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 Gem and Auraka [kanny]

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PostSubject: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 7:12 pm

I ran through the woods, enjoying every moment under the trees. Cross country running was one of the running activities i sometimes partook in. I was more of an archer though.
People had seen me down at the local archery range working hard at my archery skills. Some saw me as a very good archer, but for me it was simply a hobby. There was the occasional competition, but i usually left that to the better archers.
I was no competitor. But you may be sure, I was always watching when there was archery on television. That was something i loved to watch, to see if I could learn anything better.
I burst out of the woods, and started to jog casually towards where my car waited for me, a little Suzuki Swift, that was steel grey.

Auraka. Lamya.
"One hundred and one, one hundred and two...." he counted quietly to himself, his body lowing and chest brushing the hard ground before lifting once more.
The time quickly past, but he didn't tire nor stop. His tough and well trained body used to worse conditions. The sensitve ears heard approaching footsteps, and yet he continued. Not much was a threat here, nothing was unless it was on the field.
Quick as a rabbit, he lept back onto his feet. Sweat poured from his face, but he ignored it. A friendly smile grew on his maw, the green-grey eyes kind and warm as he peered around the forests edge.
He met her gaze, suprised by the beauty and warmth that laid there. But he wasn't any old guy, he was the old fashioned gentleman.
"Greetings miss," he said quietly and nodded to her before jogging past. Her eyes followed him, the soft Carolina blue stuck in his memory.
The large hand moved easily though the crew cut hairstyle and a sigh left his mouth. He didn't have times for girls, he was about to be deported to Iran for all he knew.

Gem Hawksong
I stopped for a moment when i heard someone talk to me. I needed a break from running as it was. Though I liked archery, it likely showed because my arms were muscled, slightly more than the average woman's.
I smiled as he spoke to me and then said, "Hi there." He kept on jogging so I continued on my way back to my little car. There was definately something about the guy this he was a stranger that seemed to lure me.
I paused at my car, going to the boot and getting one of my towls out and putting it on my seat before getting in.

Auraka. Lamya.
" Then it’s hi! hi! hey!
The Army’s on its way.
Count off the cadence loud and strong; (two! three!)
For where’er we go,
You will always know" he chanted to himself, the old armysong was still used today. He, somehow, loved the old and hard ways of the camp. His mates, not just friends, were people he trusted with his life.
His men depended on his choices to survie. He was a General, one for the books.
He sighed quietly wiping the sweat, which now drenched his shirt, from his face. He was back where he started. The path though the forest was simple and yet hard. The steep hills puzzled together with loose rocks was a challenge for anyone, even a high trained soldier.
The grey-green orbs roamed and he noticed that girl was still here. His eyes traced her shape, pausing slightly as he noticed the muscled arms. A Runner? Maybe she was boxer? He shrugged to himself, it didn't matter.
Pressing the button on the keys, he popped open the boot and pulled out a towel and drying himself.
He glanced over at her once more, and leaned against his car. Watching her.

Gem Hawksong
The guy came back out from the tracks, I could see him. I hadn't left yet, I was thinking about going to that tree stump I had hidden in the woods away from any walking tracks. That had always been my target these last few months.
Getting out of the car, I unlocked the boot and carefuly lifted out the long slender bag that held my bow and rather shoddy hand made quiver of arrows. I would not go walking around with the bow in plain sight, but anyone would know that it was an archery bag. Unless of course they had never seen a bag like it.
I slipped it over one shoulder and after locking the car, started walking back to the track entrance which was pretty close to that guy.

Auraka. Lamya.
A hunter? An eyebrow rose once again in suprise and the head shook as it breathed a chuckle. Anyone with a brain could tell that it was a bow and arrow type bag, but that wasn't what had him amused.
"There is no hunting in these woods," he said quietly as she past. He wasn't one to talk, nor tell off others. But the idea of this lady going into the woods, and killing animals seemed crazy?
As she came closer, he noticed her figure. She was graceful, topped with she owned the world confidence. She didn't seem the killing kind, no. She seemed like the pretty, girly type. Maybe athletic?
He smiled kindly, watching her walk down the path.

Gem Hawksong
I jumped in surprise as he said that and stopped at the track entrance nearby. “I’m no hunter.” I couldn’t stand the smell of blood so there was no chance of that being what I did out here. I loved nature and couldn’t bear to hurt it. The tree stump I used was already dead so that did not count as something alive as a part of nature.
“Not many people in these parts know what kind of bag I've got with me, so you kind of surprised me.” It was true not many people did this kind of sport in town. I think I was the only one.

Auraka. Lamya.
He paused, sorry for startling her.
"Sorry Miss," he said sheepishly "I didn't mean to startle you.."
He was so polite, maybe it was because of his army training? Maybe it was how being only 20 he was already at one of the highest ranks.
"Yes Miss, not many people can tell...but I have been in the army for a few years now and we are taught to identify such weapons."
He bowed his head, standing tall as he normally would at attention.
"If it would not be to rude to ask, may I know where you are going and why?" he said somewhat shyly. He was such a kind, gentle soul, it was suprising that he was in the army. He didn't seem to be able to hurt a fly, let alone kill on the battle field.
"Major General Auraka," he said and nodded to her, a twinkle in his eye "Or just Auraka Miss."

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him though as he spoke. “No don’t worry about it. I've had people recognise this sort of thing at times as it. You caught me off guard that’s all.”
Hmm how to respond to that question would be the issue. He seemed a little interested in where I was going, and was certainly being polite. I wondered what made him more polite than the other guys I knew...
“Down the track a bit and then off of it. I have somewhere that I practise in the woods, away from any of the trails.” I grinned. “I don’t want any arrows going awry and hurting someone.”

Auraka. Layma.
He nodded, thinking and his eyes flicked back to the forest before returning to her.
"Would you mind if I came?" he asked polietly, smiling a kind, warm grin.
He was lost, that was clear to him, in her beautiful voice. If not her voice, her eyes. Not the eyes, the long golden curles.
He wondered if she was any good. Maybe it was just a hobby, or maybe she had some talent. If you could call shooting objects a talent.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes widened. I’d never had anyone talk to me that had any interest in the sport I liked. For a moment I stood there completely stunned. Was he really being friendly to me? Or was this some sort of a joke? One though stopped that one; he was too nice to play tricks on me.
“Sure, you can come, Aruaka. My name’s Gem Hawskong.” I smiled at him. There was no point in saying no. He’d easily catch up to me, he looked very strong and fit. A lot fitter than I was personally.
“I don’t think I've seen you around before.”

Auraka. Lamya.
The head shook slightly.
"No Miss, you wouldn't of. I just returned form the field...Iraq about four days ago," he said, turning to face her and giving her a look at his newest scar which ran from his temple and down past his nose and onto his chin.
It was a ugly but seemed to match his handsome face, the kind eyes were all that were needed to see he had a kind soul. The scars, once you were past noticing them, did not matter. He didn't try and hide from the world, it didn't matter on the field.
A hand ran though his short hair, his large hands calloused from holding weapons for so long.
"Thank you," he said, pushing away from the car and meeting her gaze, smiling lightly.
With slow strides, for he was that much taller then her, he thought in silence. Gem. Such a odd yet lovely name.
"Are you any good? I mean, how long have you been doing archery for Miss?" he asked into the sudden silence, slowing his strides slightly more.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled, not reacting to the scar I could easily see on his face. I could tell that he was not a mean guy, his eyes told me really who he was. There was no escaping what your eyes told others about you.
“That would explain why I have not seen you around before. I have not lived here all that long.” I smiled though as we started to move along the trail, I knew where to leave the trail.
I blushed though when he asked me if I was any good. “People say that I have the potential to be really good, but I do not believe them.”
I turned away from the track and moved through the bush a bit. Bright light could be seen not far ahead, where there was an open clearing. I stopped at the edge, seeing as I was at the opposite side as the stump.
I lowered my bag to ground and unzipped it.
For one who did not compete all that much, my bow was slender and beautifully carved, similar to that of what you say Legolas use in the Lord of the Rings movies.
It was the very same bow in fact from the movie. One of a kind. I'd bought it at an auction after the moves were all made...

Auraka. Lamya.
A gentle smile crept upon his once handsome face, the eyes watching her movements and ran along the bows length with appreaction.
"Show us then...if you don't mind Miss," he said, the same watching smile upon his maw.
The eyes fluttered shut, imaging himself taking the bow and shooting with it. He had learnt how, but that had been a long time ago. He wondered if he still could.
With a gesture of his head, he waited and wondered.

Alexa Collins
If he had wondered why my arms were as well muscled as they were, he was about to find out. I'd been training myself constantly in this field, slowly working on my shooting distance until I was at one end of the clearing at the old stump at the other. It had taken me a year, but I was pleased with my own strength.
One hand lifted the bow with no trouble, though it was not as light as it looked, while my body turned, side on to the stump. It took no time before my fingers released the string and with a muffled thud, the arrow bedded itself in the stump easily.
I smiled at him, lowering the bow down to my side. "Bough this in a Lord of the Rings auction. It's one of a kind."

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded with shy aproval, slightly impressed by the way it hit the center of the stump. Something in the way she moved, he knew she could do that everytime.
Slowly, he stood, moving closer to her and put his hands over hers and pulling the bow back with to chest height. He lowered his head, so it was beside hers, his lips almost brushing her ear.
"Do it again," he murmered quietly, feeling her muscles flex beneith him.

Alexa Collins
I chuckled as his hands moved to cover my own easily. He definitely had big hands, not that I cared. Again I drew the arrow back with string and let go. The arrow soared through the air and landed within millimetres of the other arrow.
“I've taught myself to use this. I used to be in an archery club when I was ten, but left that at the age of eleven. Only just gotten back into this about a year ago. When I saw this was up for auction, I knew I had to get it, since I used to envy the actor who got to use it.”

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded, taking every single word she said and storing it in his mind. He wouldn't forget a thing her wonderous voice whispered.
Slowly, he let her hands go and stepped backwards quickly to give her some space. He had no idea what he was doing, he had never done a thing so stupid.
"Sorry Miss," he murmered, leaning back against the tree.
He looked at his hands, his large calloused hands, and sighed quietly. Idiot...he cursed himself

Gem Hawksong
"Don't worry about it. You can have a go if you want." I offered him a bow. "Just be careful with it." The bow was worth a lot of money and even more to get fixed, so I could not allow it to be damaged in any way.
The bow was well known from those movies and whenever i turned up at one of the archery places, people always looked at me in surprise when they saw it. Not that I really worried about the true history of the bow and the effect it had on other archery enthusiasts.

Auraka. Lamya.
He smiled slightly, taking the bow lightly from her soft hands. It sat neatly in his hard calloused hands, but still felt natural.
With a graceful, once practised movement, he pulled it up to chest level and sighted the stump. With a quiet twang it left the bow and thumped into the middle of the stump. It actually split her arrow in half and embedded itself into the soft wood behind it.
With a slight smile, he lowered the bow and looked at his hands once more.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes widened as I saw my arrow split in half. I would have to replace that one later. I never left any of my arrows damaged; I liked the green and purple fletching on easy of the arrows. It identified them as my own. Helpful for the few competitions I went in.
I smiled though at him. “Well you’re certainly good at it, like a lot of the people who beat me in contests.” Though I loved my bow, I never used a living target. That was not something I would be capable of. “You would probably be a good hunter with that aim.”

Auraka. Lamya.
"I shall replace it Miss," he said sheepishly, handing her the bow. He shook his head quickly.
"I don't hunt...and I haven't held a bow since I was 9.." he said quietly, the eyes lowering to the ground.
"I...don't really like hurting a live objects," he said and smiled a crocked smile. How odd it must sound, an army General who didn't like to kill.

Gem Hawksong
I raised one eyebrow in surprise. He did not like to kill things yet he was in the army. What the hell? That was a slightly amusing thing for me.
“Don’t worry about it, I can easily get that replace. I make my own arrows. Only because I know how to as I was taught once. Plus that way its cheaper, and they look like they’ve been brought.”

Auraka. Lamya.
He bowed his head and looked around slowly, they were surronded by nothing but trees. The eyes returned to her petite figure and smiled slightly.
"I guess you are wondering about me...well at least why i am in the army..." he sighed, running a hand though his hair "If I don't like to kill things.."
He sat down on the soft grass, his back pushing against the tree and sighed once more.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. “I was wondering about that. It’s not something I have ever heard of before. Then again no one likes killing other people, unless their insane or something.”
That was something I would not like to hear thjough, whether any of those guys were insane.

Auraka. Lamya.
The fingers thummed quietly against his lap, thinking how to explain it to this pretty girl.
"Well, my father was in the army.....he was one of the top generals," he said looking somewhat distant as he spoke.
"My father died when I was 7...my mother died soon after from a broken heart.." he chuckled without humour "Did you know it is possible to die of a broken heart? She was perfectly fine, nothing wrong with her..." he sighed quietly and looked at her.
He looked up, massive shoulders shrugging as he smiled kindly.
"So I guess I owed them something...and though I dislike hurting others I do it for the right reason," he said and smiled, jumping back to his feet.

Gem Hawksong
I thought about that for a few minutes. He was sort of like me. I hated violence, and bloodshed made me faint. That was something that few knew now that I was out of school. “I suppose if you know what’s best you would join them. Same goes if you don’t fear blood.” Like me. He’d never guess though, I hoped. The guy seemed smart though.

Auraka. Lamya.
The eyes roamed her beautifually carved features, pausing to take in the small details. The way the lightly dotted freckles made her shine, the colour her hair looked in the sunlight.
"I have been in the army for a few years...you never see the same level of deadacation anywhere else..." he shook his head sadly. Some of the stories he had heard, learnt or even been apart of could not be understood unless you were there.

Gem Hawksong
I thought about that for a while. I was not sure really what to think of this guy. He was certainly different to what I was used to seeing in town. I smiled though and carefully packed my bow away again. I did not think I would be able to do any more practicum with him here. He was too cute for me to be able to practice with him around.
"I had a grandfather who once fought in the army. He's dead now though. So i dont really know anything about that sort of thing. I was only three at the time when he died, so I dont really rememebr him."

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded, shining grey-green orbs following her graceful movements as she packed away the bow. He smiled slightly, as if amused by her.
The foot tapped as he thought, an old annoying habit of his. The mouth opened, then closed, then opened once more.
Yet, not a sound left his maw.
He seemed to glare at himself before speaking lightly, and of course politely.
"Would you like to go for a coffee miss?" he asked quietly, standing partly in the shadows.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. he really was a nice guy. Yet I was not sure what to make of the question he asked. For a moment i continued to work on packing away the bow, then I walked to the stump and carefully pulled out the three arrows in it.
I would not even leave the broken arrow here. If any of my competition cam here, they would recognize it. Finishing packing up, I looked across at him for a few moments. I still had not thought of an answer. Yet I wanted to.
"Sure, at Bailes?"

Auraka. Lamya.
The kind eyes softened slightly, unsure what to reply. The shoulders rolled slightly, smiling calmly.
"Not from around here...so anywhere you want," he said with a light chuckle, taking the light bow and arrow bag from her slender shoulder.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. There was nothing i would not likely do for him. Not that he knew that. Not that I planned on him finding out either. There was not much about him that I did not like. Nor did I react when he took the bag from me.
"Baileys is nice." I smiled and started walking towards the car park. I knew that my car had been playing up lately and that would be sure to happen again this time. the car always did when I made a new freind.
I only took my bag from him when we got back to the car park and put it in the boot.
"Meet you there?"

Auraka. Lamya.
His soft footsteps laced the ground, barely a sound left him due to his training. Be silent or be killed. It was easier to say then be done, but Auraka had almost perfected it.
"Sure, sure," he agreed, placing the bag lightly into her boot and closing it quietly. The eyes ran over the little car, likeing what he saw. It was...cute. There was nothing else used to say it.

Gem Hawksong
Without warning, the boot sprang open, deliberately hitting him in the elbow. "Oh damnit. I forgot to warn you. This car's got a bit of a personality issue."
I managed to stop myself from laughing though. This car could certainly get its point across one way or another. But I loved it. Though it was not Herbie, the bug, it was like that bug. Therefore it had the same name.
"Ever heard of the VW bug called Herbie? This car's got the same kind of a personality. So you might want to be careful around it."

Auraka. Lamya.
Only his training for sudden suprises stopped him from jumping in shock, and he moved away rubbing his sore elbow.
He chuckled and shook his head.
"Sure sure," he said, studying the car once more "And yes...good movie."
He shook his head again in slight disbelief, but he had seen stranger things.

Gem Hawksong
"Silly car. Sorry about that. I bought it from a scrap metal yard, though it nearly got crushed when before i got the chance. Somehow I managed to get one of my freinds to fix it up a bit and well, its..."
The car decided to open its boot again and squirted oil onto his shirt. "Naughty car!" I exclaimed. "I am so sorry. Don't know whats gotten into it at the moment." This was completely bad of the car. If it did not stop playing up... It might find itself sold to the scrap metal person.

Auraka. Lamya.
He blinked, as if seeing something. He blinked again, making sure that there was acutally something on his shirt and that he wasn't dreaming.
He glanced at her, smiling in amusment at the 'naughty car' comment.
Without a thought, he shrugged out of the now oil stained shirt and chuckled.
"Good car," he said, still not moving from where he stood. Again, he kept thinking of odder things that had happened.
"Don't worry about it Miss Gem, odder things have happened," he chuckled, muscles flexing under his tanned skin.

Gem Hawksong
One of my eyebrows raised at that comment. "Usually people run away after its done that. They cant stand it most of the time. You're probably the first who's not been scared off. Then again, you've seen a lot worse than this car, i suppose." I smiled.
I sighed though as I saw all those muscles that his shirt had been hiding. I was glad that I had managed to teach myself not to show any reaction, because I was sure that would be the end of me if I did. The car nudged me, and I knew what it wanted somehow.
"We better get going to Baileys."

Auraka. Lamya.
He smiled slightly and nodded. Yes, he had. But she would never know the tales he knew, they were not for everyone...no one should of seen what he had.
Cursing himself in silence, he wondered why he was talking to this girl. Yes, he could have friends. But nothing more...nothing more....
"Of course," he said sending her a wink and rolling the shirt into a bundle, chucking it into his car before clambering in.

I smiled and turned the key to start my car. Nothing happened. "Oh crap.." I muttered. Getting out I walked around to the front and popped the bonnet. This was the one thing I hated, having no car experience. That sucked.
"Now whats wrong with you?" Good chance there was nothing, it would be jsut like my car to not start because I had a freind."

Auraka. Lamya.
Climbing back out of his car, he frowned lightly and moved over to stand beside her.
"To true," he chuckled, hearing the last of her comment and looked over her shoulder. His quick fingers and eyes traced over the bits and pieces inside the car.
Frowning, he spoke "Nothing is wrong..nothing major anyways," he said with a smile.
"We could always go another time if you wanted....or I could drive.." he offered, unsure still.

Gem Hawksong
I knew though that it was only my car being its annoying self. "NO we can still go. My car's just being annoying, as usual."
I moved and turned the key again. This time it turned on again, as if nothing was wrong.
I stepped out again. "See what I mean. It has attitude problems."
Certainly an annoying thing. "If this does not stop with this car I think I might sell it back to the people I bought it from. So if it does not want to end up as scrap metal, the car should know to behave."

Auraka. Lamya.
He snorted slightly with laughter, shaking his head in disbelief.
"Well...see you there," he said, looking down at his hairless chest as if just checking that it had really happened. It had. Looking closely, you could see a slight dark stain on his skin.
"hmmm," he murmered, clambering back into his car once more and starting it easily.

Gem Hawksong
While I drove, I talked to my car. "Now you listen here. If you dare try and annoy me once more today, I will sell you back to that scrap metal place. Then you'll be scrap metal before you know it."
The car sent hooted its horn quietly at me in responce to the threat. "So if you want to stay as a car and not a crushed piece of metal, I suggest you be good and act like other cars. Which means no showing that personality i know you have, because that will get you a one way trip to the junkers."
I saw the coffee shop and pulled into the carpark.

Auraka. Lamya.
Fingers thummed across the steering wheel as he drove, his eyes seemed dazed though he was concentrating on the road as well as lost in his thoughts.
Her eyes...her hair...skin...lips..he remembered each detail in part. He was stupid, he should stay home away from the outside world, he only ever got people hurt.
He pulled into the carpack, staring at the wheel before blinking slowly with a sigh.
"Idiot," he muttered, but he was a proper gentleman...he would have coffee like he promised. Reaching into the back of the car, he pulled out a clean shirt and pulled it over his head before clambering out of the car.
Seeing her, he smiled once again.
"Hello again Miss," he said, opening the door for her.

Gem Hawksong
I shut the door of my car and locked it, though I knew that even without me actually unlocking it, the door would open anyways. That was the only good thing about this car, it knew when I accidentally left my keys inside when I shut the door. I guess that was good.
I smiled though as I saw him coming again. "Hopefully that will not happen again on you. I'm really sorry about that earlier." Stupid car.

Auraka. Lamya.
He chuckled, waving her off.
"Its fine," he said quietly, meeting her gaze "really." The eyes flickered to the car, not really caring what it did...however it was slightly odd.
He opened the door to the cafe, standing out of the way so the old lady behind them could enter.
"After you Miss," he said, smiling that friendly liked smile.
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Gem and Auraka  [kanny] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 7:23 pm

Auraka. Lamya.
Living through life flying high
Your life shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
I live through your love
You teach me how to see
The hair was damp with sweat, his once clean mossy-green shirt was dripping slightly. There was six of them all together, each one looking more and more haggard as they continued. It seemed only Auraka liked these 24km hikes, he liked the feeling of reaching the top of these hills and running down the other side. Not that he would ever tell the others this.
They re-enter the court yard, a tall flag waves in the middle claiming to be who they truly were.
The flag stood tall, its colours blending into one. To the side stand a troup of soldiers, no expression crossing there faces as they listened to the yelling comander. As one they move, rifles gliding gracefully from one hand into the next and pausing.
General Morris waves Auraka over, having news for this young lad.
"General Morris," he says, saulting the man until dismissed. He was a higher rank, only just but he still was.
"Majour General Lamya," he said, returning the sault and both men relazed greatly.
Auraka waited, knowing the man would speak.
The large general chuckled, patting the mans shoulder.
"They speak of a girl, more beautiful than the sun, her lips and eyes so pure that they cannot be true. She walks with grace and proud strides, none caring of the dirt which hits her white pants," he said and winked slightly "This that girl you been moping over?"
Auraka blinked, wondering how his general knew of such things, but shook his head.
"No General," he murmered, wondering if it was her.
"They say she carries a bow, her arms well muscled for a gal," he continued and Auraka sighed.
"Maybe General Morris," he said with a sigh.
"Well, she was over at the head before...she might not of left yet," he said and Auraka smiled "go boy!"
Auraka shook his head, laughing and walked towards the capital of the base camp.

Gem Hawksong
There was nothing i missed more than talking to him. Something I knew that I was not likely to get the chance at again. he was a soldier, I was not. I knew that. I also knew i was not far from the army headquarters but that meant nothing. I sighed as I stood in the field I had found away from my forest one...
I'd found a new target and the solid thump of arrows meeting it was the only sound heard within this clearing. One missed by pure chance and I went to search for it.
Just as I picked it up the earth crumbled under my feet.
"Ahh!" I gasped as I slid a good fifty meters down from where I was originally.
One foot hit something hard and I winced. Looking upwards, I tried to get up but fell quickly yelping in pain.

Auraka. Lamya.
The long strides easily carried him, his tall frame still untouched by the cooling sweat of his shirt. He spoke quickly to Peyer, the kind soul who new everyone who came and went in this camp. His aged head nodded towards the forest, mentioning about the goddess and that direction.
"Thank you Peyer," he said, patting his shoulder and jogging off towards the forest. What was she doing in there?
It was quiet, only the soft crunching of the leaves and the random calls of birds that filled the empty landscape. Maybe it was from being in the army so long, maybe it was beause he knew she was here...but he paused, hearing the cry.
"Miss Gem?" he called, moving quickly towards the yelps of pain. He was worried, she didn't sound to good.
He wandered into the clearing, the trees towering over the two of them and he paused before rushing to her side.
"Are you okay?" he asked quietly, scopping her up and supporting all her weight.

Well this was a silly place to end up in. There was no doubt in my mind that I was an idiot for coming out here alone. I'd seen some of the boys in the army watching me occassionally and had often thought about sending an arrow over their heads.
Well at least I had not done something like that. It would have been a childish thing for me to do. I knew that much.
Boys leering at me was a childish thing. None of them knew of the strength that really was inside me, I had never warned anyone off with my archery before. Well i had but in a completely different place.
A shadow fell over where I was sitting and I knew that someone had come. I looked up into the glare of the sun, and there he stood. Aruaka. The young Major in the army.
He came down carefully and helped me up. I was glad that he took most of my weight, a yelp escaped me when I tried to put some weight on my right foot.
"Think I twisted my right ankle or something, I cant stand on it. Its not broken though. How did you know where I was? I only just fell like this."
Stupid arrow going awry. It had to happen to me, the first time i had missed in a long time. Luckily no one had seen me miss. That was something I was greatful about.
Not to mention having that target up there was in a good place should someone come this way. It would have told them that there was someone here. Maybe it had helped him to find me for all I knew. Though there were meant to be things he was trained in that could have helped also.

Auraka. Lamya.
His eyes crinkled up, smiling down at her and supporting more of her weight. He knew she was in great pain, so he bundled her up into his arms and smiled down at her beautiful face.
"Someone said you were here...and I heard your...." he paused, not wanting to embarress her.
He blinked, the green-grey orbs softening as they ran over her features.
"Are you okay?" he asked gently, eyes flashing away to something on the ground, trying to stay under control of himself. They paused on a object, an arrow head.
Nodding towards it, he smiled slightly.
"Arrow searching?" he asked.

Gem Hawksong
I looked down at the partially buried arrow. And blushed. Of course he would have seen that why wouldn't he?
"Yeah. It missed so I moved to find it... Thats how I ended up down here."
I was certainly embarrassed. No one knew I had missed the target, now someone did. Oh the shame of that. I had not wanted anyone to know and here I was, admitting such a thing to someone I really did not know that much.
"I w as packing up, so I had to find it... The earth crumbled under my wieght though as I picked it up."

Auraka. Lamya.
He held her easily, the muscles in his arms not even bulging at her light weight.
"Do not be embarressed Miss," he murmrered quietly meeting her gaze "even the best of us make mistakes sometimes..."
He sighed deeply, knowing take he had made many majour mistakes, lives had been taken because of them.
One arm held her lightly, the other one rose somewhat hesantly towards her cheek before brushing the flushed surface.
He marvled at the softness there, the colour and touch. But as quickly as he touched her, he dropped his hand and set her on her one good foot cursing himself for being stupid.
"Now...if you will allow me Miss, come to the base camp then I can fix up your ankle," he offered, supporting some of her weight and looking away.

Gem Hawksong
I knew that there was nothing wrong with him helping me. Though when he touched my cheek which was something i had not wanted. IN reaction to it, I said, "You forget yourself."
I had not liked that. Only if I got to know him better would I like him touchng my face. That to me was not the case at the moment.
"Let's get moving, shall we?"
No I had not liked that at all and I knew that it probably showed in my voice at this moment. No one touched me in that way, unless I thought of then as someone close to me.

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded, still looking at the ground embarressed because he had been unable to control his emotions.
"Please accept my deepest apologies Miss," he said, still not meeting her gaze but continued to hold most of her weight.
"Yes, of course," he said finally turning his handsome face to look at her "are you able to hop? With my support of course..."
He wasn't sure anymore, he was confused more than anything. He felt like an idiot, for the first time in a very long while.

