered and kissed her, knowing the were very much alone for everyone was enjoying the party.

Auraka nodded in reply for his title, barely able to stop the smile from spreading as he noticed the paling faces.
"Oh, I see," he said and clapped his hand in delight.
"Well carry on Drannor," he said but paused before walking off "how's the wife?" he asked with a smile.
He was just helping a little, though took some joy in every moment.

I chuckled. The three boys did not know what to make of him, or me. There was no sign of the guy they had bullied so much in me right now. Nor would that other me ever show around this lot.
"Sahar's fine and so are Taeron and Kasinda," I replied, smiling at him happily.
Again the boys looked shocked.
"These three seem to be just realising that I am not the boy they used to tease anymore. Good lesson for them, I reckon."

I spun around as someone came up behind me, he would have to do bettter than that to sneak up on me. I knew he was aware of that though he took no notice really.
Again my lips melted against his. "I love you too," I replied back to him.
I smiled though. "That was a little bit of a surprise earlier. I never expected that."

Auraka nodded, glad all was well and flashed a grin to the boys.
"First lesson of the army boys, expect the unexpected," he grinned "Drannor is one of my best, treat him well or he wont treat you to well."
With a final nod to Drannor, he went off glad to have helped his friend.

Jason smiled slightly as he pulled away to breath, and was glad to hear her in responce.
"I know, Auraka has kept his eye on you in all this training..and now at a higher rank it makes it easier for you to do what you need to do for him," he nodded slightly.
"And despite Audrey being...Audrey...she is actually one of the best first time stuents here," he smiled "she is rather lucky for no thing comes cheaply."
He took her hand, smiling into her eyes despite the half shadow over his face and gestured towards the garden.
"Did you want to walk?"

I hid the embarrassment from Auraka's words quickly, though I knew what he said was true. How many times had I been the one he chose to fill in for him. "Beleive me, you boys are going to learn a lot more than you did over the last thirty days."
With that I left the group.

"I knew he was watching me. Though I know that some are still going to make it hard from me, from the others who were in the group I was. They still seem to hate me."
Smiling though, I nodded to his offer. "I'd like that." He did not need to know how much I would miss him.

Jason took her hand gently, leading her towards the gardens and nodded.
"I know," he replied quietly "make sure you keep your eye on them...I would hate for you to get hurt while i'm not here."
"Or even when I am here.." he smiled as they entered the garden once more, there heads hidden by the tall hedges.

He would miss her, so much that it hurt. He wished he hadn't waited so long to tell her, that way they could of had more time at least. But there would be more, he was sure of it, in 12 months if she still wanted him he'll be here.

Naina Collins
I smiled as we walked into the garden. I liked this place, but I knew that soon Audrey would miss me. Not that I cared. "If you're wondering, Audrey and I were late earlier. She wouldn't listen to me."
I sighed though. "You know I'll still be here when you come back. No one else seems to be even interested in seeing me as a freind still, other than Auraka."
I smiled.
"Don't worry about the other guys annoying the hell out of me. I told you once that I know how to tell them to leave me alone."

He grinned, having guessed himself for the reason of her being late.
"Auraka noticed, but he's a good guy...didn't say anything," he chuckled and nodded once more.
"I know, but even you cannot take everyone on at once.." he said quietly, leading her past the fountain and paused to see a few small fish darting under the floating flowers.

Naina Collins
I chuckled. "I almost left her behind at the dorm, I was that frustrated with her." I meant that too, though the other girl did not know I was that frustrated with her. She had seriously annoyed the hell out of me with all her stubborn argueing earlier.
"Luckily, she did not give me too much strife about earlier when you came by the dorms. Managed to not have to tell her anything." I smiled at him. "I guess say something about that later on." I sighed, it was not in my nature to be late for anything.

He smiled in return, pefering to listen then to talk.
"She's a good person, odd for sure, but good person overall," he paused thoughtfully and smiled "I think she still knows though, but she wont tell...she trusts you and wants you to trust her to."
Apparently, he was told, he could read people well.
He paused, turning to face her once more, his hands going to rest on her shoulders and he looked down at her.
"I don't want to leave you," he confided into her

Naina Collins
"At least I can understand that when you have to go you have to go. I've been in that spot before, but I was never close to anyone but my family. Hard thing is, my fathers one of the General's in that other army. He won't let me get away with this for very long, I might warn you." Not that the man could do anything much to stop me from being the person I was.
I knew that he would be very displeased with me, but did I care about that? No. I could care less what he thought about me doing this to hima nd everyone I had been loyal to once. General Hawksong would have told him by now of where I was and what I was doing with myself. Though that may be true, I knew that my father had to beleive him somehow. The guy never lied to my father.
At least that much i knew about how things worked here. "Audrey is a little on the odd side, but one day she'll figure out why exactly we're meant to wear one thing and not another I suppose. It will just take her longer than some."
I smiled up at him, though knowing that he might not come back, but I trusted him when he said he would not get hurt.

He smiled, putting a finger under her chin and lifting it so their eyes met.
"So very true," he said with a small smile and sighed.
"I have...less then 12 hours, what did you want to do?" he asked her, leaving it up to her. He tried not to think of it as his last chance to spend time, but rather one of many.

Naina Collins
"I do not know. I used to keep to myself when I was not out in public before I came here. So I have next to know idea about this town. No one was there to be nice to me, so I sort of stay right out of the way of everyone else."
It was kind of sad I guess, but that was the way my life had been. A hard thing for some to understand but i knew it well. "Even now, I know that there will be people who want me taken out of the way because they know I turned on them. I try to keep a low profile when I am out there."

He nodded slightly for it all made sense to him. Giving her hand a quick squease, he thought for a moment before replying.
"Did you want to..." he paused "head up to my room?" he asked then blushed.
"I mean to watch a movie or something..." he stumbled onwards "maybe I could cook you a dinner..."
He figured out he was just digging his hole deeper and stopped, blushing a bright red under the dark sky.
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PostSubject: Re: naina and Jason [human only]   naina and Jason [human only] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 4:22 am

Naina Collins
I smiled at him. It sounded nice, having a freind who wanted to spend time with me like this. "That would be nice actually."
I chuckled I knew what was going through his head at least a little bit anyway. He did not know how nice that actually sounded to me. No one would ever know unless I was nice enough to tell him. Though I had the feeling he likely understood.
I sighed wondering when I would end up being out there fighting once more. Sure I liked the peace and quiet, but I got lonely at times.

I chuckled as the boys stared after me. I knew they doubted me, but just wait till they ended up following my orders on the field. Then they would not doubt Auraka's words. That was something I already knew would surprise me.
I knew how to keep my group safe, though no one realised that was so until they saw me at work. I had changed a lot since high school. Okay so i was still a horse nerd, but that was the only thing that did not change with time.
I loved to keep my freinds safe even though I got in some bad places at times.

Jason smiled shyly and took her hand, despite being only 25 he was still somewhat unsure about relationships.
He had never really had time for them, instead of flying though the ranks of the army.
"This way then," he said, leading her though the garden towards his room. Being of higher rank, and with no house, he was allowed private rooms which the younger and less worthy troopers had to share in dorms.

