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 Laerilla Nessiel

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PostSubject: Laerilla Nessiel   Laerilla Nessiel I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 06, 2011 1:41 am

Full Name: Laerilla Nessiel

Nickname: Lae, Rilla, Nessi

Species: Look at Index before choosing: Antianara

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Home: Which Island? Refer to Index: Oileán Island, Osasuntsu Islands, Floating Islands and Dirdira Islands

Appearance/Clothing Style : Sticking with tight clothing, due to the fact she is an assassin and has to be able to move freely. Dark colours are also more often worn. But it depends on where she is trying to blend into. She carries a dagger, sword and other such weapons upon her at all possible times. With dark skin, covered by 47 tattoo's which mark her kills. Her hair is long and black, her only vanity and reaches just before her waist. Bright green eyes, always blank of emotion. She is tall, around 6ft and very slim and a lean muscular build.

History: Being one of the the Antianara species, she was a trained assassin from birth. They are a closely knit group, rarely sharing their secrets. She has never met her mother or father, having been given to the slave carers the day she was born. She has been trained to despise emotional attachments and has never had a friend in her life, let alone a lover. On her 10th birthday, she was set one of the hardest challenges possible but somehow completed and survived. She has 47 kills under her belt in 10 years.

Personality: Loyal to her kind, without sentiment. Killing is a game to her, a contest. She always smiles when she wins and she hasn't lost yet. Deep down she has the potential to feel love but this has been suppressed by her training. Amongst her kind, such feelings are weaknesses quickly exploited.

Family/Friends: None. Doesn't believe in friends and doesn't have parents/siblings.

Image (optional): Coming Soon XD
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Laerilla Nessiel
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