Gem Hawksong
"I'm pretty sure I can." I sighed. "As for the other, maybe in time will i forgive that." I did not forgive people all that easily, it was not something i made a habit of doing. It was not a part of my nature either.
Something that had certainly spurned many a friend. If i wanted to change that, it would take too much effort. Something i was not interseted in spending, on changing a little habit that had been me for a long time.

Auraka. Lamya.
He bowed his head cursing himself for being an idiot once more, but he eyes trailed over her ankle and he froze slightly.
"Miss, I think we might want to get you back to the camp....your ankle is, well rather swallon..." he said, meeting her gaze with a fleeting look.
"It is a rather bad sprain you seem to have, we must get ice onto it," he urged, knowing more then the basic of first aid.

Gem Hawksong
"I think I already know its a bad one thanks. I'm the one who has to deal with the pain from it, not you." Yep, I knew it was bad because it was certainly painful. I did not even want to look at it because of that. Why oh why had i chosen to come out here alone? Everyone knew the bluffs were dangerous. Not many came out here alone, and I was lucky now to be even here. A few feet from where I ended up was a sheer drop.
"Let's just get moving, alright?"

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded meekly, dropping his gaze to watch the rough ground as they moved.
Idiot! he cursed himself, he should of been under better control. Almost 6 years in the army and he couldn't even control his emotions.
One step at a time, making a slow process they finally made the base camp. His grey-green eyes flickered to her, making sure she was okay despite the pain she was in. He didn't want to embarress himself further around her. Friends. That was all he wanted...well he made himself believe it.
They entered the buildings doors and he led her to a bed, settling her on the edge before moving to the cabits.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled despite my anger at the way he had touched me. It was a long journey back to his base, and it tired me quite a bit. Yet I still had to get back home. There was no point in my staying here over the night time.
I would not stay no matter how much he asked me to. No one told me what to do no matter what the reason for it was. I listened to no one, and chose my own path in life. Bad childhoods did that to people, not that the people who were the reason for such times knew that.
I sat tehre and watched as he moved away from me.

Auraka. Lamya.
Quietly, without speaking, he pulled up the hem of her jeans and studied the ankle below. Unable to see enough of the foot, he gently removed the shoe.
"Where is it the most sore?" he asked quietly, finger gently pressing into the brusing skin. He was as gently as possible, not wanting to add to her pain.
Beside him he set down a number of things. Banages, icepacks etc. He knew what he was doing, having done training like every other soldier here. To be a soldier, you had to look after your own.

Gem Hawksong
I did not say anything for a moment. It was sorta hard to pin point one particular place. Not to mention I was a little ashamed from yelling at him earlier. Not that I would ever admit such a thing around a guy.
"I think its the actual ankle that's hurt the most." I sighed. What an annoying thing to have happen at a time like this. This really was something i had never thought would be possible to happen for me.

Auraka. Lamya.
He smoothed his hand gently, making sure it could turn and it wasn't broken.
"Sorry," he whispered as she flinched, putting it gently back down against the bench and reached for the bundle of cloths. He was certain it wasn't broken, just rather badly twisted.
The crepe white material wrapped smoothly around her now purple ankle, it was wrapped firmly but not to tightly.
The large gentle hands clipped the last bit in place before looking up quietly, there gaze meeting.
"All done," he murmrered, stepping back to give her some space and lent against the wall.

Alexa Collins
Oh god I felt like an idiot sitting here. but I guess that was something to be anticipated, he had to be the one who had found me. In a way though, I was sort of glad that it was him and not some stranger. I sighed.
"Thank you for helping me, Aruaka." At least I could remember the guys name, that had to count for something. I was not always as rude as I had been. Hopefully he knew that.

Auraka. Lamya.
A smile teased gently at his lips and he turned his face to meet her gaze lightly. His arms were crossed in a relaxed position against his chest.
"I am glad I could help Miss," he said simply, though he remembered her name he perfered the more formal approach.
"If I may be so....broad to ask...may I know why you are on army camp grounds? Most aren't allowed.." he asked shyly wondering, yet not planning on telling anyone.

Gem Hawksong
I thought about that for a few moments. Of course i had not known that it was their land else I would not have been there. Yet he knew i was smarter than that. But then again, there was the chance that even someone like me could have made that mistake.
"Your fence must be broken up north if that was your land. Maybe the landslide a month or two ago broke it because there was no sign of where i was being private property. had there of been, I would not have been there for the other army guys to leer at!"

Aruaka. Lamya.
He blushed a deep crimsion red, looking away slightly. Idiot! He cursed himself once more and tried to control his emotions.
"Okay...sorry I was just wondering," he murmered quietly, fidderling his thumbs and looking embarressed. He wasn't a loud, out there person, rather pefering to hide his emotions and talk less.
He could tell that wasn't the whole story at least, but she didn't have to tell him, he wasn't anybody to her.

Gem Hawksong
I could see in his eyes that he thought i was hiding something. Something he was completely wrong about. I never lied, it was not a part of me. I sighed though, knowing that one day he would manage to figure me out.
"I guess I better be getting home. I clearly do not belong here." I knew that and I did not really feel welcome in this place. There were too many men around here and that was the one thing I did not like having around me.

Auraka. Lamya.
He looked up meeting her gaze and nodded slightly, grey-green eyes roaming over her ankle.
"You shouldn't drive with a bad ankle..." he murmred, seeming to almost be talking to himself. He blinked slowly, looking at her once more and smiled polietly.
"Miss, please allow me to drive you home...I promise on my honour that I shall not hurt you, nor...make contact with you in any way," he said awkwardly and shifted before speaking once more.
"Ar mo onóir caill," he said quietly, eyes flashing to hers. The message was clear, his tone was gently and caring yet not pushing. It was a old language, ancient in its own way.
OOC: Ar mo onóir caill: On my honour miss

Gem hawksong
I sighed. He was right about that. I should not drive with this ankle. That would be impossible at the moment.
"You're right." I paused. "I hope I can trust you to keep your word though." I smiled at him a little bit. There was nothing about me that was completely unfreindly. I wanted to know him better, i really did.
That was something I was only beginning to realise at the moment. SOmthing I never thought that would be possible.

Auraka. Lamya.
"I am a man of my word Miss Gem, I would sooner shoot myself then lie to someone," he said, grinning kindly.
"Now...we might have some crutches here..." he murmered, ruffling though the cupboard once more.
"Here we go," he said, handing her the older pair of tall crutches. They were a little to big for her, but after a moment or two of fiddling with it, they seemed to match her shorter size.
"Try them," he said gently, returning them to her.

Gem Hawksong
I took the pair of crutches from him, and though I hated the things, at least I knew how to use them. Broken ankles did that to people. You had to learn to use the things that you hated or someone had to come and look after you at home.
Something someone as independent as me had no need for. I sighed and stood up easily getting to my feet with them. For some reason my mind said that I wanted to get to know this man. Why though I had no idea at all. So much for my 'no-guys' thing.

Auraka. Lamya.
The gentle smile widened at she stood without the word, this stunniny beauty was such a confident and independent person. She seemed the type who was stubbon, never asking question and rather figuring it out for herself.
He led the way to the door, opening it for her before walking in silence to the car. He had a million questions, but his training helped him keep from voicing them.

Gem Hawksong
I followed him out of the building ignoring the other men who watched me moving through their home. I cared none for any of them, save perhaps this one who seemed to always been there when I needed help.
But who would help the helper if he got hurt? None of these men seemed in any way smart. I said nothing though, there really was nothing to say that was nice about the rest of these leering men.
I'd been told that to give no attention would get not attention back so that was how I acted to the other men.

Auraka. Lamya.
He noticed the men, his men leering at her.
"Right you lot, back to training," he called and they all shook there head but complied "no complaints, or I'll fill your packs so heavy that you wont be able to walk!"
They all chuckled, knowing he would never do that to them. He was fair and very rarely yelled, other then giving a command on the field when he had to.
Auraka shifted his gaze to Gem, apoligetic.
"I am sorry...but it is not often a lady such as yourself enters these grounds," he said quietly, lowering his eyes to the ground once more and pausing by his car.

Gem Kawksong
"Don't worry about it. I'm used to all the staring. No matter where I go the guys stare at me." I chuckled a little bit. "No harm done."
If they did anything more than stare though, they would find themselves on their backs. I was a good fighter, i knew a lot of karate.
No one messed with me unless they wanted to end up on their backs. i was after all a black belt there.
A good teacher as well when it came to that. It was the thinhg I really excelled in.

Auraka. Lamya.
He chuckled, unlocking his car and opening the bright red door for her.
"Jump in.." he said with a gentle smile, taking the crutches from her so she could get in. He passed the annoying contraptions back to her before walking around to his own seat and starting the car.
"Where is your house?" he asked after a few long moments.

Gem hawksong
I sighed and climbed into the car awkwardly. I did not like having this sort of thing happen at all. I was normally a rather graceful girl, but with one of my legs having some sort of injury I became graceless and somewhat ungainly. There was nothing of me left that was strong and pretty when this happened.
Most ignored me. "Smith Street my home is one."

Auraka. Lamya.
He looked over at her, a gentle smile on his maw as he started at the car. The engine started quickly, its motor running at a quick yet quiet pace.
The fingers drummed along the steering wheel, humming a quiet tune.
"Oh rá cén fáth nach chailleann tú amhlaidh, is é an oíche óg, tá mo chnámha d'aois agus fós amharc mé tú ar an réalta a thagann ..." he sang under his breath, shooking Gem and look before turning his attention back towards the road.
He sang in an ancient lanuage, one from his birth, it had been his parents language not his and yet he had learnt it anyways.
As the boys at the camp said; he was a man of many talents.

Gem Hawksong
"What language is that?" I asked as he drove. I did not know it at all. It sounded nicer than some of the languages around these days though. I actually liked hearing it for some reason.
I smiled as i looked over at him as he drove. I knew the town but not all that well. I was only new to the area really.

Auraka. Lamya.
The eyes flickered to her once again, bushy eyebrows raising slightly at her question.
"You like asking question, do you not miss?" he asked but shook his head lightly before chuckling.
"It is the ancient lanuage of the Irish, my family are from there so I learnt the language," he said simply not minding her question. He would be happy to tell her anything, well almost anything.
"What about you? Do you speak any lanuages?" he asked quietly, eyes on the road once more.

Gem Hawksong
I chuckled as he asked me that. "Yeah I do speak one other language but very rarely. Italian, as that is where i was born and grew up. Then I moved here and since barely anyone knows the language I have not spoken it in a while."
I smiled at him though. "Its a rather beautiful language if I do say so myself."
Under my breathe I muttered, "Mi manca la mia casa, vorrei tornare un giorno." And I did in a few ways. Home was something I had not truly felt I had since I moved here.
OOC: Mi manca la mia casa, vorrei tornare un giorno. - I miss my home, I should return someday..

Auraka. Lamya.
A smile grew lightly as he replied in her own fulid language.
"Sì, molti conoscono la bellezza nascosta di questa lingua ... e la sua cultura," he murmered as he turned a corner.
"What number?" he asked turning into Smith Street. He slowed the car to a crawl as they moved past the houses.

Gem Hawksong
"Non molti parlare italiano qui però. Piuttosto infelice. Un giorno anche se devo far ritorno in Italia e visitare la mia famiglia. Io sono il solo qui."
I sighed. There was no language I rathered to speak at the moment. "Ninety-otto è mio."
I smiled at him. Finally someone who kknew my language I had met. That seemed to make me want to know him. Something i was a little surprising for me.
"E' una sorpresa trovare qualcuno che sa come pure la mia lingua faccio io stesso."
Non molti parlare italiano qui però. Piuttosto infelice. Un giorno anche se devo far ritorno in Italia e visitare la mia famiglia. Io sono il solo qui. - Not many speak Italian but here. rather unfortunate. One day even if I have to return in Italy and visit my family. I am the only here.
Ninety-otto è mio. - 98 is mine
E' una sorpresa trovare qualcuno che sa come pure la mia lingua faccio io stesso. - It is a surprise to find someone who knows my language as well as I do myself.

Auraka. Lamya.
He smiled, his beautiful grey eyes wrinkling up as he did so. It was amazing to hear her talk the language, she spoke it so well and it only made her that much more attractive to him.
"Mi parlano molte lingue, questo è uno di loro ... ma non ho parlato in essa un po 'così ti prego perdonami se faccio un errore ..." he said lightly and the car paused outside the house.
"Numero ottantadue Perdere," he said, nodding his head and smiled once more.
Numero ottantadue perdere: number 82 miss.
Mi parlano molte lingue, questo è uno di loro ... ma non ho parlato in essa un po 'così ti prego perdonami se faccio un errore : I speak many languages, this is one of them ... but I did not speak it a bit 'so please forgive me if I make a mistake

Gem Hawksong
" So che è una lingua che è dura da ottenere errata. Non mi occupo così tanto di se ottenete un torto di parola. You' con riferimento al primo chi lo parla in un molto tempo per me." I paused to think. "Definitivamente sto sperando di trovare qualcuno."
I chuckled. "Inoltre preferisco parlare la mia linguetta natale più dell'inglese"
I smiled at him. "Vivete appena vi scolate la strada? Quello era qualcosa che non pensassi ascoltare di voi."
I know that it is a language that is hard to get wrong. I do not mind so much if you get a word wrong. You're the first who speaks it in a long time for me. - So che è una lingua che è dura da ottenere errata. Non mi occupo così tanto di se ottenete un torto di parola. You' con riferimento al primo chi lo parla in un molto tempo per me.
I definately have been hoping to find someone. - Definitivamente sto sperando di trovare qualcuno.
Also I prefer to speak my native tongue more than English - Inoltre preferisco parlare la mia linguetta natale più dell'inglese
You live just down the road from me? That was something I did not expect to hear from you. - Vivete appena vi scolate la strada? Quello era qualcosa che non pensassi ascoltare di voi.

Auraka. Lamya.
He bowed his head.
"Sì, il numero novantasette è mio," he said, smiling lightly and turned off the car and pointed slightly up the road with a large hand before returning his gaze to her.
"Eppure ... purtroppo, raramente hanno la possibilità di testa a casa. Sono appena tornato e sono una formazione di tempo e spero non sarà spedito di nuovo ..." he shrugged his shoulders. He did not really want to be sent out again..but he knew he would be, for his men needed him. Anyways, he didn't have any reason to stay behind...did he?
Sì, il numero novantasette è mio: Yes, my number is ninety-seven.
Eppure ... purtroppo, raramente hanno la possibilità di testa a casa. Sono appena tornato e sono una formazione di tempo e spero non sarà spedito di nuovo ...: Yet...sadly, I rarely get the chance to head home. I just returned and have some time training and hopefully won't be sent out again..

Gem Hawksong
"Non non sapere bene mai. Avere una punta della parte posteriore di tempo qui ha potuto dargli un motivo rimanere qui invece di dovere andare ancora via. Non sappia mai quando la fortuna potrebbe andare quel senso. Home' s non qualcosa che realmente ritenga che abbia in un molto tempo. Manco la mia famiglia ma I' m. che abitua vivere qui tutto il da solo."
I smiled at him again as we stopped out the front of my house. "Volete entrare per un caffè o qualcosa di simile?"
Non non sapere bene mai. Avere una punta della parte posteriore di tempo qui ha potuto dargli un motivo rimanere qui invece di dovere andare ancora via. Non sappia mai quando la fortuna potrebbe andare quel senso. Home' s non qualcosa che realmente ritenga che abbia in un molto tempo. Manco la mia famiglia ma I' m. che abitua vivere qui tutto il da solo. - Well you never know. Having a bit of time back here might give you a reason to stay here instead of having to go away again. Never know when luck might go that way. Home's not something i have really felt that I have in a long time. I miss my family but I'm getting used to living here all alone.
- You want to come in for a coffee or something like that?

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded slightly, mind thinking a million things at once and smiled at her question.
"Mi piacerebbe che ..." he murmered hopping out of the car and opening her door for her.
He followed her smaller strides towards her front door, wondering how she had known what he had been thinking.
Mi piacerebbe che ... I would like that

Gem Hawksong
I smiled and got out of the car carefully. I did not want to do my ankle any more damage than it already had. I loved my little house, it had two bedrooms a large open room that was kitchen, study, lounge and dining room all in one and one bathroom.
Enough for one person, plus the occasional person staying the night. It was a quiet house though, having only one occupant.
"Stia attento là sono alcune pietre allentate nel percorso ancora da sostituire."
Something I had to deal with soon. It had been a planned job for the afternoon but that was out of the question. "La casa ha bisogno di una punta di lavoro ma di I' il ll trova il tempo in qualche luogo. Peccato circa il mio torcimento della mia caviglia, ho fatto alcune progettare cose per fare intorno qui a questo pomeriggio."
Stia attento là sono alcune pietre allentate nel percorso ancora da sostituire. - Be careful there are a few loose stones in the path yet to be replaced.
La casa ha bisogno di una punta di lavoro ma di I' il ll trova il tempo in qualche luogo. Peccato circa il mio torcimento della mia caviglia, ho fatto alcune progettare cose per fare intorno qui a questo pomeriggio. - The house needs a bit of work but I'll find the time somewhere. Pity about my twisting my ankle, I had some things planned to do around here this afternoon.

Auraka. Lamya.
He smiled, helping her gently out of the car and walked (more so hopped) with her.
"Non ho niente da fare ... sarei più che felice di rimanere e contribuire a," he offered quietly, pushing the door open after she unlocked it.
His grey eyes roamed the small building, automatcly falling in love with the older style of the place.
Non ho niente da fare ... sarei più che felice di rimanere e contribuire a: I have nothing to do...I would be more than happy to stay and help.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes widened as he said that.
"Siete sicuro? Ci è mólto che devo ottenere fatto intorno a qui. I' la VE spostata soltanto appena qui e le molte stanze hanno le perdite e cose. Troppo deve fare affinchè me viva qui confortevolmente al momento."
I knew that it would be unfair of me to have him doing all the work. "Conosco alcune delle cose che lavoro di bisogno ma soltanto avendo la casa che alcuni giorni essere onesto non aiuta. I don' permesso di t persino la mia automobile nel garage ancora, poichè sono ancora disimballante e comprante la mobilia e che cosa non."
Are you sure? There is a lot that I need to get done around here. I've only just moved here and a lot of the rooms have leaks and things. Too much needs doing for me to live here comfortably at the moment. - Siete sicuro? Ci è mólto che devo ottenere fatto intorno a qui. I' la VE spostata soltanto appena qui e le molte stanze hanno le perdite e cose. Troppo deve fare affinchè me viva qui confortevolmente al momento
I know a few of the things that need work but only having had the house a few days to be honest does not help. I don't even leave my car in the garage yet, as I am still unpacking and buying furniture and what not. - Conosco alcune delle cose che lavoro di bisogno ma soltanto avendo la casa che alcuni giorni essere onesto non aiuta. I don' permesso di t persino la mia automobile nel garage ancora, poichè sono ancora disimballante e comprante la mobilia e che cosa non.

Auraka. Lamya.
He nodded once more, kind smile raditing off his face.
"Sarebbe il mio onore perdere ..." he said, bowing slightly to her and looking around the small house once more.
"Mi dica da dove cominciare," he said, chuckling easily.
Sarebbe il mio onore perdere ...: It would be my honour miss...
Mi dica da dove cominciare: just tell me where to start

Gem Hawksong
"Conosco alcune delle cose che lavoro di bisogno ma soltanto avendo la casa che alcuni giorni essere onesto non aiuta. I don' permesso di t persino la mia automobile nel garage ancora, poichè sono ancora disimballante e comprante la mobilia e che cosa non. Desidero che ci sia stato più tempo in giorno perché relativo andare prenderlo durante una settimana per ottenere tutte questo posto riparato in su e tutte le mie cose ha disimballato."
I sighed. So much to do and not enough time in a day to get it all done. How annoying that was.
OOC: Conosco alcune delle cose che lavoro di bisogno ma soltanto avendo la casa che alcuni giorni essere onesto non aiuta. I don' permesso di t persino la mia automobile nel garage ancora, poichè sono ancora disimballante e comprante la mobilia e che cosa non. Desidero che ci sia stato più tempo in giorno perché relativo andare prenderlo durante una settimana per ottenere tutte questo posto riparato in su e tutte le mie cose ha disimballato. - I know a few of the things that need work but only having had the house a few days to be honest does not help. I don't even leave my car in the garage yet, as I am still unpacking and buying furniture and what not. I wish there was more time in the day because its going to take me over a week to get all of this place fixed up and all my things unpacked.

Auraka. Lamya.
He bowed, yet not in a mocking fashion, and smiled at her warmly.
"Auraka, signorina, al vostro servizio ..." he said and chuckled lightly. The kind grey eyes roamed over her face, never dropping lower than her lovely feautres.
"Come sta la caviglia?" he asked quietly as they sat in her living room. Well she sat, he remaind standing.
Auraka, signorina, al vostro servizio ... Auraka, miss, at your service.
Come sta la caviglia? - How is your ankle?

Gem Hawksong
I hid a laugh at the first thing he said, probably a bad idea to show that I found that funny.
“La mia caviglia sta recuperando. Suppongo we' la d migliore ottiene di funzionare questo posto ha molte cose che ancora sono necessitante lavoro così là sono mólto che può essere fatto. Uno dei bisogni delle stanze completamente che ricostruiscono come metà del tetto manca. Se è una cosa I can' basamento di t la relativa seduta intorno tutto il giorno a non fare niente. Anche se sono ferita che ancora sono occupato cose ottenere fatte.”
It was very true, I was not a lazy person at all. “Even when I am sick I am up and about doing things around the house. I just don’t leave the block of land”
My ankle is recovering. I suppose we'd better get to work this place has a lot of things that still are in need of work so there is a lot that can be done. One of the rooms completely needs rebuilding as half the roof is missing. If it’s one thing I can't stand its sitting around all day doing nothing. Even if I am hurt I still am busy getting things done - La mia caviglia sta recuperando. Suppongo we' la d migliore ottiene di funzionare questo posto ha molte cose che ancora sono necessitante lavoro così là sono mólto che può essere fatto. Uno dei bisogni delle stanze completamente che ricostruiscono come metà del tetto manca. Se è una cosa I can' basamento di t la relativa seduta intorno tutto il giorno a non fare niente. Anche se sono ferita che ancora sono occupato cose ottenere fatte
Even when I am sick I am up and about doing things around the house. I just don’t leave the block of land - Even when I am sick I am up and about doing things around the house. I just don’t leave the block of land

Auraka. Lamya.
He looked at her oddly, as if seeing something know one else could.
"You are a strong woman Gem," he said quietly and something changed in his tone when he said her name. He never called anyone by there first name, it was always 'miss' or 'mister'.
"And I would never think of you as lazy..." he added with a gentle smile.

Gem Hawksong
I thought for a moment, considering my words.
"Probabilmente vorreste pensare due volte a denominarlo pigro. Quello lo avrebbe irritato mólto se aveste detto che lo avreste denominato quello. Non qualcosa che vogliate fare quando you' Re intorno me. Non sono debole che è di sicuro e non molti ottengono via con tali insulti come quello. Né voi."
Then I knew there was something I should add.
"Non sono stato conosciuto mai per trovarmi intorno quando sono ammalato. Proprio mentre un capretto io è andato sempre alla scuola e se non si sia conceduto là il pozzo ho aiutato la mia madre intorno alla casa."
You would probably want to think twice about calling me lazy. That would have irritated me a lot if you had said that you would have called me that. Not something you would want to do when you're around me. I am not weak that is for sure, and not many get away with such insults as that. Nor would you.
Never have I been known to lie around when I am sick. Even as a kid I always went to school and if I was not allowed there well I helped my mother around the house.
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Auraka. Lamya.
He lifted his hands as if to block off her flood of words.
"Gem," he said gently "I said I would never call you those things, and for good reason."
He chuckled slightly and leaned back against the bar table.
He wanted to speak to her, tell her everything about him and learn everything about her. He wanted to tell her what she ment to him, though they barely knew each other. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she was to him..
He opened his mouth but quickly shut it. How dumb he was!

gem hawksong
"Ci è niente che la gente non abbia ottenuto via con tranne quella quando viene a me. Posso ragionevolmente perdonare, comunque alcuno del tempo che prenderà una punta di tempo affinchè me realmente perdoni e di dimenticare. I' esposizione del ll voi alcune delle cose che devono fare."
I smiled and headed into the other room, where there was a decent sized hole in the roof. "Ciò è una delle stanze che il tetto è rovinato dentro. Inoltre sembra essere la mia camera da letto di ricambio"
OOC: Ci è niente che la gente non abbia ottenuto via con tranne quella quando viene a me. Posso ragionevolmente perdonare, comunque alcuno del tempo che prenderà una punta di tempo affinchè me realmente perdoni e di dimenticare. I' esposizione del ll voi alcune delle cose che devono fare. - There is nothing that people would not get away with other than that when it comes to me. I can be fairly forgiving, though some of the time it will take a bit of time for me to actually forgive and forget. I'll show you some of the things that need doing.
Ciò è una delle stanze che il tetto è rovinato dentro. Inoltre sembra essere la mia camera da letto di ricambio - This is one of the rooms that the roof is wrecked in. It also happens to be my spare bedroom

Auraka. Lamya.
He blushed at the track his thoughts had taken, cursing himself from being such an idiot when she started talking again. When she spoke, everything else stopped. Nothing was as important.
A slight smile crept onto his maw, hearing her words. She was forgiving, for she had quickly forgiven him...and his stupid movements.
"Yes..I am sorry about before," he mumbled, following her into the spare room. The roof had caved in slightly, and he whistled though his teeth.
"Might take some work..but I think I can do it," he said, sending her a smile.

Gem hawksong
I smiled at him. he was a nice man, and maybe the one that I would get to know for a long time. maybe even someone I would share a lot of my life with. Oh who was I kidding? He was a soldier, which meant he could have to leave our land any time.
And I might not see him again afterwards. I wanted to never let him go though.
"You I can forgive, because I know what its like to have guys touch me the way you did."
I smiled at him again. "And thank you, for offering to help. I'll be out in the kitchen if you need anything."

Auraka. Lamya.
He smiled, nodding as she left the room, forcing his eyes to stare at the roof rather then her leaving. He chuckled lightly, hearing the thump thump thump of the crutches heading down the hall.
His eyes, grey in colour, swept over the damage. The roof was leaking, badly, but it was possible to fix. He hefted the tool in his hand, pulling the step ladder appart and climbed up slowly.
For a few long hours, he pulled and replaced all the holes, sealing the deal with a little paint. It looked better then ever.
He had long ago removed his shirt, and now used it to mop the sweat from his forehead. It had been hard work.
"All done Gem!" he called.

Gem Hawksong
At least I knew the job that I was doing. Stacking a bunch of plates and things in one of the cupboards. nothing too hard at the moment. That was something i had no trouble with.
Smiling I worked for a few minutes, then had to head into the other bathroom, in the hallway. There were things in here that had to be unpacked as well.
I knew there was a leak in here as well and I did what i could to avoid it. I sighed as I finished. Then one of the crutches slipped.

Auraka. Lamya.
He walked out of the spare room shirtless and covered with sweat as he headed back down the hall. He was heading back to the kitchen, but he heard her voice and turned just in time to catch her.
He caught her on reflex, strong arms having no trouble holding her light weight. He looked down at her face, seeing the suprised expression sitting there and smiled lightly.
"Are you okay?" he asked quietly, not letting her go quiet yet.

feeling like an idiot and certainly red in the cheeks I muttered some thing under my breath and then looked up at him. "I slipped in a puddle I was aware of. there's a leak in here."
I sighed, a little embarrassed about letting my mouth get away with what it hard just done. Oh god this was something that was not like me.
I wondered though why it was that I was not so against him holding me all of a sudden.