Naina Collins
I smiled as we walked. I knew that there was not much I could do in relation to the fact he was heading away in the morning. It would be a long while before I saw him again, but that was a life I was used to.
I had had a guy before but when I joined the other army he dumped me, saying he would not wait around for me to get time off. Hateful prick, I thought, though my face did not show what i was thinking.
This was a place where people actually respected you, and he'd done that?

Jason led her up the stairs, walking somewhat slower than normal to spend more time with her, but also briskly for not wanting to get caught. Not that it truly mattered if they did.
Coming to a door with the brass numbers of 102, he slid a key from his pocket and unlocked the door pushing it inwards.
Switching on the lights, it all became clearer to the eye. A white covered double bed rested in the middle of the plush cream carpet. The wall at the back of the room was a rich chocolate brown while the others were a warm white colour.
A large corner desk sat in the corner, piled high with paper work that he was sick of seeing. But the biggest and only thing he seemed to have spent money on was the large flat screen TV at the end of his bed.
As everything else he did, it was all neat. Not a speck of dust was clear anywhere.
He smiled slightly.
"Well, this is home," he said.

Naina Collins
"This is similiar to what I used to have a few years ago." I smiled, looking at everything. At least they looked after the guys here. Unlike back home. "I had to buy everything of course back then. You only got an empty room with enough stuff to cook with. Everything else furniture wise you'd have to buy fi you were given something like this."
An expensive time that had been.
"So you got kind of lucky here."

He nodded, shrugging off his jacket and hanging on the back of his chair.
He nodded to the hidden side of the room, able to be seen when you entered the room fully.
"Are you hungry?" he asked taking her own jacket and placing it beside his own.

Naina Collins
I smiled at him, again. At least while I was in here we did not really have to hide the way we felt about each other, did we? A pity he had to go so soon. "I am a little hungry," I admitted. It had been a very long day for everyone. Though i was more used to it than the others.
I knew that things would be a litle hard after he went, I knew that I would be able to handle the other guys. "Hopefully there won't be too much trouble coming my way while you're gone."
Too bad for anyone who tried to pick on me. They would soon learn that though I was a girl, I could easily defend myself against them. It would be no trouble for me.

He nodded, shuffling though the cupboard and finally pulled out some rice and sausages from the fridge.
"You like rice? Sausages?" he asked turning on the fry pan and putting them in while setting a pot with boiling water filled with rice.
That all done, he left it as he was and went to her. Pulling her into his long arms, holding her there with a smile.
"If they cause you any trouble...tell me and I'll deal with them," he told her "or tell Auraka, he'll have them scrubbing toilets before you finish your sentence."
He kissed the top of her head, loving her soft hair and smiled slightly.
"If we live though this, we can only get stronger," he told her.

Naina Collin
"I already know I have more than one enemy here. Not that it really matters to me. After all, I know how to defend myself, should someone try and hurt me. Now that everyone knows who I am, they ought to think twice about attacking me unawares. Just like you and the others who are so highly ranked, I won't be sneaked up on unawares. I got trained far too well the first time, and sitting through all those lessons only refreshed my memory. Even earlier when you came up behind me, I knew you were there the whole time. I did not react though so notihng looked amiss to everyone else, incase someone was watching me out of the window."
I smiled though as he came over to me, wrapping his long and strong arms around me.

Jason nodded, hugging her from behind and listened to her float of words.
They all made sense, though he laughed at the thought of being 'ranked highly'.
"Auraka wanted to make you higher," he told her "but you cannot skip a rank...but you'll move your way quickly though the ranks."
"Once more," he added after a moment.
The rice bubbled over and he swore, dashing over to turn it down and smiled up at her with sparkling grey eyes.
"DVD's are under the TV, have a look if you want," he told her, draining the rice and turning the sausages.

Naina Collins
I smiled though I knew he was behind me. He was definitely a guy I actually felt comfortable around. I chuckled though. "Yes, once more i have to earn those other ranks. Shouldn't be too hard, seeing as I know what I am doing more so than those others."
I watched though as he hurried over to the stove after swearing. Least I had no issues with language like that, I'd grown accustomed to hearing such things a long time ago.
"Maybe leave the lid off a little bit next time so the hot air can escape?" I suggested.

He looked up at her and grinned.
"Lid wasn't on, the water was just to hot for to long...boils over," he smiled pulling out to white bowls and split the rice in half, adding a sausage or two to the top of each mountain of rice and carried them over to her.
"Here you go, Chef a la Jason," he chuckled giving the bowl to her before digging into his own.
"Did you pick a DVD?" he asked with a gesture towards the cupboard.

Naina Collins
I smiled, thinking about not much in particular. I knew that there was not much that we could do tonight. Most places I did not go because of how the owners treated me.
"No I didn't look before that happened..." I chuckled though. "Thanks."
I did not know really what to do there. I was not much of a television person, but that mattered not to me. For a while I just ate, silent completely. There was not much I could think to say to him at the moment. Annoying as that was starting to be.

He smiled, watching her eat as he scrapped the bowl mostly clean.
"Naina," he said quietly after a moments silence "if I don't return..." he paused unsure what else he should say.
He was on the front line, there was a good chance of injury and lives being lost.
He looked at her and smiled helplessly, knowing it was no good to worry but now he had something..someone to return to.

Naina Collins
I sighed as he spoke again and I looked up at him, easily meeting his gaze. Though we came from different families and different army life backgrounds and things, it did not seem like that mattered to me at least. He was the first real friend I had here.
My gaze darkened though and my eyes narrowed as he said that. No one liked it when my face went so, and it meant that I was not pleased by something. "Don't you even think that. You will come back. It may not be for me, for all we know, but you will, I know that much!"
I knew I had just told him off, but whether that angered him was yet to be seen. I was a little worried after I realized that, knowing that my words had been unacceptable.

Jason turned his head to look at her with something between amusement and worry.
"Naina," he paused, not note of anger in his gentle tone "I just don't want you...pause your life over me, what will happen will happen and I want you to move on."
He grinned and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"I just want you happy, that's all."
He took her now empty bowl from her hands and stood, carrying them to the sink and filling them with water.

Naina Collins
I sighed, thinking about that for a few moments. "Even if I agree to that now, when that happens, if it does are two completely different things, Jason." I did not think that i would be able to if something happened to him.
The idea was not something I could even think about personally. There was too much in my mind that rebelled against him not coming back here to me. It was a picture that I could not even fathom to think about at the moment.
Not that he would ever realise that. This conversation was going no where, I knew i was too stubborn to let him win that one. Sure I should not have even said what I had, but I could not help but say such things to him. Something I was not even used to having happen at the moment.

He sighed, leaving it at that. At least he had tried, though it was as hard for him as it was for her. Thinking that he wouldn't return to this beautiful, stubbon girl was just to much to bare.
He washed the dishes, coming to sit beside her once more.
"Tell me about yourself, something I don't know," he said instead, smiling as he met with her eyes.

Naina Collins
Hmm that was a struggle. I knew there were many things he ought not to know but that was because they were not the best things.
"My family was fairly large until a month ago or something like that. One of my close friends, Gem told me that some things have happened and my family has decreased in numbers. Both my mother and brother died, they were killed for something that was wrong. Now there is just me, my sister and my father left."
I sighed. " Was not the easiest thing for my vbest freind to learn of."