Auraka. Lamya.
He looked down at her, eyes meeting hers quietly and smiled. The light blush in her cheek was charming he thought, and didn't even think about before. She had forgiven him... but would she again? The slight distance seemed like a mile, the few cm seeming like meters.
Finally, he made a desicion and leaned closer to her. His lips pressing softly agaisnt hers, not pushing her for anything more. If anything, it was somewhat hesiant.

Gem Hawksong
I knew what he was going to do even before he did. He was certainly one I was getting to know a bit more than I would have hoped as well. There was certainly no resistance on my part when he actually kissed me. I seemed to be able to forgive him, though any other guy would have ending on the ground.
He would have met my fist if he had been anyone else. But somehow I actually cared for this guy. My mouth moved against his for a few seconds before I pulled away. There was nothing scolding about my expression though.

Auraka. Lamya.
He blushed slightly, help her back to her feet away from the puddle and met her gaze once more before looking away.
'Um..." he said, blushing an even deeper red. He opened his mouth to speak but didn't, instead closing it loudly.
The moments past and he tried to speak, but closed it again.
Finally, he found his tounge.
"I am sorry miss... I cannot help myself," he mumbled nervously "I understand if you want me to leave now..."

Gem Hawksong
Oh god why did he have to go ahead and say that to me? There was no way I wanted himt o leave. It was actually the opposit for me. Could he not see that? I sighed as I thought about what he had said. Like him it was a little awkward about saying anything.
"No I dont want you to go, actually, Auraka."
I was a little breasthless but hey, what could you expect?

Auraka. Lamya.
The eyes widened, staring at her before smiling broadly. Quickly yet gracefully, he closed to gap between them and wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer.
"You are amazing," he whispered, just holding her tightly and breathing in her scent. He never wanted to let her go, never wanted to have to say goodbye.
But, of course, something had to reck the moment. His moblie phone rang. He closed his eyes before letting her go and pulling it from his pocket.
"Yes?" he asked and his eyes widened once more.
"What? When?" he asked quickly, "Why me?" he cursed and hanged up, turning to her.
"That was base.."

Gem Hawksong
It definitely felt nice having his arms around me. Of that there was certainly no doubt for me. It felt almost better than normal, as if he had been the one that was missing in my life. Something I did not truly understand in my own mind. What was going on for me?
Then his phone rang and he had to let me go. Something my mind protested about vehement, though I said not a word that was in my head at the time. It would have been more than a little embarrassing.
I was a little confused from the words he'd spoken. Sounded like there was trouble for him. What kind of trouble there was no chance of me really knowing. What had happened in that phone call?
What on earth could not wait just a little bit more. that phone call had wrecked the moment that much was certain. I sighed though as he said who had called him.
"Che cosa è esso che vogliono? Qualcosa è accaduto che lo avessero bisogno indietro là per?"
I was a little concerned now.
"È urgente?"
OOC: Che cosa è esso che vogliono? Qualcosa è accaduto che lo avessero bisogno indietro là per? - What is it that they want? Has something happened that they need you back over there for?
È urgente? - Is it urgent?

Auraka. Lamya.
He looked at her a deep saddness in his eyes and pulled her to his chest once more, brushing his lips across her beautiful silk like hair.
"The General at Iraq just went down... they need me there to take over and bring back order," he said, barely a whisper.
He pulled back ever so slightly and met her gaze, a light smile on his kind face.
"I have to go get my brief... that will only take a few hours... but then I have 3-5 days before they send me off."
His eyes ran over her, showing his understanding that if she didn't want him to spend it was her that was ok. If she wanted him to leave and never come back... he would. Hard as it would be.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes widened. I knew the unspoken thing he was trying to get across to me. There was no way I wanted him to leave. "But why you?" I sighed knowing that there was only so much time left here for us to spend together. In my mind though I knew that what he was telling me was the truth.
"I don't want you to go. Please come back." The idea of him travelling away like that was going to be hard for me to get used to. Especially since it was for a thing that he might not return from.

Auraka. Lamya.
He looked away from a moment but had to turn back, unable to stay away from her.
He rested his palm lightly on her cheek, kissing her perfect lips once more and pulled away with a sigh.
"I am the best man for the job," he chuckled but sighed sadly. This was the first time he didn't want to be on the front... not that he was planning on telling her he was going to be in the hardest and most likely to die stop in the field.
He entwined his fingers around hers, smiling once more.

Gem Hawksong
I sighed. I knew that there was no way he could turn down something when he was needed. "What happened to the other guy you're replacing out there?"
I wanted to know even if he knew that I would not like what he told me. This was going to be no easy time ahead for me, that much I knew in my own mind.
Even now my head knew what he meant though I chose to ignore that because i could be wrong easily. He was the only guy who ahd ever mattered to me outside my family.

Auraka. Lamya.
He barely knew her and already he was recking her life. He met her gaze, knowing she needed an answer.
"He was shot."
His eyes flashed across her face, wondering what she would say.
"Come.. let us not speak of such things...did you want to come with me to get the brief? Or stay here...I will come back...I promise," he said gently.

Gem Hawksong
Great, just great, now I made him feel guilty about something. That was just perfect, not! I gasped though when he said what happened to the other guy. Probably the only sane reaction he would have expected. Though I did not know how to really reply. I did not want him going in the first place.
I sighed though and finally spoke.
"I think I might wait until you come back here." Somehow the idea of heading over there with him was not something I looked forwards to. "Might finish unpacking a few more of these boxes."

Auraka. Lamya.
He smiled slightly, kissing her forehead lightly and sighed. "Just don't hurt yourself any more," he chided with a chuckle.
"I won't be long..." he said, removing his hand and heading for the door his chest still bare but that was long forgotten.
He had found her, after so long he had found her! But... the timing could of been better... a few months together at least.

Gem Hawksong
The girl watched him leave, knowing that he would be back before she knew it. Shutting the door she did not lock it, after all he was the only one who really knew her here.
She sighed and then headed towards the main bed room which thankfully was the room that had nothing wrong with it. The rest of the house was a wreck, no wonder it had been bought so cheaply.
She moved over to the bed where there were three boxes waiting for her and slit the packing tape that held the box shut. There were a lot of breakables in here and she cursed when she saw that some of the things were broken.
Getting what she could unpacked, she carefully carried the broken few things out to the kitchen and put them on the bench. Then she rummaged in one of the drawers for the glue.
She managed to fix them, though when she was done she noticed there was a tiny cut on the back of her hand. One of the things had gotten her. Sighing she moved to the cupboard and found one of the bandaids.

Auraka. Lamya.
He almost ran to the car, hoping to spend as much time as possible with her in the next few days. With a practised hand, he started the red dusty ute and drove back though the windy roads before pulling up outside.
It was as if nothing had changed. Groups still marched, practised with guns and other such important things.
He sighed, entering the office and nodding to the recption lady.
"General Major Auraka?" she quesitoned and he nodded "right this way please."
She stood and he followed, though her eyes kept glancing back at him....and finally he remembered he wasn't wearing a shirt and blushed.

Gem hawksong
I sighed as I finished unpacking the few other boxes that I could be bothered to over the few hours that went by. There was not much that I enjoyed doing here at the moment.
By the time he was going to be getting back, I knew that I would eb out in the garden, working away. There as not as much to do out here, though I knew that somewhere there was a pool. Just the grass was too long.

Auraka. Lamya.
He entered the room after her knock, nodding his head in greeting to the Master General Uran. He was the best they had, so he ran the whole thing.
"Master General," Auraka said, sitting across from him at the older man's gesture.
"General Major," the good natured man chuckled, pushing a folder across for him "there is the details, reports on your men...look after them," he said gravely.
"I will," he said, nodding sadly knowing at least one of them wouldn't be returning home.
Auraka nodded, entering the room slowly but once more almost ran to his car, smiling.
He pulled up in her driveway, turning off the car and pausing for a moment.
Was this the right thing to do?

Gem Hawksong
I sighed as I headed towards the garage. Where was he? Then as I moved I heard a car coming towards the house and heard it turn into my driveway. I knew who that was. Only one other person ever visited me here and it could only be him.
I moved around that way a little quicker. I stopped, reaching into my back pocket and pressing the button to the remote that was in there. I needed to spray some weeds and I had all my things stored in here.
I waved to Auraka when he pulled up though, sighing at the mess of boxes and furniture that was my garage. It was compltetly jammed with stuff.

Auraka. Lamya.
He heard someone calling his name and looked up. Without a thought, he smiled at a madly waving Gem. Something about her, he knew, would always bring a smile to his face.
"They speak of a girl, more beautiful than the sun, her lips and eyes so pure that they cannot be true. She walks with grace and proud strides, none caring of the dirt which hits her white pants," he said and winked slightly "This that girl you been moping over?" He blinked, coming back and remembering it well. He looked at her now and chuckled. It had been her, and how glad he was.
He clambered out of the car, running to her and picking her up, spinning her around and kissed her cheek.
He saw and bandaid and shook his head.
"Thought I told you not to hurt yourself," he siad

I chuckled. "Only a paper cut, nothing more. I seem to get them a lot though." I smiled as I turned to face him. "Took you long enough to get back here." I was teasing him though. There was not really any reason for me to get angry with him.
I sighed as I looked into the jumble of mess that was my garage. How the hell was I going to find the weed spray I needed. "This is going to be fun, finding things in here." I indicated the mess.

Auraka. Lamya.
His eyebrows rose, staring at the mess.
"And I thought you were a neat person," he chuckled, joking. He put her back on the ground, taking care of her ankle and looked at the mass of mess.
"Hmm," he said, leaving her standing and moving towards the objects. The army had branded 'neat' into his mind.
"Wont take that long... look, make a pile of things you want in the house on that side," he said nodding to the right "things you want to stay in the shed against the back wall.... and everything else in the middle.'

I chuckled as he said that. "Most of the space is taken up be furniture. I've marked all the boxes though for whether they go inside or out to the shed that can be reached through the long grass in the backyard. I cant even tell where the pool is that I am meant to have back there."
That was no big issue though, once the grass was mown I would be able to find it. that was the main thing in the backyard, though the bushes needed attention as well. "The people who lived here before me clearly did not have any time to fix things up before they sold the house."
I paused. "It was worth a lot more than I paid for it."

Auraka. Lamya.
He chuckled, pushing his way though the piles of things before coming across a box marked as 'garden thingys' and chuckled once more.
"Garden Thingys?" he called, picking up the box and resting it on his shoulder before going back to her. It was heavy, but it didn't matter, he was strong enough.
He blinked, remembering what she said.
"Pool?" he asked and shook his head "don't fall in... shouldn't it have a fence?" he asked

Gem Hawksong
"The fence is damages too badly for it to be of any use. Tree fell down a while ago and flattened it." I sighed. "Not much help that. Theres grass hiding where the fence was flattened to. If I knew where it was well, I'd have gotten someone in to fix it straight away."
I looked a stack of boxes. They were for inside the house.
"And yes that stack you've got goes out the back into the shed. I'll get to unpacking those later on."

Auraka. Lamya.
"Yes mam!" he said, saulting her with his one free hand before walking past and kissing her cheek.
"Will do," he said carrying and placing the 'garden thingys' down on the step before replacing the other boxes in the shed.
"Hmm.... lawnmover? Do you have one?" he asked, stepping around the back and blinking at the huge tangled mess. He whistled though his teeth and shook his head.
"I think I will pull out some of that first... poor mower wont be able to make it over it all," he said, entering the field and started to pull things out.
Soon, he had several large garbage bags filled with the weeds and grass. Yet, it seemed he had done nothing. He stood back, stretching his back and looking around.
He moved forwards, about the start again but froze as something before him moved.
"Gem... go inside," he said quietly, knowing she would hear him. He didn't plan on getting her bitten.
He locked eyes with the brown snake, glaring at it.

Gem Hawksong
I took one look out at what he'd found and darted inside without a second though. "Be careful," I squeaked as I moved. Snakes. I hated snakes. That one was a poisonous one as well. Oh god why was one of them in my backyard?
There could be anything in that backyard, who knew what other creatures lay hidden in the grass? I thought I might as well get to work unpacking a couple of the other boxes.

Auraka. Lamya.
As fast as he dared, he removed the moblie phone from his pocket and called the animals catches. He had never found a snake before, he had seen them of course, but never one like this. In reailty, she was a beauty. The rich brown of her scales was perfect and he smiled lightly.
"Yes?" the phone came
"Hello... I'm staring at a snake... feel like coming and taking it?" he asked in his normal good humour.
There was some ruffling and a sigh "Yes sir, please describe the snake for me," he said after taking the details of the house.
"Well... she's brown, darker at the top and gets lighter on the way to her belly.. shes rather long, about 2m," he finished and the man sighed.
"Sounds like a Pseudonaja textilis or Common brown snake... someone is on there way," he said
"Thanks," he replied and hanged up.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes did not leave him for a second as I work on the boxes. I hated snakes and the last thing I needed was for it to strike. No help was I if it did, I'd faint. That was how badly I feared snakes.
I sighed as I waited for him to come inside. I was getting hungry now and i was thinking of making something to eat. "You coming inside?"

Auraka. Lamya.
He gestured to her with his hand, waving in a sort of 'yes' signal way. A van pulled up outside, and 2 men jumped out, in there hands resting bags etc.
"You must be the snake guys," Auraka greeted, moving away from the snake slightly.
They both chuckled, nodding.
"Yes, now wheres the little beauty?" the older one asked and Auraka nodded before them.
"Thats her..." he said and they both whistled.
"Wouldn't call her small boss," the younger one said and they both chuckled.
"Head inside.. we will only be a moment," they said and Auraka headed inside to Gem.
"You okay?" he asked her, wrapping a arm gently around her waist.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled though when I saw the two guys coming around the back to deal with the snake and Auraka came inside finally. "I hate snakes," i muttered, glaring out at it.
I sighed shaking my head. Who knew what else was lurking in that grass. "The old owners could have anything hidden in that grass. Leaving it that long for me was rediculous."
I smiled at him though, knowing that the snake would be gone fairly quickly. "I'm fine otherwise, Auraka."

He smiled slightly, kissing her forehead with a somewhat hesiant brush.
"Good," he said, moving to help her unpack all the boxes that had just been brought in. He smiled a ther over his shoulder, eyes flickering between her and the window, watching the men outside do what they had to.
"Gem..." he said after a long pause "I have something to tell you."
He sighed rubbing his forehead. They had just met, but he felt as if he had grown up beside her.
"I'm being deported," he murmered

"When?" That was the only thing I asked. I knew that this was bound to happen sometime. A lot fo families had this happen and I was no exception. My father was in the Italian army, and had often been gone from the house during my own childhood. I was used to the idea of being left behind where it was safe.
Didn't mean I did not worry about him when he went. Nor would it mean I would not worry about Auraka.

He frowned, rubbing his forehead.
"Day after tomorrow, thought you would like to know..." he said and stared out the window, smiling as the boys jumped on the snake.
The younger one knocked on the door and Auraka opened it.
"Thank you," he said and the boy smiled.
"Nice snake, if you get any more just give us a call," he said with a friendly wave and nodded to Gem.
Auraka nodded his thanks, closing the door and sitting at the table, head in his hands.
"Will...you be okay?" he asked her

"Not the first time I've had someone I know go away to fight. I won't go there, its not a good place to think about really." I sighed. "I'll be fine though, I have my job, though I'm not always needed to work there. Plus there is still too much to do around here. I'll be pretty busy here while you're gone."
I paused." How long?"
I may be busy but it did not mean i would not be worried about him the whole time he was gone away from this land.

"Between 8 and 12 months," he said quietly.
"It's because of my rank...I must have a command and I was ment to have at least another 6 months off...but their leader.." he paused thoughtfully "died."
He sighed and flashed her a smile.
"I shall help around the house until I have to go," he smiled

Gem Hawksong
I sighed as i heard how long for and why. That was the hardest part for me always. With a father constantly away fighting, it was a wait that I grew used to easily now.
"Thank you, for telling me." It was not the easiest thing to grow accustomed to, but i would manage eventually. I'd be worried though, the whole time he was gone, though we had just met like this. Fighting was not the place for me, though my father had tried to talk me into it.
"And any help would be great."

He flashed a smile, giving her hand a quick squease and stood evenily once more.
"Would you join me for dinner tonight?" he asked with a smile, heading outside to clean the garden, but paused to wait for an answer.
"Fancy dress of course," he chuckled, looking at her with searching green eyes.

"Umm... sure." I blushed. He did not know that I never wore dresses, though this time i knew I likely would have to do so. Luckily I knew that things would not be too bad for me this time. I liked the guy so why not give it a go. "What time?"
I was a little curious, I knew i had a few little dresses, but nothing too good. I knew which one though I would choose. I had a rather pretty blue dress that I rather liked, though it was rarily worn by the likes of me.

He grinned, noting the colourful blush in her cheeks and liked how she looked embarressed at the simple request.
"I'll finish this yard up...head home to have a shower and stuff and pick you up at..7ish?" he asked hoping that was okay for her. He stood uncomfortably in the doorway, waiting for her answer and looked quickly at the time.
3 o'clock.Plently of time.

I nodded. "Sounds fine to me." I could not believe the embarrassment I had felt all so suddenly. That was something I was not in the habit of showing. But he had somehow managed to lower my defenses that well that it had showed.
I was normally better at handling guys in times like this. Odd thing that should happen now to me.
I smiled though as I continued to unpack boxes. One had a lot of clothing in it, so I moved it the bedroom, unpacking and hanging up the things in it swiftly.

He grinned, disappearing outside after her words and hurried to get to work.
One weed, another million to go, he thought, unrolling another bag and started to fill it.
He moved threw the grass and weeds, almost plowing forwards into a very green pool but mangaged to steady himself.
"Found the pool!" he yelled and chuckled, pulling out weeds to mark the area.

Gem hawksong
I laughed as he said that. "Don't fall in! I dont think its been looked after in a while so who knows whats in there!"
I laughed though as i finished with the box of clothes and dissaembled the box easily.
I headed back out to find the box of bathroom things. This was going to be done fairly easily. the house was starting to feel more like home with every minute I spent working around it. I knew he would head home soon to get ready. I could not believe he had asked me out...

Auraka chuckled to himself at her reply, marking the pool out safety before checking the time once more.
5 o'clock. He stood back up, admiring his handy work before stretching and pocking his head in the door.
"Crocodiles and all in that pool," he called pulling off his dirty boots and wandered in looking for her.
"I'll finish the rest tomorrow," he said finding the bathroom and smiling at her.
"I'll be back in...less than 2 hours," he grinned

Gem Hawksong
I chuckled. "Alright, I'll see you then," I said, smiling at him/ Luckily I did not blush this time as I spoke to him.
I sighed as I got ready, knowing that he would be here any minute. Oh this was not something I was used to. I'd never felt like this for anyone, not even in school. Nor had someone seen me in this light before.
I smiled though as I pulled on the deep blue dress that I had always liked. My hair hung mostly loose, though I had straightened it, to get the slight curl out of it. A thin chain with a silver heart on the end of it hung around my neck.

Auraka smiled, giving a wave goodbye before hurrying outside to his car. If he hurried, he could make the shop before it closed.
He grinned, making it just in time and bought the gift he had in mind.
He pulled up in her driveway, parking the red ute and knocked lightly on her door.
"Hello?" he called once no answer came and knocked once more. Pushing the door and finding it unlocked, he pushed it opened slightly.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled though when I heard him come into the house again. Then I left my bedroom, walking down the hallway and out into the main area, I smiled at him, knowing that i looked a lot more different to the usual me, with no ponytail or anything that was normal.
I had dressed up a little out of the normal and i knew that quite well now. He was in for a bit of a surprise.

He turned, hearing footsteps behind him, and grinned broadly.
"Beautiful," he said and handed her a little wrapped gift.
"Just a little something," he said with a shrug, still smiling and decided not to mention that they were real. Infact it was white gold with 17 real diamonds, he wasn't so sure what she would say if he told her.
He looked her over, but not in the checking out way. Merely seeing what she was wearing before meeting her gaze once more.
"Ready to go?" he asked

Gem hawksong
I knew when I saw it what it was made of. I could tell they were real but mentioned that not. "It's very pretty, but you didn't have to." I smiled, carefully doing it up around one wrist easily.
"You won't see me dressed like this often. I hate dressing up usually."
I smiled though. "I guess I am ready to go," I replied. Though I was a little nervous, I tried not to let any of that show in my face or my voice.

He smiled as she put it on, helping her slightly with the old fashioned clasp.
"I know I didn't have to," he said quietly "but I wanted to."
He chuckled and gesuted to himself.
"Don't worry, I don't normally go around wearing shirts and ties," he grinned and gave her cheek a little daring kiss.
"Come on, you'll have fun," he said looping his arm though hers and leading her gently towards the door.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled as he gave me a little bit of help. I knew a real diamond when I saw one. not that I would say so. No point really. Though i was not the easiest person in heels, I knew what I was doing with them.
I followed him out of the house though, smiling as I locked the front door behind me. 'So where are we going?" I asked.
I was certainly a curious person at times.

He smiled and shrugged slightly.
"You'll have to wait and see," he said and opened the car door for her and closed it before hurring around to his side of the car.
Starting the car, his eyes flickered to the beauty beside him.
"So, Gem, tell me about yourself," he said calmly, despite his nerves.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled though as he backed out of the driveway. My own car would not be happy that I was not using it.
"Ever heard of QPARS? If not it stands for Queensland Police and Rescue Squadron. I take care of most of the forensics area of things. Sorta the same job as Abby on NCIS."
It was the same job but that would give him a pretty good idea what I meant. "I don't have to work all that much though, only when they need me really."

Auraka nodded, listening and storing in everyword she said carefully.
"I know about them, almost got a job there... while back though," he flashed her a smile "before the army refused to let me go."
He paused, thinking what to talk about.
"Whats you... favourite animal? Colour?" he asked with a cheeky grin. "Tell me everything about you.." he said, sounding intrested for he wanted to know.

I smiled though as I heard that. "I guess those guys really like having you around, dont they?"
I chuckled. "Well, my favoroite animals would have to be either horses or dogs. I used to rider when I was younger, back in my real homeland." I smiled. "I was good at it, but thats fallen out over time sadly."

He smiled with a nod "yeah, hoping to be one of the youngest ever generals," he said "almost there anyways."
"Personally, I love horses and dogs," he smiled "sadly we only had a dog growing up. A border collie called Jessie, but she was well loved."
He chuckled at the memory "I have always wanted to get a dog..but being away so much," he shrugged as if it answered the question.
The car came to a halt, outside a very flash looking place.
"Here we are, never been here before," he admited. In fact he couldn't remember the last time he had gone out, let alone on a date.

I smiled though as we drove, trying to think what to say to him next. There were a few things in common it seemed. That was a good thing, I guessed. "I have two sisters Elanil and Hycis, seeing as i am a triplet, though the oldest, plus my parents Laura and Zelphar."
He turned into a carpark as I finished speaking and I looked up at the building that we were likely going into. Good thing I was used to those sorts of places.
"Wow, definately fancy," I said. "
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PostSubject: Re: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 7:44 pm

I wandered about in my neater yard, glad that all the work had been done for now. there was not all that much left to do. Later on, some one from the pool fencing company was coming out to fix my fence. They had been surprised I'd brought the place knowing the fence was broken.
There was a clatter out the front and i knew it was the mail man. By the time I got out the front he was five doors down. I carried the mail inside and flicked through it, setting the bills aside until I found the one with his writing on it.

My beautiful Gem, It read.
I hope you are well and that your ankle has stopped aching. I hope that there has been no more snakes in your now clean yard and that the pool fence has been fixed.
All is well here at the base, none of my men have been injured nor had we been attacked yet. We are being sent out to the field tomorrow, but do not worry for we shall be fine. I promise.
I hope you are well, and awaiting my return.
With love

I read what he had written and knew that there would be a lot to tell him about.
Dear Auraka,
Everything here is well and good. Though there is so much more that still needs work around the house. At least all of that it keeping me busy and not giving time for me to worry about you too much. I only really worry about you when its after dark and I have nothing I can do at the time.
My ankle has healed now and I am back out in the forest jogging and things. I've been going to one of the local archery clubs from time to time but I dont think I'm getting any better at hitting those targets.
The pool fence though is being fixed later today, since 've managed to get the lawn shorter and am able to see what I am doing.
I met someone a few days ago, who seems to be very close to one of the other men where you are, if your in the same camp. Sahar is her name and she is very close to Drannor. I hope your keeping him safe as well.
I miss you,

The hands hurried to open her letter, it seemed thicker than the others. He whitfully, wishing he was home with her. He didn't want to tell her anything that was happening...but the news had already told her.
My dearest Gem,
Somedays I wish we never met, for that way you would not have to wait for me, worry day after day when I will return home. I know of this Drannor you speak of, he is one of the many under my lead.
Our numbers..have lowered, but we have lowered theres as well. The morals are still high, and many cannot wait to return home.
I am still counting down the days...each one coming closer to returning to you.
Remember the day we met? I still laugh at the memories...always remember these days. Promise me that.
Stay safe, stay well.

I sighed as I read that.
Dear Auraka,
I know that you want to return here, but in a ways the worry is something I am getting used to. I do miss you indeed, but I am glad we met when we did.
I am glad to hear that Drannor is alright as well, Sahar will be glad when I tell her that you said that if she has not heard from him in a while.
I miss you,

Auraka. Lamya.
The pen waited, unable to write what it must but finally he continued.
My dearest Gem,
I have made a promise to one of my dearest soldiers, Drannor, that I will write to you to tell Sahar something for him...for he cannot write it himself. Yesterday, he was shot in the wrist and is being deported home for treatment.
I need you to tell her for me, make sure she understands he is fine...just unable to fight.
I, myself, am fine. The fighting is getting lighter and less often. If all ends well, I will be home before christmas!
Love Auraka

Gem Hawksong
It took me a few attempts to read the words written on the page in Auraka's hand writing. What could have caused Drannor to be hurt in such a way? Nevertheless, I would do as he had asked and tell Sahar about what had happened. She would be worried, I knew that, but at least I understood the worry she was in at the moment. If I was the one in her shoes at the moment I would feel the same. We were both worried about the men we loved so much. Well, I certainly had to reply to his letter. I sighed and reached for a pen once more.
My love,
Though it is hard for me to beleive that Drannor is hurt, I had to read that part more than once to believe what I was actually reading on the page which seems strange for me, I know that you would never dare to lie to me. I will tell Sahar, and please tell Drannor that I have done so, for I will go and see her as soon as I have sent this.
Hearing of what happened to Drannor makes me even more worried that you may not return to me. I need you to come home, Christmas seems so far away at the moment to me. Its hard not seeing you in person, face to face. Nothing can hide the fact you may not return to me alive and unhurt. No matter how many of those fond memories of better time working in my backyard with you I revisit, none of them can remove the knowledge that you may die out there.
It is good to hear though that you are as yet unhurt, every day that goes by I fear for the worst. Sahar and I spend a lot of time with each other and though she is a lot more outgoing than I am, as you are well aware of how not so outgoing I am, I am starting to enjoy her company. She has a dig called Janie, a beautiful young Border Collie. It's fun when she whows me some new trick that Janie has learnt.
Sometimes while you are away, I think about getting a dog of my own. Maybe not a Border Collie like Janie, but maybe a Golden Retriever/Poodle cross. I have heard that they are lovely dogs, though they drop a lot of hair and need a lot of grooming. They apparently dont bark as much as the Poodle does though which is a good thing. Can't stand those dogs that constantly bark their heads off, if you know what I mean. One lives next door to me at the moment. How annoying for me.
Yes, I think that I might go and get a dog personally, and I am sure that he or she will love you when they meet you. I need the company for the times when you have to go out of the country for the things you do.
I've had some interesting things to get people's DNA off for work. Hairbrushers, bullet casings, cars, toothpicks, even a mintie wrapper. Plus some of the normal things such as wallets, guns and knifes splattered with blood. Those knives were easy enough but some of the other things can take days to get a print off that I can use to identify the murderor.
The case I'm working on on is rather personal at the moment, it involves someone who was a close freind to me, for a long time, who moved over here a week ago from Rom Italy. She was stabbed and is in hospital at the moment. It doesnt look like she's going to recov..
I stopped as tears splattered the page. I had to go away from the table for a moment, until I could calm down. Going back I finished the letter.
er but I am sure that no matter what she will not want me to mourn her for a long time. I think I am getting close to finding a match as to who did this to her.
Come back soon, Christmas seems too far a way, I miss you now more than ever,
I sighed as I read the tear splattered words. He'd know something was wrong from them.