"General Auraka's girl?" he asked in suprise "I didn't know you knew her."
He pulled her into a hug and sighed quietly.
"I know the feeling," he told her quietly, having lost both his parents in a short amount of time. Though, he guessed it wasn't as bad as losing almost all of your family.
Though, he was the last of his family name left.
"Something happier?" he asked, hoping to have more plesant memories of this night. He gave her a kiss, hoping he hadn't offened her.

Naina Collins
"Aye, I know her. We went to the same schools all our lives. My mom and her's owned a bookstore that we sometimes worked at. We got very close. Almost as close as two sisters really. Then she migrated over here."
I smiled. "It was nice seeing her again at her wedding. Though I have to say she's definately not lost any of that talent of hers from when I last saw her 5 years ago. I knew who sent that arrow in that lesson before I even looked at her. ONly one person can do that and I knew who."

He grinned and nodded.
"Yeah, she has a good aim..no one knew she was Auraka's Gem until that lesson, to teach us all the lesson of nothing is as it seems," he chuckled fondly at the memory.

He looked out the window, eyes flickering as he watched the lights of the party going on as someone knocked at his door.
He paused and looked at her, standing to go answer it.
"Audrey!" he exclaimed in shock.
"Jason!" she said in the same tone and giggled. "I know she's here..."
"Who is?" he asked and the black haired girl rolled her eyes.
"I have no idea what your talking about."

Naina Collins
I sighed as I heard my freinds voice. There was no where I could hide here, I knew that much. She was so annoying at times, and I did not want to talk to her at all. He probably knew that. I was not happy with her at the moment for making me late.
I would not even consider talking to the girl until Jason was gone. I did not forgive people quickly when they annoyed me. How had she figured out where I had gone to? Sure I had no one, but I had not told her.
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PostSubject: Re: naina and Jason [human only]   naina and Jason [human only] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 4:33 am

Jason sighed, staring at the partly empty field and hoped she came. Despite the fact that they weren't dating in public yet.
He sighed, looking at the time and his eyes fleeted towards the plane.
He didn't want to leave her, he didn't want to have to write the things to her.
Odd, he noted, how falling in love for the first time changes a man so much.
He clapped his hands, motioning towards the plane and everyone finished their goodbyes.
They needed to get going, he couldn't wait on her. As much as he wanted to.

Naina Collins
I jogged towards where the plane was, knowing that I was cutting it really fine getting down there, to see Jason off. I did not look forwards to the long months that he was going to be away, I knew there was a chance that he would not return to me. A thing I did not want to happen, but I knew that it might.
Finally I reached where they were, and I saw him signal for his group of boys to finish saying their goodbyes. He would see me by now, I was sure of it. Though the fact we were dating had not yet become public knowledge, I knew it would be after this. We had managed to hide it for a little while, but this would be the end of that.
I could tell that he was not too happy about me not getting there. I moved faster now, and called his name. "Jason!" I could only hope that he heard me and would know that I was here now. I could only hope that he would see me here. I did not care about the other people that were around us. All I saw was his face. The face of the soldier that my heart always seemed to melt for.

Jason turned slowly at the call of his name. That voice, it called to him. In the crowd of a million, he knew he would still be able to find her.
He smiled, jogging over to her and past caring what others throught.
"Naina," he murmered "you came."
He pulled her into a hug, clutching her close to his taller frame and took in her scent.
"I have to go..." he told her meeting her soft gaze "but I'll write, promise..and I will return."
He lent towards her, lips searching her hers quietly before pulling back to give one final peck to her soft forehead.
He brushed the hair from her eyes, smiling warmly before turning and running back to the plane.
"Promise you'll write!" he yelled once he was beside the loud plane and watched her, smiling.

Naina Collins
I smiled as he spotted me, well it was more likely that he heard my voice first. I knew he would have been listening for that. Though I was a little sad to see him going like this from me.
I cared about him too much. I smiled though as he spoke and nodded.
For once i did not even think about the other people around us as I kissed him back gently.
"You know I will," I called out to him as he left heading back to his plane.
I would miss him, but there was no chance that I would ever think of finding someone else from this place personally.

He grinned, shooting her a final wave before disappearing into the planes cabin.
Some of his boys stared at him, as if unsure to what they had seen.
"Sir..was that Naina Collins?" one brave tropper asked and Jason turned to look at him.
He let him in silence for a moment before nodding.
"Aye, and if any of you ever touch her, you will answer to me," he growled and they all nodded slowly.
"Make it clear to all."
There was another round of nods.

Naina Collins
I did not move from where everyone was until the plane was well on its way. I knew that some of the other guys that Jason had with him would have been surprised when they saw what happened between me and Jason, but did I care? Nope.
Nor would anyone dare try and hurt me, I knew how to deal with them only too easily. Plus I knew that both Aruaka and Jason seemed to watch out for me. They knew my little secret which had become known on my own doing, but that was nothing.
At least I was not scared off that day when I let it come out of me.

My dearest Naina,
His hand was shaking as he wrote, though for the reason he was unsure.
I write to you, for no letters have come as of yet so I am unsure if you have already written.
He paused, eyes blinking as he sighed and stared at the blank paper. How he wished she was here, or at least he was safe with her.
The fighting is thicker and harder then we first thought..though I dare say you have been in enough tough fights yourself.
The letter was short, for he had no idea what to say. What was he ment to say? I hope you miss me, oh and the odd chance that I do return stay with me?
Jason growled at the letter, scrunching it up and throwing it away before starting again.
The exact same way.
My dearest Naina,
I write to you, for no letters have come as of yet so I am unsure if you have already written.
The fighting is thicker and harder then we first thought..though I dare say you have been in enough tough fights yourself.
More troopers are being sent here, to replace the ones of old before they even turn cool.
In a way, I must say I am glad you are not here...it is all to dangerous for one, even as you. Though, I have no doubt you would hit me for saying such a thing.
I hope you are well and that none of those idiots are annoying you.
Only another 11 and a half months left.
Love Jason

Naina Collins
I flicked through the mail at the kitchen bench and snorted at the amount of bills. Then I found one that was not in writing that was familiar to me. That surprised me and i looked at it, wondering who the hell had written to me.
When I opened it though, I knew who it was that had written to me. I read through the letter, noticing that he had not been sure of what to say to me.
Dear Jason
I am so sorry for not writing to you before now. You would not beleive how much of an idiot I felt like when I did not even recognise your hand writing. Then again I don't think I have ever seen you write anything so maybe that is not so silly after all.
Every day I think of you. It was a custom back in Italy that the families of those who are away fighting for their homeland that they pray for them when the family back home get up and go to bed. In a way it was so that their families stay safe that are away fighting with who knows who.
It is a pity that you are in a hard place at the moment. I worry about you every single day.
I have not had many to talk to while you have been gone, even Audrey I have not seen in a while. I do not know where she is at the moment.
I miss you more than ever,
I sighed and sent the letter away to him, not knowing if it would get to him.

"Jason!" someone yelled and his head turned.
"Mail," he said, throwing the white envolope at his head.
He hurried back to his tent, knowing only one person who could be writing to him.
A smile tugged at his worn face at her words, he felt slightly bad for telling her to truth.
Dear Naina,
I dream of you as much as you think of me, my thoughts cannot be drawn from memories of you for long.
Remember that day we met for the first time? How I proved to you I was different...well it is one of my favourite times in my life. Remembering the beauty upon your clear features.
I miss you, and love you. Please remember that.
Love Jason.
P.S. Didn't anyone tell you? Audrey was sent to start her study...she'll be back for the holidays if she wishes, but she'll be studying hard for the next year or so.

Dear Jason,
I am afraid that no one thought to tell me she was gone so soon actually. I know you can't think about me all the time that would be a little dangerous for you, seeing as where you are. I know though that you are doing what you can to keep yourself safe.
I will always remember that, meeting you. Likely the best thing I have done in a long time since leaving Italy. I would never think to forget about the fact that you love me as much as I probably love you. That makes this harder though, knowing that we both feel the same way about each other at the moment.
Both a good thing and a bad thing, I suppose. It gets lonely at times without you or Audrey here. No one here talks to me. At least not anyone who has me around them when I am needed at the base. But then again, it is the same outside of the base for me, as you well know. Only out there I don't get some of the rude remarks and death stares that i do get in the base.
Not that i care what people want to do there. I knew where i belong and that they cannot really hurt me. Words, thats all it is, and not all of them always make sense to be honest. Though there is one group who seem to have decided that it is there job to try and maky things miserable there on the base. Not that what they keep trying to do works on someone like me. I'm too used to all of it to take any notice of such things these days. It's kind of become the normal thing for me.
Do not worry too much about me. Try and focus on keeping yourself safe for me and for everyone else.

Dearest Naina,
The numbers came in today, and I am afraid that they were not good. Out of the few hundred groups here I have lost the lest amount of men..but have still lost at least 15 of them.
The fighting is heavy and long, many are forgetting the reason we fight for these people.
It doesn't seem that the fighting is ment to end any time soon, though I truly hope it does.
I just know to many people here...To many cold faces that I know of, their familes they have.
I miss you dearly, and wish I had time to write more..but we are being called once more.

Naina Collins
I read the letter I got in reply and sighed. Things were really bad for them out there. I was not the easiest person to worry, but this did get through to me.
I smiled though and wrote back
Dear Jason,
I know that things are getting worse for you, but all wars come to an end. They may seem bad now, but eventually things will come good. Things here are go not the best for me but I;m still pulling through no matter what gets thrown at me.
Wish I could say the insults have stopped but alas they have not.
Stay safe,

My Naina,
You must tell Auraka, he will help you. Or once I return, I will personally break all their fingers at your word. I do not have much time to write any more, but today I heard a poem and thought of you. I thought maybe you'd like to hear it.
For the first time in my dismal life
I feel love flow in my heart
the same heart once thought cold and lifeless
fills with glorious joy and happiness
because of a woman
whose spirit is full of passion
her eyes that shine like sapphire stars
filled with warmth and beauty
a smile that brings happiness to my sad existence
I have never known love until now
because of the way she touched my heart
took hold of my depressed soul
and showed me the beauty of life's wonders
everything that I thought impossible
all seems to be within my grasp
I see everything in a new light
because of something I thought unworthy to feel
to feel love's tender kiss
and I bask in its beauty so
because of the feelings of a woman
whom I would love now and 'til
my heart beats its final note to life's great song
With all the love I can hold,

Naina Collins
I sighed as I looked through the mail. There was one from my father of all people, as well as one from Jason once again. Sighing, I opened the one from my father and sat down on my old couch to read the words on it. Every word was in Italian.
Alla mia figliar,
Ciò non è una buona cosa affinchè me debba scrivere voi. Ed il motivo che sto trasmettendo questo voi in primo luogo lo rattrista per sentirlo parlare. Ho scoperto non molto tempo fa da un amico anziano della famiglia, General Hawksong che avete cambiato i lati nella guerra che siamo tutto il combattimento in Italia.Molto displeased da questo e desidero conoscere il vostro ragionamento per fare una tal cosa a noi. Displeases me, perché siete l'unica famiglia che ho lasciato. Sentire parlare il vostro mother' l'omicidio di s era più di potrei trattare ed ora lo abbandonate pure. Non ci è honour ora lasciato in questa famiglia.
Ora dò voi ma un ordine. A casa ora venga! Se non siete qui prima dei sette giorni di ricezione del questo e saprò quando avete, dato che io ho miei propri contatti nel servizio postale nella zona voi in tensione dentro, quindi verrò personalmente per voi. Nessuno rimarranno vivi che si levino in piedi fra me e voi, sono equipaggiano, donna o bambino.
Venga a casa!
General Collins
I sighed and then read the more easier letter from Jason. Reaching for a pen and a piece of paper on the tidy desk in my own study, I quickly penned a reply to Jason.
Dear Jason,
That was a lovely poem that you sent me, and I am glad to hear that you are well still though you are far from me. I have gotten a letter from my father and it was not pleasant at all. You remember I told you that he would not let me get away with it for long, don't you?
Well the day that he chooses to strike at me for this betrayal as he would call it has come. This strike he made was in words in the letter I just read. He was not pleased to hear of my joining the Australian Army Forces what so ever. There was a not so subtle threat at the end and the last place I am safe now is here in Australia. I will not obey my father as to do so would show a fear of him that I never have had.
I do not know what I shall do at the moment and he has given me so short a time to go home, timeframe being a week from opening the letter from him. He somehow managed to get his own spies into the mail service here. I am glad for that reason that this will not go through the mail service to get to you.
The time worries me though, and I shall have to tell General Auraka about this. Sadly showing him the letter from my father will not be the easiest thing to do, as it is completely written in Italian and I will have to translate it word for word.
I hope that you have some suggestions for me, as my father has threatened a lot of innocent Australians in his letter to me.
I will also be telling Auraka about the others still giving me hell trouble.
I love you,
OOC: letter translation
To my Daughter,
This is not a good thing for me to have to write to you. And the reason I am sending this to you in the first place saddens me to hear of it. I found out not long ago from an old family freind, General Hawksong that you have changed sides in the war that we are all fighting in Italy.
I am very displeased by this and wish to know your reasoning for doing such a thing to us. It displeases me, because you are the only family I have left. Hearing of your mother's murder was more than I could handle and now you desert me as well. There is no honour left in this family now.
Now I give you but one order. Come home now! If you are not here before seven days of recieving this, and I shall know when you have, for I have my own contacts in the postal service in the area you live in, then I shall come for you personally. No one shall stay alive that stands between me and you, be they man, woman or child.
Come home!
General Collins

Jason took the letter, reading it quickly and sighed. He loved her familar hand writing now, it was the glory to the end of a bloody week.
Dear Naina, he pened neatly.
It is a problem that, I guess, could not be stopped. We, ourselves, have spies over Italy lines and so it doesnt suprise me that he does as well.
I know its hard, but you must show these things to Auraka right away. He will be able to keep you safe from your father as well as many other things.
I love you, please stay safe.
Auraka tapped his desk, re-checking the numbers he already had a million times. He just didn't have enough, there just wasn't enough people.
A hand ran though his hair, wishing he didn't have to do what he was about to.
He pressed the button, ringing the recpition outside.
"Get me Naina Collins," he said and the young beauty hurried to comply.
Jason had lost his second in command, he needed another and he only had two people good enough to fill the spot. Audrey Chase who was studying and unable to fight and Naina Collins.