General Morris.
The large man paused before the door, small crisp envelope in hand. His nearty pressed uniform sounded withe every stride. Why was he always the one giving bad news?
Hand posied, he took and deep breath and knocked on the door.
"Miss Hawksong?" he called, sucking in a deep breath and waited.
The letter in his hand burned, it has been his final letter though it was only half written.
My dearest Gem,
Life gets harder, for all of us. I know I could never lie to you, not even hide part of the truth but you do not want to know the things we see. No one should have to.
I belive getting a dog is a good idea, maybe a little girl? I love dogs, cute little things they are.
I m-
General Morris shifted waiting, he would explain what had happened and where they were at now. Auraka might die, he might never wake up. But he had done it in a hero's way.

Three days maybe had gone by and there was nothing in the mail for me. I'd just checked and had started to work on training Pippa a bit. She barked and ran around towards the front of the house as I heard someone call my name.
It was not Auraka, he was still over in Iraq I knew that. Though I was clearly worried about him.
I sighed and walked around, opening the back gate. "Stay, Pippa!" I told the puppy and she sat there.
"You were looking for me?" I asked.

General Morris.
He shifted once more as the door opened, pulling his hat from his head and holding it over hjavascript:add("","")is heart.
It was her, the girl he had described all those weeks ago. It was hard not to remember her beautiful face.
"Yes miss, I have...some news for you," he said and sighed "may I come in?
The rounded man mopped the sweat from his brow, not wanting to give the beautiful wonder such news.
"I come to speak of Major General Auraka," he added after a moment.

I shuddered as he spoke to me, and mentioned Auraka's name. I sighed and opened the front door. "Sure, come on in."
Pippa barked and ran inside. I knew that she could tell that hearing that this man had news of Auraka, that I feared was not good. She would sit with me though, I knew that much.
I led the way into the lounge room and sat down. "have a seat," i replied.
Pippa whined and I picked her up gently letting her sit on my lap. I knew that she wanted to comfort me.

General Morris.
He sat on the very edge of the couch, very much not wanting to be there.
Without a word, he handed her the small white envolope but decided she desvered to know why.
"He wrote that for you...in reply to your last letter I guess," he said and sighed.
"Read it...and I shall tell you what happened. Also, please know that he is not...dead...but in a coma at the hospital.." he said quietly.

I sighed and opened the envelope. There was not all that much for me to read and it seemed that he had been cut off in the middle of the word. What had that word been?
My eyes raised from the paper, and I knew that he would not leave me this easily.
"What happened?"
I needed to know, and almost smiled as Pippa reached up and licked my cheek.

General Morris.
"We are all very fond of our general miss, but he seems to be so selfless it is hard to belive sometimes. There was a child..." he paused and sighed "he always helps other..but this child held something. A granade...Majour General saw, and rushed to save the boy, which he did...but he didn't have enough time to throw it away proberly..."
He shifted again, letting the silence grow.
"The building came down on him and he recieved most of the blast. We got him out of the rubble quick smart, but he was knocked unconcious...we are still waiting for him to awake." he sighed once more, wringing his hat.
"I thought it best I told you personally."

Gem Hawksong
Yes that sounded like him, he was pretty selfless, and i knew him not as well as the other army people did. Yet well enough did I know him to agree about that part of what the man said.
My eyes though prickled with tears though as I heard what he'd done. It sounded worse than it probably was to me. Though that could be because I had been working so hard to find the killer of one of my ferinds at the moment.
This was too much for me at the moment. Too much agony.

General Morris.
He shifted again, seeing the tears appear and dissapper in her eyes.
"I..also have something else for him..but I shall give them to you for now.." he said, reaching into his pocket and pulled out two medals.
"He is awarded two medals...Medal for Gallantry and the Bravery Medal," he said, pressing them into the palm of her hand and standing.
"I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but my boys are waiting for me and I must lead them," he said sadly.
"He is room 9 on the 3rd floor, maybe I will see you there..."

Gem Hawksong
I nodded unable to beleive what had happened. The whole idea of him being back, but not consciuous was something that was hard to beleive.
"I'll keep these safe for him. Thank you, for telling me about this. I know it would have been hard for you."
I sighed, getting to my feet again. I would go and see him. NO one would be able to stop me at all. This was somethign I needed to do. To know that he was really back, alive but out of consciousness.
Pippa barked as I walked towards the door.

General Morris.
He nodded his head once more and placed the hat firmly on his head and left without a word. His head was still spinning.
"Your are a lucky man Auraka," he muttered as he clambered into ute and drove back to the base camp.
He would go and visit the young lad in the hospital soon, but he had more pressing matters that had to come first.
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PostSubject: Re: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 7:53 pm

Auraka. Lamya.
He didn't notice a thing. His skin was a pale yellow colour, his head wrapped in so many bandages that it looked like someone had taped a pillow under there.
The eyes fluttered weakly under there lids, trying to hide from the nightmare it repeated.
He wasn't there, not truely. He couldn't even tell you his name, let alone where he was.
There was a chance he would never wake.
The hand flinched, as if someone was poking him with a hot iron rod but quickly stilled once more.

I sighed as I drove up to the hospital. There was too much worry in me at the moment. I knew where he was though and that helped. one of the people who told me he'd be coming here, had told me what room and everything.
I sighed and walked quietly through the big cold building, knowing where to go. I had to see him, it was something that went unspoken at the moment. I'd been so worried about him when i go no reply to that long letter I sent.
So many thing had gone through my mind, all of them horrid. Then again how much blood and gore had I seen personally? There was certainly a lot, my agency got a hell of a lot of it.

Doc. Martin.
The hands gently pressed against the bandages, they were small and soft a woman's hand.
The aged grey eyes flickered over him, hoping for some responce. None came.
She sighed, looking up as someone entered the room.
"Hello," she said, studying the girl before her "you must be Gem."

I opened the door and for a moment saw him in there but then someone else said my name. I sighed and took my gaze away from him.
"Aye, that would be me," I replied, knowing that this time I would have to use English though I did not like to.
My gaze flickered though down to Auraka's resting face, there was a lot of concern showing there for me to have for him. I was all too worried about him.

Doc. Martin.
"So che parlano questa lingua ... così io lo parlo con voi" the older doctor said, smiling kindly at Gem.
"He is in a deep coma...a deep sleep if you will," she said to look down a the handsome face.
"Most wake up within 4 weeks...if he doesnt..." she shrugged "we will do what we can."
"Talk to him..they say he can hear everything and loved ones will bring them back," she murmred, patting Gem's shoulder before leaving the room.
OOC: she is speaking Italian all the time..even in english from now...cannot be bothered working it all out.
So che parlano questa lingua ... così io lo parlo con voi.: I know you speak this language...so I will speak it with you.

Gem Hawksong
I was surprised what she spoke my own language. How much did these people know about me? I listened though and nodded.He was in a coma? What the hell? What had dared to cause this for him?
I moved into the room and sat down in the chair which was near his bed. My hand squeezed him gently. "Auraka? Its me, Gem. They tell me you can hear me so i hope you can. I'm really worried about you, though its a relief to see you again. I really need you back here with me, that Italian freind of mine died yesterday.."

Auraka. Lamya.
He laid there, unmoving and connected to so many machines he seemed like the termiator. He heard something familar, a soft hand and sighed internally.
What had happened? Why was he stuck in this nightmare?
The eyes fluttered behind there lids, trying to force there way open but his body wouldn't allow it.

"Her funeral's on Wednesday and her parents are flying over here for her. They're going to be staying for a couple of days at my house and I'm going to need you over there. They're going to be angry because it was me that convinced her to come over here and now shes... dea...ad."
My voice broke on that last word and i was not able to say anything else.

Auraka. Lamya.
A week, he had been in a coma for a week. 3 more to go before they declaired him braindead. The hand shifted, tightening its grip in a protective way against Gem's hand. Yet, still, he did not speak nor open his eyes.
He felt her there, but his mind was elsewhere. He knew she was important, but could not remember how. Her voice, he remembered the words for a moment before they joined the rest of the chaois.

I felt his hand tighten around mine but that was the only reply I got from my words. I sighed, looking down on him. "I got that dog that i wrote to tell you about. Her name is Pippa. Its Italian for 'someone who loves horses'. She grew up on a sheep farm for the first six months of her life."
I paused. "She wants to see you, love."

Auraka. Lamya.
Of course, there was no responce. He wanted to speak, he tried to command his limbs to do as they were told. But he could barely hear her beautiful words. He was trapped in his own body.
He tried to move his fingertips, but he couldn't even feel the pointers.
A dog? He tried to remember her name...he didn't remember anything about a dog.
With a sigh, he gave up, promising himself to try again tomorrow.

Gem hawksong
There was no way i was leaving him here over night. I refused to leave and I had the feeling that the staff wanted me to go but I would not. Not until I saw his eyes open was I going to leave this room.
"Pippa's a great dog, Auraka, she was born on a sheep farm and knows a lot of good tricks and things. Some of which I did not teach her myself. She's a very understanding little girl. Remember how the house was when we met? You'd hardly recognise it now. I've done so much to it."

Auraka. Lamya.
The hours past and still there was no improvement. He just laid there like a pillow, staring at the roof with closed eyes.
Doc. Martin stared though the rooms window, her eyes sad as she watched Gem speak to the young man. She knew Gem needed to leave and rest, but she also knew that she wouldn't leave Auraka's side until he woke.
Gently, she entered the room and knelt down beside Gem.
"Gem...he will be fine..but he might not wake for a while, come on...come have a coffee with me," she offered, patting her knee lightly and stood once more

Gem hawksong
I sighed. She knew i would not leave him, at least. There was no point in argueing with me at the moment, I was unlikely to give any ground there.
Not while he was still in here. I cared too much about him and she likely knew that.
I knew though that I was getting tired and the idea actually sounded alright. I was not going to leave him for long, I did not want to go away from him. But i would, if that was what I had to do to keep myself awake.
It was just going to be so hard to be away from him at the moment.
I sighed and carefully removed my hand from his. I would not stay away from him for very long that much I knew. Nor would they be able to keep me from him for long. It was hard for me to see him this way. I'd been in here a lot over the last few days, what with my other feind dying in this hospital.
"I wont come with you for all that long," I replied. I really was getting to be a little depressed at the moment. I had to go back to work but that was something I was finding a little hard at the moment.
Luckily my boss understood how i was feeling at the moment and was letting me take my time in getting back to them. He knew that one of my freinds had died, and that I had been working hard to find a match for the killer's DNA.
He also knew that I was in here because someone close to me was in a coma, one of the soldiers in the war. He'd told me not to come back until I was sure that I would be back to normal.

She gently rested a hand on her shoulder, leading her from the room. She hoped he would wake up and not leave this beautiful girl behind.
Auraka twitched and she paused.
"I'll be just a sec," she said, walking to check the machines he was taped to. They showed nothing different, but a someone in a coma didn't move. She frowned slightly, pulling out a touch and shining it in his eyes.
"Hmm," she thought allowed and rested her fingers in the inside of his palm; taking his pulse.
"Hmm," she said aloud again, eyes running quickly over Auraka's face.

The eyes flickered back up to his face and she jumped with shock with a little strangled yelp.
The dark green eyes moved, open, frowning at differnet places are the room. His hand lifted weakly, struggling to remove the mask from his face.
"Oh no you don't,"she murmered in a motherly fashion, but slowly took the mask off herself wondering if he would be able to breath without aid.
He looked at her, frowning as if trying to remember. He sighed weakly and the frowned deepened.
"G-" he started and sighed in annoyance.
"Gem?" she asked quietly and he looked at her again, frowning. Once again he tried to speak but failed. It was as if his tounge was numb and blocking his speech.
The doctor shot him one last confused look before going to the door and opening it slightly.
"Gem?" she asked the young girl.
"He...wants you."

Gem Hawksong
I gasped as she said that Auraka wanted me. He was awake? That definitely seemed to wake me up. She did not need to say a word as I entered the room, smiling at him, though the expression did not reach my eyes at all. I was not in the easiest of moods at the moment.
“Auraka!” I exclaimed, moving to sit down next to him. He’d know there was something wrong with me at the moment. And right now only one of the burdens on me was gone. “You don’t know how worried I was about you!”

His hand shifted slowly, bit by bit it reached for her hand and squeased it as tightly as he could.
He frowned, trying to force the words though his mouth.
"I- Niisssss yyou," he said slowly and growled in annoyance.
His green eyes looked at her and frowned once more, but more softly this time. She looked so tired.
He lifted the hand, resting it on her cheek and sighed once more.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled as he spoke again. It took me a moment before I knew what he'd mean to say and it did not matter that he couldn't talk completely right yet. I loved him and there was nothing that would ever change that. I was glad to see him awake already.
“I missed you too, Auraka.” He would not really know how glad I was to see those eyes open again. Though I was not in th easiest of times I could afford a little bit of time just talking with him. “I know what you did out there that caused you to end up in here.”
I paused. I knew that he would have been worried about me the whole time he was away. Not that I could ever blame him. We both knew that we loved each other there was no doubt in my mind about that. At least not about whether I knew that or not.
“I don't blame you for doing what you did. I doubt I would have done anything different if I was the one that that position. You probably saved that child's life taking that grenade from him like that.”
I sighed. “Though if you ever end up here again after doing something not as heroic you likely won't hear the end of it. When I heard what happened to you, I practically feared the worst had happened to you. From the moment i heard which room you were in here, I haven't left you alone at all.”
Why? I had wanted to be here when he first woke up. There was nothing I wanted less to have left here when he woke up. That was something that I simply could not even think about doing at all. It would have been impossible for me to believe if I got back to hear that he'd woken up while I was away from him. That would have hurt.
“I know you were hiding thigns from me in those letters, but its not been the best for me here either. One of my freinds was stabbed, and it was the agency that I work for that was called in to investigate. Bit of a shock for me. But you know about that. I told you in that last letter I wrote. She did not recover..”
It was still hard to speak of Alana at the moment. Painful in a way that no one would really understand. We were twins and no one but the two of us knew that. She'd been adopted out of the family though when we were five. Now I was the only daughter of Laura and Zelphar alive.
That was certainly a sobering thought, knowing that I was their only living daughter. My parents mourned her, as did the pair that raised her from the age of five. That was one of the reasons that they were angry at me. They had always said that my family was not going anywhere good and had wanted to get her out of here.
Of course, no one had wanted to take me, and I had suffered through the next fifteen years. Both my mother and I had. My father had drunk too much.
There was no joy in my eyes to be found yet. Not until after I'd said goodbye for the last time. We were busy trying to trace her killer but there had been no luck at the moment. It was good that my boss said that he would only call me if something else needed for me to get DNA from it for a different case at the moment. Only then was my leave over.

He frowned, thinking, trying to remember all these things she was speaking about. Had she always spoken so much?
He was suprised to find tears welling in his eyes as she spoke. Had he really done that? Was the boy okay? How about his boys?
With an internal battle he managed to shift his hand and smooth her cheek.
"Mmmarry me..." he said quietly, frowning as he relised how much of an idiot he sounded like.
His hand dropped weakly, taking her hand on the bed instead. Poor her, losing her best friend as well as her boyfriend...well almost. He wasn't sure if she felt the same way. They still barely knew each other..but he would never find another.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. He did not seem to remember some of the things i had talked about but i knew that in time he would. Though what he said completely surprised me. He knew i loved him, there really was no need for him to ask. Had I not loved him, well, would I have been here right now?
For a fwe seconds the smile actually touched my eyes. "Of course i will."

The slack muscles in his face were forced to smile, he looked at her closely and winced slightly.
The doctor entered the room, nodding to Gem once more.
"Let him rest dear..we need to check his head wound and make sure the stitches haven't opened," she said gently so Auraka let her hand go. He barely knew what was happening, but she seemed to be nice enough.

Gem Hawksong
“Sure. I might just go get something to eat or something.” I looked at him. “I’ll be right back alright?” I knew that he would not want me to go, but I had to look after myself.
It was then that I felt my work phone vibrate in my pocket.
“I’ll be right back.”
I sighed and left the room, heading outside quickly to answer my phone.
“Hello, you got Gem, what’s up?”
I listened to the other person. It was my boss. He needed me back there pronto. They had someone else that had been hurt and the problem was the weapon. I was the owner! “Umm, sure I’ll be in soon. Auraka just woke up.”
The guy spoke again and said he’d come and talk to me himself about this. NO point me leaving Auraka.
“Okay see you soon. I’m in the hospital at the moment so keep it quiet.”
With that I hung up and headed back to the room. My face was downcast though.

His head was halfway unwrapped as she entered the room once more, many stitches litter across his shaven head. In truth, he looked rather like a skinny scarecrow with a fat head. He winced as the nurse poked at the wounds, making sure they were all tightly sealed.
But, the pain went away as she entered the room. He smiled dumbly, like a child opening a christmas present, and waited for her to come sit beside him. But something was wrong, even in his state of mind he could tell that.
"Wwhatsss wrong?" he slurred.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes softened as I looked at him. If what I had just found out on the phone had not been so serious a matter I would have laughed at how very much like a scarecrow with a too big head he looked.
“That was my boss. Someone else was killed. And they’re coming here to talk to me. I’m involved this time because I own the thing that did it. Though I had them all locked away while I was here..."
I was puzzled. “Looks like I've had a burgular. And I can catch them.” I sighed. "They dont know who they are dealing with."

He nodded dumbly, wincing as the nurse put the bandages back in place. Little did he know, but it would become a thrice daily ritual.
"Immmm ssorry," he manged to say, though for what no one was sure. He wanted to leave this place, get up and jump about. But it seemed to far away to even think about...he wondered about his boys, what had happened to them?
"Mmm" he thought, large eyes blinking.

Gem Hawksong
“The more important thing is that you recover. I might not be here all the time while you’re in here; it looks like they’re going to need me at work. They know that I’m not the responsible one, I told them where I have been the last few days.”
I smiled.
Then I heard a voice down the hall. The others at the agency were already here? That was quick.
I sighed and stuck my head out of the room for a second. One of them spotted me and waved. They’d come in a second.
“Here they come.”

The nurse tutted at the group walking towards the room, apparently Auraka wasn't allowed so many visitors.
"Let themmm inn," he stammered and the nurse sighed, walking off but leaving them be. He smiled, or at least attempted to, as each person entered.
The eyes turned to Gem, waiting and watching. What had he missed in the past week and a half?

I sighed as the two others came into the room. Both of them smiled at Auraka, knowing he meant a lot to me. They knew I would not leave him at the moment; he’d only just woken up.
“Well, I guess I know what you two are here because of. I got a phone call from Gary,” I said.
“We need you in the office again, Gem. You know that we have no one who can replace you. Though your holidays are not over. We need to know who broke in to your house.”
“I know you do. I want to know myself. I’m as happy about one of my arrows being used in such a way as you both are, Anne, Scott.”
No way was I going home alone either. The person could still be there.

The eyes widened at that and his hand soughted hers, squeasing it lightly. They were getting married, though he would ask her again later and proberly. Not in a hospital bed and half drugged.
She had to stay here... or at least at her office. She could be in danger. Maybe someone from the base would keep an eye on her for him.
As he was thinking, there was another knock on the door; much to the nurses dispare. General Morris entered, smiling and chuckling in his own way.
"Good to see you sonny," he said and nodded to each other member of the room.

I smiled back at the other guy from the base; I knew he’d pop by some time. I sighed though, knowing that I could be in be in danger. The idea was definitely there in my mind. NO way was I going home alone.
My two colleagues nodded at the general in greeting.
“We’ve been watching the house, Gem, but no one seems to have shown up there over the last few days since that happened. We’re not sure if they’re lurking inside or not, because no one seems to come an go during the day. Not even yourself. That might be a good thing though.”

He breathed a smile as the General entered.
"You...two Ggeneral," he managed before taking a gasp of air. He seemed to be short of breath. Yawning he motioned for Gem to come closer, to hear something.
"Ttrusst..himmm..." he mumrered lifting a weak hand towards the General.
General Morris looked from face to face, guessing that something had happened. He decided to introduce himself to Gem's friends.
"General Morris," he said, shaking hands.

I heard what he said and looked at my two work mates. “Don’t worry you can trust the general. I've talked with him a few times at home.”
“Well, in that case, I don’t think you’re going to be safe if you’re alone at the moment. Someone clearly wants you out of the way at the moment,” Scott said.
“Gary told us that if there was anyone you felt safe that you should go and live with them. We’ll be watching wherever you go as well, so that you know that you’re not alone,” Anne said.
I looked at them blankly. There was no one I trusted more in this entire country than Auraka and he was out of the question for the time being.
"Yeah someone breaking into my house, stealing one of my arrows and killing someone who was close to me i a clear indication to me that I'm not safe," I replied. I pretty myuch had filled the general in tehre as well with that sentence.

The General rose an eyebrow, staring at each in turn and removed his hat from his head.
"Come stay at the base, pretend that you are joining and you can train as if you were, though we wont expect as hard," he said kindly "You will be safe, over 1000 fully trained fighters? No where else safer...Auraka can come and stay at the base hospital now, for rehab. Simple."
He sat, noticing as Auraka smiled, and waited for a comment. It was a simple soultion.

Gem Hawksong
I almost chuckled. My parents would not like the idea at all. Not that I had to tell them did I? “I wouldn’t have to be in one of those big dorm things would I?” I would not be able to stand being away from Auraka at all. “Plus I have to work as well. The others at my own job need my help to figure out who the blazes stole my arrow and killed someone with it.”
I knew my English was not the best but at least I could get the point across to most. Plus I did not like all the guys leering at me like they had been.
“I have a dog as well. Well she’s more of a puppy and there’s no one to look after her.”
Anne chose to speak then. “It sounds like a good place for you to be, Gem. Don’t worry about having to get to work though, one of us will come and get you easily enough. We’ll just have to let Gary know where you are.”
That was true; he was like a father to me. A better father than the man I was related to. “Yeah tell Gary where I am. I know he cares about me. It better he knows where I am for the time being. And thanks for offering to do that.”
I looked at the general again. “I’ll have to get some stuff from home. Thank you.”

He shook his head lightly. "We have small private flats, for those who are on leave with no house...there is still a few free, i'll book one for you," he said thinking "dogs, sure, just if it does any damage you have to pay for it...the house has a small office, more than enough room to work and don't worry, the lads wont go near you without permisson from Auraka," he chuckled.
"Nnoo," Auraka said, shaking his head dumbly, staring at Gem. General Morris frowned, wondering what he ment.
"Noo houssse," he muttered, squeasing her hand. And then it clicked, he didn't want her getting things by herself from the house.
"Don't worry sonny, I'll take her," Morris said "you stay here and get better okay?"

Gem Hawksong
Of all the things he could have meant by that it was the one thing that I would not have been silly enough to do alone. “You should not have even thought about that Auraka. You know I would not think of going home alone at the moment. Not with someone out there somewhere that has some sort of vendetta against my family though I can’t see what we did.”
I smiled at him. “I guess you thought of everything. I still need to get into work and get some other things so I can still do my job.”

The general stood, smiling broadly.
"I'll go set it up now for you...if you want I can pick you up in a hour and we can go to your place," he said and turned to Auraka.
"We'll keep her safe laddy, just get yourself better," he said and left.
Auraka looked at Gem, his eyes saying sorry for he was sick of sounding like an idiot.

“We best get going as well. Lot’s to do back at the office. You know that, Gem,” Anne said.
I nodded. “See you. Call me if you need me for any of the usual things that I do. You know I’ll answer.”
They nodded and headed off as well leaving me with him again.
“Well I guess I’ll be safe but what about you?” I was more worried about him than I was about myself at the moment. I knew how to fight, after all I was a black belt in karate. Not something you wanted to pick on in that way.

He chuckled at her, a noiseless quick breath and watched the door.
"Yess..." he joked, squeasing her hand, sighing.
"I...want to....go..home," he muttered in annoyance, trying to pull the tubes from his face and arms.
He hated laying here,doing nothing. He wanted to be back with his faithful men, or at least at home with Sahar.
He pulled at the tubes and a nurse rushed in, jabbing him with something in his arm so he stilled and fell promptly asleep.
The nurse turned to her, greying hair covering her eyes.
"Sorry deary..but he's all worn out..shouldn't of done so much, he only just woke up poor thing," she said, patting Gem's shoulder and left.

I sighed. I knew he needed to rest. Plus I’d be heading home soon to get some things. He would not have to worry about me all that much. I knew I’d be safer over at the base than anywhere else. I thought about going to see Drannor since I knew he was back now, and see how he was going. It was easier than sitting around; I needed to be doing things.
I stood up, stretching my legs and headed out of the room. I’d only be quick. I was only gone about fifteen minutes maybe more before I went back to his room.

The world enfolded before him, enclosed him in darkness at a single sharp jab. He didn't want to return here, to many...dreadful days.
He remembered it all now, the grenade...the boy...his men. He remembered every single battle he had ever fought, every life he took...every dream of Gem.
He tossed and turned, but the machines stopped him from moving. He was to weak to get away, to fight off the sleeping drugs.
He yelped, his eyes flashed opened and he sat upright, monitors beeping loudly as he gasped for air.

I came back into the room to see him gasping for breathe. “Auraka?” I asked, moving quickly over to him. “What’s wrong?”
What was making him act like this? He was scaring me in a way. I had thought he would be about to sleep easily but I was wrong or so it seemed .

He lifted his sweat soaked head, looking at her with wide eyes, gasping her air.
She was safe. He closed his eyes in relief...but it had seemed so real.
His hand reached for hers, pulling her gently closer and hugged her so tightly as if to break her. She was safe, it was okay.
A nurse entered, having heard his yelp and looked at him with wide eyes.
"Everything okay in here?" she asked them and Auraka nodded quickly "okay then.."
She left quietly and Auraka turned to Gem.
"Nothing wrong..." he muttered, laying back into the bed with a sigh.
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Auraka paused outside the faded wooden door, unable to gather the courage to knock on it. He had come straight from the hospital, not telling her that he was coming home today. He wanted to suprise her.
He smiled, remembering his first words when he had woken up. Well, now he would ask her for real. He was healed, he loved her and she had stayed by him.
He knocked lightly on the door, he has a suprise for her. His face was freshly shaven, his jacket new and clean. The green eyes blinked waiting for a reply.

I heard Pippa go running towards the front door, barking her head off a second after someone knocked. "Calm down Pippa!" I shouted at her, heading that was. She continued to growl, she was almost waist high on me. A good sized dog that much was sure.
I sighed and reached the door. "Pippa, sit!" She did, backing away from the door before doing so, so i could open it. "Auraka! What are you doing here, no one told you were coming home today!"

The good looking man smiled warmly as her saw her, eyes whole entire being glowing at the sight of her.
He pulled her into a hug, giving her a kiss before pulling back slightly.
"I know, I have a suprise for you," he said, giving Pippa's head a itch before covering Gem's eyes with a dark cloth.
"I have a suprise, but you cannot know where we are going," he chuckled, taking her hand and leading her down the steps slowly.
"Trust me," he whispered into her ear, closing her door behind him. Pippa jumped up at the window, eyes following them but didn't bark. She trusted Auraka.

I shook my head as we walked, knowing that I could easily trust him, though it had not really been that long since we'd met. Auraka was someone I found it easy to trust. After all he'd been the first real friend I had here.
"Wont people stare if they see me like this in the car?" I asked. That would be a natural reaction if I saw something like this.