Naina Collins
When I found out that Auraka wanted me I was headed there anyways. I knew that there were things he had to know. I was being watched and that was something I did not like.
I smiled though as I got to the office and opened the door. Didn't take me long to move over to the desk.
"General Auraka sent for me?"

"Oh yes, Naina Collins," the young lady said, standing and leading the girl stifly towards the room. She had been this way since the General had gotten married.
"General Auraka, Naina Collins here to see you," she said and pushed the door opened, nodding for her to enter.
Auraka stood, smiling in a fatherly fashion as she entered, gesturing to the seat before him.
"Sit Naina," he said sitting himself with a quiet sigh "I have a few things I need to talk to you about."

Naina Collins
I nodded and sat down. "Yes well there is something I ought to tell you about as well. Though Jason was the one who told me to tell you, else I would not have thought to bother you about it."
I wondered why he had called me here though. The last time he had had me in here, I'd fallen for some idiot's prank and nearly shot my own foot.
Not a pleasent memory.

He nodded slightly, able to guess at least a small meaning behind what she said.
"I understand, but let me speak to you of this first then you may talk to your hearts content," he said with a nod, pulling some papers closer to read once more.
"Jason lost his second in comand, and well he needs someone," he sighed rubbing his frowning forehead.
"I only have two people free who are good enough for such a rank," he looked at her "both you and Audrey Chase. But, as you know Audrey is studying half a world away and that leaves you."
"But, you are not of a high enough rank, so from now you are now a Lieutenant and shall be Jason's second in command...you'll leave tomorrow first thing," he said and rested back in his chair.
"Now, what is this problem of yours?" he asked

Naina Collins
My eyes widened as I listened to him. This was something of a surprise for me at the moment. Who would have thought i would end up going out there?
"When do I have to go?"
I sighed and then thought about the other issue. "I checked my mail this morning and got a very bothersome letter from my father."
I sighed, and put a piece of paper on the desk. "This one's in my own hand, but its translated from the letter than my father sent. he was not overly nice about finding out that I am in here."

He waved his hand, reading only the orignal letter other then the translated one.
"You forget Naina," he grinned looking up for a small moment "that I also learnt this tounge and Gem has helped improved it even more."
He read the letter quickly, nodded and rested his head in his hands for a short moment.
"Well, you'll be safe for a while at least with Jason...though I doubt he'll be happy I'm sending you, I haven't told him yet you see..." he paused "but..do you have any photos? Just so I can keep an eye out for such a man, for if he is threatening my men and woman as such he will have to pay for it."

Naina Collins
"I had the feeling you would say that. So I brought one anyways." I smiled and passed him a small photo of my father. "Don't under estimate him. He has been in this sort of thing for over 40 years now. Even Gem's father is nothing in comparison to him."
I sighed thinking about this. "Sometimes I forget about the fact Gem would have taught you."
Then I said one more thing. "I think you may be right about Jason not liking this at all."

Auraka studied the photo for a moment before placing it back onto his desk.
"Thank you," he said and nodded "she asks about you from time to time...come over one time when you return to meet the kids."
He looked at her in silence for a moment and nodded slowly.
"So the rumors are true?" he asked "you to are dating?"

Naina Collins
I blushed as mucha s I tried not to. That would only make things worse. "Yeah we kind of are..."
I sighed looking at the grounds a little embararrassed by the question. "And I will. We've got plenty of time to catch up on, Gem and I."
At least I did not try and hide things any more. "I had a feeling people knew after he left. Was not exactly hidden that day."

He watched with amusement as the colour raced though her cheeks.
"Good for you, and him," he said "never seen him with a girl Naina, good and respectful person mind that you take care of him."
He smiled and nodded to the door, giving her to go ahead to leave.
"Flight field, 0600," he said "don't be late."

Naina Collins
"I'll be there and on time. You can count on that, sir." I smiled, glad my cheeks were not hot any more. That had been very embarrassing. "You know i will take care of him." I never failed in what ever job I was given. And I did not plan to now.
Not a chance of that this time. "I did not want him to go either!"
Without Audrey here, there was no chance that I would be late over there this time. I had no family to warn. I was worried about what my father would dare to do.

He nodded to the door once more.
"I know that girl," he murmered with a sigh.

Jason searched the bags once more, unable to find the letter he had been waiting days for.
"Sorry Jason, no letters for you," said the lad and Jason sighed.
"You sure Hamish?" he asked "completely sure?"
He nodded his head.
"Thank you, if anything comes please bring it right away," he said and got a nod in return. Had anything happened to her? What had happened? Had her father taken her? Was everyone okay? Had she told Auraka?
He shook his head, trying to stop the flood of questions.

I sighed as I looked at the approaching ground with a wary eye. Things certainly looked bad from up here, that much I could tell. This was going to be no easy time for me, but I would be able to handle this only too easily.
Fighting was something that I was used to. It had been many years since I had first picked up a weapon for the first time. Now though as I got out of the plane on the battlefield, I sighed. Yes this felt like the older days. Days when I was fighting and killing.
This time though, blood would be shed by my own hands, instead of over the radio.

He sat at his makeshift desk, pushing the piles of paper away and sighed. He couldn't concentrate, not knowing she was okay.
Nothing made sense without her.
He stood, deciding to go search for his new 2nd in command, knowing they should already be here.
He rose from his chair, leaving the large tent and froze.
"Naina," he whispered, noting the new rank on her shoulder.
"Lieutenant Naina," he called, pausing before her, trying to control his rolling emotions.

Naina Collins
"Lieutenant General Jason." I did not smile, else that would have given things away. "I was told by General Auraka that you lost your second in command. Therefore he sent me."
I did not know all that much about how things really were out here but that I would figure out soon enough. This was not the easiest of things for me to do. Having to work under him would not be easy.
I was glad though to see he was indeed not hurt in the slightest.

His mouth opened and closed in suprise, and knew that people were watching.
"Okay then, meet me in my tent in around an hour," he said with a formal nod, walking off though he wished to hold her close.
His tent, for his command, was the biggest tent due to the painful fact of paperwork and people coming and going so much.
He had another tent, but it was clear which one he ment.
She was okay. His heart fluttered at the words, but he had to wonder why she hadn't written. But then it clicked, there was no point for she was on her way here. Was this Auraka's way of keeping her safe? Sending her to the middle of the worst fighting at the current time?

Naina Collins
I nodded, and headed off to find the tent I had been allocated. I knew that he had been worried about me when I did not write back to him after that troublesome letter about my father.
Now he knew why i did not write back. There really had been no point.
After asking one of the others where the tent was I managed to find the way over, not running late, and knocked on the firm canvas door.

He waited nervously,mind running a million things at once while he waited. She was here, the current most dangerous field in the world. Of course she was here, he rolled his eyes at the thought. Danger fiend.
There was a knock on the door and he nodded for someone to let her in, he had just finished speaking to one of his command who was asking to be sent home, his wife was about to give birth.
He waited as she entered, watching her neat and graceful strides and sighed, nodding for the others to leave.

Naina Collins
I sighed as I entered the tent, watching as the other men filed out, some of them staring at me in disbelief. I had just jumped seven ranks after all. Something that was even unheard of even in Italy herself. I knew though from the moment I had gotten onto that palne, which was now on its way back to Australia, that someone had been watching me. One of my father's spies.
Not a good thing at all. The guy would be well on his way back to his father now. He likely even knew where I was. If so then Germany would find their Italian allies coming in to help. Well until I was captured. Nothing else would matter to my father.
I looked over at him, noticing once more how dirt seemed stuck to all his exposed skin. Then I saluted and waited for him to speak.

General Matthew Collins
Well this was the last straw. She was in the fighting against one of my allies was she? Well then, for that she would be punished like any traitor before her. A Lieutenant as well, not far off her old rank. That would not be an issue though for me. I was used to picking off certain people.
"Give the orders. We move to help our German allies in the fight against the Australian invaders on their territory."
One of my men, who held Naina's old rank here, ran from the room. I sighed and walked out after him, summoning a few people as well. I also got the person who was in Naina's place here. The guy was a cunning man, and he was doing the same things my daughter had pulled off most excellently. The Australian's were losing men and they would not last much longer before I placed the crushing blow.

Jason watched her carefully, his green eyes bright under his dirty skin. She seemed different, but not to different. Once the room was empty, he relaxed his stance and smiled slightly.
"It is good to see you safe Naina," he murmered and motioned for her to come closer.
"Tell me, is this Auraka's plan of keeping you safe? Or did this happen anyways?" he asked, watching her every move and knew how very alive she seemed.
Soon, he could hold it no longer. He stood, going to her and pulled her into a hug.
"Oh how I have missed you," he whispered

Naina Collins
"This has nothing to do with my father. Though I have the feeling my father knows that I am here. Auraka sent for me, about the same time after you told me to tell him of what my father said in that letter of yours."
I smiled at him though, knowing he had worried about me, since I had not written back to him. “There was not really any point in writing back that time seeing as I had to fly here the next day."
He came over to me, wrapping his arms around me. "I missed you as well," I whispered back to him. "Only thing is, Auraka figured us out." My voice was low still, not hearable outside.
I smiled up at him. "He knows though about my father."

He nodded "It would suprise me if Auraka didn't know," he smiled slightly.
"Auraka always knows everything....even if he asks, he already knows," he chuckled remembering how he had figured it out himself.
He paused, meeting her soft gaze.
"I understand," he said quietly, stepping back slightly to sit back down behind his desk.
"Sit," he said loud enough for those outside to hear.

Naina Collins
I smiled though I knew this was hardly the easiest place for him to know I was. At least now there was a chance for me to ... again... prove I was no enemy. It got no easier with time, but it would one day.
"There is something you should know. I saw another plane heading in another direction. Sad to say i recognised it, from my past. It was the plane my father used when he is going to fight. Italian."
I sat down though opposite him when he told me to.

He looked at her for a moment, unblinking and swore.
"Heading this way?" he asked jumping to his feet.
He frowned, looking down at her before falling back into his seat.
"Just what we need," he muttered.

Naina Collins
I sighed, explaining in a very quiet voice what my father would likely try to do. "I would assume they are going to come this way sometime soon. If I know anything about the way my people treat those who have betrayed them, its not going to be pretty on my end. And betrayed them I have, I know that to be fact. People who betray that army by joining another nations, will get assassinated. Not always by bullets either. Poison, arson, you name it, I've got it coming for me and me alone."
I sighed. "And knowing who is the one hunting me down, things got bad for everyone here. My father won't care about the rest of you here. He'll do whatever it takes to ensure my death. Though I know that the other's that are of his rank won't approve of this, especially the General you met at General Auraka's wedding. I was one of his favourites, if you'll recall."
There was a lot of wieght on my shoulders now, but it was one that usually I could handle.
"I was their best, and they won't get me easily. If there was some way for them to give them a clear warning that I know they're here, they might back off. But I can think of none that I can do other than showing my face in their camp. To do so, would be suicide."
My shoulders slumped as I thought about what was happening and what was not. This would be no easy thing for me to get out of and not see all these people, who I cared about, killed.

He nodded quickly, a plan already forming.
"Okay, as soon as you leave here I want you to head to the food tents, take a whole heap of things. Enough to last you a few weeks if you ration it," he paused pulling out a loose sheet of paper.
"You'll need to show this..." he said writing a short note and signing it "for they wont let you take a thing without permission."
His fingers thrummed against the desk, thinking quickly for he had to. He noted her shoulders slumping and stood, giving her a gentle hug.
"I'll do what I can love," he murmered, guessing what she was thinking about.
He let her go, sitting back down and slid the note across to her.
"Go do this, drop it off in my tent...next to this one...and return here," he said with a smile.
"Be careful," he said before adding louder "dismissed."

Naina Collins
I knew that he had not like the things that I had just told him about but that was something that i could not avoid. All I knew was that there was no chance my father would be fooled. He was the one who always went when someone did what I had done to them. And always, he had succeeded in eradicating a pest like me.
This I did not say, instead nodding and leaving the tent.
The thing that had taken me longest was learning my way around the camp. Not many had been interested in telling me where to go, they did not really trust me.
Finally though, I knocked on Jason's tent again.

Jason watched her go, eyes following her graceful strides and a sigh of want filled him.
He didn't want to hide anymore, but it was for her safety that they did.
After she was gone, he pulled the towering piles of paper closer. Reading over them and signing when needed.
There was a knock on the tent and his head lifted, wondering if it was her already.
"Enter," he called pushing the papers away once more.

Naina Collins
I felt like I was being watched, every moment i was in that camp. did not help that much, knowing that no one still trusted me. That was really starting to get annoying, having all those eyes following me around the whole time.
I smiled though as the tent closed behind me again, blocking all those damn eyes. "You know, its not getting any easier for anyone out there to even trust me." I knew i was a girl, but I knew more than they ever seemed to give me credit for. I could end this war, so easily, on my own and no one knew that.
Nor would I ever let that knowledge show on my face. I would not be used ever again. Not forced to anyway. My own choice though was a different matter.

"Lieutenant Collins, please sit," he said with a small nod towards the back of the tent. He hoped she understood, people were listening and would think carefully before she spoke.
"Did you finish your errands?" he asked carefully, fingers thrumming on the desk before writing her a note as he spoke, making it seem as if he was just doing more paperwork.
People listening. Higher rank. Be careful. Might be spy.
He slid it towards her after she sat, making it look as if he was just piling it with the other things.

I knew what he meant by that note. There could be people who were watching me in particular. I knew there were, they were not hiding exactly.
"I did, sir." It was easier I guessed for me to hide what was going on in my head than it likely was for him. Not that I really cared about that. Hiding was something I was good at, and I was sure he was aware about that though.
I sighed though, thinking about some of the things that I knew that my father might try. I had seen a few faces out there who were not really in this group. He had men already in here, watching my every move.

He nodded sharply, taking another piece of paper and writing.
"Good," he said "you may go."
He wrote quickly during his pause, seeming to concentrate on the wording of the senctence but in truth he was giving her a command.
"Oh, head over to the east command," he said and met her gaze and slid the note into her hand.
"I shall meet you there is....1 hour, but I want everything ready before I get there." He nodded once and looked pointedly at the note.
Don't go east, they are waiting for you. Go north, 50 of my most loyal men are waiting there. They already know what is happening and no one will harm you, stay with them until I come. Stay safe.