He breathed a chuckle, giving her cheek a kiss.
"Maybe, but we aren't going in the car," he said. His hand rested around her waist, the other taking her hand.
Behind her house sat the forest. A beautiful place filled with hidden places, Auraka had found one as such.
It was a few moments before he paused, in the distance it was easy to hear a river flowing. Birds and other noises were colourful to the ears. Once they stopped, he uncovered her eyes to reveal a pinic blanket beside a river. A basket sat on the edge of the red checked mat.
"Sit with me," he chuckled, sitting down gracefully.

My ears worked well though I could not see. "We're in the forest, I know that much, near the river." I smiled though when he let me see again. And so i was right, there was the river, and the forest behind me. "I knew it."
I walked over with him though and sat down. I knew he was planning something, that much was obvious to me. Not what though. Plus I had to tell him something but i would later, when we went back home.

He shot her a nervos smile, opening the basket it contained many different things. But he pulled out her favourite.
"Chicken skewers with penaut satar," he said, opening the container they were still warm.
"Made them myself," he said and offered her one.

I raised one eyebrow when he said that. "I didn't know you could cook."
I smiled though. I liked the idea though that he actually knew how to cook. Meant I would not have to do as mucha s I used to.

Auraka chuckled, shaking his head slightly.
"Dear Gem, believe it or not but we do learn something at that army base," he said with a chuckle but shrugged.
"I like to cook," he added with a smile before pulling out a few more things.
Two glasses, white wine, chocolate and a few other small things.
He looked up at her, pulling something from his pocket and chuckled at the memory.
"Gem, I know I have already asked you, but I must admit that I wasn't really thinking at the time," he smiled, taking her hand gently in his.
"So I will ask you now, a bit more meaning in it," he said opening the box.
"Gem will you marry me and be forever mine?" he asked, his heart skipping a beat. She had said yes, but she might of changed her mind..

Gem Hawksong
I blushed at his first words and then grinned at the end of that. "My answer has not changed, Auraka. I still will." I looked towards the river for a few moments. Who would have thought all this natural beauty was out here behind my house? Not the old owners that was for certain. They had not cared.
I leaned over and kissed him gently.

He broke into a easy grin, his heart beated freely again. He returned the presure of her lips.
"Well, then, lets eat," he said, tucking into the skewers. He looked at her, studying her as he ate. There was something different about her. Something...but he couldn't put his finger on it.
He shrugged it off, knowing she would tell him in time he wasn't one to push for answers.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled as I ate, knowing that sooner or later I was going to have to tell him I was carrying his child at the moment. One day but not yet. Now was not the time.
After I was completely full lied down on the blanket, getting tired, though that was not the normal for him at this time. It was for me though.

He smiled as she laid down, taking the plate from her gently he laid beside her, peering though the trees and watching the few clouds float by.
He propped himself up on a elbow, smiling as he traced her features lightly.
He chuckled under his breath, remembering the day she had cursed at him.
"They speak of a girl, more beautiful than the sun, her lips and eyes so pure that they cannot be true. She walks with grace and proud strides, none caring of the dirt which hits her white pants," he said and winked slightly "This that girl you been moping over?"
He had blinked, wondering how his general knew of such things, but shook his head.
"No General," he murmered, wondering if it was her.
"They say she carries a bow, her arms well muscled for a gal," he continued.
He smiled, remembering how he had found her.
"I love you," he whispered, kissing her cheek before laying back down beside her.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled as he laid down next to me. I would never have though that this was the person I would end up with. "I still remember my car's bad attitude towards you when you met me at the running track wheni was coming back from my old clearing. That was one interesting day."

Auraka chuckled, wrapping a arm around her and pulling her closer and sighed quietly.
"You know I will go back," he murmered kissing her hair "don't you?"
He would at least finish his service and then leave. But these dreams...it wasn't making it any different. He hadn't told her about the dreams, only the first one she had seen. He didn't want her to know his pain, he would rather shield her from it.

I sighed, knowing what he said was truth. “I know you have to go back one of these days, I know that will happen. For now you’re safe but how long for we do not know.” I met his gaze and kissed him again.
“At least this time I’ll know what it’s like to have to see you gone again.

He sighed, kissing her back and thought.
He had another year on his contract, but maybe he could see if he could teach at base instead of going to fight. The doctors wouldn't let him return to the field yet anyways.
He didn't want her to worry, he didn't want her to have to get used to him leaving her here alone.
"Remember, I will always return," he smiled "I think I have had enough of coma's," he said, chuckling.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. "Dont worry, I'll be fine even if you have to go. I've managed to live through that once, so it wont be too hard for me a second time round. Just no more coma's please."
I wrapped one arm around him then I knew there was something i had to tell him. "Auraka, there is something you need to know." I sat up carefully.

He breathed a chuckle, dark eyes following her as she sat up. Was this what he had seen? Something she needed to tell him but was unsure of?
He sat up, squeasing her hand.
"Yes?" he asked, meeting her beautiful gaze.

Gem Hawksong
I thought about what I wanted to tell him. He was the only one who really knew me well enough to know that something was wrong when I did not let it show in my face. He was the one who cared that much about me.
“Auraka.” I stopped. This was no easy thing for me to tell him. “I know you are aware something is different about me.” I paused again, it was clear this was not the easiest task I had been given. “I think I am carrying a child and I have the feeling you are the father.”

He broke into a grin at her words, giving her hand a squease.
"Well, I hope I am the father," he chuckled. He loved kids, he had always wanted to be a father.
He gave her a kiss, unable to stop himself from grinning like an idiot.
"That's good isn't it?" he asked, hoping that this is what she wanted.

Gem Hawksong
"Of course I want this. Who else could possibly have made me feel this way?"
I smiled at him. There was no other person that I would have allowed to create a new life with me in that particular way. I was sure that he would be aware of that.

He chuckled again, giving her another light kiss before falling back onto the mat.
"How far along are you?" he asked, turning his head to block the sun and smiled at her.
He wondered how long he had, he would stay with her at least until she had the children. He wondered if it was a son or a daughter?

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. There was nothing I did not like about him. "I think three or four months in? You never noticed anything different about me until now? I'm going to go to the doctor's tomorrow, though just to check everythings fine with our baby."
Funny how I felt a little too heavy to only have one.

Auraka chuckled, kissing her cheek before kissing her stomach.
"Hmm I did notice, but I wasn't sure what...and I knew you would tell me in your own time," he said truthfully and smiled again. He could never say no to her, nor push her for anything she didn't want to do.
"You know, I think this is the happiest day of my life," he said with a content sigh.

gem hawksong
“I just was not all that sure about how you would react, Auraka. That is why I said nothing until now, either. Else I'd have told you by now. I just was not not sure when was the best time."
I smiled at him though. There was nothing for me to hide now that he knew what was going on with me now.

He smiled for he understood.
"I can't wait to be a dad," he said "I'll be the 'cool dad'" he chuckled sounding much younger then he actually was.
He smiled, but became more sensable.
"But..I think we might need a bigger house," he said and paused looking at her.
"There seems to be one more thing I must tell you..." he shifted slightly "my parents were both very...wealthy and I received all the money when they died...and as everyone else slowly died off...well I got all the money.," he sighed sadly, running a hand though his hair.
"So, I have the money from 63 people, they all are my family and died with 3 years of each other."
He looked at her, eyes holding saddness.
"I am the last of my family, you are a part of it now as well."

I leaned over and hugged him gently. "You know there may well be a chance we'll have more than one child Auraka. My family is big as well,a dn twins and triplets run like mad through out. I'm triplet, so's my mum and her mother before her. Which means a huge family for me as well."

He blinked, laughing and laid back, pulling her to lay beside him.
"My mother and father were both twins, I had a sister, younger, she died of cancer about 4 years back," he said sadly and kissed her head.
"But the more the merrier," he chuckled watching the sky once more.
"I told you this because I want you to know that I can and shall support you all," he whispered

Gem Hawksong
"Well at least you know that might be a possibility for us as well. One of my sisters, Hycis is due to have kids soon, and she knows how many. She's got twins. Elanil on the other hand only has one daughter. Not that she minds. Both of them expect me to have more than one kid as well."
I laughed. "We'll see what happens on their behalf."

Auraka laughed with her quietly., rolling over onto his stomach beside her. He shifted again, resting a hand on her stomach and giving it a kiss.
"Hmm..I hope we have a daughterww," he said with a grin. He didn't want a son to follow him in the army, but a healthy happy child was all one could wish for.
He kissed her stomach lightly once more, then reached and pecked her cheek.
"How's work going?" he asked her

Gem Hawksong
I thought for a second trying to figure out how to tell him this. "Another one of my arrows was found this morning. Another family member lost for me." My voice broke. I had said that Elanil was alive earlier but she was not.
I looked at the ground. "they want me to come into the office tonight and check the arrow to make sure it is one of my missing three. At least two have been found prior to now."

He closed his eyes with a sigh, he kissed her cheeking, wiping away the tears there.
"Oh love, I am so sorry," he whispered, pulling her closer and holding her tightly.
"Her family?" he asked quietly, wondering what her daughter and husband would do now. He wondered if they were even safe.

Gem Hawksong
I fought to get a hold over my own emotions for a few moments before thinking about what he had asked. “I told my boss about Jane and Loius. He said that he would make sure someone kept an eye on them in case this person attacked them again. If its a pattern I noticed, the guys been attacking whole families, not always leaving an arrow behind as the murder weapon. I've lost my aunt Ava and her kids Collin and Sam plus their father Lindan to him as well. My whole family is under attack.”

He closed his eyes, all to well able to picture the scenes. He pressed his lips to her hair, murmering words of comfort. He knew only to well how it was to lose everyone close to you.
"What are you going to do? Any idea at all for who is doing it...or why?" he asked, just as despart as her to find the answer.

Gem hawksong
I thought about that as well. “I am no closer to a lead than I was with the first arrow being found. Who ever this archery killer is, they know that someone is trying to track them. There are several patterns to the attacks. The arrow is the first...” I gasped as I realised what the pattern was.
“I got to get over to work. I know who the new target is and I may even now be too late...” Jane....

He felt her freeze and looked down at her with worry. A single glance of her face told him he best do as she said.
"Come on then, I'll drive,' he said jumping up and shoving all the things into the basket. He pulled her to her feet, hooking the pinic basket over his shoulder and jogging back to her house.

Gem hawksong
I knew that what I had figured out had to be gotten to work immediately, else she would be the next one. "He's uses the arrows for attention. Poison is his other trick... That is how the others die."
I sighed as I jogged beside him. At least I was just as comforatble with running through the bush as he was. "I have to make sure though that I am right."
There was a place i could do this, I had so much information sribbled on pieces of paper, tracking this guy. he never killed on a odd day of the month. Tomorrow was not an odd day of the month. He would kill agin tomorrow morning.

He listened to her carefully, none of it making any sense but he trusted her level of judegement. He was panting slightly, he hadn't done much work over the past 6 months.
He jumped into the car, starting the engine and drive as fast as he dared.
"Explain," he said

Gem Hawksong
"There is always some thing they want these tactical killers. money, sometimes the chance to torutre them through watching the rest their family die before the swoop in for the final kill."
My eyes went to him. "With this one, it seems obvious the last target, the one their avoiding is me." Which meant he himself was in danger.
"It's my family being stripped this time. They did not realise though that where the others failed, it was because I caught on to them. Maybe thats why they are doing this because with out me, QPARS would be hopeless at catching them."

He nodded, his mind thinking as if he was on the field. It made sense in a sick, sick way.
"Who and why does someone want you dead?" he asked, voice desparte. He would kill this person himself, rip him piece by piece apart.
He gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles went white.

Gem Hawksong
My voice was fairly fierce whaen i spoke this time. "I may not know their name, but this time I think he's getting desperate. Killing someone so close to me was a reckless idea. Its only a matter of time before that arrow comes for me, and there is no chance I'll give in without a fight..."

He came to a halt outside her work, closing his eyes and promised himself something. He wouldn't let harm come to her, not in a million years.
He would let the killer, kill him before he got a chance at Gem.
"Okay then...Gem?" he asked turning to her before they got out "because of this...I might stay a little closer to you..."

Gem Hawksong
"I know you might. I sort of expected you to say that, Auraka." I opened my door and got out, heading towards the door. It was only opened by a code I knew. My fingers punched the code in quickly. "Come on..." the light flashed green and the door opened.

He allowed himself a small smile, kissing her cheek and pushing the door opened.
Nobody was there. Aurak didn't like it. It was to quiet it seemed. Taking a hold of her hand, he walked between the offices and looked for hers.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled as I headed inside. I led the way to the back where there was a set of stairs. the only way to my office, it was underground. a place i liked to be. very peaceful. the place i loved most. i headed over and typed in the key to open the door again.
i shut it behind him. "no one gets in while i am in here. i set it so that no one can enter the code without me allowing them in. code or not."

He blinked but smiled, it made him breath slightly easier to hear.
"Good, now..what do you want me to do?" he asked, looking around the large, filled office.

Gem Hawksong
I chuckled, as i switched the light on. Then I walked over to where there was a fold out calender on the corner. "whats the date?"
I picked up a pen qnd flipped through the callender finding the month.
there was a small ball near me and i tossed it behind me, hitting the switch to turn on one of the machines.

He sat down in the second office chair, spinning as he tried to remember.
"20th," he said after a moment and chuckled. He had forgotten, it was his birthday.
"Come on..I must be good for something other then remembering the date," he said, stopping the chair and standing to look over her shoulder.

gem hawksong
i smiled at him as i marked the date. i studied the calender for a moment. "look at this." there were marks on all the odd days on the month. three were x's the otheres were circled. seven days were between the x's. the circles were all two days apart. i did a line under the 27th. "that is when he'll strike at me..."

He followed her fingers pointing on the calander.
"Hmm...you? Or someone in your family?" he asked, wrapping a arm around her waist. He sighed, wondering if this was anything to do with him?
He had people wanted him dead for years, his lead as a general gave him such hate.

Gem Hawksong
I sighed as I looked at him. "There is another thing here. All the arrows hit women in the faily. My aunt, my sister, my cousin. all have children or were expecting at the time of death. i am next seeing as no one else is that way. once Jane and my brother in law are dead, I'll be next."

He blinked.
"Jane? Well...there not dead yet...how far away are they from here?" he demanded, picking up his car keys. Maybe there was a chance for them.

Gem Hawksong
I pulled out my phone, knowing that my brother in law would answer. I dialled it.
"Hey, its Gem. Listen you need to get Jane and come round to my house alright? I don't have time to explain right now. Just come."
I shook my head. "Voice mail. They're not home."
I shuddered as I walked over to one of the machines, the one I had switched on.
"Go over to that cupboard and get me the arrow thats in there. I need to check something. There's a set of gloves inside the draw next to it."
I moved quickly towards where there was a plastic bag containing another arrow. Making sure not to touch it with bare skin, and certainly wearing gloves, I walked over to the machine again, noting the still drying blood on the tip.

He sighed, hoping that they were not to late.
"They'll be okay," he said, hoping it to be true. He pulled on the gloves, flicking them around his wrists as a doctor might and pulled it out from the cupboard.
He took it over to her, being careful as he laid it on the desk.
"There you go."

Gem Hawksong
Though I hated to damage my own arrows, my fingers moved quickly to remove one of the sets of feathers from the arrow I was holding. One hand reached for the little glass slide on the bench but it was too far from me. "Damn. Can you pass me that? I cant move from here incase I drop anything."

"Of course," he said, moving quickly but carefully and bringing it to her. He was intrested watching her work, not something he saw very often.

Gem Hawksong
As I worked I talked explaining things. "If I'm right and I'm rarely wrong when it comes to this sort of thing, then those feathers on this slide will have two sets of DNA on them. Mine... and the killers."
I slid the slide into the machine. "I've set the machine to ignore my DNA."
Moving to the keyboard, I typed two words in as a command. CHECK DNA.
"I'm getting it to record the DNA found on that arrow, seeing as its the newest of the killing arrows. Then I'm going to check the one you got for a match. The tip of the arrow I have got checking is wet still. Which means my sister is only newly dead.."

He followed her movments over her shoulder, watching with intrest.
He gave her a reasurring squease. All this couldn't be good for her. The stress and loss of love ones...needing to solve the puzzle and unable.

My hands moved deftly as I worked to strip the other arrow quickly.
The machine beeped and I moved back to the keyboard. SAVE DIAGNOSTIC.
That done I inserted the new slide from the old one. CHECK MATCH.

He sat back down in the spinning chair, feeling tired desipte it being early afternoon. His muscles were still geting used to the fact that they were moving once more.
He watched her, pressing buttons and seeming to understand what everything did.
In one sense, Auraka was as helpful as a great-grandma on a computer. But, he was alright with laptops but these big machines? He'll let the experts deal with them.
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Gem Hawksong
I let the machine work. "It'll take a few minutes to copmpletely remove anything thats not needed so it can check if these match." I sighed as I walked over to one of the other computers, and turned it on.
"I usually watch it working on here, not at the actualy machine itself."

Auraka nodded, watching as she moved naturally around the machines. He relized that he had never seen her work before, he spent most of his time at the base or at the fields.
He sighed, promising he would spend more time with her, she was worth more than anything else in his life.

Gem Hawksong
My hands touched the keyboard one last time, before the two slides popped out with a loud beep. I glanced at the screen. "It found a match," I said. Quickly I pressed a couple of the buttons so that it would find the name of the person who's DNA it covered.
"Looks like he was not so careful this time!"

He stood, looking over her shoulder once more and stared at the person.
"Who is it?" he asked, eyes flickering to her "do you know this man?"

Gem Hawksong
My eyes ran over the face. There was nothing there that I recognized at all. "I do not know this man. So I have no idea why I'm being targeted." I sighed as i commanded the computer to print things off, before reaching for my phone again. There was a phone call coming in.
It was my brother in law. he'd found out about Elanil and wanted me to come and talk to him at the office above us.
I looked at the clock. "My brother in laws here. He's got Jane. He's above us, the office is busy at the moment. I better go see my boss."

He frowned, taking in the man's features.
"Well he must have something against your family.." he said and looked at her,waiting as she spoke into the phone.
"He's here?" he asked, pausing for a moment.
"I think I'll stay with you...for the moment...we can go get them in a minute...they'll be safe here."
Aurak stood, yawned slightly, and headed back towards the door.

Gem Hawksong
"Alright. Come on."
I removed the pages from the printer in the room and deactivated the alarm on the door so it would open. Once we were both out, I locked it behind me. I'd fix my arrows later.
I led him in the stairs into the main room. There were people running about all over the place. I could spot Gary as well. I moved towards him. "Gary!"
He looked up at my voice and smiled. "I guess you know then?"
"Yeah I do. And I've found a match with the DNA on the arrows. The idiot was not careful as he was last time..."

Auraka followed her closely, not wanting anyone to try anything. He nodded a greeting to her boss, eyes running over as everyone ran around.
"What's happening?" he asked, wondering how they knew something Gem had just found out.

I turned to look at him. "Nice to see you up and about, Auraka. Gem was worried about you, a lot while you were away." There was a smile in my voice. "We were the ones called when her sister was found. We always look into this and seeing as this case is still going we were the natural ones for the job."
I looked at Gem. "Show me what you've found."
She handed me the pieces of paper. My eyes clouded at the face. "He's Italian. Like you Gem."
She sighed, having no idea why that could be a problem.

Auraka grinned.
"Thank you, and I'm planning on hanging around a bit longer then before," he chuckled and looked at the picture once more. He was Italian, that much was clear.
He blinked, looking once more.
"I think I know him...." he said slowly.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes met Auraka's for a moment, a little confused. But if he knows you, why is he striking my family down? What could i have done if I do not know the guy?" I was a little confused about this. Well more than a little.
My brother in law spotted me then and came in my direction holding the hand of a five year old. I greeted them both with a hug.

He met Gem's eyes.
"Not on my side...Genera for the other side..we spoke of treaties but he never pulled his weight for his side," he explained.
"Hard bastard..kept his men under a real tight leash."
He looked at Gem and shook his head.
"He liked me, wanted me to join there army..some reason," he said.
He shook Gem's brother in law's hand, smiling at the child.

"There's the similarity too between my family and him. We're Italian as well. Not that many know that really. Maybe he sees us moving here as a betrayal to our people? That could be it as well, Auraka. I was well known back in those days for my archery skills. I'm not as well known here."

He nodded.
"This started before I met you...so this must be it unless he can see the future," he frowned deep in thought and shook his head.
"We need to keep everyone close..you as well Gem..." he thought about asking General Morris but knew he couldn't expect him to do everything. He had already done to much.

"There we are of help. I've had someone watching her, ever since she told me there was a chance that this was all aimed at her, a few weeks back. She's never been alone since thatday you woke up in the hospital, Auraka. There is no way I'll let ehr be lost, she's too important to us here in QPARS. NO one else knows a thing about the machines down in the cellar office."

Auraka nodded, thankful that someone cared for her as much as he.
"Good," he said looking at the child and brother in law.
"Can you guys stay with us?" he asked trusting them to be safer with them.

I looked at Jonah, waiting to hear his answer.
"I think I should return back to Italy. It should lose whoever this bastard is. Catch him, won't you Gem?"
"You have my word about that one. I will do everything possible to bring him in, and I will tell you." He knew I was as enraged and upset from Elanil dying as he was.
"I'll have someone escort you to the airport. That way your safe," Gary said. "Dont want to see any more of Gem's family gone on her."
"Thank you," Jonah replied. He hugged me. "Take care of yourself."
"I will Jonah." I returned the hug and then hugged my niece.

Auraka nodded, shaking his hand.
"We'll get them, just stay safe," he said, looking at Gem. If not for Gem, they would find it for them.

I smiled. "now that the others have a face to go by this will wrap up pretty quickly. Once again my work with the case is done. Lets hope this is the last time one of my arrows kills someone."
I sighed as I walked back towards the house. The shopping was done again and i had just gotten home from an ultrasound. Auraka had not been able to be there he had had other business. I knew that two of the others from work were watching me.
The something hit me, from inside the house. "Ouch!" I yelled, looking down. My breath caught. Barely missing my heart, but definately in one of my lungs, was one of my own arrows.
Grimacing, I fell to the ground. Hopefully Auraka was home in a few minutes.

Auraka's head shot up at the sound of a yelp. Maybe he was just paranoid , but he swore it was Gem. He put his head outside the door, seeing a crumpled form on the pavement and ran towards it.
He pulled out his weapon, always on handy and looked around carefully before approaching Gem.
He noted the two people watching her, motioning for them to find whoever did this. They seemed shocked.
"Gem?" he asked, rolling her over. He cursed again, pulling out a phone quickly.
"Police, Ambo," he said quicking into the phone.
"Hello? I'm sitting next to my girlfriend, she's just been shot..barely missed her heart," he said.
"5mins sir," the lady side and he hanged up. He pulled her head into his lap, brushing the hair from her face. He didn't notice the blood, he had been in the army to long for that.
"Hold on Gem, helps coming," he whispered, blinking to keep the tears from falling.

Gem Hawksong
I coughed, shifting my head and spitting out blood. Yes definately one of my lungs. I was only vaguely aware of the two others from my work running towards the house, and entering. There was a bit of shouting that i did not really hear and they came running back out after someone.
I coughed again, my eyes moving with effort towards Auraka. I had been right, I was the next target the guy had. He knew that as well know. It was getting a little hard to keep my eyes open.

He met her eyes, smiling sadly.
"Hey Gem," he murmered, smoothing her cheek gently. He tasted salt and relized that he was crying, but he didn't care.
Sirens appeared, the red and blue flashing lights came out of nowhere. Two medics dropped out, pulling a stretcher behind them. Gently, they took her from Auraka's arms, lowering her into the fabric and taking her into the van. Covered in blood and not caring, he stood and followed them. One glance at him and they understood, letting him ride with them.

Gem Hawksong
My eyes closed for a few seconds but i forced them back open as I was loaded into the ambulance. I did not want to let them close at the moment. Not with this damn arrow in me. It did not seeem the same as the arrows that took my mother and sister though.
Something seemed to be attacking me from inside my body but i did not know what. Just as the shut the door I saw my two work friends leading someone away who's hands were behind his back. That registered in my mind as a good thing though I knew not why.

Auraka kept hold of her hand, speaking to her and refusing to let her close her eyes.
"Come on Gem, be that stubbon girl I know you are," he said squeasing her hand.
The medic's worked quickly as a team, studying the arrow. The older one cursed loudly and Auraka looked at him in suprise.
"Poision," he said speaking to the driver to hurry up.

So that was what i felt gnawing at me. I knew how stubborn I usually was by I knew i was weakened from losing all that blood. My eyes closed for a second and I forced them open again. This was getting harder for me, but i only listened to Auraka's voice for the moment. It was helpign a little.
It was enough at the moment to keep me awake.

Auraka kept a hold of her hand, gripping it tightly. He spoke to her, commanding her to keep her eyes opened. His voice was of a general, it was hard to refuse.
The hospital came into sight and they quickly pulled her inside, leaving Drannor alone in the waiting room.
They wouldn't let him past, only telling him that she was in surgery.
"She needs me!!" he begged, not wanting to leave her for a moment. They refused, telling him they would tell him when they had news.

Gem Hawksong
I knew that my own body was failing me at the moment. None of it wanted to obey the commands I was giving from my brain at the moment. Nothing would listen to me and that was starting to worry me at the moment.
I did go to sleep though when they were operating on me, but I could still feel everything they were doing, because of that annoying poison that was inside me. I knew that they were doing the best they could for me.
The one problem was, would I actually be able to wake up again? I'd gotten very weak while I was in the ambulance.....

Auraka sat, staring at the hands off the clock. They moved slowly, to slowly for the once patient man. His hands shook with worry, hating not knowing what was happening.
A man, taller then most, came and stood before him. His face clean shaven, eyes deep blue. He smiled, the cheeks flashing handsome dimples.
"Mr Lamya?" he asked and Auraka nodded, standing.
"Auraka please," he said, shaking his hand "how is she?"
He grimced for a moment, thinking carefully before speaking.
"She's in the IC unit, critical..she had a rare poison in the arrow head, called Biocide but we noticed it quickly enough and found the anitdote," he said and smiled slightly "also, she is pregant."
Auraka nodded, "I know that."
"Well, did you know it was triplets?" he asked and Auraka's jaw dropped.
"Yes, luckily they were not injured in the attack and should be born normally," the doctor said.
Auraka shook his hand once more, thanking him.
"You may go see her," the doctor said "she still sleeps."
Auraka thanked him once more, quickly heading for her room.
He froze inside the door, not seeing the beeping machines or anything else. Just her.
He moved, sitting in the chair beside her and brushing the hair from her face.
"Come on Gem," he murmered, kissing her forehead and waiting.

Gem Hawksong
My body still fought on trying to wake up. I knew that there was someone near me who wanted to see me awake again. It was hard to do anything at the moment, there was alot of that drug still in me.
I grimaced though as i managed to pop my eyes open. Things were very blurry but soon came to be a little clearer. There was a loud beeping noise somewhere near my head, and I blinked at the bright light.
Where the hell was I? I had no idea what was going on at all.

Auraka held her hand lightly, speaking to her quietly and wondered what she would say when finding out she had triplets.
He smiled slightly, despite the worry, and gazed down upon her angelic features.
He watched as her eyes fluttered, looking around the white room. He gave her hand a squease.
"Gem?" he asked quietly

Someone else spoke and my eyes moved slowly in that direction. I knew that face but it took me a moment to figure out who was watching me. “Auraka,” I said, my throat was very dry. I managed a very weak smile at him, my muscles reluctant to do anything I told them to. I grimaced, I felt like I'd been kicked in the head by a horse.
I sighed weakly, looking up at him. I remembered what had happened to me. “Did they catch him?” I certainly hoped they had, I wanted no more arrows coming in my direction.