Naina Collins
I sighed as I thought about the things he had said to me at the moment. Was going to be a long time before I felt safe even here. This was a place I ought to be safe, but I knew that in truth, I was not. Not until either I died, or my father did.
"Is that all for the moment, sir?" I hoped there was not much else he wanted me to know, though he knew that I would do as he asked of me without worry.

Jason looked at her, eyes soft for his watchers could not see him. Be careful, he mouthed and nodded firmly.
“Dismissed,” he said, looking down at the papers once more. His eyes flickered back to her, though his head stayed titled, waiting for her to leave.
He pretended that she wasn’t there, as a normal general would, and continued on with his work. Hoping that his men would keep her safe.

I sighed and left the tent, aiming for the direction he had told me to go. He knew at least that no one would get a chance at me if i knew anything at all about this sort of thing. He knew me better than that though. After all he was the one who knew most about me, though he might not believe so.
I moved quickly though, moving towards where he had told me to go. Wouldn’t take me long to figure the place out. I knew how to deal with the people that tried to annoy me.

He watched her go quietly, counting down until he could leave and safely without the men following him. He hoped she thought to not go directly, rather lead the spies on a roundabout search, hoping to lose them on the way.
He glanced at the clock, nodding to himself that all was good and pulled on his jacket. His rank flashed to all those that didn’t know him, and salutes rained down in his direction. The words ‘at ease’ seemed to drain him that much more.
Enough being halted, he jogged though the camp knowing that no one would stop a fast moving higher ranked man.
He headed north, not caring for the mud which hit his shoes nor the now falling heavily rain.
He came at the back of the group, and they parted to let him to their lead. They all respected him, trusted him. They were his most loyal men.

I knew better than to go there directly of course. I did not want to cause any trouble, nor make it easy for the people I knew worked for my father to follow me. Though that was a hindrance that I did not like to have around me
It was not the easiest of things, working through this sort of a thing, but at least I knew how to cover my own trail. Every time I moved around the encampment, I made sure to not go anywhere directly.
Even so it did not take me all that long to get to the group I was meant to go to. Hopefully there would be nothing bad that happened here. I did not want to have to do any explaining at all.
That was the one thing I hated most here.
Though it started to rain, I ignored that. Rain was something I was used to, and i knew that would surprise these other men than I was not worried in the slightest about getting wet, nor muddy.

Jason nodded to Naina and then to his other men, met with a chorus of hellos and hey generals.
“You know why you are here, you know the reason why and the reasons behind it,” he said quietly, just loud enough for them to all hear.
“I know you might not all trust her, but you need to,” he said, but there was no complaints “she will fight with you, and you will with her. You need to show the others that things can change, that she is truly one of us.” He met eyes with everyone in the group.
“This is for the good of the army,” he said firmly “and she is one of us.”
There was a silent pause, he had everyone’s attention now.
“You will respect her, treat her as a member of this team,” he sighed “prove me wrong boys, prove the whole army wrong.”
He grinned suddenly with a wink “and the sooner this happens, the sooner we get to head home.”

Naina Collins
I listened to what he said easily. I understood what he was telling them, and it was...
All of a sudden my eyes caught movement away from the rest of the group, and away from the tents. I could easily see a group of men coming and they were not any friends of us. I did not say anything though, I was not sure if he was finished or not. My gaze flicked back to the group who stood with me, continually flickering away to check on the group i had noticed.
If they were who i thought they were, then we were in trouble. There were about one hundred of them moving in this direction. Not a good thing for us.

Jason noticed the movement as well, halting in his speach and staring over their heads.
"Turn and guns at ready!" he shouted, they neatly followed his orders without questions. He had their respect, and lives if he wished.
He looked for their leader, knowing he wouldn't be in the front line but couldn't see anyone needed.
"Aim!" he yelled and they did, the next words laced his tounge. These were no friends of theres, he knew that much...but who were they.
They kept coming closer, but he held in the words.
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Naina Collins
I gulped as I recognized several of the faces facing me. Some of them had never wanted me to leave. My eyes moved along the group of Italian soldiers, searching for the one face that would be commanding them.
My eyes met his narrowed ones at the same time he spotted me. "L'uccisione tutti esclude i due capi!" the man hissed to his men. "La voglio viva!"
I gasped,realizing what he had just said.
"Not good," I muttered, a little shocked my how heartless my father was being. He cared not about the men with him!
L'uccisione tutti esclude i due capi! - Kill all of them except the two leaders! La voglio viva! - I want her alive!

"FIRE!" he yelled and the blast of guns went off around him. His men, his barely 100 top men, pushed to the front shooting them off easily.
He knew enough of her first language to understand what the word 'kill' was.
He was safe as was she...until they got their hands on her.
Glad he had remembered his own weapon, he pulled it from his shoulder and joined in with the chorus of shots.
"Which one's your father?" he asked Naina, wanting to keep the man alive to at least question.

I sighed as I fought back as well, knowing the way those men were feinting at us only too well. I had been in there before, in that group.
"The one lurking right at the back, with the longer bronze hair," I replied. I knew nearly everything they could throw at my own side, and none of it would work on me. “You won't be able to capture him either. Soon we will be outnumbered, badly.” At least I knew that Jason knew likely as much as I did about this sort of thing.
I seemed to snarl, remembering my older days, killing without worrying about who I was fighting. Looking like my other side was going to really show itself again, though I had worked so hard to subdue it this time. That lioness was coming back once more. Not that I was too pleased about that one. And like me, my father was the same, only he was the male version of me.
Though I had my weapon focussed on the hundred men that were in front of the group, my eyes were also checking behind us and to either side every now and again. Sure enough, others were moving to cut us off, both Italian and German soldiers. At least a hundred men coming from every possible direction.
"They're not aiming at me or you. I heard what my father said to them before you opened fire. He said to kill everyone in this group but the two leaders. Which is us." I groaned. "He also said he wants me... alive." Not that I was going to allow him to take me out of the fighting. Such a thing would not happen. “I know one thing, if he gets me, I won't stay alive for long.”
This was going to get very personal soon enough. We would not get much of a change against him this time. One bullet shot past my ear and I saw who lowered their gun from the bullet. My father had sent it. I knew what that meant. As soon as he had me back in his camp, he would execute me.
What he would do to Jason though, I had no way of knowing. I was not though, going to let him get away with it. My father knew that if it came down to a direct attack between himself and me, I would be the one left standing, though I would be wounded. I was too quick and deadly for such a confrontation!

He looked at her, nodded sharply and put it finger to his lips, letting out a wild whistle. Men, his trusted me, poored towards the killing grounds.
"Well, good thing I'm loved," he said joining in the fighting with a wild punch now and then.
"Get your father, take care," he yelled to her before disappearing into the battle. He knew she would be safe, his men needed him more.

Naina Collins
I nodded though I knew that going after him would not be easy. Too many of these men knew me and would try and kill me if they could. I sighed though and dodged through a gap, knowing how to deal with more than one man. I would not be taken down easily and i knew that Jason was aware of that.
"Ack!" I gasped as something tore into my lower leg, I had not gotten far from the others either. I looked down and there, in my calf was one of the bullets. Glancing upp, my father was gone completely.