He smiled weakly with relief, giving her a gentle squease once more before nodding.
"Yes love, they got him...you just rest okay?" he said and kissed her forehead gently again.
"You'll be out of here in no time," he murmered. He was really begining to hate hospitals.
"Oh," he said deciding it was time for some good news "the children are fine..and you were right, were having triplets."
He smiled, eyes shining as he looked upon her. His strong Gem seemed so small and weak laying right there.

Gem Hawksong
Releif sank into me as he said that. Both of us hated being in these hospitals by now. "If its not you in here, its me soon after. Who would have thought?" I teased him a little.
"Looks like the kids definately have a pair of very stubborn parents." I smiled.

He chuckled, meeting her eyes for a long time.
"That they will," he said quietly, hoping that next time they were back in here it was for there birth.
He smiled, brushing the hair out of her eyes and watched over her like a protective father.
"Sleep love, we will go home soon," he mumrered,

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him a little bit. He was very worried about me, I knew that. He did not have to hide that from me. "I'm glad they caught him, I thought eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw them taking someone away."
I was in no mood for sleep.
It was then that the door opened and Gary came in. "Good to see those eyes open!" he said, smiling at me. "I had to come and see whether you were recovering, almost had a heart attack when I heard the guy got you."

Auraka breathed a chuckle, looking only away for a moment as the door opened.
"Gary," he said in greeting, standing to shake his hand. But his eyes kept returning to Gem.
"What happened to the bastard?" he asked in a hushed tone to Gary, not wanting to upset Gem incase something had happened.

I chuckled at Auraka's question. "In one of our holding rooms until the trial. Thats not until after Gem's recovered enough to be out of hospital. The'll likely want her to speak against him as well." I smiled at Gem.
"Good to see you as well, Gary," Gem said, stifling a yawn.
I said nothing for a second. "Get better soon Gem, else we're going to have a lot of lawyers demanding we let the guy go."
"Ick, Italians. Don't want to mess with us," she muttered. "Things get ugly when people mess with us."

Auraka nodded, flashing Gem a smiled as she muttered under her breath.
"Thanks for coming Gary, I'll keep her safe," he said, sitting back down with a sigh. It was a lie, she couldn't be kept 'safe'. Auraka had tried before, and yet she still laid before him.
"How are you feeling?" he asked her quietly.

I coughed, "Very dry in the mouth." I was pretty thirsty right now. I smiled. "See you later, Gary." He nodded and left the two of us. I knew though that this was all behind us now. "I meant what I just muttered under my breath. Things do get ugly. This is nothing in comparison."

He chuckled again and nodded. Seeing a glass of water, he reached for it and helped her sit up slightly.
"Carefully," he murmered supporting her head as he would a babe

I smiled as he helped me sit up. I definitely needed the help when I drank from the glass. "Thanks." God I hated feeling weak. How many times had I been hurt since meeting him? Both times not his fault. I twisted my own ankle. And i was alone at the moment the arrow got me.
"At least we can put this behind us."

He pressed his lips to her brow, removing the glass and replacing her head lightly on the pillow.
A doctor came in, pressing buttons and checked the wound.
"How are you feeling Gem?" he asked, resleaing the wound with the cloth.
He tapped a tube, waiting for her answer.
"We shall give you a small dose of painkillers, it will knock you out for a bit, but it shall help you heal faster," he said with a kind smile.

Gem Hawksong
Oh great, more sleep, I thought. Not what I want...
"I feel alright. A little like a horse kicked me in the head but other than that fairly good...."
I smiled though a little bit and sighed. Looks like I was going to sleep whether I wanted to or not.

Auraka laughed softly, seeing her face.
"Hey Gem," he said, meeting her eyes once more "remember what you told me? Listen to the doctors and get better, well no listen to your own advice okay?"
He kissed her lightly, nodding to the doctor.
"I'll still be here when you wake up," he told her quietly.

I stared at him for a moment, not comprehending the words. Then I remembered and it showed on my face. "Guess I should have known that one would come back to bite me on the butt."
I sighed, looking up at him for a moment. I knew that I did not like sleeping here, but it had to happen I guessed. They weren't going to let me out of here otherwise.

His dark eyes sparkled at her reply and chuckled.
"It always does," he said giving her hand a gentle squease. He nodded once more to the doctor who filled a needle with something and injected it into the drip beside the bed.
"Have a nurse call me when she wakes," he said and left. Auraka nodded with a sigh, settling back into the chair and watching Gem sleep. She looked so small and lost, he wasn't sure what to do. Gem was so strong and even defensive, but asleep that was all gone.

It did not take me long to fall asleep, there was no fighting the drug he'd used. I sighed as my eyes closed, my breathing was eve though a little constricted thanks to one of my rbs not really working properly, but i soon forgot that as I got carried off into my dreams.
When I woke up there was no sun in the sky and the room was dark. My eyes searched for a minute before finding him again.

Auraka blinked slowly, yawning as he stared at the clock. She had been asleep for a good 5 hours so far. He stretched slightly, taking care not to knock her and glanced up at the clock once more, sighing.
The eyes dropped to her face, taking in the beautiful innocence before him.
Her eyes fluttered and he smiled as she searched for something.
"Hey,' he said gently.

Gem Hawksong
"Hey," I said, yawning as my eyes met his. "How long was I out of it this time?" Felt like I had been asleep for days and all this lying about was doing me no good at the moment. I did not enjoy lazing about. "How's Pippa?" I knew my dog would be worried about me.
She always knew when things were going badly for me, and she loved me too much. I did not like leaving er at home like this without me. I knew there would be a few holes for filling in when I got home.

He checked the clock again and replied with a grin.
"Just over 5 hours," he said and nodded "don't worry, our little darling is being treated like a princess by my boys at the base..seems that they have a soft side after all."
he chuckled

Gem Hawksong
"And you thought they did not?" I laughed softly. "I still feel like I've been kicked in the head and its hard to breath at the moment."
I had not thought that he thought of his men in that way. I was sure there were a few there that had a more gentle side, I'd seen it when I thrashed a few in karate.

He chuckled and nodded.
"Of course I know they do," he said with a fond smile "I'm known as the soft general, but they are my trodaithe bog." He laughed at the inside joke.
He looked at her before explaining.
"Trodaithe bog is Irish for soft fighters," he said, eyes frowing as she said she was in pain.
"Did you want me to call the doctor?"

Gem Hawksong
I winced for a second though it had meant to be a smile. "Might be a good idea." I coughed. It was hard for me to breathe. "Feels like something is still wrong in me."
I sighed, knowing that would worry him

He gave her a reasuring smile, quickly standig and poking his head outside the door, calling the nurse who just walked past.
"Can you call Dr. Glint?" he asked and she nodded, heading off to get him.
He came back to Gem's side, sitting and waiting while the doctor all but ran into the room.
"Yes?" he asked, quickly approaching Gem and checking the wound. He sighed, looking up at her.
"What hurts?"

Gem Hawksong
I took two shallow breaths. "It's hard to breathe..." I coughed a couple of times, knowing there was something wrong still. Though it seemed to be getting harder for me, like something was failing on me or something. What had happened to me?

The doctor seemed worried, checking her pulse before checking the machines and sighed.
"Auraka, please, leave for a moment," he said calling a nurse and another doctor quickly. Auraka's eyes met Gem's, shaking his head and refusing to leave.
"Please," the doctor said tearing his eyes away from the machines for a moment. He stared at her, unable to move and waited for her to say something.
The doctor pulled up the sides of the bed, nodding to the nurse who ran into the room.
"ICU," he told her, unlocking the bed to start wheeling it.

My eyes met his for a second. "Go," I muttered. I coughed again. There was nothing i was liking about this right now at all. Not to mention feeling a little claustrphobic from all the people in here.

Auraka nodded sharply, standing and quickly leaving her. He stared, watching as the doctors as they wheeled her into another room.
"Look at me Gem," the doctor said "can you keep your eyes open for me? And try to breath normally."

Gem Hawksong
I knew that I had to try at least. That much I could do for him. I concentrated, but it was certainly pain. I winced several times as we moved. This was getting too hard for me to bear at the moment."

The handsome young doctor smiled, noting that she was having trouble even with that.
"Good girl," he said pushing the bed into a room and closing the door. Auraka waited for a moment, eyes following the bed and not wanting to leave her.
Knowing they wouldn't let him in, he sat back in the chair he had been in for the past several hours. The eyes trained on the clock, waiting once more.

Gem Hawksong
It was hard work, there was no doubt about that in my mind. I knew that I was struggling even now, I still worked to keep my eyes open and air coming in and out of my nose. There were moments when I coughed though, I could taste blood in my mouth which was not the nicest thing to taste.
This was really starting to suck for me. What the hell was going on with my body. I felt pathetic and weak, a thing i had not felt in over ten years. It was not something I could get used to either. What was wrong with me?

He was worried, knowing they needed to quickly stable her condition.
He called orders, doing whatever he could to help the young woman.
Auraka sat, staring, waiting. 20mins, without knowing how she was. Another 20 past and all he could do was stare helplessly at the clock.
He closed his eyes, rubbing a head though his hair and sighed. He swore this was the worst thing he had ever done, waiting. Even worse than taking lives of another.
Unless, of course, that other life was Gem's.
The door opened and she was wheeled back in, her tired head slummed against the pilow. She was breathing easier, so he thought.
The doctor gave him a tired smile, nodding that he could approach.
"The poison antidote..she had a reaction to it," he said sadly "we cleared it out of her system, and have put her on something else...we shall keep a closer watch on her now."
Auraka nodded his thanks, looking down at her, waiting for the eyes to open again.

Gem Hawksong
I had no idea what they did to me once I fell back asleep. Though this time it took me not as long to wake up. My eyes automatically went to the other person in the room. "What happened?"

He sighed with relief, seeing her eyes move and hearing her voice once more. The doctors had left, returning every now and then to check on her.
"Are you okay?" he asked, eyes running over her face with worry "you had a reaction to the antidote...rare."
He gave her a tired smile and sighed once more.
"I swear, your trying to put me in a early grave," he said, squeasing her hand gently.

Gem Hawksong
It seemed a little more easier to breathe and i was sure that the relief would show in my face. "I am so sorry about worrying you, Auraka." I took several more normal breaths of air. "I think that's behind us though, there's nothing painful for me at the moment."
I managed a smile at him. "Not intentionally," I added as a remark to what his second statement was. "How was I meant to know that I was going to react to that anti-dote?"

He smiled gently, giving her a kiss and brushing the sweaty blonde locks from her face.
"No idea, but all that matters is that your okay," he said quietly with a smile. He looked at the clock, blinked once more. They had been here just under 2 days.

Gem Hawksong
I beamed at him for a few minutes. "I think I'm well on the way to recovery now. I'll be out of here in no time, people in my family heal quicker than almost everyone else alive." I chuckled, I was already feeling better.
I could not wait to get out of here ad see that murderer locked away for good.

He chuckled and nodded, knowing they had both had there fair shares of this place.
"Just take it easy," he remindered her gently "your walking for four now."
He chuckled and gave her a gently kiss.
"Rest, and I shall speak to the doctors..they actually seem to care," he said with a grin.
The door opened and Auraka glanced at the clock again. Just on time...he thought, knowing they came in every 20mins.
"Ah Gem, it's good to see those pretty blues opened once more," said the cheerful doctor "feeling better?"

Gem Hawksonjg
I sighed, I knew he was right. "I don't think I could be any less aware of that, Auraka." I smiled though. Then I looked up as the doctor who entered.
"Much better."

He smiled slightly and nodded to the doctor who was quietly checking the machines.
"Good good," he said, taking her pulse and checking the wound oncem more.
"Well, its healing nicely..but I must say dear Gem, you will have one hell of a scar."

"I didn't think I'd get out of this without something along those lines," i said, smiling a bit. I knew that would happen not that i minded that much. Nothing else could really be expected, could it?

He smiled like a caring father, nodding his head slightly.
"You will have to stay a few more days I am afraid, we want to keep an eye on you...you were poisoned and we need to keep a close eye on that nasty reaction as well," he said, giving her knee a pat.
"Also, you will need a little rehab to get walking again, shock and sudden attacks can make that all fly out the window."

Gem Hawksong
"Looks like I have a long road ahead of me." I sighed, knowing that this was not my fault at all though. I'd looked to see if I could spot the guy before getting out of that car. And yet he'd been hiding in my own house!
"Sooner the better I guess."

"That's the way," the doctor said with a cheerful smile, nodding to Auraka before leaving the room.
"Are you really okay?" he asked her quietly, shifiting the chair closer to the bedside.

Gem Hawksong
I smiled at him. "I'm fine Auraka. Really." I lifted one hand and took his own hand in it. I did not even wince though something in me flared a little at the unexpected movement.
"I really am."
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PostSubject: Re: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 9:04 pm

He smiled and met her gaze lightly, he couldn't help but worry about her. Yesterday, though it seemed longer ago, he had asked her to marry him.
"You know...while your here..." he said quietly "we could talk about the wedding."
He chuckled, meeting her eyes and kissing her cheek gently.
"Do you follow a Religion?" he asked her, wondering if they would have a church wedding.

What an interesting question to ask. I thought about that. 'yeah I do actually. I was born Christian and followed the church all my childhood. though now.. I seem to have ran out of time. I also have Elanil's funeral to organise."
I sighed. That was a heavy blow for me. It could easily have been mine as well.

He rubbed his forehead, nodding slightly.
"So I guess its a church wedding?" he asked with a grin, not caring as long as she was happy.
"I'll look after that...don't worry yourself about it," he told her quietly, knowing how hard that had hit her.
"I'm here to help, remember."

"I'll have to so some of it. Like tell my father and the others whats happening. Have to find out if its here or in Italy with mum." My mother had been struck down and I had not been told when the funeral was until it had already happened.
"I guess it will be, yeah."

He looked at her and nodded slightly, giving her hand a gently squease and thinking.
"Gem...Honey, I want you to do whatever you want..okay? Don't worry about money, or anything, you chose it and we shall have it," he said and gave her a light kiss.
"Not just for the wedding either.." he added, wanting her poor sister to have the best send off they could afford. He hadn't met her, but from what Gem and her family had gone though...she deserved it.

Gem Hawksong
I sighed thinking about all of that. "I know you want to help, Auraka. But that si somethign that I will ahve to deal with personally."
I smiled though. "I'll figure things out in the long run. Can't believe I did not hear that arrow coming. Its definitely made life harder than ever."

He nodded, understanding completely.
"Well, just remember I'm here if you need me..." he said and gave her forehead a gently kiss.
"Will you be alright if I leave you for a few hours?" he asked looking at the clock once more, his voice seeming to beg her to say 'yes Auraka, yes I need you to stay'. He didn't want to leave her, but he had things to do. He needed to get out of this place, but if she wanted him to stay, he would without another word.
His soft eyes ran over her face, ignoring the tubes and things everywhere and waited for a reply.

I sighed as he asked me that. I knew I would be fine now. "I'll be fine but I would rather you stayed, though if you have things to do, go do them." I was giving him that choice, I would not force him to stay here. I knew i would be alright at the moment, nothing seemed to go wrong in me right now. Well except for the painful broken rib, that was.

His eyes flickered to the clock once more, before settling back into the chair.
"It can wait," he said with a shrug, understanding her not wanting to be alone. He gave her a reasuring smile, squeasing her hand and yawned. He hadn't slept for days, and had no plan to start soon. The dreams, they were worse than staying awake.

I smiled at her. I knew that this was not the easiest thing for him to do. "You need to sleep," I said, noticing the dark circles under his eyes. He definitely had not slept for a while and in a way that shocked me. Was he that worried about me?
"Go home. Sleep. I'll be fine!" I sighed knowing that he would not listen to me. That was one of the things that sucked at the moment.

A ghost of a smile hinted at his lips as he turned to meet her gaze, the bags under his eyes were almost black well past purple and shook his head slightly.
"I'm fine," he protested and cursed himself as he yawned again. He doubted he could sleep now, with the amount of coffee he had had in the past hour.
He chuckled, looking at the clock.
"Want to play a game?" he asked suddenly and smiled once more.

I laughed at that. "I guess you can't sleep because of the amount of coffee I've seen you drinking over the last few days. You really dont want to sleep do you? Even though its doing you more damage than you think."
I smiled though, there was nothing I was not happy about at the moment. "What kind of game? Better not be riddles, I'm hopeless at those." I certainly could not wait to get out of here at the moment.
I knew that he would not intentionally do that one to me. That was not something he would do to me. He knew me better than that, I was pretty sure at the moment.

He laughed and patted her small hand lightly and smiled.
"Might be...unless you had another idea," he chuckled and thought for a moment.
"How about 20 questions? I used to love it as a kid," he said with a fond sigh and casted about for an object.
"Okay...do you know the rules?"

"Oh I know the rules for that game. Used to play it when I was younger." I smiled. "Lets see if I can figure you out this time." I chuckled.

He flashed her a smile, trying to find something not to hard for her, knowing she wasn't the biggest fan of such things.
"Hmm...Okay, first clue and then you ask some question," he said after pondering for a while.
"It's an animal," he said, smiling slightly as he waited for her first questions.

"DO i stand on four legs?" That was my first question. I knew that would help to narrow it down a bit.
There were many animals that I knew of so this would take some time for me to figure out.

He chuckled easily, picturing the animal in his mind and shook head easily but paused and thought about it.
"Hmm, yes," he said after a moment and laughed again at the easy question and sat, waiting for the next one.

Okay that did not give me all that much to narrow it down.
"Am I, a carnivour in any way?"

He pictured the animal and quickly shook his head.
"Nup," he replied and smiled.

Okay so the animal was no carnivour. "Am I a mammal?" I wondered if the animal was. I needed to narrow it down a bit more than that at the moment. There were still too many possibilities.

He smiled and nodded.
"Narrows it down just a little," he chuckled "3 question."

Hmm that was no help. "Okay, do humans ever use me for anything like haulage or something like that?"

Auraka shook his head quickly, that one was simple to answer.
"Nope," he said and decided to give her some help "though humans hunt it...its rare these days."

Hmm. That helped a little bit. I knew what my next question was from what he had told me in that answer. "Okay... Am i concidered a pest though i really do the environment a favour by being alive?"

He thought for a moment before shaking his head slightly.
"No..." he said carefully "No, but it could be a matter of opionion."

"Okay are the babies able to stand up right after they are born?"

Auraka shook his head once more.
"No," he said with glee, having fun in the childish game

i smiled at him. What could it be. "Okay so are they completely dependant on their parents then?"

He nodded once more.
"For three to four years," he answered wondering how close she was to finding the answer.

"Do they live in groups say, one mature male, a handful of females plus thier offspring?"

He paused, knowing it was a simple question but it might not aply to this certain animal.
"Well...males at mature around the age of...7 but most wont leave home until they are around 11 and it isn't really a handful of females...anything from 5 to 30.." he gave her an odd smile "does that help?"

"I wouldn't have a clue. You've completely thrown me off with that one." I sighed thinking. "Am i constantly on the move during the day?"

He grinned at that.
"They can be..." he paused thinking of another clue "they are...very much human."

I smiled at him. "Are you thinking of a monkey?" I knew there aas only one animal with any resemblence to us humans so it had to be that.

He chuckled and nodded slightly.
"Almost there," he said

I burst out laugh. "Are you a chimpanzee?"
I hoped so, they were the most human out of all primeape's.

He shook his head.
"Getting warmer," he chuckled

What! I thought. "An Orangatang?" I asked. Coulds that be what this animal was?

He snorted a laugh and shook his head.

I knew that I was meant to be learning to walk again today, though that depended on what the doctor said. I knew Auraka would help me if I needed it. I had definately lost a bit of wieght, I knew that much.
At least I had managed to eat enough food even with our kids growing inside me.
"Maybe I'll be able to get back on my feet today," I said, looking at Auraka cheerfully.

He looked up at her a smiled.
"Thats great love, the sooner your up and about the sooner home we go," he chuckled, knowing she hated this place as much as him.
The doctor poked her head around the door, her messy hair sticking out in every direction, but she smiled kindly at Gem.
"How are we today?" she asked entering the room and standing at the edge of the bed.
"I am Nurse Rose," she said with a warm smile "I am here to help you get back onto those feet, but we do have to be careful, you are pregant I hear?" she said and Auraka nodded.
"Triplets," he grinned and the aged nurse clapped her hands together with delight.
"Wonderful!" she said, seeming to be delighted by the thought and gestured to Gem.
"First step, were going to get you to sit up," she said "if it pulls at all, say so because we don't want to reopen it okay?"

I smiled as I saw the nurse stick her head in the room and then come in. "Yes, triplets." I chuckled. "And I will." This was going to get interesting. I had not done much over the last few days but I still remembered doing some of the things they would likely get me to do today.
Even though things sounded easy, they were not likely going to be.

The nurse nodded, her fuzz of hair bobbing as she moved to stand at the beside.
"Alrightly," she said, arm behind her shoulders and supported her lightly.
"Slowly now, alrighty?" she said and pushed a little to help her.
"Nice and easy," she said and Auraka couldn't help but smile. Alrighty? Such an odd word, and this nurse seemed just a little odd as well. Somewhat...unorganized for a doctor or in this case a nurse.

I nodded understanding what she was saying. I knew one thing though, I would have rathered it was Auraka who was helping me in a way. Why did he just have to sit over there watching. Then slowly I managed to sit up, certainly moving my whole torso carefully, not wanting to hurt anything. It had been a while since I had done anything like this.

He wished it was him helping her, but the nurse wouldn't even give him a chance to speak so he just watched. Feeling mostly like an idiot.
The nurse nods in ecourgement, clapping her hands together like a child as she sits up.
"Well done Miss Gem," she said with a smile and gestured for Auraka to come over.
"Now, we might be needing those muscles my boy," she said and he shrugged standing where she told him to.
"Now, arm around her shoulders and support her as she stands and slowly, I mean really slowly, let her take her own weight after a few steps, alrightly?" she asks and Auraka nods.
"Alrightly," he agrees and wraps an arm around her shoulder "ready?"

Finally he was able to help me was he? I couldn't help but be annoyed at her for making him wait, but I hid that pretty well. Only Auraka would know that I had wanted him helping me before.
It took me a few minutes to coax my muscles in my somewhat skinnier legs to lift me off of the bed and on them. They did not want to do what i told them at first. Something I found rather surprising.

He noticed the trouble she was having and nodded.
"Don't worry love," he said "you'll have an easier time than me...less time laying down."
He smiled slightly, bareing her weight simply and helped her take a few steps.
"Easily,' the nurse said and Auraka ignored her, once more.
"There you go, see," he said with a smile

I took a couple of rather tentative steps, noticing how stiff my muscles were. I knew that I would get back to normal soon but this did feel a little odd to me.
Then one of my knees tightened as the muscles around it cramp. I'd lifted the other foot and had been midstep, so all my wieght insitinctively felt towards him.
"Muscle cramp."

he caught her quickly, almost like a reflex and mostly carried her back to the bed letting her sit down on its edge.
The nurse look at them, her eyes somewhat dazed for a moment before hurrying towards them.
"Oh dear," she said and left the room in a hurry and Auraka looked after her in amusement.
"Okay then..." he said and turned to Gem "you okay?"

I sighed as I sat down again. "I'll be fine." I stretched the one leg that cramped, grimacing as I forced the locked muscles to do what I wanted them to do. There was certainly a fair bit of determination in my voice when I spoke, both times. "I want to try again." I would not be staying here much longer. I knew I would do better this time.
There was no doubt in my mind about that. I was not goignt o give in any time soon.

He blinked, not at all suprised by the sudden burst of stubboness and shifted his arm over her shoulders once more.
"Okay," he said and gave her cheek a quick kiss and helped her to her feet. He knew what it was like, feeling so weak and hating sitting still and doing nothing.

This time I did not have trouble standing up even though he was there to help me the whole time. This time I knew I could do this easier. My body was reacting in the way I wanted to it to, every single muscle was obeying me.
This time I was not as tentative as I took a couple of steps. I knew what i was doing this time, and I was sure that I would easily be able to do this again. No muscle cramp this time.

Slowly by slowly, he left her take her own weight and watched as she moved by herself.
"You've done well," he said with a smile but continued to follow her in case she cramped again.

I felt the muscles in my knee starting to lock again but I carefully reached down and rubbed at them with one hand, soothing them back to normal again.
I loved him enough, but I knew that there was no chance that I would let him take all my weight all the time. "I recover quickly," I replied.

He noted the slight cramping of her knee once more, but let her ask for the help if needed. Though, he knew, it would never come.
"I'll say," he smiled and nodded slightly "well I-"
The door opened and her real doctor entered, his grey eyes kind and warm as he spotted her standing.
"Ah good, standing already I see miss Gem?" he said and tapped her board and Auraka frowned.
"A nurse came in before...telling her she was going to start walking and stuff," he said slowly and the doctor burst out laughing.
"Oh I am so sorry, you mean 'nurse rose' well she is a pactient here as well...poor thing has a touch of memory loss but her first job was as a physio therpist nurse and she likes to help out," he said and shook his head "but, she was right, you can be walking now if your up to it."

I smiled, as I listened to what the doctor said. No wonder she had seemed a little wierd to me. And likely to Auraka as well.
"I'm getting used to it again at the least. Nearly failed the first time, but that was only because one knee cramped."
I chuckled though. "Hasn't happened again though so should be all good."

"Good good," the doctor agreed and motioned to the bed.
"Sit down and let me check the stitches and maybe...you'll be heading home today," he said and winked slightly. He was one of the doctors who had helped Auraka, one of the ones in the background so none of them noticed. He knew that they hated it here and was doing his best to send them home.

I smiled and turned and with lighter, slightly unsteady steps, I walked back to the bed, my knees giving way as i sat down. I knew he was trying to help get me out of here, I thought I had spotted him once while I was here because Auraka was in a coma. Auraka would not know, though I did.

The doctor nodded as Auraka frowned as she landed a little heavily on the bed.
He pulled back the gauze and spoke quietly to himself before covering it and pulling back.
"Well it looks good, its healing well..rather quickly actually," he said and pulled out stethoscope and pressed it to her chest.
"Deep breath," he said and moved it "again."
He wrapped the thing around his neck and nodded.
"Well, your chest sounds clear and yout not having a reaction to the medication were giving you," he smiled slightly "I say its time you get out of here."

I smiled though and did what he told me to. No point in being annoying at the moment, I knew what he was doing. He wanted to see us out of here, though that was something I wanted myself. To be out of here and doing the things I liked. I missed Pippa so much at the moment. She'd be pining at the moment, unless Sahar had her.
"Nothing hurts at all." I smiled and then looked at Auraka. "If you're wondering why i landed a little heavily on here, its because my legs got tired and decided to drop me on here without any warning."
I laughed though a little amused by how my own body had acted. i was certainly looking forwards to getting out of here. "I guess my legs are not used to my weight as much as they used to be before that arrow got me."

"You'll get there," the doctor said with a gentle pat on her shoulder.
"Well, everything's good but you are going to need some physio...just to get the muscle and stuff back up and you'll have to come back in about a week....for those stitches but other then that I see you fit to go," he said with smile and Auraka grinned over his shoulder.
"I'll go sign you out," he said and left and Auraka approached the bed once more.
"Come on Gem, lets get dressed and get home," he said with a tired smile and handed her a bag. He, as always, was organized and had packed her fresh clothes.