"General," came a panting voice "she's been hit."
Jason looked at the boy, barely a man, and nodded. Thanking him he ran though the fighting, trying to advoid being caught in contact.
A few times he was forced to stop, help a struggling man of his.
By the end of his run, he had a few good men following him. As much as some of them hated her, they knew what would happen if she went over to emeny lines.
The fighting, as always, was all around her. He paused, ordering his men sharply before running to her side.
"Naina," he said searching her face "you okay?" he asked as the men circled around them, trying to protect their leaders.

I winced as I fell over, rolling over quickly, looking where the bullet had come from. One bullet left my gun and hit the man that had gotten me, killing him instantly. Not that I cared.
Then I looked down at my right leg and hissed at the slight pain that was I was starting to realise was there. I winced, one hand shifting to squeeze the spot that I knew that had copped the bullet. At least by doing that I'd be able to stop some of my own blood from escaping from leg. I could still feel the annoying thing in me.
Then I saw several people coming that were on my side of this, and in good timing as well. Several of the other Italian men had appeared and had seen me fall and had move to try and catch me. This time I got lucky and I knew that.
Things moved fairly quickly before I knew no one more than Jason was talking to me. "I'll live, I got lucky, I'll be back to normal by the morning I think. I just got a bullet in my right lower calf. Guys dead that did it, I got him for it."

"Good," he agreed, pulling his belt off and strapped it around her calf to stop the bloodflow.
"You know as well as I how things can get nasty," he said before she could protest and stood once more, aiming at each man in turn.
It seemed their numbers had shrunk, which was a good thing, but there still wasn't enough.
"Echelon!" he shouted and the men moved to file into the called formation. It was easier now, picking off targets at a time.
More men, his men, poured into the clearing and joined the formation.

Naina Collins
I was a little proud of myself for not crying from the painful thing, but that was not something I had gotten used to. I guessed it was because I'd become my old self at least.
"Damn my father for slipping away like that! I muttered. He was long gone, without a chance of being tracked, I was the only one who knew him well enough to be able to.
more than once an enemy fell, struck through the knee from a bullet from my own weapon, finished off by a killing one from me

Jason looked down at her and nodded sharply.
"We'll get him," he told her as the last of his men captured the last of the soldiers.
"Take them to the cells, but treat them well," he told them sternly, taking in the faces so he knew to blame if they were injured.
"We wont harm you, unless you give us reason," he told the wary soldiers gently.
"Were not savages," he said nodding for them to go before turning to Naina.
"Come on, lets get that leg looked at," he said checking the bodies around them with a sigh.
"Get clean up Hamish," he nodded to his man before looking at Naina once more.

Naina Collins
"If someone hadn't shot me in the leg I'd have been able to track him with no trouble. I'm the only one who know's his little tricks to try and throw someone off who might be following him. Always tomorrow though."
At least all these guys would know now that I was tougher than most guys, I had not shed one single tear yet though I had gotten a pretty painful injury.
I sighed, setting the safety switch on my weapon, knowing the fight was over for now.
"None of those guys you ccaught know me. No Italian faces."

His eyes followed the soldiers and nodded slightly.
"Good, you can be there for questioning if you wish," he said and looked at her from the corner of his eyes.
"Come on, before that leg needs to be taken off," he said wrapping an arm around her shoulder and helped her limp.
He sighed "could I just carry you...might make it easier..." he said.

Naina Collins
I nodded, not really trusting my voice at the moment. It was more than a little painful, but that was something I could cope with at least. Managing to control my voice though, I said, "That might make it easier, yeah. I don't know their language though, my father did unfortunately. Probably told them things that he ordered them not to say. I won't be any help there."
I definately did not want to lose my leg either. That would be humiliating. I was not that bad though. "And I doubt that will happen. I heal too quick. anyone with my background does."

"To bad," he said scooping her up into his arms and carried her easily towards the healers tent.
He dropped her on the bed, waiting for a not so busy nurse for the rest were dealing with worse cases.
"Bullet in the calf," he said and the young nurse nodded.
"Shocked?" she asked and he shook his head.
"Not yet, pulled out her gun and kept fighting," he said and the nurse nodded.
"Can you feel this?" the nurse asked Naina, squeasing her toes.

Alexa Collins
"yeah I can feel that." I knew it was not as bad as it could have been this time. I got lucky I knew that much. This would not take me very long to heal from.
I sighed though, I knew I was a lot tougher than some of the people I knew that fought for ym old homeland. A homeland that wanted me dead.
A lot of them would have left the army after getting something like this. "I've had this happen to me before. I'll recover pretty quickly," I told jason.

The nurse looked at her in suprise.
"Okay.." she said and looked at the wound before cleaning around it.
"Is the bullet still in there? Do you know?" she asked and Jason stood behind her, watching Naina's every move.

Naina Collins
"I think its gone. I can't feel the nasty thing in there anymore." I smiled a little bit, amused by the surprise on her face. "I may not be a familiar face here at the encampment, but I've been in battle before."
I knew there was a scar on my other calf from the same injury a few years back. At least I was the one who was used to this sort of thing, because I was not wincing or anything as she worked to clean it up.

"Hmm," the nurse tutted "I'm going to need to check that..for stitches only help if theirs nothing inside."
She looked at her for a moment.
"That means a local," she said pointedly and prepped a needle. Jason blinked, looking away from the needle and smiled at Naina.
He wasn't the biggest fan of needles. Though it was funny how a man fought war every day since he was 18, but still feared needles.

Naina Collins
I shrugged. "Go ahead." I ignored the needle, Oi was used to them and i did not care about them much. I smiled though as I looked at Jason. "What don't you needles or something?"
I knew better than to tease him at the moment. This was not something that would be a good idea at the moment. At least I knew that some of the people here actually cared about me at the moment.

He shrugged.
"Not their biggest fan, thats for sure," he said as the needle pushed though her flesh and the nurse began to dig around in the wound.
"Ha," the nurse said there was a clunk as she placed the bullet into the metal bowl.
"There we are, nicely done," she said and cleaned up the wound, stiching the sides together.
"All done, try not to walk on it for a few days at least," she told Naina before rushing off to help others.

Naina Collins
I sighed as I heard that remark at the end. I was not a lazy person by nature, and seriously with my bringing up how could you expect anything else from someone with my background? Only Jason knew everything about me.
At least I knew I would have recovered soon enough. That was something I was getting used to at the moment. I did not say anything in complaint though, I knew nothing when it came to that sort of thing.

Jason thanked the nurse, sitting on the bench beside Naina for a moment.
"You okay?" he asked, knowing she didn't like to admit such things.
"So you don't feel lazy," he smiled "you can help with some paper work..but I think that was the end. I think the war is over.."
He smiled at her gently.
"Come on, your tent is the dark one beside mine in case you didn't know," he said and looped an arm over her shoulders.

Naina Collins
"I'll be fine." I smiled though, showing that i was not hurting any more. At least not at a level that annoyed me right now. There was nothing that was annoying me all that much at the moment. I sighed though, thinking about things. "That won't be the end of it. If I know one thing, he won't stop until he has me... and that he cares not how many people die before that happens."
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