"Thanks," i said, remembering nearly everything he said. I knew that I would tire a little quicker than normal, but that would eventually go away for me. That much i knew I was more than capable of doing. I knew I would heal fairly fast, and that was a good thing.
I was not going to be easy to keep from doing too much enegergetic stuff, that was against the way i was. But that was also because of the fact as to who my father was. he was in the army and so was my mother before she died, and i had always been expected to heal quickly.
I smiled though as I took that bag from him and quickly got changed. "Thanks love." It definately felt good to be out of that hospital gown.
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PostSubject: Re: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 9:15 pm

Morning came and I could hear a couple of birds chirping outside the house. Then I heard Pippa barking and I got to my feet out of bird. Sighing I walked into the bathroom and had a shower. My father had stayed here over night, He was happy for me, that was sure. I cooked pancakes for him.
"Don't embarrass me alright? I know that things may be a little hard for you when you meet Auraka, t jsut put the past in the past, alright dad?"
"Why would I embarass you?" Zelphar asked.
"You'll know when you see him."
He sighed and I went back into my room, my hands moving quickly as I fivxed my hair, my mother had taught me so many things. Then i slipped into my dress, easily getting it on, regardless of my huge belly. At least that would be completely hidden by it.
Then I headed back out to him.
"Wo Gem," my father said, speechless.

Sahar knocked on the door lightly, barely louder than a butterfiles flap.
"Gem?" she called, opening the door and peering inside. Her jaw dropped, seeing her friend. The tall red haired girl had a baby strapped to her chest and one to her back, a grin plaster to her face. Motherhood, it seemed, suited her.
"Wow Gem," she said after a moment "you look...beautiful."

Auraka rolled over, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with a sigh. Another sleepless night, but this time he didnt care. He hadn't slep for weeks, or if he had it lasted of all 3 seconds.
But something made him smile. Something about today could not stop that grin from spreading across his handsome features.
He was getting married.
He was finally marrying the girl of his dreams, and with the twins on their way it was even more special then before. He chuckled at a memory, when he had woken from his coma to see her. His first words, will you marry me were laced to his tounge.
That was, of course, before he knew she was pregant.
He climbed out of bed, getting dressed with a practised neat miltary fashion and picked at his breakfast.

"Thanks, Sahar." I smiled at my best freind."
"My daughter's never been anything but beautiful since she was born," my father said. He spoke English well, hiding his accent easily.
"Oh this is my father, General Zelphar Hawksong, Sahar," I said, introducing the balding man. He was only in his early fifties. I wondered if she would guess where he served.

I smiled as I drove over to Auraka's house. I was already dressed and ready to go. Years of serving in the army had made me never end up running late. I got out of the car and kncoked on the door. "You there Auraka?"

Auraka lifted his head at the knock, opening the door and letting Drannor in.
"Hey Drannor, hows Sahar and the kids?" he asked, shaking his hand in his normal greeting.
He smiled at him with tired eyes, the deep green orbs seeming brighter than normal.

Sahar smiled warmly at her father, bobbing her head.
"It is a plesure to meet you General Hawksong," she said polietly, eyes wideneing slightly at the title.

I chuckled as he asked about the kids. "They're good as always, Auraka." I chuckled. "This definately came too quickly didn't it? Sahar was moving about quite quikly this morning, she's got our kids with her, and she'll be over a Gem's house by now. Some of my oher ferinds outside the Army tell me her father's in town. And that he does not talk to anyone much."
I smiled though. "I doubt thats true though, can't really imagine anyone who's related to gem being like that here of all places."

I smiled. "You'll likely find out later about that, Sahar." For once my voice was a little tense. Things could get a little wierd later, when Auraka met with my father for the first time.
"Auraka does not know," I said, my voice a lot quieter. I did not want my father knowing that my fiance was one of the fighters against him.

Sahar nodded thoughtfully, ducking her head closer to Gem's so they could whisper and pretended to be looking over the dress with a close eye.
"There is going to be a lot in uniform today," she murmered and shifted some of the floating fabric slightly so it fell differently.
"Auraka wont mind...but some of the generals might..." she added in the same hushed tones. Auraka was a general, so all but a few generals would be there. Plus most of his classes, and some of the boys he had trained with.

Auraka flashed a smile and nodded slightly. A frown crept onto his forehead and he studied him for a moment.
"What do you mean by that?" he asked

"I am not sure myself what to make of what my friends have been saying about him. I don't think its anything to worry about personally." Yet I knew there was a chance that there might be, knowing that the man was not talking to many people except his daughter. It was something that surprised me in a few ways.
He couldn't be someone who was an enemy, could he? That would only make things turn bad for Auraka and Gem if that idea was the real truth of the matter. Who knew how well we could control ourselves when such a person was here? "Really everything should be just fine."

I gulped, knowing that meant trouble if my dad did even the slightest thing wrong. I knew though that he was a lot older than Auraka himself, so this sort of thing he had to be used to. My father could be very diplomatic when there was the need for him to be so. I knew he would see that need now, though it was for a different reason. This was my special day and unless he knew Auraka from the field, or any of the others that were there from the base, nothing would happen.
“I really hope nothing happens.” I sighed. “I think its time to head over there. At least I'm not shirking away from my own religion here. That willl have made my father very happy with me.”
I looked over at the tall man who was my father. He seemed almost twice my own height but that was nothing. Hadn't he given me an earfull when he found out I was pregnant. I knew though that he would not say anything today.

Auraka nodded his head thoughtfully and sighed.
"Yeah I hope so, don't want anything...reking her day you know?" he said "I guess you do..."
He gave a wry smile and jumped to his feet, seeing the time.
"Well we better head over there," he said with a smile.

Sahar patted her arm gently.
"It will be fine, Drannor will look after him," she said and beamed at her.
"I love your wedding dress," she said tugging slightly to move the long trail.
"I still need to show you mine don't I?" she said and pulled away to admire it once more.

I smiled at her. "Thanks Sahar. And yeah, you have yet to show me yours as well." I looked out the window, there was no car as yet there. I wondered what he had planned.
"It's good that I'll get to see one of my girls getting married," Zelphar said. "I was not there for Elanil, much as I wish i was."

"Yes I think it is time to get over there. Else you'll be the one getting there late and that would not be right would it?"

Sahar's head looked up as someone knocked on the door, wondering who it was.
Motioning for Gem to stay put, incase it was Auraka trying to take a peek before the wedding and went to see who it was.
"Oh," she said as she pulled it opened.
"Hallo miss," said the man tilting his hat "is this were the bride Gem Hawksong lives?" he question and Sahar nodded mutely, staring a the pure white horses before him.
He noticed her glance and broke into a grin.
"Well see here, this is Buttercup and Rosemary," he said rubbing the mares noses.
"Mr Auraka said she'd be wanting some transport," he said with a grin and Sahar nodded once more.
"Wait here please," she said turning and hurrying back to Gem.
"Gem!" she said and giggled "Auraka is so romantic...horses."
"White mares...waiting on doorstep and they are so cute!" she said and gave her a hug.

Auraka smiled and laughed, wondering if Gem had got her suprise already.
"Let's go," he said swinging a pair of carkeys. He didn't want anything fancy, his old battered up ute was good enough for him.

I laughed. "What were you planning for her?" I smiled though at him., knowing she would be happy with what ever it was.

Gem sighed as Sahar went to get the door. I knew why she wanted me to stay here. He could not see me until I got there, that was only fair. Plus it was traditional that part.
I follwed her out a second later, with ym father. I stopped completely stunned by what i sw. 'Did Auraka send you?"

The man nodded.
"Yes mam, I'm Pete by the way, Auraka said you needed a ride," he gave her a wink and rubbed the snuffling noses of the white mares.

Auraka laughed "two horses, an old friend of mine's taking two of his best mares over there for them to ride to the church," he grinned.
"Wish I could see her face, I think she'll like it though most likely threaten to kill me if I ever do such a thing again," he said, unlocking the car.

"You really think she'll react that way?" I laughed. "I dont think she will. Does not sound like her to me." I knew Gem, not quite as well as he did, but I still knew here. She would not be annoyed by his litttle idea. "I'm still figuring out how I'm going to surprise Sahar."
It would not be easy, seeing as we already had our kids. Gem was the easier one there.

I smiled as I heard that. "I guess he said that. Sounds like him to me, Pete." Oh what ever had gone through Auraka's head to organise this, I was certainly glad that he had this time. I was not going to be annoyed with him, though he likely thought I would be. For once he would be wrong about me, not that it mattered.
"They are rather beatitful horses."

Pete bobbed his head, giving a toothy grin.
"That they are miss, this is Buttercup," he gestured to his right "and Rosemary," he gesutred to the one of the left.
"These are my best breed mares, safe and even tempers as well," he said with a boyish grin "wouldn't throw a mere babe from their backs, they wouldn't."
He bobbed his head again.

Auraka chuckled but nodded.
"I guess your right, though you never now...wonder what she thinks of Pete," he mused allowed

i smiled as I heard the names of the two mares. Though I was not the most horsey person in the worls, I liked them enough, to be able to handle this.
"I think I'll drive, Gem. I'm not one for horses," my father said.
I nodded. "See you over there, dad."

"Yes well.... We'll soon see what happens." I chuckled though.

Pete nodded to Sahar, who giggled nervously and sat on the smaller of the two faes, she didn't want to take Gem's gloary by being even taller.
Pete offered a hand, gesturing to the white fae Rosemary before speaking.
"Auraka wasn't sure if you had ridden before, so he asked if I may walk beside you, don't you worry miss, you'll be fine," he said with a crinkled up smile.

I smiled at him. "That was considerate of him, seeing as though I have ridden before, but that was back when I was ten years old. I don't remember any of the things I was taught now though. Too long has it been inbetween."
The only thing I had trouble seeing myself doing was getting up onto the mare.
My father chuckled and picked me up like he had once when I was a lot younger and sat me down on the horses saddle. "They you go sweetheart."
"Thanks dad."

Sahar steadied herself, taking care not to jostle the children on her back and chest.
Pete looked over at Sahar, noting she looked somewhat comfortable on the horses despite the children.
"You okay?" he asked her staying beside Rosemary and she nodded, the red hair falling around her face. She wore it down, something rare for her to do.
Pete gave Gem a teethy smile "you ready?" he asked her

"A little harder than I'm used to, sitting this way, but I'll get used to it." Thank goodness the church was not too far away. I was not the best rider in the world, there were certainly more experienced people around here.
"Let's go before I fall off." I really was not used to this at all. But I would learn quickly enough. "I've never ridden this way before so this is a first."

Pete smiled lightly, showing her how to hold the reins proply.
"Don't pull on them, I'll lead her for you," he said clucking the mare on quietly and Sahar manged to pull Buttercup in behind her before deciding to ride beside them.
"You look beautiful Gem, really you do," she said once beside her.
"Auraka looks real pretty too," Pete said with a grin "clean and all."
He chuckled to himself, it was an old inside joke.

I nodded, looking ahead of the mare easily enough. Still unsure of myself, I listened as he talked to me, showing me how to do things that were long since hidden in many memories.
"Thanks, Sahar." This was finally it. We were on our way and I knew that Auraka would be waiting for me. I knew that my father would somewhere behind us, seeing as he knew not this place as well as i did now. There was still the concern as to how Auraka's mates would react to him, seeing as they were meant to be enemies.
I knew the many names they gave my father and none of them were nice these days.

Sahar flashed her a smile and Pete gave her leg a little pat, a if to say 'your doing well'.
The church came into view, the bells already ringing for the wedding was about to start.

Auraka stood inside, shifting from foot to foot. She was coming, at least he hoped so. He looked over at Drannor, his best man, and smiled slightly.
All his friends were here, all his boys from the army though he was planning on quitting. Once someone had told him: you join the army, and you'll have both friends and enimes for life. How true that old man had been.

I smiled as we got into the church yard. When we stopped, my father was waiting for me and he lifted me off of the horse.
"Thanks dad," I said, smiling at him happily.
He hugged me gently, and for a man who was often so much fiercer than the one in front of me, he was very gently about it. "You ready?" he asked softly.
"Of course I am," I replied, moving behind Sahar with him. I knew I would not be able to to stand around like this for much longer knowing that Auraka was somewhere very close by now.
My father smiled as he moved to stand next to me, then he raised one calloused hand and shifted the white stain veil show it covered my face. Then his hand took mine as we waited to go in. I took the bunch of white lilies from him as well, raising them in the other hand.

The doors opened and Auraka's heart skipped a beat as Sahar all but skipped down the runway. Odd, he thought, how good she looked in the sliming red dress even with a child in each arm. She, of course, rarely put them down. The whole picture made him smile, knowing his own children were well on there way.
The music blared, but he barely heard it. He was waiting for her. He didn't care what she wore, for he knew it would look beautiful despite the large belly.
All that mattered was that she was happy.

It was time at last. The doors opened a second time once we reached them, and my father walked in with me, after squeezing my hand once lightly. his hand tightned though when he saw many of the other Army guys in the church. This was what I was worried about.
"Dad, calm down. They wont hurt you, not with me around," I told him quietly.
He nodded and we slowly started to walk down the aisle. I blushed a little, noticing that some of Drannor's mates scowled at my father, they knew him alright.

He smiled, heart skipping a beat at the simple sight of her. She was beautiful. To perfect for him.
His eyes darted to the figure beside her, eyes widening as he relizes who it is. This was her father?
He kept his expression calm, trying to relax his eyes and looked only at Gem with the gentle smile.
He didn't see her dressor hair style, merely the smile which laid behind her veil.

I was completely calm, I knew that no one would have a go at him while I was within sight. Though my fathers hand was rather tight on my own, I knew that was because he was a little nervous about all these enemies around him as he would call them.
I however saw not one of these faces as an enemy. Freinds mostly, seeing as they had seen me often around the base. I would explain this mess later at the reception. Now was not the place and I knew that much. No one was going to pick a fight today else they wanted my anger.
We met Auraka half way, and for a moment my father paused, looking at the man in frornt of him. then something must have pleased him, because he raised my hand and gently placed it in Auraka's letting go of me.

Auraka took Gem's hand gently, nodding his head to her father.
"It is a pleasure to finally meet you General," he said quietly and allowed himself a small smile. Nothing would go wrong today, he wouldn't allow it. Though, he did want to know why Gem hadnt told him before.
Hand in hand, Gem and Auraka approached the priest.
"We are here to gather today for the marrige of..." the priest spoke in his low annoying tones. Auraka, not overly churchy, always found it hard to stay awake during such things. But, he did it all for Gem, it made her happy.
"Auraka, do you have your vows?" the priest asked and Auraka nodded, letting go of Gem's hand and pulled out a small piece of paper to read.
He flashed her a nervous smile, before ready off the paper which was shaking lightly.
"Ever since I met you, I have wanted you," he started meeting her gaze "your gaze, your stubboness," the crowd laughed quietly "all called me to you."
"Though, at first when you pushed me away...I refused to give up and I guess in a way we are both just as stubbon," he allowed himself a soft shadow of a smile "but since that time I found you in the forest, alone, I have never planned on letting you go. Today you are mine and I give you the key of my heart, for it was already yours."
He took the shining ring and slid it onto her finger, wishing he could of said more, but some things not everyone needed to know.

I smiled as I saw Auraka. I was even more pleased when he at least was able to be polite. "Look after her," my father replied.
"You know who you would answer to if not."
"Dad!" I hissed. "You're embarrassing me." Why oh why did he have to say such a thing on one fo the biggest days of my life?
My eyes shined though as I looked at Auraka, clearly saying 'later'.
I would explain, I knew I had to. This was going to be a very interesting day and I knew things could only get better.
I turned and walked happily with Auraka towards where the preist stood. Sure I had not really been in the church for a long time, but I would do my best to pay attention this time. Aftrer all, this was a place I could only be more happy to be.
I smiled as I listened to all the words the priest said, taking all of them in, unfortunately. Then Auraka said the vows that he had made earlier on, though I knew them not before now.
When he mentioned my stubborn side I blushed, glad everyone was behind me other than him, Drannor, my father and the priest. Trust me to be the one who would blush. It only got worse when he mentioned that once i had pushed him away from me.
I knew that much was certainly true. I loved him though, it had taken a while for me to realise it. I really did care about him and that made this all the more easier for me. I smiled at him, as he took my hand and slipped the golden wedding band onto the right finger.
When asked for mine, I did not read them out loud, I'd memorised them.
"I Gem Vestelle Hawksong, take you General Auraka Lamya, to be my husband, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

He smiled slightly at the words, watching the moment of her shapely lips and listened to the priest once more. He had no doubt she would, she would be to good for him all though their lives.
Silence covered the room, waiting for the priest to speak.
"You may now kiss the bride," he said and Auraka pulled her closer, pressing his lips against hers and smiled. Pulling away, everyone cheered but he didn;t listen to it.
Instead, resting his forehead against hers and reading her beautiful large eyes.
"You are to good for me," he said simply

I smiled as I finished talking knowing that Auraka thought I was too good for him. At the preiss instruction I smiled as he lifted the pretty viel from my face and I kissed him back as happily as he did for me. I ignored the cheering, knowing that now my father would understand how much I loved this man.
There would not be anything bad coming from him, as olong as Auraka's side did nothing to annoy him. "No, you're too good for me," I corrected him. I smled up at him, completely happy at the moment.
There were too many faces here though for me to get used to. More than half of the people that had come for Auraka I knew not. There were only a few familiar faces. I knew Naina was there somewhere.

Audrey pushed her way though the crowd, becoming the first person to congratulate them. She was dragging Naina behind her and smiled brightly.
"Hello!" she said with a bright wave before giving Auraka a hug "congrats! Oh and your not really leaving us are you?"
Auraka blinked slowly, taking in the young woman before him. Her black hair, black dress and toe nails in bit by bit.
"Thank you, and I'm not sure yet.." he said each word slowly, still a little shocked by the hug.
He gave Gem's hand a gentle squease and pulled a smile onto his face.
"Oh thats to bad.." she continued to chatter along.

I laughed and hugged my friend. "I knew General Hawksong was related to you. How could I have served with him and not notice the resemblence?"
"Naina..." I said warningly. "I'm not sure how safe he is here, so can please avoid that topic?"
She laughed. "All right but you should have told me that he was coming so I had some warning!"
I sighed. "Won't do it to you again."

He nodded slightly and kissed Gem's cheek, murmering quietly that he was going to go speak to her father.
He patted her hand, nodding to the girls and wondered off to look for him.
He wondered what the man thought of him, or at least had heard of him. Rumours, he heard, could be powerful things.
At last spotting him, he grabbed to beers and headed over handing one to him.
"Drink General?" he asked offering the glass.

General Zelphar Hawksong
I smiled as I watched my daughter throughout the whole ceremony. It was fairly clear to me that she loved this other guy. Maybe just maybe I could put aside the bad stuff between my own nation and his for just one day.
Too bad I'd seen Naina. I knew what that meant, she was as formal as any other person in the Army, which meant she had turned on us. Not that I'd hold it against her, but I would have to tell the Feild Marshall when I left for home. That saddened me that she had done this.
"Oh, yes thanks. Auraka is it?"

Auraka nodded slightly and held out a hand.
"Yes, thats me," he said and paused, unsure how to fill the awkard silence.
"Gem didn't tell me you were going to be here today..." he said after a moment "if I had of known, I wouldn't of invited a lot of these...my boys."
He said the words in an odd kind of way, as if they were all his family. In a way they were, they all stuck up for there own.
"So you can have my apolgises for that," he said and took a sip of his beer.

I sighed. "That makes two of us who did not know the other was who they were. She's told me of you of course, but somehow I did not think for a second that you were the same man that we all know about over in Italy." I grimaced. "Not pleasent what they say of you over there, so I would be careful if I were you if you came over there for a holiday or something."
I would not say what things had been told about him, there was no point to darken things on a day like this.

Auraka paused, wondering what was said about him over there.
"The same could be said about you sir," he said. He was using polite terms despite being the same rank as the man. He sensed the man didn't want to speak of such things and decided to try and take the topic elsewhere.
"So, how long are you here for?" he asked watching the people and saw Audrey's tootoo like dress popping in and out of the people.

Zelphar Hawksong
"It would not surprise me that things are said here about me." I sighed. "Though I wanted to be able to spend a few days with my only remaining daughter, I cant because I could only get four days off. Too much going on back home, So I'll be flying home again in the morning. Pity really."
It did give me a bit of disappointment, I had missed my daughter. "I know my daughter well enough to know you'll look after her."

He nodded, hearing the slight sadness behind the words and smiled slightly.
"I would start a war if she asked me to sir," he said and chuckled as he heard what he said.
"Will you come with the kids are born?" he asked, wanting them to have grandparents in there life.
"You will always be welcome in our house," he added, wanting him to be welcome whenever he came to visit his only daughter.

I smiled at him. "Of course I will. Just get her to give me a few days notice so i can get over here before they come." I chuckled.
"And thank you, I am glad there is at least one place I am safe here. The Generals over here are so much younger than those over there, I'm likely twice your age."
I chuckled. "I'm goign to miss her when I head off in the morning."

He found himself warming to the man, despite the fact that he had most likely ordered the deaths of thousands of his men.
"Some of them," he agreed "but I am the youngest of them all."
His eyes roamed the crowd for General Morris, the father like figure of his life, but wasn't suprised to not see him. He was still grieving, he had just lost his son.

"I know a lot of the faces here. I've fought against a lot of you, but getting older now, so I might retire soon. Not that it will be for some time yet."
I sighed heavily. "I thought they must be, I'm a lot older than most of the boys you've got here today."
I smiled though as I saw my daughter come back over to him. "Auraka, I think its time for us to dance."

Auraka excused himself, taking Gem's hand and lead her towards the floor and smiled, resting a hand in hers and one of her hip and led her gracefully in the dance.
"I like your dad," he said after a moment "he seems like a nice guy."
He looked down at her and smiled slightly,
"He loves you dearly, so I guess thats what i mean," he said with a smile "and he says he wants to know the kids, so another good tick."
He paused, though still dancing.
"Why didnt you tell me?"

"It would not have been something I thought you would want to know. And now is not really the time for that." There was a long story involved. I smiled at him though as we started to dance. "I'll tell you when we get home," I promised him.

He raised an eyebrow and nodded slightly.
"I'll keep you to that," he said as they waltz around the floor.
"So, how'd you like the horses? Something different?" he asked as they turned the corner and the song ended, meaning others could join them much to his relief.

Gem Lamya
"You know me, I'm usually easy to impress when it comes to things like this. I did like it, I couldn't believe it when your freind, Pete told me that you told him that I once loved horses as a kid. This was the first time I have ridden since I was ten years old, though I had been riding since I was five at the time." I smiled at him as we danced.
"You don't know how much I liked it, getting to have that small ride, though side saddle is not as easy as they make it look in the movies."
I chuckled though as I saw a few of the others starting to dance. I knew that meant that I would have to dance with my father and then Drannor before I could be with Auraka again. That sucked quite a lot.
When someone rested their hand on my other shoulder, I quite litterally jumped in surprise. Looking over to that side with one eye, I saw it was none other than my much taller and certainly much more muscular father. I sighed as I stopped dancing, knowing what he wanted without words.
"I'll see you again soon," I told Auraka, kissing him lightly.

I chuckled, seeing Auraka left behind by gem and her ... father. It was a little difficult to control myself after seeing the man's face, but slowly that was getting easier now.
I walked over, smiling at my old freind. "He really who we all think he is?"He would know what i meant. Was this guy the Italian General that we all feared and for good reason?

They span the last corner and Auraka nodded slightly to her father before letting her go with a quick kiss.
"Have fun," he said with a smile and lent backwards against the banner and smiled as he watched them dance.
Hearing Drannor's approach, he looked over at his best man.
"Hm," he said but nodded slightly and ran a hand though his hair.
"But he's not the guy...we should treat so, he cares for his daughter and easy to have a laugh with," he looked over at Drannor and frowned slightly "he is not to be touched while he is here...mak it clear to all."

I smiled as my father took me from him, knowing that it was only fair that he got to dance with me. "Well, you've gotten better since I danced with you at my high school graduation, father," I said, laughing.
"Didn't want to embarrass you this time, so I had a few lessons."
"More than a few I think," I replied, clearly teasing him. He had been very difficult to dance with that time.
He smiled at me. "You look beautiful Gem."

"He won't be touched, though he does seem a little wary of the rest of us for some reason. But I guess thats because he's not used to being here on pleasent terms anyways."
I chuckled.
"I think he's finally realising that no one is going to hurt him here, though they might on the battle field." I smiled at him. "Looks like its my turn to dance with Gem."
I grinned at him and then headed over, stopping them fairly calmly, though it took some effort not to glare at her father, even for me.
"I beleive it is my turn, Gem," I said.
"I'll see you later, gem," the older man said, leaving her with me."

Auraka nodded thoughtfully, keeping his eyes on her dancing and smiled as he saw the laughter on her face.
"How about you dance with Sahar," he called after him and looked over as Sahar approached him from behind.
"What about me?" she asked bouncing her daughter while her son slept and Auraka flashed her a smile.
"Oh your man just stealing my wife," he said and chuckled with him.
Auraka looked over at her, smiling broading and gestured to Kasinda.
"May I?" he asked and she paused but nodded, handing her carefully to him.
"Hold her head just like this," she said and showed him, but he already had it.
"Hello little one," he cooed and she took his finger and gripped it tightly, staring at him with bright grey eyes.
"She looks a lot like you Sahar, but has Drannor eyes," he commented and she nodded with a smile.
"So I have been told."

I smiled though when that dance was finished and walked back over to Sahar and Auraka with Drannor happily. It was a long afternoon but I liked this sort of thing. But only because I liked being on my feet all the time. Though I had to admit this was going to tire me out a little, having to walk around not just for one person but four of them.
"You enjoying yourself, Sahar?" I smiled as I looked down at the twins. "Looks like somethign tired Taeron out."

Auraka smiled as they headed back over and Sahar bobbed her head at Gem's question.
"Yes, he can sleep though anything," she said with a smile and looked at Drannor "just like this father."
Auraka snorted a laugh and handed Kasinda back to her mother, one last rub of her silky hair which was already turning red.
He was suprised, he relized, that Sahar was actually red and not died. For the colour was so rich and bright that it had to be dyed, but Kasinda had proven him wrong it seemed.
Auraka turned to his wife, offering her his hand and gestured to the dance floor.
"May I have this dance?" he asked with a playful grin.

Drannor shook his head dissagreeing. "Actually I haven't slept since I came back from the last time I was sent out. You just think I did, love." I laughed, sort of understanding whatwhat he meant by that. Auraka had been having a bit of trouble himself. Though i knew that Auraka was starting tlo sleep again at last. I had been worried when he was not.
I smiled though after what Auraka asked me. "As many as you want." I was more than happy dancing with him. I leaned over a little and kissed him.
After all I was the one that had chosen him, and there was no chance of me letting him go."

Auraka wrapped his hand on her waist and pulled her towards the floor.
Sahar humphed slightly and hit his shoulder lightly "so now you tell me?" she said and sighed, she cared about him so much, more then the heart should be capable to hold.
Sahar watched the dancers dance, admiring how neat and graceful they looked together.
"Hm," Auraka said and smiled down at her gently, his gren eyes sparkling.

Drannor Silverleaf
"I thought you would have been able to tell. Not like its something I really wanted you to know. This happens to a lot of the other guys as well when it comes to coming back home from the field. Being out there killing other people and then coming home back into a peaceful palce are two different things, love. I'll sleep again soon though I hope."
I smiled down at her. "I'm not sure what to make of Gem's father. Part of me wants to hurt him, for killing so many of my freinds, but the other half does not want to hurt Gem, and I know that doing so would. Plus I cant exactly do so, seeing as Auraka told me he is not to be touched."
That made things no less hard for me, and though I had told him i would not touch the man, it was getting a little harder to not braek that promise. One day though, I knew that I would end up hurting him, but there was no way i could kill that man, as much as my mind told me to. A lot of us were struggling with him around.

Gem Lamya
I smiled up at him, completely happy to be here with him for once. I loved him and there was no place I would rather be. "So you like my father do you?" I'd known that he would hopefully feel that way. "Not so hard to ignore where he comes from is it? After all I come fromt he same country, and you already knew that."
I cared too much for the pair of men, though I knew that Auraka had the loyalty of his own men to worry about at the moment. I knew that though I was not from aroudn this area, he would not let anything hurt me or my father.
It had been hard at first moving over here on my own to live, but now, I was completely happy and was as accpeted into the community as he was and he was born here, or so I thought. "My dad actually took some lessons before he came over here."

Naina Collins
I sighed as i watched my old commander talking to Auraka and then dancing with my best freind, who I knew there was no mistake about her being his little girl. Things just had not clicked before in my head during that archery lesson. I was a little worried what ehwas thinking though because to him i was most definately a traitor. Not that he would hold that against me.
Then the man actually came over to me. "Nice to see you again, Naina."
I raised my head and knowing full well that I was still amongst my own freinds and not his own people I still saluted him, knowing that it might cause some trouble. "General," I replied.
"I'm surprised you came to something like this. Esepecially since I am sure you would have been aware that I might be coming here. You didn't join them did you?"
I sighed, lowering my head. "Unfortunately, I did." I looked up at him. "They're not as bad as well all thought them to be though. I actually get along with some of them. Though its a little amusing going through that initial training again, watching other boys struggle wtith things while I soar through them without any problems."
He laughed. "Still remember everything do you?"
"Of course I do. You trained me too well. I do not forget things when I know them in my head. Makes things kind of fun, watching the other boys struggling." My eyes wandered, looking for one of my closest freinds, Jason.

Sahar tossed her hair over her shoulder and sighed quietly with a nod.
"I know...' she murmered and put her hands on his chest before looking up and meeting his gaze.
"I hoped I was just seeing things...hoping that you were not going though it all..." she smiled sadly and kissed his nose.

Auraka bobbed his head with a grin, he was having fun.
"Of course I do love, anyone who loves you in any way will always be someone I like," he paused and thought about what he said "well unless they are trying to steal you from me," he added with a playful grin.
"You really do look beautiful you know," he said quietly as they danced.

Jason wondered though the crowds, searching yet hoping not to be caught by someone he knew. Which was hard because that was almost everyone.
He spotted her, going slowly so not to make it obvious that she was what he had been looking over. He noted her speaking to the older man, reconizing him as the bride's father...the one the boys were calling the General amoung other things.
Finally reaching her side, he stood beside her his loose hand brushing lightly against hers forcing a blush to creep into his cheeks.
"General," he said with a polite nod to the man before him.

I laughed at that remark. "Would I ever expect anything less from someone as wonderful as you are? I can't believe so many people came today." This was definately a day for me to remember for the rest of my life. "Gary and the others should be here somewhere." Not that i was going to look for them, they could find me.

Drannor sighed, resting one arm around her sadly. "Sadly all of us have that happen to us eventually. None of the new guys know that though. I did not think it would happen to me but it still did." I smiled at her though. "He's lucky to have her." She knew who I meant.

"You realise I'm going to have to tell the others that you have sadly turned against us, don't you? A shame that is for me, Naina."
"I know," Naina replied. Then she smiled seeing Jason joining her. "This si Luietenant General Jason." I looked at Jason and smiled. "Jason, this is my old commander, General Zelphar hawksong. he was the oen who trained me back in Italy."

Sahar dark orbs danced over to Auraka and nodded sadly to Drannor. Gem had told her, and she understood how hard it was for them both.
"Hmm had Auraka told you then?" she asked quietly "you know that he's leaving..."

Auraka grinned and gave her a gentle peck.
"I know, I saw them over at the bar..food must be good," he grinned with a wink.
He lead her in a circle but suddenly froze, staring over her shoulder and broke into a smile.
"General Morris," he greeted the man.
"Auraka my boy," he greeted him.

Jason nodded, offering a hand to shake with the General.
"I guessed as much," he told her but met the General's gaze evenly "you train them well sir, she is one of the best students I have ever taught."

"Indeed he did. It's a pity but someone will be able to keep the rest of us in order as well as he did." I sighed, watching. Then I saw another face that i had not expected.

"I'm glad they are here somewhere." Then I smiled as I saw the General. "I'm sorry about your son, General." I suddenly felt a little timid around the guy for some reason. Then again I knew that I should not have already known about that. "It's nice to see you came though."

"I would expect nothing less from her. She was one of our best so you all got a good soldier out of all this. Saddens me though that the next time I see her I could be killing her."

Sahar nodded, wondering if Drannor would leave the army. She had asked him, but never really recived the answer.

General Morris dipped his head to his chest, his cheeks flushed from the cold or from to much wine.
"Thank you my dear," he said patting a clusmy hand on her shoulder "Aye, Taylor was a good boy..a good lad.."
Auraka gave Gem a small nod, before taking Morris and leading him slowly away and outside.
"I will miss him," he cried hugging Auraka tightly once outside, and Auraka rubbed his back lightly, unsure what else to do.
"Auraka, my boy, you can't leave me now," he said desprate
"I'm not leaving you anywhere," Auraka said gently
"No, but you are! At the base, how am I ment to deal with all these Generals..they say i'm to old for all this."
Auraka paused, looking at the General and nodded slightly.
"I wont leave you General," he promised, knowing he couldn't leave the man. Maybe a few more months...it couldn't hurt.

Jason's fist clenched slightly at the words but he forced them to relax.
"It is a pleasure to meet you sir," he said instead

I sighed. "Could be the toher way around, Genera. You know how well i can aim. Should be worrying about you're own there."
He sighed. "That's true, I'm getting too old for this."

"I can't leave them yet. I'm still needed over there." I looked up hearing something that Gem's father said. "I'll be right back." With that i headed over to where Naina and the others were. "Everything alright over here?" I'd noticed that Jason's fist had clenched for a moment.

I nodded watching them heading away from me and went to go find my father. Didn't take me long and I moved to stand beside him, hugging him gently.

Jason smiled easily at Drannor and Gem as they approached and nodded.
"Yes Major General Drannor," he said politely forcing his hand to relax and sit still. He smiled and nodded once more.
"Did you want a drink?" he asked Naina and awaited her nod, wondering why everyone was staring at him. He didn't like the feel of there acusing gaze.

I smiled at all of them, not really reacting to any of the things I'd heard. "You say something that annoyed him, dad?"
"Though I did not realise at the time, that's likely." The old General smiled. "I might head back to your apartment, Gem, I've got an early flight out in the morning."
"So soon?" I asked.
"Sadly." He smiled at me and hugged me. "I' mancanza del ll voi, la mia più cara figlia."
"I' mancanza del ll voi pure, padre." I sighed and hugged him then watched as the tall powerful man walked to my car and drove off. The words seemed to sing from my mouth easily. I sighed and then headed off to find Auraka again. Who knew where he'd gone. Drannor left the group shortly before I did though, knowing he was not needed there.

Naina Collins
Before the old General left, I said swift line his own tongue, "Non lo vederò mai come nemico, generale. Benchè l'un giorno, ci incontriamo ancora." I knew he heard me though he gave no sign of it. But that was nothing for me to worry about, it was the way he had always been for me.
"That would nice actually. It'll get me away from all these other for a while. I knew that Gem would have figured out there was something going on between Jason and I, but I cared not. I belonged here.
I' mancanza del ll voi, la mia più cara figlia - I'll miss you my dearest daughter
I' mancanza del ll voi pure, padre - I'll miss you as well, father
Non lo vederò mai come nemico, generale. Benchè l'un giorno, ci incontriamo ancora. - I will never see you as an enemy, General. Though one day, we will meet again.

Auraka rubbed the older General's back in soothing circles, trying to calm him down. Maybe it was the wine, for he had never seen the man show anything other then a small hint of a smile.
"Come on Morris," he said gently sitting the man down and listened quietly as he shared stories about his son.

With a nod, Jason went off to get drinks. He was proud of himself in a way, he had good self restraint.

Naina Collins
I smiled, watching him going away. I knew that one day, I would be able to tell him how I felt, but not yet. I was not that willing to do so at the moment.

I knew that things could have gone bad before, but I had managed to turn things around again. At least that was one thing I was good for. Odd thing was I did not like violence, yet I was in the army. How on earth had that come about? At least that used to be the way i thought about all this.

I sighed though, moving to find a seat somewhere.

He came up behind her, drinks in hand and couldn't help but admire the way she looked.
So beautiful, he decided and handed her the glass.
"Sei bellissima," he murmered sitting beside her, the only Italian he knew.
He took a sip of the wine, wrinkling his nose at the taste. It was horrible, but not his taste. In fact, he had rarely ever had a drink in his life. Maybe at his 21st but that was it.

Naina Collins
Hearing someone coming up behind me, as was normal for me from so many years of being in the battle field, I smiled as i heard what he said to me. "Thank you," I said, taking one of the glasses from him carefully. "Took you a while," I said, smiling. Why oh why did my heart have to melt every time I saw him or heard him saying something to me.
The wine was a little dry and I knew it would take me a while to drink it. Bitter aftertaste though I could handle and I did not mind.

He smiled shyly, wondering why he was so shy around this girl? She was not different from the others, and he had no difficlities speaking to them. Maybe it was her beauty, he decided. The way her lips move when she talked, the way her dress shaped her curves perfectally.
He quickly blocked such thoughts from his mind, smiling instead.
"Sorry, people everywhere," he said taking another sip before remembering he didn't actually like it.
"Do you dance?" he asked after a moment.

Naina Collins
I laughed for a moment at the question he gave me. "That used to be something I liked to do. I have not danced for a long time though. I might be a little rusty," I warned him. I wondered though what he was asking of me this time. There had to be something hidden behind the words that he was saying.
"What about you? You dance all that much?"I knew that it was a good time to ask him, seeing as he had asked me first. I was nothing but nice to most people least they give me reason not to be,

He smiled at her reply, taking the glass gently from her hand and placing it down on the table.
"Shall we see?" he asked offering an arm to lead her towards the floor.
"Sorry if I step on your toes," he whispered, knowing that he wouldn't unless she was that bad that she stood under his.

Naina Collins
"Alright," I replied. I smiled at him and followed him in the direction fo the dance floor. I knew that he was my teacher still, but for the one time I did not really care. Plus he was always there in every class I had gone to over the last few months. His presence was one I was certainly getting used to at the moment.

I smiled though as I moved. "I doubt you will, I dont think I am that bad at dancing. I still remember things, I jsut havent put those things in practice for a long time."
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PostSubject: Re: Gem and Auraka [kanny]   Gem and Auraka  [kanny] I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 9:20 pm

I smiled, as we got bakc to the house. I stall had something planned of my own. He would like the surprise i had. There was either the hotel room which my dad had happily paid for even if we did not use it, or my old house. Both back in Rome. My old country. That was where we were going to be heading to.
When we got there, he could choose which one he rathered. Both were on the same street as the now ruining Colloseam. The house was quieter, I knew that, but we would see. It was old fashioned, preserved since the days of ancient Rome.
"That was definately a good day," I said. I smiled as I looked at him happily. This was going to get even better though, when we got to my old homeland in a few days. "what do you want you want to do now?"

Auraka grinned, looking at her for a moment and pulled her into his arms easily.
"Hmm, stay with you?" he suggested, knowing it most likely sounded corny, but that was all he wanted to do. To merely be with her was enough for him.
He kissed her gently, carrying her inside there new home which was still mostly piled high with boxes.
"How about you?" he asked, sitting on the couch with her on his lap.

I smiled as he carried me into the house. There were still boxes everywhere but I did not see them at all. We would not be dealing with all that any time soon. Again I said nothing about my surprise for him. Though I did remember something I had told him I would tell him about when we got home.
I kissed him back happily. "Sounds like a good idea to me, but we won't be doing any unpacking yet."
I smiled up at him, knowing that he had nothing to worry about for the next three weeks. We would not even be here either. My father knew though that we were coming, which was likely a good thing. He'd told me not to worry about anyone reacting that might be in his part of the army, he'd made the area aroudn my old house out of bounds for his men.

Auraka frowned slightly, having no idea what she was talking about.
"Isnt that what you normally do when you move into a house?" he asked with a chuckle and pecked her lips lightly.
"Or are we going somewhere?" he guessed, eyes sparkling as he waited for her responce.

"Usually yes, you would unpack things when you move to a new home. But we will not be here for long. Only overnight. I've been planning something behind your back, which I doubt you won't like."
She grinned at him and gently kissed him.
"Don't worry, we're going to have fun, where we are going for the next three weeks."

He chuckled, arm wrapping around her narrow waist and his lips brushing against her cheek.
"Okay then," he murmered, knowing that no answer would come if he asked, though it killed him slightly for not knowing what was happening.
He was always on time, always having to know what was going on around him. His diary, was by far the neatest many had seen.

She smiled as she got up in the morning. Now they were going to have some fun. The sun was just rising as she sat up in bed. Looking beside her, she chuckled softly. Auraka was still asleep! Leaning down she kissed him gently. "Morning Auraka. We have to get ready to go."
And they did, the flight would not wait for them. It was going to be fun for them, and she knew that things would only be good back in her home country. No one was allowed to annoy them, unless they wanted her father's wrath upon them.

He yawned loudly, though he smiled from waking from her fluttering kiss touching the bristles on his cheek.
"Okay love," he said, pulling himself out off the large bed and hugging her tightly before heading towads the bathroom.
"Let me just shave and I'm right to go," he called,hating the feel from the night beard he had.
He yawned again, looking into the mirrior with a smile. He was a lucky man, married to one such as Gem.

She chuckled as she looked at him as he got up. Things were definately looking up for the pair of them at the moment. She was looking forwards though to his reaction to where they were going. It was not going to be easy for him at first when they got there, she knew.
That did not matter though. Her father had said that he would do what he could to make things easy for the pair of them. It was his gift to them both, no trouble from his freinds in the army. Not that it mattered if they did decide to annoy them.
Gem was well known back over there for her swift tongue. No one wanted to have to deal with that over there. It seemed to be something that no one liked to hear from her. Not that she cared. Sometimes she had to defend herself and others.
She would when it came to Auraka being over in her home country. No one there would want him around. However they could not deny her things, seeing as her father was one of the ones defending their country. He was too well respected by the other Italians.

He hurried to shave, taking care not to cut himself though.
"Did you pack for me?" he asked, walking out from the bathroom and flashing her a smile.
"And...can I bring something else?" he asked, eyebrow rising in a question fashion. He wanted to take his gutair, it had been a while since he had time to play it. He didn't even think that Gem knew he sang and played it.

She laughed at his questions. There was no doubt that there were things they were yet to figure out about each other. “You pack what you want, I haven't touched any of your things. I've only packed my own clothes, honey.” It was true, she would not touch his things.
As for getting a chance to plan this whole honeymoon idea, she'd done that 48 hours ago, while she was at her own house, away from him for the night before their wedding. She'd planned with her father the whole day. This was not something that Auraka would be expecting.
She shrugged as she brushed through her long hair, pulling it away from her face and into a long plate, which wrapped easily around the back of her head in a perfect circle, the braiding hiding the loose ends perfectly. She had her own reason for doing that this time, she wanted to fit in with her old people.
Though it sort of gave something away, she doubted he would know what country that was from. Some of the people in France and Switzerland did the same with their hair. Not just Italian women.

"Well," he grinned "what do I need to pack?"
He stepped away from her, finding a box marked clearly as 'Auraka's Clothes' and started pulling out shorts, jeans and shirts unsure what kind of things he needed to be packing for.
He gasped, excited to see a familar oddly shaped package.
"This is coming!" he declaired, sounding like child of chrismas and showed her the gutair shaped leather pouch.

“Bring what you want,” she said, smiling. She knew that in her own suitcase were a few dresses that you would not see her wearing here, seeing as she would stand out. Not that it mattered back there. She was going to have fun and she knew it.
Smiling though she headed back over towards where her own suitcase was. She knew what she was doing. Knowing her back was to him, as well as the odd hairstyle she'd done, she searched in it for something. It was amusing that he had not spotted her odd hair.

He quietly strummed it, before finally putting it away with a sigh. Later, he promised himself, later he would show her that song he wrote.
He packed quickly and lightly, something only years of practise and in the army could allow someone to do.
Auraka looked up at her, his soul mate, and smiled warmly, eyebrow lifting in question at her odd choice of hairstyle.
"Ready?" he asked, kissing her cheek and choseing not to mention it.

She laughed at what he said again, amused that he had not said anything about her hair. "Yeah, I'm ready. I already organised everything, so there's not much to do except head to the airport."
She had the tickets hidden away as well. "I'm not telling you where we're going until we're on the plane." That was all she wanted him to know at all.

He sighed, picking up her suitcase and refusing to let her carry it.
"You know Gem," he said with an amusement smile "you are a stubbon one."
He kissed her cheek, squeasing past and heading down the stairs and to the car, throwing the cases in the boot and started the car, waiting for her.
"Come on then!" he called out, wanting to know where they were going.

She laughed as she followed him out of their house out to the car. "I can be when I want to. And I guess this is one of those times." She was smiling though as she got into the car. This was going to really surprise him. She knew that he had not been welcome in her country before now, after all the fighting with her people against his. But this time, he would not be stopped at the gate.
No, if they tried she would have a few little things up her sleeves that she could use to get them to let him in. That was no issue for her. Her father had warned her that Auraka would have trouble getting into his country earlier this morning. Now though she was more than ready to deal with a few stubborn Italians when it came to getting into her homeland.

With yet another good natured chuckle and yawn, he pulled the car out of the drive and started the short, early morning drive towards the airport.
"I love you," he told her as he drove, hand reaching between the seats and squeasing her hand.

She smiled as she sat next to him in the car. She knew there would be trouble on the other end of the flight. getting there would be no trouble, it was just getting through the Italian customs that could prove difficult.
When they got to the airport she led the way, until they were waiting for their flight to board.
"You looking forwards to this?" She asked.

He flashed her a smile as they pulled into the carpark.
"I would be more if I knew where we were going," he hinted and laughed once more, in good spirits. Time away from the army and time with his newly wedded wife, it was all he needed.

She laughed happily. "Yeah I know you would love to know, but I doubt you haven't seen girls with a hair style like mine before. I know you have, I've seen you before i came to live here, love."
That was another obvious hint for him. Surely he would know from that. She was enjoying this though, knowing where they were going and him not.

Finally it clicked, her clothes and hair style all leading in one direction.
With a grin, he prounced in his bumpy Italian.
"Ahh andiamo in Italia?" he questioned, carrying their cases towards check in.

"About time you guessed," she chided him. She had not expected him to take so long to guess. It amused her in a way, how much time had gone before he figured things out.
She grinned at him though. knowing that he was going to enjoy this. "There is one other person who was in on this as well. My father. Though he called me earlier, before I woke you up. There might eb an issue on his end with customs. He told me to tell you, not to try and sort it out, instead leave that one to me. They won't listen to you."

A frown creased his forehead, staring down at her shorter form.
"Did he just?" he asked with a sigh, hand running though his short hair.
"We'll just see what happens, i've never had trouble before," he said, gesturing to the lady at the counter.
"Tickets?" she asked and Auraka looked to Gem.

She smiled at the cashier. "One second please." No one would have guessed she was Italian... her accent seemed completely gone now while she was here in Australia.
She fished them out of her suitcase, and smiled. "Here you go," she said, handing them over. There was nothing that needed doing really. She'd paid for everything, well her father had.
Once they were moving off to the gate, she answered Auraka's words. "Because you've been doing a lot of fighting against his people of late. He knows that the people at customs over there tend to give trouble to people who've done that.There's nothing you can say to them that won't offend, unfortunately."

"They started it," he muttered childishly under his breath, coming to the gate were they were to embark.
"20mins," he said eyeing the coffee shop "want a coffee?"

"Sure we did," she retorted. "I beleive back then, my people were at peace with the world."
She laughed it off though. She at least was not bothered by who she was married to. Smiling though she headed over with him to the coffee shop. "Sure."
They did not have to wait long at least.

Ordering two lattes, he paid and waited for them while still speaking to her.
"Hmm," he hummed, stirring the latte with a stick and adding sugar. He wondered what she would do if they wouldn't let him in. A grin grew at the thought. She'd most likely kick their arse once and then again before throwing them all out of the place. He chuckled at the mental image. That was his girl, fighting all his battles for him.

She smiled as she drank the latte he ordered for her. Her mind was already planning what to do if they were going to be mean and not want him in her own country. So many things she could say to them, and her father had helped her with what to say in such a situation. Usually the mere mention of her father's name made people listen to her and do as she told them. But there were other things that she could do as well.
"What are you thinking about?" She smiled as she watched his thoughtful face. It was clear that whatever it was that he was thinking about that he was liking the things going on in his head. "Hoping not what I might do if they refeuse you from entering, I hope." That would be interesting any way, whatever he thought she would do, it was likely wrong at the moment. She was very persuasive when needed.

He flashed her a grin, shrugging his shoulder lightly as amusement danced in his orbs.
"Maybe," he chuckled, the mental image of her beating up the guys still bring humor to his eyes.
All boarding the 5:30 plane to Italy, please head to boarding
He lifted his head, nodding towards the gate.
"Lets go shall we?"

She laughed though knowing that nothing was going to go wrong. Not unless people intended to annoy the hell out of her like they once had.
She was not going to fall for any of the tricks though that they played on holiday makers. No, she knew all about those and how to deal with them. She was one of them, so those things came to her pretty easily.
This was something she was majorly looking forwards to. Returning to the place she was born. While they were there though, she intended to visit where her mother was buried, as she should have.
"Let's go."

Guitar over one shoulder, latte in the other, they headed towards the gate. Auraka could not keep the smile from his face, able to see the image again and again in his mind.
He kissed her lightly as they handed their tickets to be scanned.
"I love you," he mumered as they walked inot the gateway and onto the stairs of the plane.

She laughed as she moved with him towards the boarding gate which the plane waited at the other end of. It was about time that things were happening for her, though she knew that there were other things to be looking forwards to as well. Like Drannor and Sahar getting married for instance. And the borth of their own kids. Things really were looking up for them.
And she was going to be heading home now, which no one back home would be expecting. Well except her father. She waited as her ticket was scanned and then headed towards the plane. It was going to be a lot of fun, the whole time they were back in her native country. Sure, Australia was home to her, but Italy was where she had been for most of her life.
"You looking forwards to this?" she asked. "It's about time I was able to surprise you."

He grinned his handsome boyish smile apearing as he nodded.
"Yeah," he said, reading the seat numbers before finally settling in his chair.
"Its not often someone goes out of their way to do something for me," he flashed a smile, pulling her into the seat beside him. First class seats, he grinned, she spoiled him greatly.

She chuckled. "I'm not the only one behind this, as you well know. Though I doubt he wants you knowing that. Not that it matters that you already know."
My father had had to pull a lot of strings for us to be able to come back over there. And I was not about to let his work go to waste. That was not something i was capable of.

"I guessed," he admitted, guessing her father was mainly involved aswell.
Please fasten your seatbelts and watch our instructors for safety measures
He rolled his eyes, having heard it before.

She chuckled as she listened to what was going on. She'd been in this for long enough that she knew those things too well what they were saying. "It'll be good to see dad again."
That was something she was looking forwards to. "He's going to meet us at the airport... though jsut outside."

He nodded his head, watching the talking instructor with a bored expression.
"Hurry up," he muttered, wanting to get into the air quicker. He wasn't the best flyer, in fact he hated it, but he knew it was a must.

She smiled as the plane finally soared up into the air. Things were going to get interesting on the other end of the flight. Not that it mattered to her at the moment. She would do what she knew her father would expect if there was trouble. "Looking forwards to this?" she asked, smiling at Auraka.
In her own mind though there had been some concern though, she knew what her people were like when there was someone around who was not liked. She sighed, and pulled her mind out of that hole. There was nothing she was more proud of than to be heading home with him, home to a land not seen in a long time. "I love you."

He grinned with a nod, pressing his lips to the side of her head and whispered into her small ear.
"Yes and I love you to," he murmered, pulling her as close as he could with the arm rest between them.

I smiled as I snuggled in as close as I could to him. I knew that things were going to be very interesting for us for the next fourtnight. "Two weeks to show you my old home," I said with a smile. I turned my face towards his, kissing him gently. We were going to have so much fun, I was sure of it. My father was so proud to call me his daughter at the moment and I knew it.

He nodded, resting his cheek upon her hair and sighed.
"Sounds like fun," he whispered, looking out the window to see clouds. They were in the air now, and he was just able to make out the box like paddocks.
"A few more hours and your home love," he told her with a small smile "and your dad and I can have a chat."
He chuckled.

When she heard one of the pilots saying, "Il benvenuto in Italia, creatori di festa il tempo è attualmente cinque sette passati di mattina. Gli auguriamo un soggiorno piacevole. Per coloro che sta venendo a casa, casa benvenuta." She smiled.
The other pilot then translated the words. "Welcome to Italy, holiday makers the time is currently five past seven in the morning. We wish you a pleasent stay. For those who are coming home, welcome home."
"Home," she murmured happily. The place where she was born. Rome was her home and always would be no matter what.

He chuckled, squeasing her hand and kissed her forehead.
"Welcome home," he repeated, standing and grabbing their bags from the overhanger.
"Come on, lets go find your father."

I chuckled at the words that he had said. There was somehow a little worry in the back of my mind as we got closer to the customs area. They let me through without hassle, but one look at Auraka and they were immediately panicked. I sighed, walking back towards them. No one stopped me.
"È ci un problema con il mio marito che entra in Italia?" I asked, looking at the officers.
"Noi don' la t se lo fida di. Sappiamo dove he' s da e che cosa è. Non possiamo permetterli dentro, ma'," replied one of the attendants, shooting Auraka a vervous glance.
"Conosco che he' s fatta nel passato, ma that' s non chi realmente è. Quando ho progettato la nostra luna di miele per essere qui, nel mio paese di nascita, ho conosciuto il rischio che sarebbe stato qui. Potete lasciarli dentro, he' s non una minaccia contro c'è ne di noi qui."
"Come conoscete quello?" queried one of them.
I gasped. That was one of the rudest things he could have said. I felt like I'd been slapped across the face.
One of the other security guards noticed and had come across, telling the other person to move on to the next customer. He then looked at my husband and smiled at me. "Spiacente a tale proposito. We' la VE ha avuta una punta di difficoltà con alcuno del Australian' s che viene qui. Non dovrebbe arrestarlo, signore."
He smiled. "Welcome."
Is there a problem with my husband coming into Italy?
We don't trust him. We know where he's from and what he is. We cannot allow him in, ma'am
I know what he's done in the past, but that's not who he really is. When I planned our honeymoon to be here, in my birth country, I knew the risk that would be here. You can let him in, he's not a threat to any of us here.
How do you know that?
Sorry about that. We've had a bit of trouble with some of the Australian's coming here. He should not have stopped you, sir.

His head went back and forth as if he was watching a tennis match. He knew some of the words, and was able to make out the main reason of the argument. He looked to Gem, worried that she was getting upset.
But then some other person came over, barking orders before speaking english.
"Thanks," he said easily, flashing his best warm smile and took Gem's hand tightly with his own.
"You have my word," he promised then added in the rough Italian he knew.
"Avete la mia parola."
OOC: You have my word.

I knew that the trouble was over now. "Knew we would have trouble there. Least i did not have to bring my father into this. That would have caused a few issues for the airport staff here," I told him, in perfect English.
We moved away though, towards the entrance to the main rooms. Didn't take all that long before I head a voice calling, "Qui, Gem, Auraka."
I smiled as i saw my father waving at me. When we reached him I gave him a hug. "Buon vederlo ancora, padre."
It was certainly good to see him once again, though it had only been a few days since I had last seen him.
"Buon vederlo ancora pure, la mia figlia," he said hugging me and then stepping away to shake Auraka's hand. "You too, Auraka."

Over here
Good to see you again, father
Good to see you again as well, my daughter.
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